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  • Day9

    mighty shall fall

    August 29, 2016 in Austria

    And so we powered across the border to Austria and on to Bregenz....
    I had a fall trying to jump a kerb, and Jan may have fallen from a stand still at lights which prompted the nearby ambulance to check she was ok...

    We realised earlier in the day that I did not have offline maps of Austria on my phone which meant that we had no easy way to find the accomodation. We ended up using the coordinates and it was like ultimate caching...
    We found the others at the accomodation...all is good with Sherils bike...
    We did 58km today

    Illy, Sheril and I went and had a swim in Lake Constance (Bodensee) which was lovely cause I am a little bit sore in the legs and shoulders (my bum is doing good though)
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  • Day113

    Austria! (Pfunds)

    October 17, 2016 in Austria

    We got supplies and some local cheese and beer from the supermarket in the village (passing scores of Alpine Coughs on the way!).

    Leaving Lichtenstein we passed the border controls again but no staff were present on the Austrian side and we sailed through.

    We plan to do the south west corner of Austria before heading to Croatia for 5 weeks and returning to do the rest of Austria in December.

    Will had planned this part of our journey and took us on a mountain pass called Silvretta Hochalpenstraße (High Alpine Road) - and high it was! There was a toll of €21.50 and we were just in time because it closes every year at the end of October due to the weather and safety.

    There were 34 hairpin bends and we climbed nearly a kilometer to 2032m above sea level and Silvrettasee, the top lake. It was amazing on the climb to see the road behind us snaking down the mountain and the road ahead reflected in the wing mirror as it bent double!

    There were two large lakes on the pass and both were dammed to create hydro electric power. The colour of the water was very different from lakes at lower altitudes, it was a glacier blue. Walking along the dam wall with the snow capped Alps towering over the lake we felt like we were looking at a painting!

    Vicky was a bit overwhelmed by all we'd been doing and so we drove on a bit further to a beautifully situated stopover (with wifi!) and decided to stay a few nights to try and process all the wonderful experiences we've been having.

    The next day Will had downloaded the MAPS.ME map of Austria and done his research. He'd found a track leading 4.5km up the mountainside to a viewpoint. Unfortunately, the track was old and couldn't be seen on the ascent so we ended up walking up the road. An old blue painted wooden bench whose seat was rotted away in the middle signalled the site of the viewpoint that had been left to ruin. However view however, had not been left to ruin. The tree lined river Inn meandered through the valley floor, lush grass fields either side and pine clad mountains rising up to frame it all. We could even see the van! As we were perched on either end of the bench, musing on how much the Toblerone we were eating looked like the mountains it was modelled on, a rainbow formed, stretching itself from the mountain top down to the river! We thought it couldn't get any better when we spotted a faint second rainbow outside the first. So much for having a day without too much excitement!

    There was evidence of the track on the way back down so we thought we'd give it a try, despite not having seen where it came out on the way up. We felt very small walking amongst the tall trees and thinking about the size of the mountains around us. After clambering over and under fallen trunks, we came to a gorge that had opened up through landslides when the hillside was in flood. A large cable emerged from the ground that was probably the reason the path existed. There was a small path leading down the hill to our side but it was very steep and extremely overgrown so after about 20 metres we doubled back the way we'd come to take the road back to the campsite.
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  • Day1

    Es geht los!

    July 7 in Austria

    Nach einem entspannten Flug von Sofia nach Frankfurt, einem entspannten Abend bei Freunden mit grillen und Fußball gucken, kam die Fahrzeugkolone mit aufgeladen Mopeds morgens um 6 in Darmstadt an. Nach 2 Std schlafe ging erstmal nach Bürs auf den Campingplatz, wo Autos und Anhänger (bis auf das Servicemobil) verbleiben.
    Mit grillen und anschließendem Fußball schauen wurde der Urlaub eingeläutet.

  • Day20

    Catania to Zurich

    July 21 in Austria

    Flight to Zurich this morning, wonderful to catch up with Bruno & Gabi. On the road again, how about four countries in one day, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Love the countryside and the lovely homes, real picture postcard stuff. Great to be with B & G who speak the language. Went to great waterfalls, volume of water incredible, visited a lovely town for a drink. Had dinner at hotel near the mountains, bit too much wine so now off to bed!!!Read more

  • Day22

    Went back to the town of St Gallen to have a look at the world famous library and old books. The room is spectacular and books even better, I didn’t realise that the Irish were in Austria in the 1500’s!!! Then went to Leichenstein and well up into the mountains to a ski resort, 1700 metres, breathtaking. Then our highlight, Carmen on The lake at Bergen’s. It was touch and go if they were going to perform because of rain but it stopped 5 mins beforehand. Wow, words cannot describe the performance and stage props. 2 and a half hour show, went to a bar after and got home at 1.30am. Opera started at 9.45pm. Off to Innsbruck today. This place is beautiful.Read more

  • Day16

    Rauf auf den Berg

    September 25 in Austria

    Mit der Pfänderbahn ging es für uns heute auf den 1065 m hohen Pfänder. Vom Gipfel hat man einen atemberaubenden Blick über den Bodensee und die Hinteralpen Österreichs.
    Im Wildtierpark war wieder Zeit für ein bisschen Kuscheln der Zwergziegen...was für Genießer, denen fast die Äuglein zugefallen sind.

  • Day8


    October 5 in Austria

    Heute müssen wir das schöne Südtirol dann doch verlassen, wir immer in aller Früh und die Kinder schlafen noch, als wir von Campingplatz abfahren. Die Zeit hier war mit allen Wanderungen in traumschöner Kulisse herrlich. Die Gipfel leuchten in der aufgehenden Sonne und wir fahren den Fernpass wieder gen Norden und dann über die etwas längere aber viel sehenswertere Route via Tannheimertal und über den Pass vom Oberjoch bis ins Kleinwalsertal. Morgen startet unser Familien-Scharping nämlich zum Abschluss unserer Woche in den Bergen hier beim Feneberg MTB Rennen. „Und alle so: Yeah!“ Der Tag ist herbstwarm und strahlend, und schenkt uns mit seiner ganzen Farbpalette an den Hängen, Gipfeln, Wäldern und Tälern ein schwer romantisches Gemälde mit Goldkante! Dazu ist der Himmel potzblitzknalleblau. Die Mädels finden es super, sich nach so viel Wandersport heute 4 Stunden lang durch ihre Hörspiele zu hören und sind sehr entspannt. Mittags sind wir am Ziel und erkunden die Breitachklamm, denn das wollten wir schon immer mal machen. Wir laufen an der Breitach hinauf und immer enger und tiefer wird die Klamm. Die Sonne steht so hoch, dass sich Licht und Schatten spektakulär abwechseln und die Gischt zum Glitzern bringen. Was ist stärker? Stein oder Wasser? Die Mädchen sind beeindruckt vom Rauschen und Schäumen und Gurgeln, der ganzen Kraft des Wassers. Die Klamm zu durchwandern ist aufregend, kitzelt ein wenig an den Nerven und war genau die richtige Bewegung für diesen Nachmittag. Im Kleinwalsertal stehen wir zufälligerweise wieder direkt an der Breitach. Bis die Sonne sinkt spielen wir am Fluss, waten durchs eiskalte Wasser, lassen Steinchen springen und bauen Türme.Read more

  • Day16

    Hochst (AT)

    July 23, 2017 in Austria

    Stopped for a coffee and tried to pay with my Swiss Francs, only to find that I had crossed another border, this time into Austria.

    A very brief excursion into Austria, and then back again into Switzerland.

  • Day344

    Packing up a wet tent this morning...manky. :(

    Cycling in the rain....manky :(

    Cycling towards the alps....awesome. :)

    Crossing into Austria to country 3 of our trip....awesome. :)

    Avoiding huge rain by sheltering under a border crossing point and watching the car drivers smile at us as they drove past....pretty awesome. :D

    Eating crispbreads, nuts, bread, chocolate and cheese all day because a)its sunday and shops are shut, b)this part of the world is outrageously expensive and we can't justify 15 CHF for a piece of toast!
    Mix of manky and awesome :l

    Crossing into Liechtenstein - awesome :) (country 4!)

    Realising Liechtenstein is just a stupidly expensive version of Germany...meh, we knew that but wanted to go anyway!

    We used the nicest public loo ever in Liechtenstein and left lots of our rubbish in the bin. Happy not to have paid any extortionate contributions to tax for the privilege!
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