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  • Day25

    Grand Canyon (in the mist)

    September 29, 2016 in the United States

    Despite the masses of (mostly asian) tourists we also had a weather problem over here. We tried several spots but all seemed cloudy and the road was foggy as hell.
    By the way: it's quite a trip from vegas to this spot ~ 300km a 4.5h drive.

  • Day5

    Grand Canyon - South Rim

    May 11 in the United States

    Heute sind wir den sogenannten "South Rim" des Grand Canyons abgelaufen.
    Die Größe und Tiefe dieses Canyons sind einfach unbeschreiblich!!! Bilder können dieses Panorama nicht wiedergeben...😍
    Die Wege und Aussichtspunkte sind so gut wie nicht gesichert, sodass Fetti Nicht's zu lachen hatte, wenn er zu weit vorgegangen ist 🙈😅
    Zwischendurch liefen uns immer wieder zahme Eichhörnchen über den Weg. 🤗

  • Day28

    Grand Canyon.

    August 11, 2016 in the United States

    Vi stood op klokken 3:00 om natten, kom i tøj og tankede bilen og så satte vi ellers kurs mod Grand Canyon for at se sol opgangen. Vi var fremme lidt i 5, der kørte en gratis bus ud til en udkigspost Charlotte havde læst om, yaki point. Jeg må indrømme jeg var lidt skeptisk over vi skulle så tidligt afsted, men da jeg så solopgangen var det det hele værd! Det var så smukt, det kan ikke beskrives. I må alle sammen komme og besøge mig så skal jeg tage jer med derud og vise jer det!

    Da solen så var stået op tog vi bussen tilbage til "busterminalen". Her fra tog vi ud til South Kaibab trailhead, hvorfra vi gik ned ad mod et udsigtspunkt 1,4 km fra toppen. Ned ad var intet problem op ad var alligevel ret hårdt! 😅 det vil sige en tur på 2,8 km i alt. Det tog 1 - 2 timer. Hold da op en fed udsigt, har så mange billeder er nød til at lave en mere update bare med billeder! Efter den gåtur i ujævnt terræn med stigning, tog vi bussen tilbage og tog med en ny bus. Den kørte os ud til Bright Angel trail. Her tog vi igen en trail tur ned og op i ujævnt terræn. Ikke helt 2,8 km i alt da der var en stejlere stigning/nedgang her. Må indrømme efter alt det gåen i New York og Washington fandt jeg ud af min ryg har en grænse for hvor meget den kan holde til, derfor tog vi kun korte ture for ikke at presse den for meget.

    Vi gik videre op til trail view overlook, en gåtur på 0,8 km med en ret stor stigning. Vi kunne nyde en fantastisk udsigt over Grand Canyon hele vejen op. Derfra tog vi en bus til Maricopa point, igen fantastisk udsigt. Derfra med bussen videre til Hopi point her kunne man se Colorado river fra, sindsygt flot! Så tog vi bussen helt op til Hermits rest. Herfra gik bussen ned igen mod Bright Angel trail som lå nede i "byen". Så der tog vi med ned. "Byen" er egentlig bare et par hoteller, en tog station og et område med supermarkede med deli og souvenir og en restaurant. Vi tog til supermarkedet for at finde os noget at tage med til aftensmad til det sidste point vi ville se solnedgangen fra, Desert view watchtower.

    Efter at have handlet til sandwicher og en lille is pause, tog vi bussen tilbage til parkeringspladsen for at køre op til Desert view hvor der ikke går nogen busser til. Vi kom derop og fandt et bænke-borde sæt og spise ved. Derefter gik vi ned til udkigsposten for at få et godt spot til billeder og videoer af solnedgangen. Vi havde et tæppe med at sidde på og ventede så bare på klokken blev 19:22 hvor solen ville gå ned. Vi fik taget en masse fede billeder. For en gang skyld fandt vi en med styr på den slags fancy kameraer Charlotte har, der kunne tage et billede af os sammen ved solnedgangen. Da solen var gået ned gik vi ned til bilen og satte Frida (GPS'en) til at guide os til et hotel 2 timer herfra.
    Vi havde tidligere set et skilt om at der i nat ville være meteor regn, vi havde spurgt en skov ranger ved sol nedgangen hvad det var for noget. Hun fortalte at en ranger ville møde interesserede ved visitor centeret og tage dem med ud og se det 11:44 i aften, samt at det skulle være super flot mellem 1 og 3 i nat. Vi kunne ikke helt få det ud af hovedet. Så inden vi nåede ud af parken fik vi ombestemt os til at sove her i bilen på parkeringspladsen ved Grand Canyon så vi kan komme med på den tur og se meteor regn. Så nu har vi rigget bilen til. Vi vil lige hvile 2 timer inden vi skal ud og se meteorregn. I morgen tidlig kommer der update på meteor regn turen! 😄
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  • Day28

    Grand Canyon

    May 13, 2016 in the United States

    The real reason for taking a huge detour.

    I've been to places before, like the pyramids in Egypt, and been a little underwhelmed because it looks exactly as I was expecting it to look from all the pictures etc...

    But this place didn't dissapoint, pictures do not do it justice. I was in awe, and this was just after visiting the Flintstones too!

  • Day4

    South Kaibab Trail

    June 20, 2016 in the United States

    Hiked 1.5 miles down into the canyon to Cedar Ridge. Lots of steep switch backs - over 1,100' elevation change. Good shade much of the way down (saw a mule train), but virtually none on the way back. That's what we get for starting more than an hour later than planned (left the trailhead at 9:18am.)

    I struggled MIGHTILY on the ascent. The elevation (South Rim is at 7,000'), carrying 40# extra (excluding my pack), my stamina still not where it was, and record high temps (close to triple digits)! Drank nearly a gallon of water myself, L was nearly two liters as well. Only a light breeze at Cedar Ridge. Tom was the pack mule, carrying our spare water. We would go into 'hybrid mode,' with me holding a strap on his pack for a power assist. At times, R would hold my pack as the caboose! Tom barely broke a sweat!

    Fortunately, we brought over 2.5 gallons of water, plus electrolyte tablets. Shared a liter with a couple hiking rim to rim who were doing poorly and camped out in the shade. Otherwise down to our last half a liter when we finished. Relief to hit AC in the shuttle back to our camp site, but worthwhile hike nonetheless!

    Seen lots of elk, raven, a few mule deer, and some very aggressive geound squirrels...wishing to have seen condors!

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  • Day2

    Long First Day on the Road

    June 18, 2016 in the United States

    Lost an hour in AZ and still felt like a long day!

    Lots of driving - I've never driven anything so big. We are ~8.5' wide and nearly 12' tall. It's like directing a barn down the road! Feel okay on open roads - nervous in tighter areas (anything other than open highway!) Definitely not used to being passed so much!! ;-)

    Really enjoyed the peace of driving down Route 66. Tom had just handed over the wheel and was snoozing. The kids redeemed their screen time poker chips and were enjoying a movie together. Hardly any cars on the road. Struck me that exactly one year prior I was at my first chemo treatment. Particularly reflecting on the shock and sadness of a fellow parent from school simultaneously drawing his last breaths (diagnosed with agressive AML less than two weeks ago), I reveled in my health, my freedom, my beautiful, crazy family, and just feeling very content with life.

    Taking a bit to settle into RV routine! Figuring out where I stowed everything is a challenge. Everything needs to be put away immediately or the place is instantly trashed. Easier said than done with two kids! ;-)

    Been some bickering, bossing, teasing, and antagonizing from the immature humans, so situation normal. L got car sick, which hasnt happened in years! The boys had a very hard time going to sleep in a new, exciting, and close quartered environment the first night. Up until 10:30pm (I took another hour to finally fall asleep.) L was up at 6am yesterday and read until the parental units awoke at 7am and R another 30-45 beyond. Crashed pretty hard last night!!

    Getting used to the quirks of an RV - not having water and electricity until you flip switches is strange. The place shakes anytime someone moves, which is interesting at night. Bumping into one another trying to access stuff, brushing teeth, etc. And the shower is definitely efficient! Thank goodness for the skylight or Tom would have to hunch!!

    Set up camp, Tom and the kids made a fire while I skewered meat that Heather had chopped and marinated and we flew down frozen. So easy and yummy! Fresh corn and spinach salad, plus smores for dessert (of course!) Bathed the filthy urchins and threw 'em in bed - we were asleep soon after.

    Overall, a good first day. Looking forward to staying parked the next two days as we explore the Grand Canyon!!

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  • Day5

    Grand Canyon (National Park #1)

    June 20, 2016 in the United States

    We rented a car in flagstaff today and headed out to the grand canyon. Wow, that thing is huge with many places being a mile straight down and over 10 miles across. My head was spinning even without getting close to the edge. It was a bit hazy, so the pictures didn't turn out great, but the views were incredible. It was crazy seeing all the kids running around just inches from certain death and the people going around the safety rails to dangle their feet over the edge for that perfect selfie. No thanks! We made it back just in time to return the car and grab the train, which turned out to be 3 hours late. Ouf I need a nap or a beer or a beer nap.Read more

  • Day10

    The Grand Canyon

    May 2, 2016 in the United States

    And boy is it grand. I had forgotten after approximately 40 years.
    Trying a selfie again. This time a man offered to take a picture for us, we were struggling so. Pretty funny but I think Gill is getting the hang of it.
    Couldn't believe these elk were just hanging around. Actually went hunting with a guide in Colorado to photograph elk and never saw any.

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