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  • Day9

    Pak Nam Bay - Koh Phi Phi

    September 11 in Thailand

    Ein beschwerlicher Weg durch den Dschungel der Insel führte zur Pak Nam Bucht auf der Ostseite der Insel. Ein malerischer Strand der zur Hälfte zu einem Resort gehört und wo die andere Hälfte von Seenomaden bevölkert wird. Auf dem Weg dorthin wurde ich von Mücken zerstochen und hatte eine Begegnung mit einer Schlange. Der Rückweg dagegen verlief ohne besondere Vorfälle.

  • Day31

    Fähre durch die Inselwelt

    February 1 in Thailand

    Phuket liegt jetzt hinter uns. Endlich wieder Boot 🛳 fahren: 4,5 Stunden mit der Fähre ⛴ und dem Speedboat 🚤 nach Koh Lanta, 80 km südöstlich von Phuket, mit Umstieg auf Phi Phi (gesprochen „Piepie“ 🚽🚾). Langsam nähern wir unser der malaiischen Grenze.

  • Day47

    Day 46 - Swimming With The Fishes

    March 26, 2017 in Thailand

    Matt was feeling well enough this morning luckily to come out for a trip on Mr Chet's longtail boat which would take us around the nearby island of Koh Phi Phi Ley. He tried to time it so it wouldn't be at peak busy-ness at the various bays and lagoons (it is always a level of busy as pretty much everyone who visits Koh Phi Phi Don where we're staying will go there) There was 7 of us in the group, plus Mr Chet, his brother and a driver. We started by going to a little lagoon. One of Mr Chet's USPs is that he takes loads of pictures of the scenery and of you to upload on to Facebook and as he's done this tour hundreds of times he knows the best pictures to take so there was a lot of posing in front of various rocks etc. Post-lagoon we went to Maya Bay where the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach was filmed. Even when we were there at about 9am it was very busy. It is a beautiful beach, the sand is like flour and the water is so blue, but you couldn't spend a relaxing day here simply due to the volume of boats going in and out with more people.

    After Maya Bay we went to our first snorkelling spot. As discussed in a previous blog post I'm not fantastic in open water. I also struggle with having something like a snorkel mouthpiece in my mouth cause it makes me panic and gag (I was once sick on a dentist who was takin dental impressions) so I was very anxious about the snorkelling to the point I wasn't sure I'd be able to get in but Mr Chet was very patient with me and helped to calm me (and another person who was afraid) down. He suggested I go in without the mouthpiece first and just focus on being in the water and holding my breath if I wanted to look down. It really helped and as I'd missed the first appearance Mr Chet's brother took my hand and swam me to find a turtle. He swam to the bottom and nudged it for me which was very kind (less kind for the turtle I suppose). It was amazing!

    We went back to the first lagoon for more snorkelling. Mr C was confident that as it was much shallower and calmer I'd be able to relax more and use the snorkel mouth piece - he was determined I should start using it so I could 'Find Nemo' later on. I found the technique of pretending to be Darth Vader and channeling his breathing really worked for me. We saw so many beautiful and colourful fish plus a baby shark! Apparently baby sharks are not dangerous but surely there's a transition between them being harmless babies and harmful adults and I'm not sure how you identify that point... I was loving snorkelling by now and didn't want to get out but get out we did for some time drying off on the beach and eating lunch. Mr Chet's brother (we never learnt his name, I guess he was also Mr Chet but he could have been a brother in law) found a dead crab and brought it over to us looking just as excited as when he gave us our pineapple i.e. thrilled.

    Next stop was trying to find Nemo. It was back in the more open sea so that freaked me out a bit but it was actually much easier to deal with the waves when your head was in the water. I didn't attempt to dive below the surface but Matt did a few times which meant we got some great videos and pictures. It's so weird to realise how close to fish you are all the time when you're in the water, a bit creepy really. We did find Nemo after MC's B went poking around at the bottom again. I've got the snorkelling bug now, but not sure I'll ever making diving.

    Once we were out and wrapped in in towels to try and avoid the heat we went briefly to Monkey Beach. As the name suggests it's a beach with monkeys on it. Mr Chet was very very clear with us not to go too close to the monkeys, not to feed them and not to tease them as they can get angry very quickly and bite you. Of course there were big groups of idiots doing all of those things plus picking them up like cats. Is it wrong we really wanted someone to get bitten?

    All that was done by 1.30 and we grabbed a quick lunch. Unfortunately Matt started to feel a bit worse again. We stayed in for a couple of hours and then ventured up to the Phi Phi viewpoint at his insistence. I don't think I've ever sweated so much and this was at 5pm. By the end I could wring out all my clothes and hair, it was gross. You start off with about 300 steps then get to View Point 1, not a bad view but you could go higher. To get to VP2 you go up a big steep slope which was horrific. Luckily there was a drink stand there but unluckily it was also very crowded for sunset. Luckily I had heard that VP3 has an apparently slightly lesser view but is quieter so we headed up an uneven and steep dirt track to get there. (And even more luckily there was a geocache which of course had nothing to do with my decision to go up there). In fact the view was amazing, it was very quiet and we timed it just perfectly to enjoy a fresh coconut as the sun set.

    Sadly that's where our, well Matt's, luck ended. We managed to make it down but since then he's not been well at all. The worst he's been. I slipped out for a late dinner but Matt had to stay in bed. Poor him.
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  • Day4

    Zwischenstopp Phi Phi Insel

    July 11 in Thailand

    Heute haben wir die Partymeile in Phuket verlassen. Ein Pärchen aus dem Hotel hat uns morgens zum Hafen gebracht. Mit einer riesigen Fähre begann dann die 4 stündige Fahrt nach Krabi mit Zwischenstopp in Phi Phi. Heute schien sogar mal die Sonne, also perfektes Wetter um auf dem Boot zu sitzen.

  • Day8

    Ao Nang/Kho Phi Phi tour

    October 11, 2016 in Thailand

    Yesterday we departed Krabi Town via 20 min taxi ride into our next place of residence in Ao Nang. The quickest way to hail a taxi is walk around with giant backpacks on your front and backside, that paints a giant target labelled "potential sucker." The locals understand how much it sucks to lug around 70 pounds of dead weight so when they see it they come running or in this case driving. We have been booking our hostel/hotels online the night or two before and then rocking up to them the following day only going on reviews and photos so it's been a rainbow of truth depending on the establishment as far as what is promised. That extra 1 or 200 (4-8$ cad)baht can really go the extra mile. Once checking in we took the free shuttle down to the strip at Ao Nang Beach. A Mecca of tourist services. Vendors were standing outside their stores and hailing you to come for a Thai massage or eat at their restaurant, some quite aggressive as you walk down the street. The haphazard order entailed 7/11, Thai massage, restaurant, bank, restaurant, tour shop, bank, Thai get the point. Banks truly do run the world is the point here. Part of me feels guilty when seeing such a disparity and inequality of wealth. I mean some of these locals are poor as shit but they are selling you a tour package for 100$ cad each. Most tourists here show up and make little effort to assimilate the language and culture. And because they have money and are "rich" they treat locals with an entitlement and can come across as quite ignorant. They leave a bad review online or sneer at them because they don't know English. Anyways, sorry I digress. As I was saying we walked into a Starbucks as we have been missing our soy milk lattes. So we order 2 of them, a cookie and a brownie. Somehow it cost more than the taxi ride(500 baht = 20$ cad) we had taken hours earlier! Well, it's those things we do for love that are priceless, I guess, right? We went for a nice stroll down the beach and just like every other day enjoyed a deep life talk fuelled by caffeine and sugar. We bought a couple of shirts each and found a cozy nature filled restaurant to eat. Literally the walls were alive in this place, open air concept with plants and ferns everywhere. 4 Chinese girls sitting beside us all had selfie sticks out and were taking turns photographing each other for a good 10 minutes. We had a chuckle with the server about it and carried on.
    Today we endeavoured in the tourist trap know as Ko Phi Phi. Neck jerking, disc compressing, back snapping boat ride filled with 30 or so Hong Kongers all wearing elaborate funny weird outfits. I try to practice non judgement in life but I couldn't help but chuckle a little and shake my head. We went snorkelling and bonded with some monkeys along the way, then checked out a couple of beaches. Bethany did quite well snorkelling for her first time and quickly gained confidence as it is really just flopping around face down in water. My GoPro paid for itself already with the footage I got...see for yourself :).
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  • Day46

    Ko Phi Phi

    June 19 in Thailand

    Am morgen Tauchen mit Stefanie aus der Schweiz. Ich habe heute meine erste Schildkröte brim Tauchen gesehen.

    Am Nachmitag bin ich auf die 3 Viewpointe gewandert. Es war eine sehr schöne wanderung, trotz dem bisschen Regen.

    Am Abend war ich noch bisschen schwätzen jn der Tauchschule mit Steffi, dannach Abendessen und irgemdwann mal ins bett gegangen...

  • Day31

    Koh Phi Phi - my favourite island

    August 14, 2017 in Thailand

    After an early morning start we headed to the ferry port where we met half of Dublin who happened to be getting on the same boat as us. We got our seats on the boat and were ready to go when we realised there was no air conditioning or fans. As soon as we left the port we went outside and lay out on deck trying to get some fresh air. Apart from feeling a bit sea sick it was a fun journey as there were so many of us. After two hours we arrived at Koh Phi Phi . We were then told that there are no roads so we would have to walk to our hostel. Luckily all the hostels are along the same strip of beach and one of the guys had done his research so we just followed them. We checked in to our room and went to explore. After spending a long time bartering and getting an amazing deal on some T-shirts for Conor, we went for dinner. We spent the night going between an Irish bar and the beach. The whole island shuts down at 2 am to prevent noise pollution so after that we showered the sand off and headed to bed.Read more

  • Day22

    Popo-Brand auf Ko Phi Phi

    December 15, 2016 in Thailand

    Die wichtigste Dinge zuerst:
    Ich hab immer noch Popo-Brand und Olli verwechselt die ganze Zeit "danke" und "guten Tag" auf thailändisch - wie unangenehm ;)
    Und, Memo an mich selbst - Rezept für Sticky Rice mit Mango finden.

    Nun zu Ko Phi Phi

    Wie oft hat man uns ausgelacht, als wir sagten, dass wir noch nach Ko Phi Phi fahren...
    Jaaaaaa, wir haben vorher auch gelesen, dass Phi Phi die Partyinsel ist. Deswegen haben wir nen Hotel abseits der Party-Meilen gebucht.

    Ehrlich gesagt, es ist bisher wirklich der beste Ort von ganz Thailand. Dieser ganze Hohn, vor allem von den Leuten auf Koh Lanta. Tssssss...

    Wir sind hier in einer einsamen Bucht, zu der man nur mit nem Boot oder über ne einstündige Tour durch den Dschungel kommt. Direkt vor der Tür ist ein super Schnorchel-Spot. Unser Bungalow befindet sich am Hang, zwischen allerlei kleinem und großem Gewächs. Beim Check-In wurden wir darauf hingewiesen, keine Lebensmittel mit in den Bungalow zu nehmen, sonst bekommen wir Besuch von den Affen.

    Wir haben ne wunderbare Aussicht - selbst beim Duschen. Fazit: auch als Nicht-Party-Mensch kann man eine fantastische Zeit auf Ko Phi Phi haben.
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  • Day23

    Kleine Dschungeltour zum View Point

    December 16, 2016 in Thailand

    Auf dem Rückweg begegnen wir einer Affenbande, die scheinbar gerade auch zum Aussichtspunkt will. Während ich mir vor Angst fast in die Hose mache, weil einen die kleinen Scheißer manchmal ausrauben, wenn sie Hunger haben, schießt Olli seelenruhig Bilder.

  • Day26

    Tag18-2: Die Essenz dieser Weltreise

    January 18, 2017 in Thailand

    An Orte zu reisen die man sonst nie gesehen hätte. Dieses Wert zu schätzen und zu verweilen.
    Die Welt auf auf sich Wirken zu lassen.

    Dankbar zu sein was die Welt einem bietet und was Zuhause auf einen wartet.

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