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  • Jun15

    Santa Leocadia day

    June 15, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    I just happened to be in Santa Leocadia on Santa Leocadia day, and we were treated to these roving performers

    Marcella Theeman

    Where is Santa Leocadia? Google shows it in Asturias, miles away from the Norte route.

    Terri's Trails

    It's the town closest to Albergue Witerucus

  • Day44

    Day 44: A Coruña and Lugo

    March 31, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Busy day today, a UNESCO double header! Today we were heading north to check out the Roman-era lighthouse in the town of A Coruña, then the Roman walls of Lugo. So we had a fair bit of driving to do, and were up and out fairly early by Spanish standards.

    First up was an hour-long drive northwards to A Coruña, where we drove through the city to the Tower of Hercules. It's a Roman-era lighthouse on a rocky outcrop facing the Atlantic, and is the oldest still-operating lighthouse in the world. It was built in around 250 AD to a height of around 50 metres, of which about 35 still remains. There was an extension done in the 16th century which rebuilt the height and shored up the stone, and its been standing ever since.

    It's very impressive, considering its age! Very dramatic placement as well, with large rocks and waves crashing in off the ocean. Unfortunately for us though, we weren't able to climb to the top as they close it during high winds, and it was howling a gale. Given the location I'd guess it's closed more often than not! But at least the rain had stopped - clear blue skies down here.

    Did some video and then headed back down into the town where I found a Vodafone store to top up my Spanish SIM card. It's quite annoying in that you can top-up online, but obviously you can't top-up when you don't have a valid SIM to access the internet! You can call them, but when you don't speak Spanish that's not real easy. I'm sure there are stores where you can buy pre-paid cards, but I don't know where to find them!

    Back into the car where I discovered I'd parked in a loading zone, whoops. We then drove another hour-ish south-east to the town of Lugo. The big attraction here are the Roman-era walls that completely surround the town. They're 2.1 kilometres long, 10-12 metres high and about 4 metres thick, so a very impressive stone construction! Apparently the longest Roman walls in existence that still completely surround a town.

    Drove into town through an archway in the walls and stopped in a parking lot in heavy rain. Waited a little while for the rain to slacken a bit before heading up on to the walls. These days they're used mainly as a walking and running loop for the locals since there's no lights or other obstacles to get in the way. Unless some crazy Australians bring a dachshund of course! He chased a few runners which was annoying but comical.

    We walked a lap of the walls ourselves and enjoyed the loop, though the constant on-off drizzle put a dampener on things. Still very impressive though, I really love seeing old Roman ruins. Once we'd finished with the walls we felt like a hot drink to warm up, but with Schnitzel in tow we only really had outdoor seating options that we weren't keen on. So we just went back to the car and headed for our accommodation.

    We'd booked to stay the night in Serria, a small town about 30 minutes drive south of Lugo. There is very little here, though it's mildly notable for being about 102 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrims have to complete at least 100 km of the walk to be officially considered "pilgrims", so many of them set off from here to end up in Santiago a week or so later. But otherwise, not much to see.

    Our apartment was nice enough - newly renovated and with a roaring fire going already. I made a quick trip out to the nearby Mercadona for supplies (tortilla espanola con chorizo and salad) before we settled in for the evening. Good wifi connection here so I uploaded my next couple of videos and relaxed for the evening. Moving on tomorrow!
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    Joel Baldwin

    Tower of Hercules

    Joel Baldwin


    Joel Baldwin

    Like I said, a windy spot

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  • Day14

    Casa Rural Arrobol

    July 12, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Arrived here by taxi around 6pm. What a treat. Showered. Glass of wine in the sitting room. Dinner at 8:00pm. Heard the 94 bed hostel in town had bed bugs. Glad we made the trip to the country. Salad, risotto that was yummy, duck in orange sauce and chocolate ice cream.Read more

  • Day26

    Tag 26: die Letzten 100km angebrochen

    May 4, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Strecke: 28,5 km; HM: 350m; von Vilalba nach Santa Leocadia

    Biancas getapter Fuß hat soweit gehalten und ist nicht mehr schlimmer geworden. Dafür hat mein Schienbein nach den ersten 20 km auf Teer so langsam nachgelassen. Der Körper zeigt uns beiden immer mehr das er nach so langer Zeit auch Mal wieder nicht laufen will. Aber wir beißen uns durch. Heute morgen noch recht kühl, aber den ganzen Tag sonnig, liefen wir durch galizische Feld und Waldlandschaft. Leider aber fast ausschließlich auf Teer. An sich war die ganze Etappe sehr idyllisch und ruhig. O wohl wir fast ausschließlich auf Straßen unterwegs waren, kamen uns nur eine Handvoll Autos über den Weg. Die Pilgeranzahl ist seit vorgestern schlagartig heftig angestiegen. Da merkt man, dass wir auf den letzten 100 Kilometern nun sind. Denn diese reichen aus, um als Pilger der Jakobswege ausgezeichnet zu werden in Santiago. So ist das problemlose Herbergen finden nun auch ein kleines Glücksspiel geworden. Ich und Bianca werden uns heute ein Bett gemeinsam teilen, damit Lynn, eine Bekanntschaft der letzten Woche auch noch ein Bett bekommt. Wir sind zwar nur wir drei momentan in der Herberge, aber die restlichen Plätze seien alle telefonisch reserviert. Mal sehen ob die überhaupt noch alle kommen. Dem Pilgergeist entspricht das auf jeden Fall nicht unbedingt. Mal sehen was die Tage so kommt. Die nächsten Herbergen sollten aber groß genug werden, sodass es kein Problem mit einem Bett geben sollte.Read more

    Birgit Zschiedrich

    Ihr seit noch keine 4 Wochen unterwegs und habt nur noch wenige Kilometer vor euch - rekordverdächtig👍👍👍 Super Wenn ihr euch ein Bett teilen müsstet, wäre sehr schade. Drück euch die Daumen, dass nicht alle kommen. Freu mich schon auf euren morgigen Bericht.

    Richard Zschiedrich

    Haben uns ein Bett teilen müssen😃

  • Day21

    Área de autocaravanas de Guitiriz

    July 14, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Te electricitat gratuïta, aigua i per buidar grises i negres. Pero no tenim el connector per l'aigua i una parella ens deixa el seu. Hi ha un lavabo pero la porta està trencada d'un cop de puny i es veu tot as dins. Hi ha una font on l'Ian hi tira pedres i un petit parque. Ens sorprèn que només hi hagi 4 llocs. Allà coneixem en Klemen, un home alemany que porta mitja vida viatjant en Furgo ambl a família. Recollim i marxem al poble a omplir el rebost. Allà aprofitem per enviar-li la carta a la Clàudia jejeRead more

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