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  • Day4


    April 8, 2017 in India ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Today breakfast is was nice and we only know that thanks to a random knock on the door by Tom Barlow. Everyone had slept through alarms and we had yet to be called by the hotel.
    We turned up to our match today fairly tired and realised our team was a little older than us. All of them sporting the Virat Kolhi beard and one rocking a tattoo on both arms. Their ages varied from 16 to 25 most of them were 18 and had already left school. We weren't optimistic.
    We batted for nearly 40 overs scoring 114 runs. I scored 2 and then was bowled by there opener. Clinton was proud of us. However the other team caught up with us in 10 overs.
    Our game was over by 1.
    They then invited us to a game of 15 overs aside, however with mixed teams. I volunteered for the other side wanting to win a game on tour. As soon as I entered their dressing rooms I was bombarded by Indians wanting a photo. We won the game after some dreadful bowling from me.
    We then returned to the hotel for some relaxation.
    *pictures with the Indian lads will follow once I have tracked them down
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  • Day7

    Jantar Mantar

    October 28, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    The city palace is co-located with the observatory. Here you find Sundials, and other means of tracking the heavens used in astrology and other predictions. The largest sundial is 90 feet tall and is accurate to within 2 seconds. Impressive!

    The Jantar Mantar is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments built by the Kachwaha Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur.
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  • Day2

    First Impressions

    February 24, 2020 in India ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    I have long held the ambition to visit India and in particular Rajasthan and have to keep pinching myself to believe that Lesley and I are actually here. It’s quite difficult to know where to begin after our first day, so I guess the beginning is the place to start! We arrived here in Jaipur late last night after a long and tiring journey. Our hotel, Alsisar Haveli, is a converted Maharaja’s palace and as exotic and ornate as you might imagine. There are some 35 such establishments in Jaipur as the old ruling families find ways to diversify and keep their ancestral homes alive.
    Despite only a few hours sleep, we were up and out by 7.30 am to catch the flower market at its peak. On the way, we stopped to view the Palace of the Winds, a world famous pink sandstone edifice, which to my surprise is beside a busy road. Sadly, it is only a facade for a more mundane building and has some 350 screened windows, for the ladies of the family to look out on the the scene below in privacy! The flower market is held within the walls of the old city and we entered through one of the main gates, the East or Sun Gate. There is a west gate known as the Moon gate and many other smaller entrances beside. The flower market was a complete assault on the senses; perfume, colour, people, monkeys, noise and surrounding ramshackle buildings, all in one glorious kaleidoscope. The flowers are mainly in head form, for making into garlands as offerings at the many temples. We watched both ladies and men making them up deftly and with a great eye for colour. It was almost more than our tired brains could assimilate, but what a beginning.
    We wandered on to the fruit and vegetable market, which was equally fantastic. The produce, both fruit, vegetables and flowers are gathered in the early hours of the morning 365 days a year and brought in daily for the public to buy. The selection and quality is astonishing. Ladies wander by with enormous bundles balanced on their heads (great posture), men are chattering incessantly (well they would), handcarts full of wares push past and a barber is wet shaving a client on the side of the path and so it goes on. Everything you could imagine and more.
    From there we walked the streets to meet our coach. You are accosted by a jumble of smart buildings, temples, telephone wires, ruins, sacred cows and the odd pig. Scooters whip past you with whole families piled on top. Chaotic would not be too extreme, but it is also lively, friendly and not at all intimidating.
    Our next stop was the Citi Palace, home of the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur. The first Maharajah built the old city as his new capital between 1727-48. The family still live in the adjoining Moon Palace, but the head of the family can no longer call himself Maharaja according to modern Indian law. The palace is out of this world architecturally and decoratively. Like all of the old city it is painted saffron pink, hence the moniker ‘Pink City’. This came about due to the visit in 1867 of the then Prince of Wales, the future Edward V11. A ‘Durbar’ (Council meeting) was held to decide how best to welcome the Prince with suitable aplomb and the decision taken to paint the whole of the city pink. It certainly created the desired impression and it has been this way ever since. When Edward ascended to the throne, the Maharaja was invited to the coronation and set off to attend with his large retinue and two huge silver flagons of Ganges water. These were specially transported, for the Maharaja’s drinking water as he flatly refused to contemplate drinking ‘Thames water’! These are the largest silver vessels in the world made from one single sheet of metal, with no joins. They are on display in glass cases and the thought of moving them anywhere is quite mindboggling.
    We wandered around this huge exalted complex and found ourselves in the Peacock courtyard.
    It is very beautiful and has four superb peacock doorways to depict the four seasons and has to be seen to be believed. Having admired the textile museum, which was crammed full of glorious costumes and locally made fabric, we went to met our coach and were driven through teeming ever narrower streets until arriving quite unexpectedly at Samode Haveli for lunch. This is an oasis of calm and tranquility hidden, in plain sight, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the old city. Here are beautiful gardens full of flowers and plants. There is a luxurious swimming pool and outdoor lounging courtyards full of running water, fountains and greenery. This is another Maharajas palace full of heavily decorated rooms and now operating as a hotel.
    Lunch was really good and my preconceived notions of Indian cuisine are changing rapidly!
    After lunch we were taken by tuk tuk across town to the site of the filming of the Exotic Marigold Hotel Series. We careered down backstreets with all of life being lived out in the street. It was a barmy, white knuckle, but exhilarating ride. The traffic is utterly mad. They come from all directions, weaving in and out like lunatics, horns blaring and how there are not constant collisions I’ll never know. I suspect viewed from above it would like a intricately choreographed group dance! As a driver you certainly need incredible reflexes. The owner of the Haveli used in the filming is a very tall, retired, distinguished Indian Army Brigadier. He and his wife were charming and very hospitable, conversing all the time in perfect English with little accent and it brought our first day in India to a lively and modern close. A slice of India both ancient and modern has been offered up and absorbed with fascination. We headed back to the tuk tuks to retrace ours steps back to the coach and ultimately our hotel. It has been a mind blowing day and my mind is reeling, but in a thoroughly good way. Roll on tomorrow!
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  • Day6

    Visite de Jaipur

    October 29, 2017 in India ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Aujourd'hui, nous visitons Jaipur toute la journée.
    Nous démarrons par le palais des vents, qui est plus une jolie façade qu'un réel palais. Il a été bâti pour que le vent y circule et puisse rafraichir l'atmosphère.
    Puis nous allons au fort d'Amber, dans les environs de Jaipur (objet d'un autre post)
    Sur la route du retour, nous nous arrêtons photographier le water palace, un palais construit par le maharadja Sawai Jai Singh, sur l'eau, juste pour faire joli et qui n'a jamais eu de fonction (même s il a été question d'en faire finalement un hotel, ou un restaurant)
    Puis nous continuons avec le City Palace, la demeure (toujours en partie occupée) par le maharadja et sa famille. Une succession de pieces ou l'on peut découvrir les costumes traditionnels des maharadjah de la région, brodés d or pur, ou bien les collections d'armes. Nous traversons également des salles d'audiences, soutenues par des colonnes de marbre et des lustres immenses.
    Puis nous allons à l'observatoire astronomique Jantar Mantar. Construit lui aussi à l'initiative de Sawai Jai Singh II, intellectuel éclairé et passionné d'astronomie, le gigantisme des installations permet une plus grande précision dans les résultats des observations. Le plus imposant des cadrans solaires peut déterminer l'heure à 2 sec près !
    Nous allons ensuite déjeuner (dans un restaurant délicieux ou notre guide connaît tout le monde depuis 20 ans) puis faire qq emplettes dans le marché. J'arrive tant bien que mal à acheter un pantalon léger, il faut négocier sévère!
    On termine par le "monkey temple". Un peu à l'ecart de la ville, connu pour être peuplé d une foule de singes, pas toujours sympathiques ! Des bassins d'ablutions sont utilisés par les indiens, nombreux aujourd'hui car c'est le début du mois. Beaucoup de déchets néanmoins et l'ensemble devrait être restauré. Notre guide qui est venu ici il y a 17 ans se désole de voir que les peintures qui devaient être refaites, non pas bougé
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  • Day34

    Jaipur (Indien)

    March 9, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Noch in der Wüste holt mich der Durchfall wieder ein und wir entschließen uns, Indien zu verlassen und nach Thailand weiterzureisen. Nach ein paar letzten Tagen in Jaisalmer brechen wir mit dem Nachtzug nach Jaipur auf, von wo aus wir ein paar Tage später weiterreisen wollen. Kurzfristig stellt unser Hallenser Freund Satya, der aus Jaipur stammt, einen Kontakt zu seinem besten Freund Vishnu her, der uns die Stadt zeigt und zu seiner Familie nach Hause einlädt.Read more

  • Day36

    Beelwa (Rhajastandorf) - Indien

    March 11, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Gemeinsam mit Vishnu und seiner Familie besuchen wir Beelwa - eine Art Museumsdorf. Es ist ein erlebnisreicher schöner gemeinsamer Abend. Alma tanzt mit und sitzt das erste Mal in ihrem Leben auf einer Rutsche, in einem Karussell und auf einem Elefanten.Read more

  • Day46


    June 7, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Today we took jeeps up to Jaipur red for which was very impressive and the views beautiful. The weather was incredibly hot so the rest of the tour to see palace was done quickly and quite a few people on the tour returned to the aircon of the bus. In the afternoon we relaxed in the pool.Read more

  • Day14


    July 14, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Quedem a les 8:30 del matí i anem a veure la Pink City. Passem 5min observant la façana de color rosada i veiem dos nois tocant la flauta perquè surti la cobra. Després anem cap al Amber Fort, i pugem amb Jeep a dalt. Agafem un guia de parla espanyola que és sacerdot i ens dóna una visita molt xula i aprenem moltes coses. Trobem molts turistes espanyols joves. Després ens porten a visitar un palau però decidim que és millor anar a veure altres coses. És per això que primer visitem un museu astronòmic i després un Isarlat molt alt. El pugem fins a dalt de tot i podem observar tota la ciutat.

    Quan hem acabat la ruta turística per la ciutat, anem a dinar a un Niro's, el restaurant guanyador del 2017. Gaudim del menjar i sobretot dels Stuffed Kolchas.

    Després de pensar durant tot el dinar quin seria el plan de la tarda, decidim quedar-nos a l'hotel descansant. Els papis aprofiten per fer-se un massatge i els nens es banyen a la piscina. Cap a les 7 de la tarda, arranca un xàfec de 10min que deixa la ciutat inundada i paralitzada. Just quan sortim de l'hotel per anar a sopar, la pluja ha parat i tothom ha sortit al carrer. Ens dirigim al segon millor restaurant xinès de Jaipur, dintre de l'hotel de Holiday Inn. Durant el sopar parlem sobre la feina del conductor i l'acompanyant i intentem veure altres interpretacions per entendre quanta propina els haurem de donar al final del viatge. De tornada a l'hotel ens sorprèn la normalitat del carrer després del gran xàfec. No veiem quasi cap toll. La camisa del Joan ja ha arribat a l'hotel i li queda molt bé. Preparem les maletes i estem una estona a l'habitació abans d'anar a dormir.
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