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  • Day15

    Tour of the Capitol

    November 14, 2017 in the United States

    We did a tour of the US Capitol building in the afternoon and it was fantastic. It is a beautiful building with a lot of history. The dome that sits on top took 11 years to contruct and sits 88 meters high.

  • Day15

    Library of Congress

    November 14, 2017 in the United States

    Wow! It was amazing and we only got to spend a short amount of time there before it closed. The reading room was awesome and their collection size is... 16 million books and 120 million other items! It is definately the library of record for the US if not the world. We also got a personal tour from Rod, a library docent who was clearly about to leave for the day but insisted on giving us the highlights tour (I think because he loved Aussies and Bek told him I was a librarian!). The library of Congress holds one of only 3 copies of the Gutenberg Bible that is both complete, and printed in vellum (made from calf skin) from 1455. A pretty amazing place for a librarian to visit!Read more

  • Day47

    Out of many, one

    November 14, 2017 in the United States

    Today included a Whitehouse tour (East wing), Capitol tour and sat in the gallery of in-session senate and house of reps, and Congress library (where we were lucky enough to get a private tour with docent on his way out who we just got chatting to...and became highlight of my day)...
    Capitol and Congress library were very very impressiveRead more

  • Day151

    Congress is in Session!

    November 15, 2017 in the United States

    We had an amazing day in Washington DC! Started with our tour inside the Whitehouse- East Wing, then walked down the grassed Mall with memorials and monuments, quick trip into the Smithsonian Institute and through to the Capitol building for our tour- an amazing and beautiful building. In the Capitol building where the US Government sits, we were able to sit in on both a session in The Senate and also Congress. Late afternoon over to the Library of Congress just before it was closing-we happened to be in the lift with a gentleman from the library on his way out and so he was wonderful and took Meaghan, Bek and I on our own personal little tour!- highlight of the day!!Read more

  • Day7

    Exploring Washington

    October 25 in the United States

    Back to the station by 9am where we caught another Amtrak train, heading south for Washington DC. Arrived at the station around midday and we'd hoped to be able to check in to drop our stuff off, but unfortunately the host had issues with the previous guests and had a lot of cleaning to do. So we sat around the station for an hour or so, before she messaged again and said the dryer had broken and it was going to take longer! We negotiated that she'd come and pick up our luggage and store it at her (separate) place, and that we'd just check ourselves in late afternoon.

    So we set off walking away from the 30th Street Station which was absolutely colossal and grand. First stop was the Capitol building which we wandered around and enjoyed. Then walked down the National Mall, which stretches for a couple of miles to the Washington Monument. That's currently closed for visitors, so we turned northwards along the lawns and headed for the White House. Not much to see from this side, but we walked around the block where you can get fairly close to it (a couple of hundred metres). According to his schedule the orange dementia grandpa was at home, but he was probably busy watching TV and being a racist so we headed away.

    By now it was about 5pm (it was a seriously long walk!) and we got the bus to our apartment. Everything was ready, and it was nice to have the space to ourselves rather than sharing someone's apartment.
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  • Day8

    Visiting the Smithsonian

    October 26 in the United States

    Alternate exploration day today. I went out and visited the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, which had lots of cool plans and space vehicles. Some parts felt quite dated, while others were brand new - depending heavily on how much corporate sponsorship they get I guess.

    Also visited the Natural History museum next door which had good and bad parts. The section about mammals was underwhelming since it was just taxidermy versions of animals I've seen in real life, like elephants, lions, giraffes and so on. The minerals section was surprisingly interesting, including a several kilogram gold nugget, and the Hope Diamond as well. Also a few dinosaur skeletons.

    I planned a day off tomorrow, so figured my last stop would be the Lincoln Memorial as we hadn't visited the day before. It was a bloody long walk and my feet were quite sore by the end, but I was glad to have made it. Interesting to read the text of the Gettysburg address written on the wall in stone.

    Made a mess of getting home - I walked 20 minutes to the nearest subway stop, got the train then changed, but then got off a stop early by mistake! Since it's a point-to-point payment system and not a timed ticket, getting another train would cost me a couple of dollars, so I decided to walk. Unfortunately my phone compass sometimes points the complete opposite direction, so when I checked google maps to figure out which way I needed to go .. yeah. I should've checked again, because after 25 minutes I got to the previous station, not the station I needed to be at! I got the train back.
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  • Day9

    Day Off

    October 27 in the United States

    I had a day off, so I spent it inside working on various things and playing a few games too. Shandos went out to the National Gallery which she quite enjoyed.

    Went to a nearby smokehouse restaurant for dinner which was really good - smoked BBQ chicken and smoked ribs too. Realised near the end of our meal that we were the only white faces in the restaurant! DC has the highest percentage of African-American residents of any major US city - somewhere around 60% I think. Nothing alarming about it, but interesting to see how others must feel a lot of the time.Read more

  • Day1352

    USA Tour - Washington

    November 24 in the United States

    Much more relaxed day today, woke up at 10am to watch the Liverpool v Watford game (we won 3-0) after that I went to check out some museums - the African American history museum and the American history museum. Both are well worth a visit and they’re both huuuuge! But the time I had done those 2 it was almost 5pm at which time most of the museums close so I decided to go get a drink by the capital one arena as I had NBA tickets for the Washington Wizards later on. Came across an Irish bar by the stadium. It was shit but it was better than nothing and after a 25 minute walk in the pouring rain anything was better than nothing. Had a few beers then went over to the area to watch my first NBA game.

    Verdict; it’s not for me

    From being charged almost $15 for a beer to $15 for a hot dog and some fries to watching a game which stopped every few minutes the overall experience just wasn’t for me. The game didn’t get good till the final 2 quarters and even then it was pedestrian at best in terms of pace of the game. However I would recommend it if you’re ever in the states, it’s a different experience from any football or rugby game I’ve ever been to.
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  • Day1350

    USA Tour - Washington (Thanksgiving)

    November 22 in the United States

    Literally just got set up in my hostel in Washington after an 11 hour coach journey from Boston. My legs are in agony, I’m also pretty certain I have DVT!

    Anyway, left Boston this morning at 9:30am and on my walk to the station the entire place was like a ghost town. Didn’t see a single person. I was quick to get away from my room as I met the other person staying in my dorm for the first time and she was an ‘energy healer and cleanser’ she visits sacred locations around the USA and helps brings ‘positive energy’ to those locations.... I couldn’t leave quick enough.

    The journey here wasn’t pretty uneventful, I watched a series on Netflix called ‘conspiracy’ which kept me entertained the entire way. Did manage a glimpse of Philadelphia and NYC on my journey though.

    Got off at Washington union station and the idea was to walk to the hostel as it was only a 25 minute walk or so but... Jesus some weirdos around there. From the time leaving the coach to getting outside I was approached by 6 randomers just talking gibberish. Was a bit strange, not so much scary but definitely strange. Also when I got outside the place was dead - everyone is at home for thanksgiving, so I thought it would be best just to get an Uber to the hostel. First time I’ve gone for a room as big as 10 so we’ll see how that gets on.

    I guess I’ll just chill in the hostel tonight as everywhere is closed for the night - but tomorrow I am off exploring.... an already explored city!
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  • Day1353

    USA Tour - Washington

    November 25 in the United States

    Woke up today to watch the Formula 1 (Lewis won) after that I did the museums I didn’t have time to do the previous day. I did the air and space museum which was fucking awesome! Would recommend!!! Also did the Native American history museum which was cool, a real eye opener as I didn’t realise how badly they where treated. After that I went to Capitol Hill which is much better than the Whitehouse. Unfortunately with it being a Sunday I couldn’t go in but it looked brilliant at night. Then I was white trailer trash and went to hooters for some food. Don’t care what anyone says if you want a few beers, watch some sports and have good food there isn’t much better places!!!Read more

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