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  • Day99


    February 13, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Early in the morning the air wasn't too bad. We shortly enjoyed the non-sweat moment before the sun got strong again. The breakfast buffet was pretty good: toast, fruit, and pancakes. We relaxed a bit in the hammocks, then tried out the water with our borrowed snorkeling gear. It wasn't hard to find some fish, some were practically already visible from the shore. Further into the water we found some great coral, fish of all kinds, and even a pretty big blue sea star. There were swarms with thousands of maybe 2cm small very blue fish. We saw lots of different 10cm big fishes, some were striped like zebras, others blue with a bit of yellow or white and some where simply incredibly blue. There were also bigger fish, like trumpet fish which were maybe half a meter long but only what looked like 3cm thick. Another type was combining purple with blue, yellow and a bit of red. And our favorite, called pennant coralfish. And lots of others. But the most amazing thing was probably the coral and its intensive blue color. We hadn't seen this before in Langkawi or Lombok.

    After lunch it became low tide, and we went in again for some more exploration. It felt even better as the low tide meant we were so close to the coral right from the beach. The low tide also meant that getting ashore was trickier, which we found out the hard way when we tried to reach another beach but didn't find a way between the coral to safely get there. So our last snorkeling of the day was stretched out a bit further than we would have liked. It was still amazing to see the underwater life but we were exhausted when we got back. Perfect time to try the hammocks for a bit more.

    In the evening we again had dinner with live music. This time not a buffet but a nice three course meal, including ice cream :)
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    Lida Schönbeck

    A place to be completely zen, enjoy!


    I envy you! Enjoy your time and greet the corals for me ;)

  • Day100

    Plastic soup

    February 14, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    The day started with the simple thought of going snorkeling in the awesome coral reef on the sunrise beach where we had such a great time the previous day. But it was a bit windy from the east, so that didn't look ideal. We borrowed rental gear again and first tried the sunset beach on the other side. Unfortunately it turned out there wasnt much going on there, few fishes and no coral. Worst of all, there was basically just sand so the visibility was poor. We tried the north beach, and despite the eastern wind making it also wavy and tougher to swim, we did see some coral and a few fishes. But it wasn't all that, especially after yesterday's experience. So we went back to sunrise beach. Another snorkeler just got out of the water. We asked him about his experience but he didn't sound too positive and the waves looked even tougher than on the north beach. So we decided to skip snorkeling for the morning.

    Instead we thought we'd make ourselves useful and do a beach walk. This was announced to us at breakfast as a 9am activity in which we'd collect plastic trash from the beaches. Now it was already 10:30 though. The guy organising it seemed very disappointed that no one had shown up at 9am but he seemed very thankful and happy when we volunteered to do it now. With a pair of plastic gloves and a trash bag each, we made our way to sunrise beach. Within an hour we had collected a significant amount. Plastic straws, tooth brushes, lighters, clothes pegs, shavers, cookie bags, flip-flops and countless of plastic bags in all sizes and huge pieces of hard plastic whose origin we couldn't figure out. While knowing about the plastic soup in the oceans, it was still shocking. We went snorkeling at this same beach the day earlier and you generally didn't even notice it much, even at the shoreline. But walking by it now specifically looking for trash, you keep finding more and more of it and it never ends. When lunch time arrived, our bags were heavy and we handed them in. After lunch we wanted to try more snorkeling, but the wind was only gaining in power. Susanne still bravely gave it a go. Still the same fishes and coral as the day before just a bit more tiring as you had to fight the wind, waves and resulting current.

    The wind kept increasing, to the extent of everyone leaving the sunrise beach and finding somewhere to chill on the other side of the main resort building. We did as well, and it wasn't bad at all there because the clouds and strong breeze made it a little cooler. We asked employee Sam for a coconut and even though it wasn't on any menu, he got us two fresh ones. Later in the afternoon we went for a little walk along sunset beach. At the very end we discovered some small sharks that were hunting small fishes near the shore. Sometimes they were as close as a meter from the rocks we were standing on. Around the corner would have been the perfect wind shaded private spot for a valentines day sunset. Just the clouds weren't playing along. So we headed back to the resort to have dinner with a pasta buffet. Our table was joined by one of our new roommates and another girl and we kept talking until it was time for bed.

    In the meantime the wind got so strong that we were seriously a bit worried about all the coconuts above our heads. Luckily they didn't fall when we passed but we still heard the wind the whole night and for the very first time here we slept with the door and windows facing the ocean closed.
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    Suzanne Schönbeck

    That's so good that you guys cleaned up! Way to go

  • Day98

    Barefoot Manta

    February 12, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    With the pizza delay from yesterday's dinner in mind, we left the hostel extra early. We dropped off some luggage we didn't need for Yasawa, and had some toast and cereal at the breakfast bar. We had heard that buying water on the islands was expensive. The advice was to buy water on the boat that taxis between Nadi and the island, the "Yasawa Flyer" . Better yet we figured we would buy water on the mainland. There was a little shop next to the hostel that advertised 6 bottles for 10FJD, but unfortunately it was closed when we had arrived and also when we left in the morning. A fancy airconditioned bus took us and 30 others to Port Denarau. After searching there for awhile, we bought 6 bottles for 20FJD. Then we boarded the Yasawa Flyer. The waves at times got rough and made us a bit seasick, but after all it was OK. After 3 hours we reached our island. We were picked up by smaller boats and then brought to resort Barefoot Manta. It's called that due to the chance of swimming with manta rays, but they're only here between April and November.

    Arriving at the beach, we were received by a small group of employees playing a welcome song for us. We got some instructions, had to sign some papers and pay the meal plan. Then we were led to our 'bure', which was surprisingly nice. It was a beach hut with 4 beds but we were for today the only guests and our beds were not even bunk beds. Right in front of it we had 2 beach chairs and our own private beach excess. After a quick look we had lunch. We could choose between a fish meal, chicken vegetable pasta and lemon couscous. We went for the first two options and it tasted quite nice. We also realized that buying water here is cheaper than on the boat, so it all doesn't really matter.

    Afterwards we felt quite defeated by the hot humid weather. We went back to our bure, read books and napped and wondered if we would get used to it. Too bad that not even the water can cool you down as it is just as warm as the air. At 7 we went for dinner to the sunset bar. A big buffet with salads, rice, bread, fish, meat and grilled vegetables was waiting for us. It was very tasty and while talking to a Flemish girl and listening to live local music, we had a very nice dinner at the beach next to a campfire. It got dark early, we were quite tired from this long day, so we went for a shower and made it back into our private bure.
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    Suzanne Schönbeck

    You are in what many would call paradise but for you the sea water is too warm 😂 love you guys

  • Day3

    Through Mamanuca, onto Yasawa Islands

    June 28, South Pacific Ocean ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We jumped in the taxi at 7.30am and headed to Port Denarau to board South Sea Cruises ferry out to Blue Lagoon Resort. We made many stops to pick up and drop off passengers which made for an incredible journey past dozens (maybe even a hundred?) islands.

    We had upgraded to the captain's lounge which gave us access to a comfy air conditioned space with included beverages and snacks. It was a little more crowded than we'd hoped, but overall was a good option rather than sitting in the sun. We sat next to a family from New Zealand and made frequent steps onto the deck to take photos and soak in the scenery. Fiji is BEAUTIFUL. The islands are incredible and I am very glad we made the choice to leave the mainland, I feel like this is the Fiji you hope to see.
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  • Day12

    Bula from Paradise

    March 10, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Endlich angekommen an unserer offiziellen Honeymoon Location 🤗. Und was soll man anderes sagen als: wow! Komfortabler Bungalow mit direktem Strand/Meer Zugang inkl. persönlichen Liegen und Hängematte, grosse Open-air-Dusche, wahnsinnig nettes Personal, türkisfarbenes Wasser und eine sehr gute Küche. Wenn sich das die nächsten Tage so hinzieht, kann man von Perfektion sprechen (und Übergewicht 🤣).Read more

    Madlen Tittmann


  • Day14

    We do!

    March 12, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Lange darauf hingefiebert und dann doch schneller vorbei als gedacht 😊. Nach dem wir die halbe Nacht und den ganzen Vormittag gezittert haben (es schüttete und stürmte fast durchgehend in Strömen), hatte der hiesige Wettergott doch Mitleid mit uns und bescherte uns zur Zeremonie einen regenfreien Slot. Quasi als Entschädigung für das lange Bangen, wurde später am Abend sogar noch ein romantischer Sunset inkl. Regenbogen aufgefahren. Rosamunde Pilcher hätte es nicht besser in Szene setzten können 🤣.Read more

    Romy Drygalla

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch 💞

    Thomas H

    Danke dir 🤗

  • Day9

    Barefoot Manta Resort

    October 30, 2018 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Wie auf jeder bisherigen Insel wurden wir im Barefoot Manta Resort am herzlichsten begrüsst. Zu sechst standen Sänger und Gitarristen bereit und sangen lautstark den Bula-Song, ein Begrüssungslied (Bula = Hallo, und weitere Bedeutungen).
    Nach Check-in und Bezug von unserem Bure, welches aussieht wie ein Safarizelt, erkundeten wir die drei zum Resort gehörenden Strände. Wir entschieden uns gleich schnorcheln zu gehen. Zuerst wollten wir das am Strand vor unserer Unterkunft. Als wir jedoch sahen wieviele Seegurken es im Wasser hat, entschieden wir uns für den Strand, der auf der anderen Seite des Resorts liegt. Am Sunrise Beach werden Korallen gezüchtet und die Vielfalt der Fische ist enorm. Wir sahen sogar einen Hai! Einen jungen Schwarzspitzen-Riffhai. Einmal beim Schnorcheln und am Abend nochmals, als wir unsere Füsse am Beach vor unserem Bure badeten. Beide waren ca. "nur" 100 Zentimeter lang, aber uns stockte trotzdem der Atem.
    Am Tag darauf verweilten wir uns mit den Aktivitäten, die das Resort anbot. Es begann mit dem morgendlichen Spaziergang um 4 Uhr, um den Sonnenaufgang zu beobachten. Nach dem Zmorgen gingen wir nochmals unserer Lieblingstätigkeit nach, dem Schnorcheln. Danach führte uns der Manager Saki durch die Baumgärten und erklärte, welche Pflanzen in der Fijianischen Kultur, für was gebraucht wird. Am Nachmittag gab es einen Kurs zum Kokosnüsse Öffnen und wie diese in Fiji verarbeitet werden. Zum Abschluss gingen wir auf den Sunset Cruise. Wir fuhren mit Boot der Sonne entgegen, um sie für diesen Tag wieder zu verabschieden. Dazu gab es Bier und Musik. Der Znacht war eine Überraschung für die Gäste. Es gab ein reichhaltiges Buffet an der Bar, direkt am Pazifik. Mit Cocktails, Meeresrauschen und einem rassigen Essen ging ein langer, aber wieder ein schöner Tag zu Ende.
    Nun heisst es nochmals Inselwechsel! Blue Lagoon Beach Resort wir kommen...
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    Rita Gyger

    So stell ich mir s‘paradis vor😘

    markus gyger


  • Day56

    Mantaray Island - ultimative Entspannung

    December 17, 2017 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Wichtigste Frage der letzten Tage - Hängematte oder Liegestuhl? So könnte man sehr gut unsere Zeit hier zusammenfassen!

    Auch in diesem Resort stand Entspannung mit höchster Priorität auf unserer Tagesagenda. Neben drei Mal am Tag zur Fütterung zu gehen (so kam es uns irgendwann vor :-D), haben wir auch ein bisschen was unternommen. Natürlich waren wir jeden Tag Schnorcheln und haben einmal die lokale Art zu angeln ausprobiert (immerhin Mario hat zwei Fische gefangen, ich hatte irgendwie nicht so die Geduld:-)).

    Unser Hausriff war hier nochmal größer, schöner und artenreicher als im vergangenen Resort. Neben zahlreichen Fischen, wunderschönen blauen Seesternen und bunten Korallen, haben wir auch Rochen (wenn auch leider keine Mantas) und einen Riffhai (ca 1,20 m groß) gesehen. Das war mindestens genauso beeindruckend wie Respekt einflößend.

    Fiji war auf jeden Fall traumhaft, wir werden es vermissen und packen unglaubliche Erinnerungen mit ein! Und schon jetzt freuen wir uns wie kleine Kinder auf Neuseeland!
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    Gerlinde Theis

    Bin stolz auf dich! Du hast einen schönen Fisch gefangen, auch gegessen ?😐

    Gude aus der ganzen Welt

    Mario hat nicht nur einen Fisch gegessen :-)

    Henning Reinicke

    Cool 😉

  • Day220

    Hallo Fiji

    June 20, 2019 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Fiji hat eine wunderschöne und vielfältige Natur. Von den traumhaften Stränden und türkisblauen Meer sind wir begeistert.
    Die Unterwasserwelt hat auch einiges zu bieten Manta Rochen oder viele kleine farbige Fische.Read more

    Silvia Kopp

    So schön zum träumen

    Monika Leuthard

    Ganz romantisch


    Mega schö

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  • Day39

    Manta ray island resort

    December 10, 2016 in Fiji ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    11 Stunden Flug und wie viel habe ich davon mit bekommen? Nicht viel,denn ich hatte zum Glück zwei Plätze für mich und habe bestimmt 7 Stunden geschlafen. Der Flug verlief also super, nur sind wir leider statt um 5:10 um 6:10 gelandet und meine Fähre ging um 8:30 am Port Denarau. Dazu kam dann noch, dass alles Ultra lange gedauert hat, sodass ich den shuttle zum Hafen verpasst habe. Also bin ich in ein Taxi gesprungen und der hat mich rechtzeitig zur Fähre gebracht. Nach weiteren 3 Stunden mit der Fähre bin ich endlich am Manta ray island resort angekommen. Da natürlich keine der über 20 kleinen Inseln eine Anlegestelle für die Fähre hat, hielt die Fähre jedesmal in der Nähe der Insel und kleine Boote kamen angefahren und man musste halb bei der Fahrt darauf springen.Natürlich gab es erstmal Mittagessen, ich bin dann vollgefuttert in eine Hängematte gefallen und erinnere mich nicht an den Rest des Tages.
    Funfact: aufgrund des Nachtfluges und der Überschreitung der Datumsgrenze bin ich am 8.12 los geflogen und am 10.12 gelandet
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    Anja Wigger

    Hallo Pia,das sieht ja traumhaft aus ! Schon nette Leute kennengelernt mit denen man am Strand chillen kann? Genieße die Zeit , hier verpasst du nichts;) Maya kann dann schon einmal einen Blick in deine Manga Bücher 📚 werfen😺


    Klar, ich lerne überall nette Leute kennen☺️das kann maya gerne machen😉


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