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  • Day24

    On the road again

    July 22, 2017 in the United States

    We spent most of the day following Vegas travelling back to LA. This was fortunate given how tired we all were not to mention any mild hangovers. This was made better by my first visit to an ihop diner for a 'Split Decision Breakfast'.

    For Kate and I, tonight would be our last night together before our first big separation on the trip so far. Needless to say we were both a little anxious about flying solo the following day.

    Kate and I have been the perfect travel companions. We're both pretty laid back and accommodating. Kate has been massively supportive and appreciative of my driving efforts and her and Susan (our Google Maps woman) have been the dream navigating team. Kate pre-empting Susan's directions as she habitually tells me to exit an interstate when I'm in the left hand lane of a 6 lane carriageway. To demonstrate how lost I became without her the following morning I got into the passenger side of the car twice and Susan and I fell out completely after I took double the time I should to find a Target store! It's OK though, Kate spoke to Susan and smoothed things over and told her I hadn't really meant the things I'd said about her (I had).

    One thing we have learnt though is that the organised treks (like the one we're just finishing with Trek America) are far more stress free than the DIY travelling we've mostly been doing. It does come with a big catch for me though which is if you choose one of the longer duration treks (2-3 weeks) you are taking pot luck with the group you end up with. You will be spending the entire trip with them and I think this factor would put me off a longer tour. I think I must becoming less tolerant of people in my old age! It's also worth remembering that the demographic these tours are aimed at are generally early 20s so there were numerous times I felt my age! That being said, the 4 day trip which included the sights, accommodation, travel and many of our meals was easily the best £450 I've spent so far. Admittedly that didnt include the helicopter ride. There's no way we could have so comfortably covered the same sights solo though.

    Once back in LA, Kate and I reunited with Flora the Focus and headed to our new Air BnB. We had quite the surprise in store but I will save that for a later post.

    Meanwhile, let me introduce you to Jens. I feel remiss that I haven't introduced you sooner. Jens is our tour guide's lucky Kiwi who lives on the dashboard of the van. Jens is so called after the poor Danish man who was unable to join our group for unforeseen reasons and shall remain forever in our hearts. You may have noticed facebook or instagram posts with the hashtag #thisonesforjens. Well Jens (the Kiwi) lost his beak so as a thank you to our tour guide I took it upon myself to procure some special beak fixing glue and restored him to his former glory. Before and after shots below.

    I promise the upcoming posts will be more eventful!

    Almost up to date right? :-/
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  • Day89


    May 18, 2017 in the United States

    With over 12 hours lay over in LAX we had to wander out or risk becoming crazy. After a saga of trying to get to somewhere that stores luggage (after 9/11 no luggage storage in airports), we caught the bus to see Hollywood.

    Getting off on Hollywood and Vine the stars had already started down the walk of fame, and I had fun spotting the famous and Welsh stars. Part of Hollywood was cordened off by the famous Dolby cinema (the one with the oscars) as the American premier for Pirates of the Caribbean was in the evening. Unfortunately we were to early for any of the stars, but it was fun to duck between the absolute nutters dressed in pirate costumes. Some had put a lot of effort in, with real life sized stuffed parrots on their shoulders, and a lot of eyeliner.

    We took pictures at the chinese theatre and compared shoe sizes with the film stars before heading to the back of the complex to grab site of the famous sign on the hill. While fun to see it and tick it off the list it was a bit underwhelming. Leaving the US behind after watching a fair few people being shouted at US security its Fiji time!
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  • Day20

    La La Land

    July 18, 2017 in the United States

    The day began with a geeky location spotting tour for naughties American teen drama 'The OC'. Thankfully both Kate and I were big fans so were equally excited when we found the diner the gang used to hang out in and the corresponding Pier in Redondo Beach.

    From there we headed to Tinseltown to see the infamous Hollywood Boulevard. I had a slight lump in my throat when I glimpsed the Hollywood sign for the first time in the smoggy distance. It's the first time I've seen it for real since I started dreaming about being a big filmmaker. It certainly didn't mean quite the same to me when I was 9 which was the last time I was here.

    It has to be said, Hollywood Boulevard is a dive. It got off to a bad start as one of the first stars I happened across was for Donald (not Duck) and I was a tad outraged. The streets are swarming and generally lined with tacky merchandise and badly dressed up movie characters. However, it had to be done and there was a big change of heart when we reached the TCL Chinese Theatre and saw all the hand and foot prints of stars gone by. That moved me somewhat - especially seeing some of the greats such as Jimmy Stewart and Harold Lloyd.

    We attempted to watch the sunset from Griffith Observatory but it seemed the rest of LA had the same idea so we glumly retreated to our next Air BnB, dropped off the car and got ourselves ready to join our 'Trek America' tour to the Grand Canyon in the morning.

    Looking forward to returning to LA on Saturday night for my self-indulgent studio tours and long awaited trip to Disney. Til then. Sorry for the lack of photos - most of them are on the big camera today!
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  • Day1

    Walk(e) of Fame ⭐

    May 7 in the United States

    Mittlerweile seit 26 Std wach, aber wir nutzen noch den Sonnenuntergang über dem Hollywood Boulevard ☀
    Kein Fake!!! ...Matthias Schweighöfer in L.A. getroffen! Wahrscheinlich kennen ihn hier die Wenigsten, sodass wir ihn einfach nach nem Bild fragen konnten 😎

  • Day16

    The day Turo ignored us

    April 17 in the United States

    For a few months now Seamus has been talking to anyone he met about Turo, the airbnb of cars, where you can rent out people's own cars for a day or so, and try cool cars for cheap. He was really looking forward to trying something truly American, and he already had the roads in mind near LA, where he wanted to drive them. Unfortunately the previous night we didn't discover yet, that t-mobile works in Esther's house, but at&t doesn't so we didn't really have Internet in the house. So he started verifying his account in the morning, and started waiting and waiting and waiting for them to look at pictures of his driving licence. In the end he found the address of one of the car rental places, so we drove there hoping that in the meantime he will get approved. The two owners of the place kept trying to get him to rent different cars, but as they only accepted payment through the app, we could do nothing. We went to have lunch to pass some time, we found a hawaian restaurant nearby. Seamus tried loco moco which is basically lots of Japanese rice, gravy, hamburger with runny fried eggs on top. Apparently it's a classic hawaian lunch dish. I had some banana pancakes which were really nice, but the amount totally defeated me, it was way too much. After some more calls with customer service it turned out they were completely useless so we still couldn't rent a car. We walked down the hollywood walk of fame which had lots of ceramic stars on the pavement for celebrities who we had mainly never heard of! Also the whole walk of fame was just filled with weird shops that sold souvenirs and countless sexy underwear shops - interesting selection for the home of cinema.Read more

  • Day16

    The Griffith Observatory

    April 17 in the United States

    The Griffith Observatory is on top of a hill in the middle os LA, surrounded by a park. There's the old La zoo in the park, that has no animals anymore, but you can still visit the cages and everything, which sounded really cool, but unfortunately the sun was already going down as we pulled into the parking lot, so we could only go to the observatory. It was a nice walk going up (we didn't want to take the bus after spending all day in the car). The building of the observatory looks really pretty with the background of the lights of LA. Also inside we found lots off cool and informative exhibitions, all for free! But most of our time we spent on the balcony looking out over the city, it had a really amazing view. We stayed so long looking at it, that traffic became bearable, and it took less than an hour to get back to Esther's place.Read more

  • Day14

    Hollywood Hills

    October 14, 2016 in the United States

    Gestern morgen bin ich mit dem Bus nach Hollywood gefahren. Im Bus lernte ich einen netten Mann kennen, der mich interessiert fragte wo ich herkam und was ich so vor habe auf meiner Reise. Wir kamen ein bisschen ins Gespräch und die Busfahrt war nicht mehr ganz so langweilig und scary. Denn in L.A. laufen auch ganz schön viele komische Menschen herum. Naja danach war ich mir nicht mehr ganz so sicher,ob ich meinen Ausstieg nicht vielleicht verpasst hatte, aber ich hatte Glück und bekam auch den Anschlussbus. In Hollywood angekommen musste ich dann noch bis 14 Uhr warten bis ich einchecken konnte. Also machte ich mich auf zum Walk of Fame, welcher zum größten Teil nur halb so beeindruckend war wie ich ihn mir vorgestellt hatte , aber es war trotzdem ganz cool. Auf dem Hollywood Boulevard gab es dann auch noch einiges zu sehen, jedoch hab ich leider keinen Star getroffen. (Vielleicht bin ich aber auch einfach vorbei gelaufen, wer weiß das schon) Nur einen scheinbar bekannten Youtuber ( ich hab ihn nicht gekannt) der mich interviewen wollte und mich fragte ob ich mit Asiaten ausgehen würde, ich hab ihm dann gesagt, dass ich einen Freund habe und mit sonst niemanden ausgehe. Ich weiß jetzt auch nicht ob der das irgendwie Live übertragen hat oder so, falls ja werd ich jetzt ja vlt auch berühmt. 😂 Er wollte dann noch wissen ob ich es tuen würde wenn ich keinen Freund hätte, hab dann gesagt, dass ich das nicht weiß aber vielleicht. Diese Antwort hat ihn scheinbar nicht zufrieden gestellt und er ist abgedampft und hat wieder alleine mit seinen virtuellen Followern gesprochen. Nach dem ganzen Trubel auf dem Hollywood Boulevard machte ich mich auf den Weg zur Melrose Avenue, war aber scheinbar auf dem falschen Abschnitt der Straße, denn Geschäfte waren hier keine zu finden. Ich war dann nach 3h herum laufen in der Hitze wieder so KO dass ich froh war kurz darauf Hostel einchecken zu können. Dort hab ich mir dann das Zimmer mit einem französischen Pärchen und 3 Brasilianern geteilt. Mein Bett ließ ein wenig zu wünschen übrig, denn bereits der Weg nach oben hat mir ein bisschen Angst gemacht, denn wie sagte der eine Brasilianer "it is shaking a little bit but you will be fine...". Nachdem ich also mein Zeug abgestellt hatte, wollte ich noch in die Hollywood Hills und mir das Hollywood Sign genauer anschauen (auch wenn man auf den Bildern den Eindruck hat,dass es noch unendlich weit weg ist). Von dem Griffith Oberservatory hat man einen tollen Blick über ganz Los Angeles. Auch wenn es etwas dunstig war, war es wunderschön. Im Anschluss darauf bin ich noch ein bisschen die sandigen Wege durch die Hollywood Hills entlang gegangen und hab es mehr als genossen.(Es gab sogar einen Abschnitt der Berlin Forrest hieß, was ich sehr witzig fand). Zurück im Hostel ( ich habe mich nicht verlaufen unterwegs) hab ich dann nur noch etwas zu Abend gegessen und mich mit meinen Zimmergenossen unterhalten, was ganz witzig war. Nun sitz ich bereits wieder im Bus nach Las Vegas und habe bereits an der Busstation eine junge Engländerin kennen gelernt, welche im gleichen Hostel in Vegas ist wie ich, was ich sehr cool finde. In dem Sinne bis morgen😘Read more

  • Day2

    Los Angeles

    August 24, 2017 in the United States

    Erstaunlicherweise begann unser Tag pünktlich um 5 Uhr morgens. Bevor wir uns allerdings auf die große "LA Erkundungstour" begaben, begannen wir den Tag mit einer kleinen Shopping Tour im Walmarkt. Im Anschluss fuhren wir durch die Hollywood Hills, wo wir leider keine Prominenten gesehen haben 😕 trotzdem hatte uns das Hollywood Fieber gepackt, sodass wir direkt im Anschluss zum Hollywood Boulevard gefahren sind um uns dort umzuschauen und die ersten Souvenirs zu kaufen 😊 danach ging es weiter nach Beverly Hills, eine super schöne Gegend die uns echt den Atem raubte...
    Den Nachmittag verbrachten wir am Santa Monica Pier sowie auch am Venice Beach, wo wir Amerika leider wieder von seiner unschönen Seite kennenlernen mussten- es gab Verhaftungen, Obdachlose und auch völlig verrückte 🙈
    Fazit des heutigen Tages: LA hat viele wunderschöne, aber leider auch viele weniger schöne Seiten. Und an die gechlorten Getränke in den Lokalen werden wir uns erst noch gewöhnen müssen. Am meisten freuen wir uns aber das unser Auto noch ganz ist und es morgen endlich ein bisschen ländlicher wird 😊
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  • Day4


    September 25, 2017 in the United States

    Wir starteten heute mal wieder früh in den Tag und hatten um 6 Uhr bereits ausgeschlafen. Dann haben wir gemütlich unsere Sachen zusammen gepackt und uns auf den Weg gemacht. Zuerst ging es nochmal nach Hollywood zum "Hollywood Sign" und zum Hollywood Boulevard, wo wir dann doch noch den Walk of Fame lang gelaufen sind. Vom Hollywood Sign hatte man einen tollen Ausblick über ganz L.A., was auf den Fotos leider gar nicht so rüber kommt...
    Gegen 11 Uhr machten wir uns dann auf den Weg über Beverly Hills nach Malibu.....
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