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  • Day27

    Auf der Pilgerautobahn

    September 24 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Heute führte mich der Weg durch Sarria. Hier starten viele Spanier ihren Jakobsweg, weil Sarria laut Meilensteinangabe noch etwa 106 km vor Santiago de Compostela liegt. Die Stadt ist extrem auf den Jakobsweg ausgelegt und total touristisch. Die neu hinzugekommenen Pilger erkennt man daran, dass sie nur in Gruppen auftauchen und sich an jedem Furz fotografieren lassen. Achtsamkeit auf dem Weg kennen sie noch nicht. Das kommt sicher noch.

    Für die nächsten Tage muss ich mich auf viel mehr Pilger einstellen.
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    Heidi Mülder

    Hi, trotzdem noch viel Freude. beim Weiterpilgern 👍🏻!!! Und hoffentlich findest du noch jeden Tag eine Unterkunft… LG! 😘

    Mein Camino Francés

    Bislang klappt das ganz gut. Die Gruppen brauchen ja viel Platz und können daher nicht in jede Herberge. In Galicien wurden in den 90ern viele Herbergen von staatlicher Seite gebaut. In denen sind auch in der Coronazeit keine Reservierungen möglich. Man muss dort auftauchen und bekommt dann ein freies Bett - oder eben nicht.

  • Day206

    Camino Frances 14

    August 21, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Von Villafranca habe ich mich gestern auf den 30 km lange Weg nach O Cebreiro gemacht. Die Etappe war doch ziemlich anstrengend, denn in der ersten Hälfte läuft man fast nur auf Asphalt und bei der zweiten Hälfte geht es ordentlich bergauf. 🥵
    Aber es hat sich gelohnt, denn ich bin gestern im ersten galicischen Ort angekommen und der Ausblick von O Cebreiro aus war fantastisch.
    Nachdem es gestern den Berg hoch ging, führte der Weg heute wieder über lange Strecken bergab. (Was genauso anstrengend ist)
    Von O Cebreiro bin ich über Linares, Fonfria und Filloval bis in das kleine Dorf A Balsa gelaufen.
    Diese vielen (klitze-) kleinen Dörfer hier sind richtig schön.
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  • Day36


    August 12, 2020 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Wat een magische ochtend! Hoe verder ik fietste, hoe meer ik te zien kreeg. En fietste ik eerst dwars door de regenwolk, fiets ik er nu onder. Met als gevolg dat ik helemaal doorweekt en koud ben brrrr! 23km gehad en nu even een kopje thee en wat lekkers om op te warmen.Read more

    Corinne Ovinge-Best

    Het blijft spannend.....voorzichtig aan, Kap'tein Éénoog!!😉😘

  • Day33


    August 3 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We finished the climb up to the top of the pass early this morning. Ran into the 85 year old pilgrim again, on top of the mountain at the border of the province of Galatia. He is pacing and passing us regularly. The rest of the day was spent burning off the altitude we had gained the previous couple of days. Knee is still holding up, but I’m being careful. Beautiful green countryside. Not Puget Sound wet, but greener than the other side of the mountain.Read more

    Connie Merrell

    Great pictures, Phil.

  • Day141

    Triacastela-July 20

    July 20, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 59 °F

    July 20

    Today was a misty, foggy morning followed by a beautiful afternoon and evening...kind of chilly, but so nice for hiking. It was great to not be a big sweat ball 😂 We walked through many tiny hamlets that consisted of just a few farms and other buildings and had to yield to a few cows at times (and a bull).

    The farms and hills surrounding Triacastela are just beautiful, AND our dinner tonight was amazingly good! Most of the time the restaurants offer a 1st course, 2nd course, dessert, wine and water for a set price. Last night’s was 10 euros for each of us, and tonight’s was also 10. But, tonight’s was (as Paku Chan would say) ATARI - very, very good! Alan was going to have octopus 🐙, but the call of a good steak swayed him.

    Somehow, all of our people ended up in Triacastela tonight, so we were able to meet for dinner -so nice and great company. 🙂

    Tomorrow, we hike to Sarria. We have another good climb to do tomorrow and then a bunch of down. We have about 83 miles to go.
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    Love this picture..looks like apiece of art! You need to feame this!


    Sorry about my typing toniight!


    Oh goodness!

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  • Day141


    July 20, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    July 19

    With the threat of thunderstorms, we started walking at 5:30 am with our headlamps. Finding our way in the dark takes some concentration to make sure we don’t miss an arrow pointing the way and, at one point, we had no idea which way to go. Thankfully, some other people walked buy that did, so we were on the right track.

    Today started out with a lot of walking on pavement, and that is really hard on my feet. We wanted to go 10 kilometers before we stopped for breakfast, but the surface we were walking on was at a constant slant and it was really hard on my left foot. So, we stopped for breakfast sooner, then stopped again after 10 kilometers so I could put some Fisio Cream on my foot and Achilles, and then again after 20 kilometers for a snack.

    The last 8-9 kilometers were straight uphill which, even though was hard, felt much better for my foot and my back. It is easier on my body when the terrain changes. I think today’s stage was the hardest, physically for me. It took 8 hours, and we did a bit over 18 miles.

    Once we found our place to sleep in O’Cebreiro, we didn’t do much except try to shower, eat and get some sleep. The food ended up being comically bad and, since our room was above a cafe/bar, sleep was difficult 😂. Our Japanese friend (who is a chef) taught us the word he uses for really bad food. He called it “hazare” He claims he will find us an excellent “atari” restaurant in our next town. 🙂

    We head to Triacastela tomorrow...only 13 miles, so a bit shorter.
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    Bonnie Snyder


    Cynthia Huisingh

    Oh my heavenly stars! How gorgeous.

  • Day28

    26. Tag: O Cebreiro - Samos

    August 29, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Wir gehen heute erst gegen 7:00 Uhr los. Da das Wetter mit 25 Grad sehr angenehm, die Strecke nicht besonders anstrengend und schattig die Distanz mit 31 km gut zu bewältigen ist.

    Martin uns ich starten wieder gemeinsam, aber schon nach kurzer Zeit treffen wir auf George und gehen die ersten 10 km bis zur Frühstückspause mit ihm gemeinsam.

    Anschließend machen wir uns wieder zu zweit auf den Weg, treffen aber kurze Zeit später auf Allen aus Irland, den wir am Vorabend beim Bier mit Chiara und Drew kennengelernt haben. Der Ire ist super sympathisch und die Zeit vergeht wie im Flug. Zwischendurch gesellen sich dann auch noch zeitweise Mattheus und Monika dazu.

    Die Aussichten sind herrlich, die Wege bis auf ein paar sehr steile Passagen gut zu gehen und meine Laune ist wieder blendend.

    In den Pausen treffen wir wie immer noch mehr bekannte Gesichter, wie zum Beispiel Chiara aus Deutschland, ihren Mann Drew aus den USA, Alessio aus Italien, Simon aus Belgien, ein Ehepaar aus den Chicago und einige andere die man inzwischen flüchtig kennt.

    Inzwischen kennt man so viele Leute, das es wirklich schwierig ist, über längere Zeit alleine zu gehen. Aber das ist okay. Schließlich werde ich diese Menschen die mir inzwischen extrem and Herz gewachsen sind, in wenigen Tagen größtenteils wieder aus den Augen verlieren...
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  • Day28

    O Cerbreiro to Triacastela

    May 17, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Good evening from Triacastella, Spain. I left O Cerbreiro this morning around 730 am. It was a painful morning albergue wise as many many people were trying to get ready at once. But, $8/night...guess you have to take the good with the bad. The walk today was a lot of uphills and downhills. The downhills are actually worse. The day ended with a 4 mile long decent into Triacastela. And, to top off a trying afternoon, I got in late and the only bed was in a shitty albergue but hey, it’s a roof, a bed and a me, that’s about it. The tent came close to coming out of the bag again. I am in a four person room with a Spanish couple in their 60’s...they speak no English so no conversation. I current am in a cafe/bar in town having dinner...The Galician specialty of Octopus, bread and of course, red wine. Plus, I get to use their WiFi as there is none at the albergue. I am starting to have issues with my left is pretty inflamed and is becoming an issue for the last couple of days especially in the afternoon. It took me a long time today to reach town and because of it which creates more issues like bed availability because you arrive into town late. Oh well, no one promised me that it would be easy. I am around 80 miles out currently. That is it for now, I hope this finds everyone well!Read more

    Jocelyn LaCroix

    Please be careful Phil. You are doing great but DO NOT OVERDO IT! your accomplishment this far is GREAT! Be safe

    Phils TravelBlog Spain

    Thank you Jaye. 🙂

    Tabitha Munson

    Aw Phil. :( You are doing great and you’ve made an amazing accomplishment. Just do what you can do! Everyone is proud of you, regardless.

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  • Day53

    Beautiful Galicia

    October 3, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Now we are in Galicia the landscape is totally different. It's a but like England. Wooded forests and valleys. We arrived into Villa franca del bierzo.,a lovely town with a church that was so grand looking. Then feeling super fit we opted for the alternative mountain pass route rather than the road option. The path up was ridiculous it was almost ladder like but we pushed on. I kept thinking this next rise is surely the top. It wasn't for a very long time. Funny thing was we didn't see a single other person, pilgrim or local traversing the path, I wonder why? 🤔
    It was extremely beautiful looking down on the valley below and then to finally reach a forest of horse chestnut trees and the way down. Hmm somewhere along this path we managed to miss the turn downhill to Trabedelo. We ended up in a little village that we shouldn't have ended up in and added another 2klms to our day. The way down was steep, slippy, exhausting and we finally reached our albergue "Casa Susi" at 4.30.i may have been a bit grumpy and exhausted. I don't think we'd ever arrived so late. We just had time for a, shower and rest before a wonderful dinner. Susi is a pilgrim also who has walked many caminos and ended up here to begin her dream of running an albergue, 3 weeks after she opened the door a Spanish chap turned up by the name of Fermin and they fell for each other. Now they are married and run the place together. All the food for dinner comes from thier garden and it was superb. We feasted on vegetable lentil soup followed by pasta with Veggies and poached pears with Greek Yogurt for dessert plus plenty of wine. We met some great people and had a great night.
    The next morning was freezing as left with no brekkie, there'll be a cafe surely!
    There wasn't for ages and by the time we found one we were ravenous. In Ambasmastas a happy smiley lady made us a goat cheese omelette with tomato bread and excellent coffee. Worth the wait.
    The walk was lovely through wooded hill's, little villages and fields with cows who jingled as they ate. They wear bells around their necks I suppose so they are easier to keep track of.
    We arrived in the village of Las Herrairas the last place before the trek up to O Cebreiro, a mountain village which has us a bit scared. There's talk of hills like ladders and some people opt to take a horse ride up instead of walking.
    We were lucky enough to get a double room(matrimonial room they call it) for the price of a bunk and $5 extra for our own bathroom. The only bad thing is you also get a matrimonial pillow, one long biksyer pillow, share my life, share my pillow!
    We had an excellent meal lentil soup which was brought out in a tureen and was enough for a family of four (I did my best)
    Hamburger & chips for main, so, so. Mark had asparagus salad and trout and we both had cheesecake for dessert.
    We waddled with bellies full back to bed to rest before the climb the next day.
    After brekkie the next morning we stepped out into the cool morning air and began. We wanted to walk as far as possible before the horses caught up to us.
    We saw the evidence of the horses previous journey on the path. My thought as I walked was how am I ever going to get these boots back into Australia!
    I think I've trod in every type of farm animal shit there is to tread in.
    The guide book says of this section, to keep walking and think happy thoughts.
    Despite the shite, it was pretty like, fairy elf World, lots of moss and greenery. Up up up we went but it wasn't as bad as the mountain climb of a few days before. We arrived at the last stop Cafe and treated ourselves to a tuna empanada or Galicia pie and an orange juice. Now we thought the next 2 klms is going to be rough but in next to no time we'd reached the top and looked at each other and said "was that it", either we are getting fitter or this portion of the trek was a bit over exaggerated.
    O Cebreiro was sweet if a bit touristy but I guess they've got to make thier money whilst they can.
    We decided not to stay there and trekked on down a little to Linares and cooked ourselves a nice meal at the really good albergue there.
    As I walked out of o cebreiro I realised I'd left my glasses in the bar we stopped at. We'd chatted to an Irish guy and two Danes there. as I was stood on the path realising my loss phil(Irish bloke) appeared and said are you looking for your glasses!
    Anyway turns out the Danes have them and will leave them in a bar at our next stop for me to pick up. This is the way if the Camino. People will help you out and go that extra bit to return things that are lost. All achieved with the help of whatsapp. I received a, photo of the bar where I'd find my sunglasses and sure enough I picked them up the next day. Awesome Danish guy named Erik!
    We scored another private room at Tricastela and another awesome meal. Salmon and I tried the local soup "caldo gallega, there were a lot of unidentified bits in it which I gamely ate but one furry bit I found was left at the bottom of the bowl. Don't think I'll be trying it again. The main course of salmon and salad was much better, followed by what Spaniards call flan but is basically creme caramel, a chocolate one tonight, yum.
    Next stop is San mamed de camino and we got there through a forest once again. A lovely days walk with some amazing ancient trees.
    San mamed was awesome a lovely albergue with a lot of heart it was paloma y León albergue. Grwat vegetarian meal, more lentil soup but a very good one, quiche and potato frittata, fruit,sponge cake and joy of joys they had a kettle so I was able to get a cup of tea.
    Sarria is the next big town and the 100 KLM Mark. It's the place where a lot of fresh pilgrims will join the track as you can walk only the last Hundred k's and still receive a compostela. Let's see what happens I hope it won't be so crowded but it us what it is and as little Eva says you get what you get and you don't get upset.
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  • Day29

    Filloval 36 km

    September 28, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Wiederum durfte ich eine tolle Etappe geniessen. Heute habe ich auf dem Weg wieder die Sigi aus Oestereich getroffen. Zusammen haben wir auf dem heutigen Pass das nahegelegene Gipfelkreuz bestiegen. Wunderschöne Gegend.Read more

    Motte Motte

    Tolle Landschaft, sehr grün alles. Tut den Augen sicher gut nach der Dürre vorher

    Theres Simonet

    wow, super Aufnahme😀

    Gery Wetterwald

    Einfach genial ,wie du uns auf dem laufenden hälst..und die tollen Fotos ,wunderbar👍!! Und noch viel besser ist, das es dir so toll läuft🍀👍🍀!! Wir wünschen dir weiterhin gute und spannende Etappen🐞!!!😘... gits ou öppe es Desert.🙈🙊🙈?? Grüessli us OW. R&G

    Beatrice Luternauer



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