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  • Day136

    Krka National Park

    November 9, 2016 in Croatia

    Intending to make use of a day of fine weather we took a trip to Krka National Park. Leaving the van in the top car park we made our way down the steep rocky track into the gorge carved by the River Krka.

    Brown and red dragonflies hovered in the air and basked on rocks. Vibrant pink cyclamen splashed colour on the forest floor while the aroma of pine sap wafted on the breeze. Reaching the river, we started out on the 1.9km boardwalk over the water. Swimming wasn't allowed due to the high water level, which disappointed Will. However, the heavy rainfall caused water to gush over grass, through reeds and around tree trunks. It even came over the side of the walkway at times. We could see and hear hundreds of waterfalls of different sizes spilling over pools and channels all around us. Progressing downriver the falls increased in their height and volume, ending in the largest one; Skradinski Buk. At this point a bridge crossed the wide river and we got a wonderful view upstream.

    There was a heritage hamlet accross the bridge and an old woman with a stall of sugared almonds, dried figs and sea shells. She encouraged us to try some and we ended up buying a little pot of almonds.

    Arriving back at the van, slightly out of breath from the uphill hike, we took a double take at the van parked next to us. The number plate was British! We'd seen very few other vans, let alone British ones since arriving in Croatia and so when the owners (Rhea and Gareth) returned, Will eagerly invited them over for a cuppa. We chatted for quite a while and got on well. They are a young couple who worked all the hours they could to save up, buy a van and travel for 6 months. They also had a canoe and bikes and like Will, Gareth had brought his guitar and fishing rods with him.

    Saying our goodbyes we set off back to Camp Kalebić via InterSpar supermarket who had a special offer on mattress toppers. Vicky had been sleeping on an inflatable camping mat for a while as she had been getting a bad back. The bed cushions where comfortable enough for short term use but after over 5 months of constant use, we could feel the metal crossbars underneath. The mattress topper had memory foam and we had the most comfortable night's sleep in quite a while!

    N.B. We shot a short video at the main waterfall and have uploaded it on our VnW Travels Facebook Page. Follow this link to watch it:
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  • Day137


    November 10, 2016 in Croatia

    Sibenik old town had been highlighted in The Rough Guide as a 'must see'. Built on a steep hillside, it had a labyrinthine maze of narrow streets and stairways. Brown or green painted wooden shutters dotted the walls and above us telephone wires and washing lines criss crossed between houses.

    St James Cathedral was, like most of the religious buildings we've encountered in Croatia, made out of a smooth pale stone. Inside, statues and paintings lined the walls. There was a drying bunch of grapes hanging from the outstretched fingers of the Madonna and Child. Its baptismal font featured centrally within an intimate round room. Cherubs and fine detail around inset arches decorated the walls and ceiling, with an external light providing atmospheric illumination. A single stained glass window lit the length of the prayer hall through a circular peacock fan. While neither of us are religious we could both appreciate the carthedral's charms.

    Exploring the lanes we came accross a shrine in a shallow cave, orange and peach trees growing in small gardens and the ubiquitous pussy cats, popping in and out of doorways or preening themselves. The place was quiet and had character aplenty but there was very little in the way of a quick lunch so we headed out of the old town. There was a distinct divide between the historic side presented to tourists and today's city that accomodated most of its population. We'd seen some graffiti previously but many walls were covered with it here and going by the uncared for building facades with crumbling plaster, there was obviously a lot of deprivation.

    We came accross a market that was packing up but some peripheral street vendors were still open so we bought the same pasty/pie lunch we had the other day in Pag. We discovered the cheese stuffed one was called a 'Burek Sir' and the meat one 'Burek Meso'.
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  • Day31


    July 7, 2017 in Croatia

    On the way to Zadar we stopped at Sibernik. It is known as a gateway to the Kornati Islands. The 15th-century stone Cathedral of St. James is decorated with 71 sculpted faces. Nearby, the Šibenik City Museum, in the 14th-century Prince’s Palace, has exhibits ranging from prehistory to the present. We were given a tour of the latest exhibit there by a lovely Croation lady, Ivana. The exhibit was of Faust Veranzio, a Croation who, among many other achievements, drew the designs for the first succesful parachute. Ivana was very passionate about Croatia and told us a lot about its history. We enjoyed the tour which was free and information we got from her.The white stone St. Michael’s Fortress has an open-air theater, with views of Šibenik Bay and neighboring islands. A lovely place.Read more

  • Day135

    Canoeing around Dalmation Islands

    November 8, 2016 in Croatia

    Over the water from the campsite we could see Murter and several smaller pimple shaped islands. There were a few spots of rain as we launched from the little campsite jetty but the wind was light and the waves small, so after we'd skirted the shoreline for a while we turned to cross the channel and explore some Dalmatian islands! Looking northwards there were layers of hills, the ones furthest away appearing as faded grey silhouettes. A mirage effect caused some island hills to 'float' above the sea, adding a magical quality to our Adriatic adventure.

    The rain came down heavy as we approached the first island. It had a small solar powered light to warn craft of rocks and we docked Little Green (our canoe) on the stone jetty this was sited on. Wide, dry stone walls provided shelter from the wind as we picked our way over the rocks and long grass to reach a dry area under the old pine trees. Rocks jutted up in lines parallel to and slanting towards the shoreline. It looked like a natural amphitheatre and a perfect place for a picnic! A smell of pine pervaded the air and it was wonderfully quiet and still. As we ate our sarnies we checked Maps.Me and found out the island was called Tegina.

    We spent several hours circling round three more islands, only seeing a couple of boats and two hardy snorklers the whole time we were out. The islands were all pale rock topped with a thick covering of verdent green trees. Most were surrounded by dry stone walls with a few homemade stone jetties jutting out.

    Underwater we saw shoals of small fish flitting back and forth under the canoe. Long black blobs (that on closer inspection turned out to be sea slugs) occupied the deeper water while hundreds of little red anemones populated the shallows. We again saw some large moluscs reaching up from the sea bed. Vicky used the paddle as a makeshift hockey stick and manoeuvred an empty shell to a depth where she could reach down and lift it from the water. We sent photos to our good friend Suhaine and her knowledgeable husband Malcolm, who kindly identified them as 'noble pen shells' or 'fan mussels'. Suhaine told us that a crayfish often lives inside and pinches the mussel when it spots danger, causing it to close up and protect them both. Thanks for enlightening us!

    On our way back, we touched ground on the large Murter island and we paddled round a stone shrine that sat in the water. Back on site, Will foraged samphire for tea, it was a little woody this time of year but still yummy.
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  • Day180

    Wasserspiele im Nationalpark Krka

    March 30, 2018 in Croatia

    Trotz einer Windstärke von teilweise bis über 50 km/h machten wir uns auf zum Nationalpark Krka. Eigentlich wollten wir zu den Plitvicer Seen fahren, doch diese waren aufgrund des Wetters nur sehr eingeschränkt zugänglich.

    Bei Krka angekommen, überraschte uns ein tatsächlich immer voller werdender Parkplatz. Viele Touristen hatten also die gleiche Idee wie wir. Wir entschieden uns natürlich dazu, die 875 m zu den Seen und Wasserfällen zu laufen. Der erste Ausblick auf das Wasser war schon eindrucksvoll. Endlich hatte der Regen der vergangenen Tage etwas Positives. Die Wasserfälle bahnten sich ihre Wege auch abseits der normalen „Route“ durch die Landschaft und sprudelten beeindruckend vor sich hin.

    Der Nationalpark ist wirklich sehr schön gemacht und wir konnten über Holzstege durch das ganze Gebiet wandern. Nach Abschluss der Runde beschlossen wir (erstmals) für den steilen Rückweg den Bus zu nehmen, während Nati & Timo drauflos stiefelten und vor uns am Parkplatz wieder ankamen 😊.
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  • Day13


    August 27, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Nach einigem hin und her (weil wir heute noch die ein oder andere stadt/ städtchen angucken wollen) haben wir in Sibenik gehalten. Und es hat sich gelohnt! Eine sehr idyllische Stadt mit schönem Altstadtkern und drei!!! Festungen. Auf einer der drei waren wir.

  • Day20

    Krka Nationalpark - Tag 1

    September 3, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Skradins Buk - so hieß unser erstes Ausflugsziel in diesem wunderbaren Nationalpark. Wir haben uns morgens schnell und früh fertig gemacht um möglichst pünktlich zur Öffnung da zu sein, weil wir viele Touris erwartet haben. Dadurch dass wir vom Campingplatz allerdings noch 3 km gehen mussten war es dann doch später als gedacht, es war aber noch immer angenehm leer. Wir sind über Stege geschlender, an ganz vielen mini Wasserfällen (20cm) vorbei, haben viele Fische in super schön klarem türkisenem Wasser gesehen und sind an der Badestelle angekommen. Haben hier gebadet mit einigen anderen natürlich... Danach sind wir mit dem Ausflugsboot (im Eintrittspreis inbegriffen) nach Skradin gefahren um zurück zu wandern. Gesagt getan! In Skradin haben wir noch Postkarten eingeworfen (der Postkasten sah irgendwie komisch aus... wird aber Donnerstags geleert so wie ich das verstanden habe... wenn die karten nicht ankommen dann war es wohl doch kein postkasten)... Der Uferweg war sehr schön, wir haben sogar zwei kleine Schlangen gesehen (eine lebende und eine überfahrene). Bei Skradins Buk wieder angekommen gab es Stau... Weil MenschenMASSEN sich über die Brücke schieben wollten... Wir waren sehr froh dass wir früher schon da waren... Danach ging es glücklicherweise zurück zum Campingplatz...Read more

  • Day5

    Verrücktes Labyrinth - Sibenik

    May 28, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Sibenik der nächste Stop. Nachdem wir aus Zadar nach unserem Spaziergang über den Markt und Frühstück auf der Wehrmauer recht zeitig abgehauen sind, verschlägt es und in die nächste Küstenstadt. Heute die unglaubliche Erkenntnis gemacht, Lucas ist keine Kirschen und das angeblich schon immer, WTF!?

    Im Sibenik selbst das beste Hostel abgegriffen was ging...Pool, Bar, geile Dusche nur der Mitbewohner war etwas seltsam mit seinem Bettdecken-Cape.
    Um nicht wieder den Hitzetod in der Stadt zu sterben sind wir erstmal an den Strand Sonne tanken, Strand heißt hier Kiesberg -> super gemütlich, wenn man Fakir ist...
    Strände also nur so lala!
    Da hier in der Ecke wohl auch ein paar Drehorte von Game of Thrones versteckt sind, haben wir diese im Anschluss ausgekundschaftet. Neben der Festung u.a. auch die Kathedrale. Die Straßen hier gleichen einem Labyrinth!

    Am Abend hatte Lucas dann unerwartet Tintenfisch in seinem schwarzen Risotto, Begeisterung sieht anders aus wenn man Pilze (mag er auch nicht) erwartet und recht zum Schluss ein Tentakel im Essen auftaucht....

    Auf der Terrasse des Hostels dann mit Michelle und Katja aus Holland die Weinkarte rauf und runter getrunken.
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