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  • Day23


    May 5 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Packed our bags last night and were ready to go but had to provide Italian immigration officials with our passports before leaving the ship. This is a new thing since we were here last. They were late in arriving but were off the ship with our luggage by 8:30. Took the people mover to Piazzale Roma , now 1,50€ and also bought our vaporetto passes (3 days) for 40€ each. Because we couldn’t get wifi there we just took the #1 vaporetto to San Silvestro, same station we used in 2013 and called Cristina from the Air BnB apartment from a wine bar who let us use their wifi. Bought cappuccinos (16€ for four) while we waited. Cold and wet so at least we could warm up. Cristina’s mother Sandra met us last there and walked with us to the apartment, took our 36€ for for persons for 3 days tourist tax and took our passport information.

    After she left and we organized ourselves, we braved the rain and found an Italian fast food place and had pizza, sandwiches and wine for lunch. Walked over Rialto Bridge to Piazza San Marco then decided to go the Basilica Santa Maria. Also went to a small museum and then to Academia Museum, 15€ each plus 9€ for the audio guide after waiting 45 minutes in the rain. Amazing collection as well as a special Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. Couldn’t finish the whole place As it was already 6 pm. Went back to the apartment then out to Antico Panificio where we have eaten numerous times in the past. New owners and great service. Food also very good.

    Stopped at the grocer for milk for cappuccino for breakfast tomorrow, also wine. Too tired to drink at this evening.

    To bed before 10.
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  • Day16

    Remember that little pizza place?

    September 1 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Athena arrives back to our room at midday. We decide to head out to find our little pizza place that we sat at for 2 hours on our trip 4 years ago-

    (our tour guide, Steve, told us all to go and get lost in Venice. Didn't have to tell me twice, I was so happy to be set free. Athena and I wandered over the Rialto bridge, through skinny alleys and side way streets until we found a clearing with a little restaurant, we sat and had the best time)

    Well I have a great sense of direction so off we went through the maze.

    It was the same, the tight skinny streets all cool and shaded. We try to keep away from the crowds, so I do a left here and there.

    We come across dead ends with a canal at the end. I can hear tv on above my head, and people arguing.

    The sounds of living rooms pour out to us. Clothes hang on lines above our heads and the walls look so dilapidated.

    This is what I enjoy. The real life. The feeling like you are sneeking into people's backyards.
    Which way to turn? It doesn't matter. We don't know where we are.

    We come across a couple of restaurants but the square is too skinny. It is not familiar.

    'Keep going Sandra", I tell myself.
    I see at the end of one street the sun hitting a wall ahead and know there is a square there. We walk out and my seeking is over.
    I FOUND IT!!

    We are very pleased with ourselves.
    Athena orders a bruchetta and I a coke. (still not able to stomach anything)

    Isn't it funny, I have always thought that I would come back here and try to find this place, as what an adventure it would be!

    We head back, this time we follow the arrows to RIALTO and ST Marco amongst the shops and tourists.

    We get to the Rialto Bridge and it is packed with people. The annual regatta is on. People with oars stand together and row fast as they can in boats wider than a gondola.

    We look through some shops and they are full of the famous Murano coloured glass ornaments.

    I am in search of a pencil and paper.
    Jules wants Athena and I to do a drawing of our surroundings. Will give it a try.

    Something pulls me to look in the windows for a little glass black cat.
    After many yucky ones, I find one I like. I carry it close to my heart as we walk between the tourists and it makes me feel a little lighter.

    I spy a lolly shop that makes me stop in my tracks. In I go, paper bag at the ready. Everything looks devine and so different.

    Lollies make you feel good! But not too many.

    We get to our hotel about 6.30pm and go sit on our precious little quiet balcony. I ask Athena if she wants to go out to eat, she says she's full from the bruschetta. Me, I am starving.

    I pop out alone to buy some prosecco and a panini. But cannot find either.

    I walk into a little restaurant, down the lane way next to our hotel, and ask do you do takeaway. They say yes. May I please have a lasagne? Absolutely.

    I wait, families come in and are shown to their tables. I read the fish and crustacean posters on the wall.

    The maitre d sidles up to me and asks 'do you want food or me?' in a jovial manner.
    I laugh and point to the kitchen and say food.

    Boldly I nudge him with my shoulder and say you're funny. We smile broadly together. I like a bit of mischief in a person.

    My food is ready. The chef begins to put the parmesan on top and halts, looking at me. I instantly nod, smile and say a big yes please.
    He then asks me if I am single. I say yes and from Melbourne. He jots down his number on the top of my container and says in broken English, I am from Lido, there is a festival there. Come with me tonight once I finish!

    Oh dear, I thought. I smiled and said thank you, went back and inhaled my lasagne.

    Off to bed and the TV signal goes. I call reception and the guy comes up and plays around with the remote and stuffs it up even more.

    During this time we hear a blood curdling scream outside of a woman or child and someone yelling help. The guy says sorry bout the TV and Athena and he go to investigate whilst I lay in bed. They find nothing. Weird.

    Once the guy leaves, I pull the plug out and back in and wholla it's back.

    I search for English speaking channels and find a movie with Matthew
    Mcconaughey. Slowly my eyes get heavy.
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  • Day1

    Ponte delle Tette

    July 21 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Hier zählt die Geschichte:
    Die Ponte delle Tette befindet sich im ehemaligen Rotlichtviertel und führt über den kleinen Kanal Rio Terà delle Carampane.

    An diesem Ort in San Cassiano warben einst Prostituierte um ihre Freier. Mit der damals geltenden Pflicht für die Prostituierten, sich mit nacktem Oberkörper zu zeigen, wollte man ursprünglich der aufkommenden Homosexualität Einhalt gebieten.

    Ihren Namen, der übersetzt soviel heißt wie "Brücke der Brüste", hat sich das Bauwerk aus dieser Zeit bewahrt. Den erwünschten Effekt erzielte man mit der, heute nicht mehr gültigen, Regelung übrigens nicht.
    Bild 5: Seufzerbrücke
    Bild 6: Ponte del Paradiso
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  • Day1


    November 14, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    ...Brücken, Wasserstraßen, Tauben, Casanova, ganz viel Romantik und Amore. Damit sollten alle Klischees dieser Stadt genannt sein.
    Und natürlich Pizza, Pasta, Espresso und Eis.
    Viele kleine Inseln, durch die sich Kanäle schlängeln und die mit über 400 Brücken miteinander verbunden sind.
    Venedig - Mädelstrip in diese Stadt mit besonderem Charme. Bei Sonne, blauem Himmel und zehn Grad mehr als in Deutschland sind wir am späten Nachmittag in Venedig gelandet.
    Schlüssel (der hier wieder elektronisch, in Form eines Zahlencodes war) für unser Airbnb Quartier organisiert, Ticket für die „Öffentlichen“ gekauft und dann nicht mit der Metro oder der Straßenbahn, sondern mit dem Boot auf dem Canal Grande, praktisch die Hauptverkehrs“Straße“, zu unserem Quartier. Vaparetto - „Buslinie“ die ein Boot ist und fast im Zickzack durch den Canal Grande fährt.
    Leider hatte sich die Sonne bereits verabschiedet, nachdem wir unser Ziel erreicht und das Gepäck abgeladen hatten.
    Die Abendgestaltung bestand aus ein wenig schlendern durch das abendliche Venedig, leckerem Essen (natürlich Pasta) und Rotwein und zum krönenden Abschluss...Eis. Das haben wir auf Venedigs berühmtester Brücke, der Rialtobrücke mit Blick auf den nächtlichen Canal Grande verzehrt.
    Morgen freuen wir uns auf ganz viel Sonne im November und so einige geplante Highlights....
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  • Day3

    Sun and Food

    November 16, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Kein Wölkchen am Himmel über Venedig, als wir heute Morgen das Haus verließen. Erstes Ziel, ein kurzes italienisches Frühstück. Cappuccino und ein süßes Teilchen, im Stehen, direkt an der Bar verzehrt, das ist typisch italienisch und spart auch noch ein paar Euro.
    Dann erwarteten uns viele kulinarische Genüsse und interessantes zu Venedig.
    Wir hatten eine Foodtour durch Venedig geplant. Über drei Stunden folgten wir unserem Guide durch die Gassen der Stadt, in Gegenden, in die wir so wahrscheinlich nicht gekommen wären, mit einigen Stopps, um italienische Köstlichkeiten zu probieren. Salami, Käse, Oliven, frittierte Fleichbällchen, herzhaft belegtes Brot, Kekse und kleine Kuchen. Dazu allerhand Informationen zur Stadt, zu Gebäuden und einzelnen Stadtvierteln, auch Unnützes - wir wissen jetzt, wo George Clooney seine Hochzeit gefeiert hat. Beeindruckend der Markt an der Rialdo Brücke, hier hat uns vor allem die Auswahl an Meerestieren fasziniert. Die waren so frisch, dass sie noch gezappelt haben. Ich mag es ja nicht, wenn mich mein Essen noch anschaut 😳.
    Wir waren danach erstmal satt und platt, haben Sonne und Kraft mit einem Aperol Spritz getankt, bevor wir uns einmal quer durch die Stadt, Richtung Piazza San Marco aufmachten. Eigentlich hatte ich ja gestern schon das Gefühl, dass wir bereits über jede Brücke in dieser Stadt gelaufen waren, heute waren es mindestens noch mal so viele. Und auf jeder bleibt man stehen und macht ein Foto, weil diese schmalen Kanäle einfach alle so toll aussehen.
    Pünktlich zum Sonnenuntergang standen wir auf dem Markusturm, dem Glockenturm des Markusdoms. Er ist knapp 100 Meter hoch und man hat einen tollen Blick über die Stadt. Für 8 € Eintritt wird man mit dem Fahrstuhl nach oben gefahren.
    An unserem letzten Abend in der Stadt ging es mit dem Vaparetto nochmal den Canal Grande entlang. Da stehen schon beeindruckend Paläste.
    Zum Dinner sind wir einer Empfehlung unseres Guide‘s gefolgt - „Cantina do Spade“ - auch sehr zu empfehlen, etwas abseits der Touripfade.
    Morgen haben wir noch den Vormittag, um Stadt und Sonne zu genießen, bevor am Nachmittag unser Flieger Richtung Deutschland und Novemberwetter abhebt.
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  • Day13

    Arrived in Venice

    December 29, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    We arrived around noon on the train from Bologna and decided to take the vaporetto to our hotel instead of trying to navigate all those bridges and stone streets with the carry-ons. I think anyone who arrives in Venice for the first time must have a reaction like mine -- jaw drops and you are awestruck.

    We were lucky to snag a table near our hotel at Zucca for a delicious lunch. Joe's tagliatelle with gorgonzola, walnuts and pears was yummy. We made dinner reservations there for Jan. 2 at the only opening they had for the next week. Then we walked to San Marco to see the main square and get our bearings. It's about a 20 minute walk from our hotel and we were happy to see that even though reading a map is pointless, there are lots of signs pointing you to Rialto Bridge, San Marco, Train Station, or Piazza Roma. So with a little bit of a sense of direction it actually isn’t as hard to navigate as I thought it would be.

    Several hours walking around, and we knew we would have no trouble filling the days here. The crowds are pretty huge so I can’t imagine what high season is like. Traffic jams of gondolas in the canals!
    People shoulder to shoulder on the Rialto Bridge! But I understand why.

    I don't want to overdo it with the superlatives, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
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  • Day14

    San Marco

    December 30, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

    Our first full day in Venice, we decided to bite the bullet and shell out the 120 euros for a vaporetto pass for the two of us. This way we can hop on and off whenever we make our way to the Grand Canal after walking around a neighborhood or visiting a church or museum. We are apparently not the only people with that idea. At 6 pm tonight, the crowds on the vaporetto were crushing -- so much for the idea that you should use a vaporetto trip as a way to enjoy the sights along the canal! I think that getting off at a stop, enjoying the views, walking around the neighborhood and having a cappuchino is the better alternative. Think of your trips on the vaporetto as a necessary evil, you are unlikely to find a way to enjoy the Grand Canal while in transit. And as I have said before, if this is off-season, what can high season possibly be like?!

    But in spite of that, it is an inescapable truth that Venice is a gorgeous city. We visited the Doge's Palace and the Cathedral today, both spectacular. And in the afternoon we walked and walked through old streets to visit the beautiful church of Santa Maria Gloriosa del Frari. Two of my favorite paintings so far were in there, one a Titian (who is also buried here) and the other a 14th century Madonna. Another great dinner, also close to our relatively untouristy neighborhood near San Stae.
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  • Day18

    Last vaporetto rides on the Grand Canal

    January 3, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 4 °C

    For our last day, we decided to visit a couple of museums and churches in different parts of town. That means we spent our last day doing pretty much what we have done on the other days -- riding on the vaporetto and walking through the neighborhoods. The Palazzo Mocenigo was our starting place. An 18th century palace preserved with original furnishings and a beautiful collection of 18th century male vests, embroidered of silk, linen, and lace. Wow.

    Then to the Guggenheim, lots to see and great views over the canal. I even saw a Jackson Pollock painting that I liked! After lunch, we navigated our way around to see a couple more churches. My favorite was San Nicolo di Mendicoli, kind of tucked away in a remote corner but we found it.

    Back to San Marco Square for one more walk around (still stupefied by the huge crowds) and then had a hot chocolate and sweet for twice what we spent on lunch in a cafe in the square. But where else can you listen to a piano player, eat a canolo, and look out the window and see the Doge's Palace? We have a reservation for one last Italian dinner in a recommended trattoria near the hotel. Tomorrow morning at 5 am we will be in a water taxi heading to the airport.

    Home sweet home beckons. I was glad to see that the temps have risen a bit. High tomorrow of 8 F (-13 C) with a low of -7 (-22 C). Always sounds so much colder in centigrade!
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  • Day23

    Venice: and I thought they'd be jet lagg

    December 5, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 -2 °C

    It's now 6.23am. Grace and I took the Alilaguna (airport waterbus) to get the girls from the airport yesterday afternoon. Before that, we made sure that we had breakfast for our jet lagged girls who would wake at 4am (11am Perth time), hungry. Now, both of us are wide awake, and our supposed jet lagged girls are fast asleep. We did keep them awake till 8.30pm (3.30am Perth time) last night although Kai was falling asleep waiting for dinner at Cantina Do Spade. This lovely eatery does not charge the 12% service charge or €4 seating fee as mentioned in the previous post. It was recommended to us by a gorgeous young lady sitting at the table next to us in Bologna. It was also a place our accommodation host in Venice marked on our map. With 2 recommendations, it loved up to expectations. We tried white polenta there for the first time. Nothing like yellow polenta, it's like what what white fluffy clouds would taste like, ethereal.Read more

  • Day15

    Happy New Year from Venice!!

    December 31, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Today was absolutely my favorite kind of tourist day. The sun was shining in the morning and the vaporetto was not at all crowded, so we had a Grand Canal ride with great weather and great views. Then we took another across the lagoon to San Giorgi, a church designed by Palladio (the Italian architect whose name has been given to McMansion designers' favorite type of window). Amazing views from the bell tower.

    Then an hour or so walking in the main square area, and realizing how lucky we are that our hotel is not in this part of town. We are in San Stae, well located between the train station and the Rialto/San Marco area. Still lots of tourists, but nothing like the crowds closer in town.

    After a decent lunch in a little trattoria (when in tourist landia it pays to raise your budget a little and go for a white tablecloth place), we got back on the vaporetto and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the neighborhood named Canareggio. No more than 4 tourists on any bridge we crossed! In fact there were lots of streets adjacent to canals where we saw no gondolas, no trinket shops, nothing but regular people with their laundry hanging from the line outside. We saw a couple of beautiful churches, two in particular, both named after Mary, both gothic but radically different styles. We saw Tintoretto's house, and the churches had lots of Tintoretto and Titian paintings, so even though we didn't go to any art museums today we had our fair share of art.

    Surprising factoid of the day -- We went to the first Jewish ghetto and learned that the name comes from the Italian word for forge, because the Jews here were forced to live in an area of Canareggio that was the site of an old Italian forge.

    Well, tonight is New Year's Eve. We were kind of on the fence about braving the crowds to go down to the square for fireworks, but then our hotel owner gave us his opinion about the crowds and the fact that it will take hours to walk back in the throngs. And then to top things off, we saw the weather forecast is showing possible rain. So after Joe "rests his feet" (code for "takes a short nap") we will go see if there is any food to be had in any place in our neighborhood. If not, we have a bag of clementines and a bar of chocolate, which will hold us till tomorrow if need be.

    Happy New Year to all!
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