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  • Day118

    Lanquin, Guatemala

    February 12, 2017 in Guatemala

    I finished the last entry in the van on the way to Lanquin, but I didn't predict the drama that would unfold in the later stages of our journey. On one of the windy roads through the back country, a motorcyclist had collided with a car and the result was fatal. This caused a huge pile up of traffic and pedestrians, who literally flooded out of the forest and streamed up the road in their hundreds. Even our driver pulled over and hurried to investigate the scene. It was so sad to hear villagers bawling on the roadside, a wary reminder that this crazy driving can have consequences.

    Nobody had any intent on clearing the road, so we had to hunt for an alternate route. We backed out of the crowds and found ourselves bumping down a narrow single lane gravel road that was undoubtedly 4WD territory. The bums ached and the journey length blew out but the scenery was excellent! Even the local kids would run to the roadside to watch the gringos whom they might never have seen before. Somewhat expectedly, our comrades in convoy took a hit to their front axle and damaged their brakes (a little worrying!). Our drivers promptly took the wheel off and began banging away at various parts of the disk. They appeared to have some idea as to what they were doing, but when the van pulled out, it squealed like a girl in a ghosttown, much to our amusement and the other passengers fear, I'm sure.

    We didn't arrive in Lanquin until after dark, blowing out the journey to well over nine hours. We were greeted by an aggressive mob, yelling at us and questioning our accommodations. The journey wasn't quite yet over. Our final stretch was in a 4x4 buggy up the steep gravel roads to Zephyr Lodge. It was impressively located atop a ridge, with views up and down the valley and over the river, dramatically emphasised with and infinity pool and a jacuzzi. On point. Good recommendation Fif! We were definitely overdue a beer and a good feed.

    We also hit our coolest temperature since Chicago, I'm not sure what it was but it might have snuck under 20°C for a moment. At some point I might have even seen a shiver. It won't be the last, I can guarantee it. In the dorms, the boys drew the triple bunk, reminiscent of school camps, and brought maturity levels to match. Are you surprised?

    Daybreak revealed the true beauty of the valley, and the rising sun packed some serious heat. We were in no hurry to leave the comforts of our new abode, so lazed around the pool until the early afternoon.

    For lunch we trekked back to Lanquin for a dirty chicken and rice and explored the tiny cobbled/gravel streets of the village. Gravity led us through some back streets and muddy paths to the rivers edge, where we stumbled upon an unsuspecting family washing in the river, who appeared embarrassed about the situation. Following the bank downstream, we found a wee eddy and clambered in for an ice cold swim. An attempted down river drift ended in nothing but blood and bruises, a result of a swift current and a sharp bottom. Foolish boys. Our shinanigans rapidly became the spectacle of a local family who witnessed the entire ordeal, staring unashamedly in absolute silence. I think the main attraction was Cat, based on her height or amount of skin showing - a distinction none of us were able to make.

    Aside from this excursion, and a few jogs from Cat and the boys we spent the majority of time at the hostel. Which meant we ate and drank at tourist prices which was frustrating because it was nearly impossible to avoid, given the difficulty of getting to and from town. Nonetheless it was extremely convenient, relaxing and stress free - no complaints from me (for once!!)

    Next stop: Antigua.
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  • Day21

    Quer durchs Land

    November 4 in Guatemala

    Nach dem Örtchen El Paredón am Ozean ging’s dann 2 Tage lang quer durch Land nach Lanquin. Wie immer ist die Reise dorthin unendlich lang, dennoch aufregend. Die letzte Stunde ging’s rein in den Urwald über eine schmale Schotterstraße.
    Nach 10 Stunden Fährt bin ich dann in Lanquin angekommen. Da es schon dunkel war und ich co war von der Reise entschied ich mich meine morgigen Ausflüge spontan am Morgen zu buchen. Nach angenehmer Abend im Pool ging’s also am nächsten Morgen früh raus um zur Höhle und zu natürlichen Wasserpools zu fahren. Wie mir die Menschen mit Händen und Füßen in der Stadt erklärten war ich viel zu spät dran, um einen gewöhnlichen „Touribus“ zu nehmen. Also benutzte ich eins der super komfortablen Sammeltaxis der Einheimischen: mit ungelogen über 30 Mann auf einer Ladefläche eines Pickups ging dann also nach Samuc Champey. Ich hing mit 4 anderen Leuten irgendwo außen am Auto und hoffte einfach dass die Fahrt nicht so lange dauern würde.
    Endlich angekommen ging’s dann zuerst zur Aussichtsplattform (siehe Bild) und dann in die Pools zum Baden. Abgesehen davon, dass der Fluss echt kalt war, wars super Erholsam.
    Dann suchte ich die Höhle: Mit Kerze in der einen Hand Schwimmen, durch wirklich enge Spalten klettern und den Fledermäusen zuschauen. Hammer Tour, etwas ungewöhnliche Sicherheitsstandarts.(was dafür Sorgt, dass das Adrenalin noch mehr durch die Decke geht). Dann ging’s wieder zurück ins Hostel. Schließlich musste ich mich ja um meine weitere Reiseroute kümmern. Hin und her gerissen zwischen Costa Rica, Kolumbien und Mexiko ging’s dann ohne Entscheidung am nächsten Morgen weiter...wenn ich da schon gewusst hätte welch komplizierte und chaotische Fahrt vor mir gelegen hat. Hätte ich wahrscheinlich noch eine Nacht mehr in Lanquin verbracht. Aber Mans kann’s wirklich nie vorher wissen wie die Fahrt verläuft (außer dass 5 Stunden in Guatemala ungefähr 8 in Europa sind und niemand in diesem Land dass Wort Stress kennt)...
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  • Day270

    Lanquin and Semuc Champey

    May 26, 2015 in Guatemala

    Semuc Champey is one of the most gorgeous sites in Guatemala. It is a natural limestone bridge with beautiful tiered pools in blue. You can jump, or use the natural water slide to get from one side to another. There are thousands of fishes, some small ones would nibble at your feet. We had a wonderful day hiking and swimming here!

  • Day7

    Welcome to the Oasis

    March 6, 2016 in Guatemala

    Today was a long day on the road. My first bus picked me up at 4.30 am - at least in theory. Probably it took thee driver so long to get all the stuff of the market ladies on the bus. I wasn't a big fan of this guy anyway: one would expect that people on a bus would like to try and sleep at 5 am, but he kept shouting into his phone, the breaks in between only long enough so it could ring again on maximum volume.
    After about three hours I arrived at Antigua, where I took another bus to Lanquín, a really small town at an amazingly blue river in the rainforest. When Michael (a guy from Canada) and I got off, we were instantly crowded by a bunch of locals who wanted to convince us to stay in their respective hostel. We went for the Oasis and instantly knew it was the right choice. For about 6€ we got our own bungalow, and on the edge of the hostel's restaurant we have a private river access. I could stay here forever!
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  • Day15


    January 11, 2017 in Guatemala

    Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin is a little paradise and the perfect place to get stuck for a few days. It's a little over my budget but the 4th night is for free - so it didn't make any sense to leave after just 3 nights :)
    It's just a 10 minute walk from the little town but as it's placed upon a mountain I was happy they pick you up. And the drive on the back of a pick up truck with a bunch of other backpackers was already an experience.
    The view from up here is ridiculously beautiful. And as the building is right on top of the mountain, you have a nice view everywhere. Even on the toilet and in the shower. I could even watch the sunrise from my bed, if I would wake up early enough (might do that tomorrow). But instead I saw the full moon rise from behind the mountain yesterday!
    As almost nobody wants to take the walk to town, everybody comes together at night for good food, cheap drinks and some funny games in the main restaurant.
    I spend the whole day yesterday at (and in) the pool. Today it's raining a little so I'm probably gonna spend the day in the main house making some travel plans - still with an amazing view :)
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  • Day30

    Lanquin, Guatemala

    February 14, 2017 in Guatemala

    Well our good run of transport and bus trips has come to an abrupt end, but I guess this was inevitable! We piled into a minibus for an 8 hour journey from Flores, that became a 10 hour one. Thankfully our van wasn't completely full so we had a bit more space than usual. This turned out to be pretty necessary especially when we had a to make a detour onto a gravel/mud/rock road after the main road was cut off due to a fatal motorcycle accident. The locals flocked to the site and all stood around, while the poor victim and their bike just laid on the road. Whether this was a nosey thing or a cultural thing I don't know, but there would have easily been a hundred local people from nearby villages rushing to the crash site. So bizarre. Our detour took us on some crappy roads probably more suited to a 4x4 but it was cool to go rural for a while!

    With sore bums and slightly battered spirits, we were relieved to find we'd scored the jackpot with our hostel in Lanquin, staying at the Zephyr Hostel in the mountains. It was borderline like a resort in some ways, infinity pool, outdoor dump showers and loos all with views of the mountains and valleys covered in lush green. Couldn't have all this without some wee visitors though! A huge spider, cockroach and centipede all made appearances in our dorm rooms. Eeeeep. The first morning here we basically had the place to ourselves to chill out in the pool as most people either headed off to their next destination or on tours early morning. So good to have a nice place just to hang out and relax.

    By lunchtime we figured we should probably get out and about so walked about 10 minutes or so into small Lanquin centre in search of a cheaper feed than we could find at the hostel itself. Successful outing in that respect and Scotty even managed to keep down the vomit that he'd felt brewing all morning, leaving behind half a pineapple Fanta though which would normally be unheard of. We ventured further, walking past a primary school that seemed to be doing some sort of prize giving and some local housing where all the little kids yelled "Hola!" as we passed by. Too cute.

    Thinking we'd hit a dead end and a slightly aggressive dog, we actually found a path down to the river in the valley below. Jandals weren't entirely appropriate footwear for this slippery and muddy path so it was only a matter of time until one of us had a deplugging incident! *Cough* Mike. At the river we found many local families bathing so we awkwardly had to shuffle past until we found a little inlet of our own to stop at. The river was flowing quite quickly so the lads played around trying to swim against it but just ended up staying in the same spot so basically it became the swimming form of a treadmill. By this point they'd built up an audience of some of the locals, very inquisitive and interested to see the photos I was taking of the others in the water. The river also had some decent rapids that the boys thought they'd try and float down. Of course Scotty was the guinea pig who quickly returned with a grazed knee and shin from sharp rocks beneath, much to the locals entertainment. Mike and Rich managed to stop themselves before they too got battered. The walk home was punctuated with some delightful homemade treats. Frozen banana and frozen strawberries covered in chocolate on skewers for 1 or 2 quetzals a piece (11p-22p/19-38cents NZ). Yummm.

    Day two we headed out for a jam packed day on a tour run through our hostel. We were loaded onto the back of pickup trucks, standing up, holding a metal frame for support on what was a 45 minute journey on a hilly rock/dirt road. With some of the bars of the frame at head height for me, I was just trying not to break my teeth or knock myself out on them! The journey itself became part of the adventure though, through lush countryside and wee villages, locals waving and smiling as we passed by. Kam Ba Caves were our first stop, after we managed to get past some hustling kids trying to stuff beer and chocolate down our throats! Stripping down to our togs and sneakers, we were each handed a candle to use as our light whilst in the cave, which to be fair didn't do a massive amount. Bumped and bruised knees and shins to follow. Ankle deep water quickly came up to our heads and before we knew it we were deep in the cave and unable to touch the ground. At one point it almost looked like we'd joined some ridiculous cult when you looked back at everyone with their candles. We spent about half an hour or so walking and swimming through various depths of water, abseiling small waterfalls and after climbing up a semi sketchy cave face, jumping off into a dark pool at the end. We thought the cave was a loop but it turned out we had to then go back the same way we'd come, past other tour groups who'd got stuck behind us waiting for us all to jump. Thankfully we seemed to be the first group at everything all day, so no waiting around for us!

    Once out of the cave, we were shuffled to a huge swing out onto the river which involved many painful looking dismounts, so Cat and I sat out on this one. The boys had varying degrees of success. Next up was a bridge jump, about 9-10 metres high depending on whether you jumped from the top of the railings (like a man) or the bottom of the bridge itself (chicken). After those comments, of course the boys had to take the manly option, but us girls were happy enough with the chicken level. The river had a rather strong current as well so you had to swim quite hard to get to the side once you landed, which was no easy feat whilst wearing shoes!

    Post lunch stop, we got straight into a steep hike up limestone cliffs to the viewpoint of the main attraction around these ways, Semuc Champey. Sweat levels were through the roof as we were now at the peak of the day and probably sitting around 28-30degrees. The view of the turquoise waterfalls and pools below was pretty spectacular, so we quickly clambered down again to get in some much needed swim time. Semuc Champey is actually a natural limestone bridge with a river passing underneath and a series of pools on the top. We spent a couple of hours of swimming and jumping between pools and even a couple of makeshift slides. What a wicked spot!

    Guatemala is quickly becoming a favourite. One of the things I love most about countries like these, is the amount of activities and attractions that are based around natural wonders and the outdoors. Particularly when you have a job like mine where you're inside all day everyday, working in a department with no windows, not having any idea what's happening outside; it definitely makes me that much more appreciative of being outside all day, making the most of what Mother Nature has to offer! The locals are all lovely and friendly too. Always smiling and saying hello, good morning and good afternoon when you pas them in the street. Its crazy how small some of them are, literally sometimes at the height of my elbow and that's definitely saying something! We've been pretty lucky weather wise too, unintentionally timing each arrival and departure to miss all the thunderstorms. Win. Hopefully this continues.

    We're going for the minivan again. Gearing up for another 8 hour journey southwest to the old capital of Guatemala, Antigua. Help!
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  • Day95

    Semuc Champey

    January 10, 2015 in Guatemala

    Oh man oh man...wir haben das Paradies auf Erden gefunden, einen Ort, den man mit Worten nicht beschreiben kann! Die reinste und wunderschoenste Natur, die ich in meinem Leben je gesehen habe. Mit unseren zwei Israelis sind wir gleich zwei Mal in den Park gegangen, weil wir von der Schoenheit nicht genug bekommen konnten. Nur schade, dass es so touristisch ueberlaufen ist und dass einen die Waerter auf Schritt und Tritt folgen. Aber irgendwo findet man doch seine ruhigen Ecken. Traumhaft!Read more

  • Day11


    January 14, 2015 in Guatemala

    Ein kleines Abenteuer war unsere Reise nach Lanquin, denn die meist ungeteerte Straße war holprig und recht anstrengend. Dafür war unser Hotel ein kleines Paradies. Umgeben von Dschungel standen weit verstreut nette kleine Bungalows an einem Flussufer. Das günstige Frühstück war köstlich und am Abend gab's ein riesen Buffet, das jeden Tag einer anderen internationalen Küche gewidmet war,

  • Day29

    Immer noch Hostel

    November 7, 2014 in Guatemala

    Es wurde geselliger, das Bier machte mich leicht betrunken, alles im Rahmen... Ein Joint wandert um den Tisch (ich riche das), ist auch nicht außergewöhnlich... Doch dann sehe ich, wie der Typ direkt neben mir, mit dem Reisepass eines asiatischen Mädchens (sitzt mir gegenüber, hab mich mit ihr nett während des ausfluges unterhalten ) mehrere Links mit weißem Pulver zieht... Ein großer Typ it langen haaren steht auf.und geht (den kenne ich vom vorherigen abend) Und ich schließe mich ihm an. Ich wär jede wette eingegangen
    .dass dieser Typ kifft, doch er erzählt mir, dass er noch nie an einer Zigarette gezogen hat! Beeindruckend! Und ich hab mein erstes koks gesehen... Ich kiffe nicht, und weißes Pulver hätt ich auch niemals in der meine Nase gezogen.... ;)
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