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  • Day121

    113. Etappe: Bilbao

    October 31 in Spain

    Ein Regentag erwartete uns Pilger heute. Nach einem guten Frühstück mit selbstgebackenem Kuchen in der privaten Herberge starteten alle so nach und nach und auf dem Weg sah ich dann fast alle wieder.
    Der Weg nach Bilbao führte erst schön über kleine Orte, aber die letzten Kilometer leider fast ausschließlich entlang vielbefahrener Straßen oder über kleinere Asphaltstraßen - aber so ist das halt, wenn man eine große Stadt durchwandert. Die Jugendherberge ist heute direkt gegenüber des Guggenheims, das ich schon letztes Jahr bei meinem Kurztripp besucht habe. Für einen Stadtrundgang wäre Zeit, aber aufgrund des Dauerregens ist es leider nicht sehr gemütlich draußen. Für morgen hoffe ich auf ein wenig Sonne, auch wenn mich dann nur eine Mini-Etappe erwartet.Read more

  • Day9


    May 16, 2017 in Spain

    I'm on the move again, on a bus to San Sebastián. Today is a 'buffer day' between my week on the Camino del Norte and the Camino del Baztan. It was good to have a later wake-up time this morning and I made the most of the very nice hotel breakfast.

    I need to resist the urge to walk today. Yesterday was to be a rest day, but my Fitbit says that I walked 33,662 steps. No surprise that my blisters were screaming at me last night 😊Read more

  • Day16

    Today's travel involves a walk around Pamplona, a bus to Bilbao, a little walk around Bilbao, a bus to the airport for my flight to Dublin and another bus from Dublin to Belfast. That probably sounds very long-drawn-out, but it's actually quite relaxing and a good way of starting the transition between the Camino and home.

    Next time I'm in Bilbao I'll make sure there's time to go inside the Guggenheim! OK, that probably won't happen as I'll be passing through again in September. Maybe this city merits a weekend trip as a tourist!
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  • Day9

    Stopover in Bilbao

    May 16, 2017 in Spain

    After San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, I walked to Bakio and took a bus to Bilbao. Baikio was a pretty soulless place - a surf beach and lots of empty holiday apartments. I felt very out of place as a sweaty backpacker.

    I'm also feeling a bit out of place in my very fancy hotel in Bilbao. It's a really nice hotel, with great views of the park and in a good location for tomorrow's travels - but it feels like an interruption to my walk through areas of peace and natural beauty.Read more

  • Day111

    More on Bilbao

    July 27, 2015 in Spain

    Bilbao is my favorite city so far! It has wonderful buildings and is really easy to get around. The city is full of art, architecture, and trendy people. We had a lot of fun wandering through the streets and discovering the city. I hope to come back to study abroad or internship here!

  • Day110

    Bilbao is wonderful!

    July 26, 2015 in Spain

    The Guggenheim is such a beautiful building! It is designed by Frank Gehry and is built by the river. The sun and the water play off the building in beautiful reflections which change throughout the day.

  • Day111

    Inside the Guggenheim

    July 27, 2015 in Spain

    On the first floor of the museum there is a large group of sculptures created by Richard Serra. Walking through these pieces was amazing. At times it reminded me of the small Spanish villages we walked through on the Camino with their red clay buildings and sometimes narrow, winding streets. They were very beautiful; an experience that was both personal and interactive at the same time, much like the Chicago "Bean" sculpture is. It is an artwork that is an experience. The top floor has a show by Jean-Michel Basquiat show which was also very powerful in a raw, intuitive, and intellectual manner. I can't say much for the Jeff Koons show. The museum itself was a wonderful experience to wander through.Read more

  • Day2


    October 5, 2017 in Spain

    O cansaço era muito, acordamos todos ao meio dia, à uma estávamos a sair de casa para almoçar no Agape, mesmo ao lado de casa. Os restaurantes aqui abrem a 13h30 para almoçar por isso tivemos que fazer tempo, beber uma cerveja, ver a loja mais louca de cactos e suculentas. Queria levar tudo para casa, se fosse em Lisboa não teria poupado o meu cartão de crédito...
    Almoçamos e seguimos para o Guggenhiem a pé junto ao rio. É um edifício impressionante onde passámos a tarde a viver sensações audiovisual ou a fazer parte das próprias obras de arte.
    No entanto, a minha ignorância não me permite entender alguns quadros, como uma tela preta, ou outra de 3mx2m com 3 riscas de tons laranja diferente para os quais realçam no guia o trabalho de sombras que não sou capaz de ver.

    Seguimos para os pintxos e o jantar na casa rufo onde eles comeram o melhor txuleton da vida deles, eu fiquei pela básica salada de atum.
    Ainda paramos no mcdonald's para o Ricky comer o seu gelado para depois fazer uma battle de hip hop em casa (Faban vs Ricky) . Foi tão bom que um dos membros do júri, Tiago Bastos Valentim adormeceu.
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  • Day2

    Bilbao, du Schönheit

    March 26 in Spain

    erster Tag Spanien, von Camino noch keine Rede.. bin gestern entspannt und sehr unkompliziert gegen halb elf am bbk Hostel angekommen und hatte ein 6-Bett-Zimmer für mich allein 😊 viel Schlaf gabs trotzdem nicht, dafür war's einfach insgesamt zu lang zu laut.. (jaaa ich hatte ohropax und neiiin die machen nicht taub 😑)
    heute dann um acht zum Frühstück gekrabbelt, im Internet hieß es das Hostel böte 'für spanische Verhältnisse' ein großes Frühstücksbuffet an. es gab Toast mit Marmelade 😊 davon aber drei verschiedene Sorten. und, viel wichtiger, es gab Cafe Cafe Cafe ☕
    so, schnell noch duschen, vielleicht das letzte Mal mit soviel Ruhe und Ungestörtheit für die nächsten zehn Tage, dann den 8.6kg Rucksack anschnallen uuuund Wow! Platzregen 🌧
    Rucksack runter, Hülle drüber, Rucksack drauf, Regen vorbei. Sonne. ALLES glitzert, der Boden dampft stellenweise, die Häuserschluchten leuchten 🤗 ein ganz besonderes, geradezu magisches Leuchten liegt auf der Stadt.. jetzt schnell zum Guggenheim Museum und beeindruckt werden...
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  • Day8


    July 4 in Spain

    Bux astonishes us all with her breakfast choices, Strawberry Toast, Donut and Chocolate cake, guess who's on holidays? The potential of a lost opportunity last night means we're back shopping in the old town before heading out today, I instantly regret eating breakfast, I could have had more Pintxos :(

    It's short one hour drive back to Bilbao, skirting back along the Pyranees, the weather is perfect, grey, misty, a drizzle or two here or there, just makes the whole thing look so much more dramatic than it already did, amazing.

    We're in Bilbao and hitting up a Pintxos bar for lunch, I love this region! Since we're heading back toward Galicia today I'm trying out the "th" on the "c" - ie gAliTHia, so far I've had one guy take me for Italian and another respond in English, I don't think I'm pulling it off.

    The Guggenheim is astounding. In this light, the titanium plates are taking on what Fid describes as a "Rose Gold" colour. Jeff Koons "Puppy" at the doorstep seems the final natural sign that Bux needs to assume us getting a puppy when we return home is a fait accompli, I almost agree. The current special exhibitions are Chagall and a Chinese modern art collective. The Chagall exhibition captures the girls, we last saw his work in a cathedral in Zurich I think. The Chinese exhibition is mostly political, there are a number of pieces reflecting on the 1990-2002 period. In this time Bejing won their Olympics bid and was admitted to the WTO. A number of pieces depicted it as the period that returned China to the world stage, hard not to make the parallels with Russia's current FIFA comp and their success at having Trump protest for their re-admission to the G8.

    Of the art here it's the installations that most captivate us, Koor's Tulips at the back is a magnificent, as is the Buckey ball piece. But it is the Joana Vasconcelos exhibition that captures us the most - fair to say she owns the space currently. On the approach her take on the Galo de Barcelos, "Pop Galo" caught us on the approach, her "EGERIA" is filling the atrium, snaking its way through every nook, it complements the space so well it should remain beyond her exhibition.
    Her saucepan stilettos had Gab in awe, whilst the bed with a blanket of contraceptive pill packets had me convinced the piece should be called "Safety Blanket" she isn't that obvious though. A Noiva, a chandelier made of tampons, is as impossible to describe the impact of as "The Call Centre" a Beretta made of telephones, magnificent! Her exhibit is the star of the museum at the moment.

    The rain has set in, so no strolling the medieval town this afternoon. We head to the mall near our hotel to look for a replacement bag for Gab, no luck. She finds a place in Google so we grab a taxi and head out there. Turns out we've taken ourselves to an outlet mall, but more importantly, now 15 minutes from the city, we've just discovered that a few years ago the Spanish taxi lobbyists shut down all ride management apps, so... It's impossible to open an app and hail a taxi, def a first world prob, but f*ing annoying standing around in the rain with no other option. It's also impossible to find a taxi at this outlet centre. We're a tad geographically challenged.

    Gab convinces the local petrol station guy to order us a taxi, crisis averted. The Bar in the hotel has more Pintxos and Paulaner, oh joyous days!
    I drink the bar dry of Paulaner and the girls convince me it's time to try the tattoo place again, we've decided it's a wrist fleur-de-lis with yo te cielo underneath, a tribute to our wedding symbol, our week in Spain, and Bux and I riffing on Frida Kahlo for the past few months - alas we're too late for Bilbotattoo to fit me in, no tattoo today :(

    July 4th, 2018
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