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  • Day18


    December 1, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Heute war Abschied nehmen angesagt von Andrés, seiner Familie und Cuenca. Es waren sehr schöne Tage. Auf Empfehlung von Andrés Mutter habe ich nicht den normalen Bus genommen. Ich bin mit einem Minibus gefahren. Dieser Transport hat 12$ gekostet anstatt 8$ die der 'normale' Bus kosten würde. Aber das war es mir wert. Nur 14 Fahrgäste und ohne Halt in gut 3 Stunden von Cuenca bis Guayaquil. Die ersten zwei Stunden der Strecke waren sehr schön. Auf Pass-Straßen durch die Anden. Ich habe leider nicht mitgetrackt, aber ich bin mir sicher dass wir weit über 3.000m Höhenmeter waren. Der letzte Teil war dann nicht mehr so schön. Je näher wir Guayaquil kamen, umso mehr Industriegebiete gab es.
    Guayaquil selbst ist eine heiße, drückende und sehr lebendige Stadt. Sie hat so gar nichts von dem gemütlichen Cuenca. Mein Hotel ist direkt am 'El Malecón', die Promenade die entlang des Rio Guayas verläuft. Die ganze Promenade ist ein einziger Vergnügungspark. Und trotz heiligem Sonntag war anscheinend die ganze Stadt im Black-Friday-Weekend Shoppingrausch.
    War schon interessant und auch sehr anstrengend.
    Und irgendwie ist es auch komisch bei drückenden 30° Weihnachtsdeko zu sehen.
    Morgen früh muss ich wieder früh aufstehen. Um 6.00 Uhr muss ich am Flughafen sein. Aber dafür geht es ins nächste Abenteuer. Galapagos, ich komme 😎👍
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    Chris Hortian

    Nur damit Du diese schönen Temperaturen besser zu schätzen weißt: der erste Schnee liegt und es ist A-kalt auf dem S-Bahnhof 👍


    Wo bleiben eigentlich die Bilder von den Galapagos Inseln?

  • Day204


    September 9, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Nach dem wir die BedBugs erst einmal verdaut hatten, ging es wieder mit dem Bus weiter nach Guayaquil. Wieder in einer Großstadt angekommen... Unser Hostel war diesmal im 8. Stock und somit hatten wir einen tollen Blick über die Stadt.

    Wir genossen das tolle warme Wetter... und spazierten an der schönen Uferpromenade entlang. Einen Besuch im Iguana Park mit ganz vielen großen Iguanas (Echsen) konnten wir uns nicht entgehen lassen. Auf jeden Fall sind sie sehr fotogen ;) und stimmten uns schon mal auf unseren großen Urlaub ein... 😉

    Ansonsten hatte Guayaquil nicht so viel zu bieten...
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    Mu Va

    Ein Riesenrad wie in London🤩

    Mu Va

    Wunderschön 👍

  • Day2

    Exploring Guayaquil

    August 6 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Guayaquil was surprisingly accommodating to us in terms of temperature & humidity - I even found it more appealing than the sometimes rainy weather in Cuenca at this point of the season. Walking the sea strip Malecon in sunshine and with ice cream was really nice 😎!

    We also checked out the famous Iguana park, where lots of iguanas walk around and are very friendly to all visitors - I guess I made a new friend 😉.

    As I have visited already Santa Ana hill during my last visit in Guayaquil so I went this time with local friends to Urdesa for having drinks and some dinner. This area seems with more locals populated and you have a wide range of food and drink selections there. Recommendable! Next time I wanna take the cable car to ride over to Duran to get a different perspective of the city!

    Guayaquil offers all kinds of shopping, business and nightlife amenities, but I think for living there I would find it too stressful and noisy. Let’s see what other places the coast can offer!

    Stay: Grand Hotel Guayaquil - surely not cheap (around 70 USD a night for a single room), but real five star breakfast included 😋, nice rooms and very secure.
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    Cute [Diana Arévalo]

  • Day45

    Guayaquil, Ecuador 2020)

    February 17, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

    I've been to Ecuador three times before and never made it to the Galapagos or Guayaquil. The first because it doubled the price of my trip and I didn't have the money. And the second because nobody ever recommended it and it was definitely considered a place you should miss.

    Our Copa airlines flight took us from New Orleans to Guayaquil and from there we were going to go to Cuenca. Eventually we'd go to the Galapagos since we had a lot of time. But we thought better of it and said why not just go to the Galapagos from Guayaquil, where every plane leaves for the Galapagos even if you're from coming Quito.

    We have time and things have changed a bit. Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and a large port city. But most people have never heard of it because Quito takes all the glory. The city spent a fortune fixing up their Malecón, or river walk, about 20 years ago and it's a fantastic place for tourists and residents alike. Oddly, there are few foreign visits there, but many Ecuadorian ones. That actually is a bonus. I've been to so many overtouristed areas (yeah, I'm part of the problem) and to see a place that doesn't have cruise ship visitors, doesn't have large groups of Chinese, and doesn't have lots of hostels is actually quite refreshing.

    Our hotel was in the middle of the downtown and just a few blocks of the Malecon. It was totally safe to walk around at night. During the day, the center is a caucophony of honking cars. People are everywhere and it's definitely a huge city. But at night, things quiet down. After a dinner of seafood and a few Pilseners (oh how I missed them!) we spent a freezing night because we couldn't regulate the AC temp and had no idea that the random switch on the wall would turn it off. Outside it was 100% humidity and 88 degrees and inside it was just like Madison in the winter.

    In the morning, we got breakfast included and I tried my first Bolon, along with eggs. It's a fried ball of plantain with cheese inside. As a Gluten Senstive, I was thrilled. But it's kinda tasteless and I'm already getting tired of the plantanas. After that, we stopped at Parque Simon Bolivar to see the iguanas. This seemed too good to be true. There is a colony of them that live in a park in the middle of a city of over 2 million people. And nobody messes with them! And the don't mess with anybody, including the pigeons. That was fun and we didn't even have to go to the Galapagos to see them.

    Then it was on to the Municipal building, one of the more beautiful buildings in the city. The Malecon was next. It's a gated stretch along the river and goes for about a mile and a half. There are only about 3 pedestrian entrances and it is NICE. Guayaquil is pretty ugly to be honest, but this is an oasis. Smooth pavements with no holes (I'm looking at you, Panama), nice restauarants, a couple mellow bars, pools, fountains, LOTS of security guards, underground parking, statues, gardens, vendors, an amusement park, museums (some free), etc. And they're building a gondola system in the city that stretches across the river to a suburb. There are no bridges in the center that cross the Rio Guayas, so this seems to be a cheaper way to alleviate traffic problems. They're almost done, and I"m sure it will be a cheap ride. Hell, a roller coaster ride costs $2.50 there. And they have a large ferris wheel as big as the London Eye that costs something on the order of $4 or $5 on weekends. We took that ride in London and it set us back a pretty penny, something on the order of $40.

    At the north end of the Malecon is the Las Penas neighborhood. It's a quaint hood on a steep hill overlooking the city and they have done a great job of preserving the houses and they're painted in pastel colors. Restaurants here were hit or miss. Crabs are popular here but a tad out of season. All in all, I'd recommend a visit here, but 2 nights was plenty for us and we were itchin' to get to the Galapagos. Instead of booking an expensive boat-based tour, we are doing a DIY visit. We have that sweet, sweet luxury of time and are going to wing it. Tomorrow we fly on Ecuador's LATAM air on a one way ticket to Isla Cristobal and when we've had enough wildlife, we'll book another one-way flight back to Guayaquil. But we'll probably just jump right over to the humongous bus station near the airport so we can head to Cuenca.

    All photos are here.
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    What is happening in that statue!?!

  • Day1

    Andean Mountains Crossing

    August 5 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    The first and probably most difficult part of my motorbike journey all along the coast of Ecuador has been completed!

    We started with bright blue skies in Cuenca, entered Cajas National Park and once we descended on the other side of the Andean mountain ridge, the mists came along: And those were heavy, was a ride nearly with no sight 😳, but we made it to hot steamy Guayaquil!

    Was an awesome first route covering really all climate ranges from cold to hot, dry to humid, fog to clear sight 👍!

    At the end of the day, deserved delicious seafood along the riverside of Guayaquil 😋 and chilling out pool side!
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    Ralf D.

    Church blended with a pool 😳

  • Day4


    January 17, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Edgar picked me up a bit after 8am to bring me to the airport. While saying good bye, he made it very clear to contact him for *anything* if i run into problems on the rest of my trip and passed on warm regards from his wife too. Sweet guy.

    Flight was only an hour to guayaquil which is about an hour drive from the ocean, so wanted to spend a day here before exploring the coast. Being close to sea level makes a world of difference. Its stinking hot and humid, but I'm not complaining - bring on the heat! But i have to be careful. The sun is ridiculous here. 15 mins without sunscreen will scorch the skin.

    Spent my day popping in and out of all the downtown cathedrals and strolling along the massive waterfront boardwalk (malecon) which is littered with amusement park rides, restaurants and kids play areas.

    The old town is a really cute hilltop area next to downtown with narrow cobblestone lanes and restaurants and tiny hotels around every corner. Reminds me tons of a hilly greek island village but with vibrant colours instead of white and blue. There are 444 steps to reach the top. I started counting, but then noticed around step #20 that each step had an engraved plaque.

    The heat and humidity here is on another level. All you do here is sweat. I could have used an ocean to jump into. Hopefully Tomorrow!
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    God Bless you. could never do that kind of heat

  • Day90


    August 19, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Wir schlendern noch ein bisschen durch die Stadt und entdecken viele schöne, alte Gebäude. Ausserdem entdecken wir per Zufall entdecken wir einen Park, der voll mit Schildkröten und Leguanen ist. Wir beobachten ein bisschen die Tiere und gehen zurück ins Hotel. Am Abend treffen wir uns mit Simeon und Annina, die sich ein anderes Hotel ausgesucht haben. Wir essen zusammen und reden über die kommenden Tage auf den Galapagosinseln.Read more

  • Day476


    April 19 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Citation of thebrokebackpacker:
    Guayaquil has a few things to keep backpackers busy. It is more of a stopover place than a destination. Though some of the best ceviche in Ecuador can be found at the tiny market stalls in the city center!
    Being it is a big city, budget accommodation options are everywhere.
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  • Day38

    3-6 Guayaquil

    June 3, 2018 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Met een enorme fietstocht (10 meter of zo) naar de hoofdstraat waar Karin het lumineuze idee heeft om te kijken of we daar niet al een bus kunnen pakken naar Guayaquil. Dat lukt via een busterminal. De rit daarheen kost 50 cent pp en de rit naar Guayaquil in een bus met airco, wifi en film 4,15 pp. Nou ja! Jammer dat de rit zo voorspoedig gaat dat de film nog niet klaar is.
    Vervolgens zoeken naar een betaalbare, leuke plek om te slapen. Dat is dan weer jammer, al hebben we nu wel een grote kamer met airco. Maar léuk? Mwah. Onze fietsen mogen in een hoekje in de gang. Word ik opeens naar beneden gebeld, de fietsen moeten op de kamer. (7 hoog, lift is 90 cm vierkant). Ik over de zeik. En vreemd genoeg word ik dan wél verstaan. Blijkt er een dikke mevrouw te klagen over dat het gevaarlijk is. Zeg ik tegen haar (in het Nederlands) dat er genoeg ruimte is om haar dikke reet in de lift te hijsen, druipt ze af! Terwijl als ik in mijn beste Spaans 2 koffie bestel, verstaat niemand me. (fietsen staan nu nóg subtieler geparkeerd).
    Daarna nog op sandalenjacht (mislukt) en een biertje op de boulevard.
    We doen ons best, maar echt genieten is het niet.
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    Barbara de Groot

    Is dat het het Hotel?

    Astrid Oerlemans

    Zo eerst nu het paspoort regelen en zo. Dan nadenken samen. Samen verder gaan en waarheen. Dat is de grote vraag. Succes daarmee.

    Astrid Oerlemans

    Wazig gebouw overigens. Ben benieuwd wat jullie daar nog meer tegen komen.

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  • Day39

    4-6 Guayaquil consulaat

    June 4, 2018 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Na een onrustige nacht met een autoalarm zitten we om 9 uur op het consulaat. Daar kan alleen een noodpaspoort aangevraagd. Een eventueel echt paspoort kan alleen in Lima. Veel kosten, weinig wol.
    Wat ook weinig lol is, is dat ik de afschrijvingslijst van de verzekering bekijk en al mijn spullen afgeschreven blijken te zijn. We leren een heel handig nieuw trucje van de mevrouw op het consulaat om een hotel te zoeken in Ecuador namelijk: Zucht. Zitten we vanaf overmorgen voor minder dan de helft van het geld in een hotel met zwembad. Grrr.
    Dus trakteren we onszelf maar op een heel lekker nieuw t-shirt (in de aanbieding hoor).
    Verder sjouwen we de halve middag door de stad op zoek naar een portemonnee. Dat lukt nog niet, maar wel nieuwe torks en inbusjes, want mijn multitool is ook weg. Het is hier gelukkig niet zo duur. Ik kan hier ook voor 4 dollar een aluminium pannetje kopen.
    De rest moet vrezen we ingevlogen worden, want de "outdoorwinkel" op maps en me verkocht alleen shampo en mottenballen. Maar gelukkig heeft Karin een vriend die dat vaker doet en de DHL hebben we ook al gevonden.
    Kost wat, maar dan hebbie ook wat. Of komt er iemand per ongeluk binnenkort deze kant uit? 😉
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    Edo en Ilse

    Ha As! Mooi shirt! Ik lees dat jullie Nieuw Zeeland hebben overwogen? Groot gelijk, het is daar fantastisch, maar ook winter momenteel en heel koud kamperen... sterkte in Ecuador!Xx

    Merle Niens-Blomsma


    G.C Wvrs

    The twins😂

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