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  • Day351

    Hedsjön Lake Wildcamp

    June 12, 2017 in Sweden

    Will's research had shown that travelling north from Stockholm, shops and services became more and more sparse. We therefore stocked up at a large supermarket while we still could!

    On route we geekishly watched the minutes of our position count up on the sat nav until we reached 60 degrees north of the equator. It was as far north as either of us has ever been- north of UK mainland and just 6° from the Artic Circle!

    There were countless large lakes and to aid travel there had been a bridge built over one that touched down on a small island before reaching the opposite shore. Lilly pads floated on the water's surface and they and we were surrounded by mixed forest in which most trees were either pines or Silver Birches. When the sun wasn't hidden behind a dark cloud it shone hot and bright. At one point Martha Motorhome was pelted with huge raindrops loaded with hail and we had to slow down because visibility was so bad. There were some amazing Vändplatz (rest places) off the road where we could have pulled in and stayed within a stone's throw of a lake. We even crossed a small and shallow Fjord leading out to sea.

    13km down a dead end road we arrived at our planned overnight spot at a picnic area beside a bay on the Gulf of Bothnia sea (photo #1). Unfortunately we'd passed signs that we translated as 'no house wagon parking'. We guessed they were aimed at us and were very glad we'd seen so many good wild camping spots on our way to this one.

    We chose a place in the trees beside a lake about 7km back up the road. We couldn't see any sign of civilisation around and apart from the very occasional car passing by on the other side of the trees, we weren't disturbed at all for the two days we stayed!

    Heavy rain fell overnight and strong winds whipped up the waves on 'our' lake in the morning. When the rain stopped the sun came out and we took a walk along a woodland path. Although the blobs of paint and bands of plastc ribbon tied around tree trunks frequently assured us we were on track, the only work done to the route was the occasional path cut through a fallen tree and the lightly trampled undergrowth. Large rocks lay all around, covered thickly with moss, lichen and small Lingonberry plants. Foraging is part of Sweden's culture so when we saw new Spruce shoots, Will picked some for dinner.

    We came to another lake and sat, taking in the view. Butterflies, Dragon and Damselflies flitted along the shore, Pond Skaters skimmed across the shallows and fish popped their heads up for flies, while wind blew silver shivers of reflected sunshine over the lake surface. We were just thinking we may be the only ones looking out on this lake when a lively brown Pointer dog came bounding down the path. She looked as surprised to see us as we felt to see her!

    Back at the van Will got to work following a Swedish recipe for meatballs with nutmeg in a creamy sauce. The traditional accompaniment is Lingonberry jam but as we didn't have any he knocked up some cherry sauce instead. He also added the Spruce shoots and it all turned out to be very tasty!

    We've been keeping an eye on when the sun sets and rises as the amount of darkness dwindles. We are currently getting nearly 20 hours of daylight, with sunset after 10:30pm and sunrise before 3am. The sunset photo here was taken at 11:15pm.

    Before leaving our peaceful wild camp we took the canoe and paddled across, then part of the way around Hedsjön Lake, taking the new waterproof camera with us. It was a great way to end our time here and a lovely relaxing start to the day!
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  • Day17

    Day 14 - Riders on the Storm

    May 26, 2016 in Sweden

    As we were in a B&B and there was a window of relatively dry weather in the afternoon, we opted to take our time enjoying the spoils. It gave time for a proper breakfast, allowed for hand-washed clothes to dry and gave us chance to be cheeky in asking for all other clothing to be washed and dried by the owners.

    They were happy to oblige, but the downside was it was no priority for them, so by the time we got the clothes back and everything onto the bike it was 2pm. We now had only 2 hours before heavy rain was scheduled, on a bike trip that would take at least 5.

    Those first 2 hours were a lot of fun. The rain was falling, and building, but we had a fairly relaxed climb followed by a nice, long downhill ride on a winding Road that overlooked a beautiful large lake.

    Not long after, the rain really got going and we spent the next couple of hours getting progressively soaked - a particular problem for Simon, whose water-resistant trouser completely soaked through.

    We made it to a grill house in the nearest town and bought a burger to fill up and justify taking over their business with drip-drying clothes. Happily, like in most places in Sweden, coffee was free, so we were able to change, dry off and get fed and watered before our last push.

    With the rain staying strong, and the wind picking up, we decided it was the time to go, riding in the fading light with wet gloves, coats and shoes (Simon was also down to shorts).

    I quite enjoyed the ride - it felt a bit more adventurous - but we were both glad to reach our campsite, with sodden shoes, damp clothes and waterproof gloves holding small pools of water, and access our 'dolls house' of a cabin for drying and resting.
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  • Day16

    Day 13 - Garden to Guesthouse

    May 25, 2016 in Sweden

    After a good night's sleep in Mike and Sara's garden (in spite of the heavy overnight rain) they helped get us going with a coffee in their warm, dry kitchen before heading to work. We were treated to the sight of a woodpecker picking nuts from their bird feeder while we took in the caffeine.

    After that, we stuck around for a bit to wait for the rain to settle, then broke camp and set off in full waterproof gear, expecting the rain to hit us again on the ride.

    Pretty soon afterwards, I was stripping all those layers off, as it is now a lot warmer than it was in the North (double figures, even!). It didn't seem to matter anyway, as the day remained cloudy but mostly dry.

    Based on Mike's good advice, we took a slightly longer route that guaranteed sealed roads while also avoiding a return to the E4. It was hilly, but proved a nice ride between small towns with shops and services. Along the way we stopped to watch (and hear) a pair of migrating cranes as the milled around a front garden before flying off into the distance.

    Eventually we came out onto the 84, which was our road to Bergso. Unfortunately it was a lot more similar to the E4 than we had hoped and included multiple steep climbs. So the last part of our ride was back alongside lorries and fast-moving cars, cycling nose to tail for safety. Still, we were rolling into Bergso before too long.

    Bergso is a town with plenty of campsites, and with a thunderstorm predicted overnight, we had planned to hire a cabin for shelter and a chance to hand-wash clothes. Unfortunately, unlike all our previous stops, none of the campsites in Bergso are open until June. So, faced with the possibility of wild camping and waking up wet with no dry/clean clothes, we opted to stay in a B&B for the night. So it's an evening of clothes washing, hot showers and comfort before a proper breakfast; all to set us up for more wet weather cycling tomorrow.
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  • Day472

    Day 473: Decorated Farmhouses

    June 2, 2018 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Back on the WHS trail! Headed north-east, cross-country, checking out some of the Decorated Farmhouses of Halsingland. As you'd expect, these are old farmhouses from the 1800s that were heavily decorated - but on the inside, not the outside! On the outside they're mostly just the typical rusty red colour with white trimmings, but inside they're heavily painted. Some with scenes of rural life, others with wallpaper-styled patterns.

    There's only 7 houses on the official list, and are all private dwellings (some even in the same families!), but there are hundreds of other examples in the area so we just drove around and looked and what we could. Information here in Sweden has been uniformly excellent - it's been really easy to plan our visits to most sites.

    After we finished up here we drove north-east almost to the coast, where we camped at a town called Hudiksvall.
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  • Day15

    This morning marked a change of flow for us, as I had to leave slightly earlier and head back to Sundsvall for a bike repair. Meanwhile Simon would carry on the route with the hope that I could catch up.

    All started well, as the bike repair guy was great, a real passionate professional who made space for my bike amongst a constant flow of new on old customers on a busy Monday morning. Within an hour, my spokes were re-tensioned and I was back on the road (still with some clicks and squeaks to look at, but with the immediate problem solved).

    Pretty soon, a Top Gear-style cat and mouse chase developed as I raced to catch up with Simon and he pushed to keep one step ahead. Eventually we found each other at a service station, figuring it was best to meet after both struggling alone with our last rides on the E4 highway.

    After that followed a smooth ride together, via more scenic vista's and glistening lakes, to Bergso. The original plan - the best we had - was to push a bit further and wild camp outside a small village 10km further on. But heavy rains were expected overnight and neither of us were keen on a night in a field under this conditions. So we stopped into a pizzeria in Bergso, to charge our ailing phones, refresh and weigh up our options.

    After a beer there was a growing sense that Bergso was the place to stop, but we had no solution for sleeping. As luck would have it, the very kind,multi-lingual and chatty pizzeria owner introduced us to a fellow Brit and his family who live in the area. We got chatting and they very kindly offered us their back garden for camping, plus use of their house, for the night. Lucky us!

    We had another drink to celebrate before heading to the home of Mike and Sara to pitch tents in their garden. So we had somewhere safe to sleep and people looking out for us. But better still they invited us in for a drink, so we spent the evening sharing stories and bring made to feel like special guests. An end to the day that was immeasurably better than expected.
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  • Day11

    Färnebofjärden National Park

    August 2, 2018 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Tja was soll ich sagen...
    Der fire ban wurde in diesem National Park gelockert. Das ist für uns das erste Knäckerchen in 🇸🇪 😍💚🌳
    Und diese Stelle ist einfach brachial schön. Steht der gestern in nix nach. Erinnert mich etwas an den Bärenpfad im Oulanka National Park in 🇫🇮

    Einfach unvorstellbar wie abgeschieden und wenig hier los ist...
    Das wird sicher eine traumhafte 🌃

    Morgen erkunden wir weiter den Park.
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  • Day12


    August 3, 2018 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Was denkt sich die Natur nur dabei?
    Guck mich da dieses Ungetüm an als ich meinen Rucksack absetze. Da war ich dem Herzinfarkt nahe. Gebe ich gerne zu. Nicht auszudenken der wäre mir auf die Schultern gekrabbelt. 😉

    Dieses Internetz verriet mir dann auch den Vor- und Zunamen... Weidenbohrer oder Cossus cossus oder Goat Moth

    Ich hoffe das war final contact. Muss nicht wieder sein...
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  • Day5

    Nach einem schönen Frühstück bei blauem Himmel ging es für uns heute mit dem Camper weiter, zuerst in die richtige Richtung. Nach Norden.
    Kurz darauf ist uns aufgefallen das wir unsere Reiseführer vermissen.
    Als der Camper einmal komplett auf links gedreht worden war, folgte der Anruf im Hotel, in welchem wir während unserem Aufenthalt in Stockholm untergekommen sind.

    Am Telefon konnte man uns leider keine exakte Auskunft geben ob unsere Reiseführer da sind oder nicht, da noch nicht das komplette Personal da sei.

    Nach einer ordentlichen Wartezeit auf einen Rückruf seitens des Hotels legten wir den Rückwärtsgang ein und fuhren zurück nach Stockholm.

    Die großer Ernüchterung kam schnell, als wir vor Ort angekommen sind.
    Keine Reiseführer mehr für uns. Es wäre nicht von der Putzfrau gefunden worden und der Rezeptionist war nochmals im Zimmer als wir vor Ort waren.

    Ein ordentlicher Rückschlag, den die komplette Reise, inklusive Wanderungen war man Hand der nun verlorenen Führern organisiert worden.

    Samt langem Gesicht schmeißten wir den Camper wieder an, und los ging es auf die Autobahn.

    So verbrachten wir heute etwa 10h on Tour.

    Die Entschädigung für die Pleiten es heute Tages brachte jedoch unser Standplatz für die heutige Nacht.
    Ein Parkplatz direkt an einem Fischersee.

    Glasklares Wasser, so ruhig das sich die komplette Natur darin spiegelt.
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  • Day19

    Vaši komentarji

    July 31, 2016 in Sweden

    Jih res ceniva in sva vsakega posebej vesela!
    Še bolj pa naju zabava, ker ugibava, od koga so! 😉 no, nimava pojma kdo je kaj napisal, zato prosim, da napisete vaše začetnice 😘 pa še ena romantična slika, ker vas ceniva ❤️

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