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  • Day2

    Überfahrt nach Palermo

    April 2 in Italy

    Frisch gestärkt sind wir in Domaso losgefahren. Trotz 2,5h Puffer sind wir auf die letzte Minute (zumindest nach deutsch-schweizerischer Pünktlichkeit) am Fährhafen angekommen. Deppert wie wir sind dachten wir, dass der Osterverkehr nur Richtung Norden alle Italiener, die in die gleiche Richtung fahren wie wir, haben wir nicht gedacht 🤦‍♀️. Naja, die Kinder haben trotz Staus gut mitgemacht und die Fähre ist nicht ohne uns unterwegs.Read more

  • Day16

    Portofino, Italy

    August 18, 2017 in Italy

    As part of the Italian Riviera, this rustic and elegant small harbor is very popular with the affluent, as seen by all the yachts in the harbor.
    We enjoyed strolling around the village and visiting the shops and cafes.

  • Day10


    June 28, 2016 in Italy

    Anchoring here now, brekkie on board then tender into the port. Taking a bus trip today to Santa Margarita and Genoa as we saw Portofino last time...these pics taken in Portofino this trip. Still an utterly stunning place.

  • Day11

    Cinque Terre

    April 17, 2017 in Italy

    Early start. Coffee in SL, then train to the last of the Cinque Terre villages. A demanding walk to the next village (Cinque terrifying), train onwards, another longer and less challenging walk and then train back after some sightseeing. The national park was absolutely thronged.

    Move to a slightly better campsite as the easter rush is dying down.

  • Day20


    April 21 in Italy

    Vi havde desværre kun 5 timer, men det gik med bus ude fra skibet tre kvarter efter og tilbage en time før for vi skulle være ombord en halv time før afgang, så det var alt for kort tid. Vejret var dejligt, høj sol men vi fik kun nået at valse op og ned af Ramplaen, så det var alt for kort tid. Kl.13 sejlede vi så afsted mod Savona. Der ankom mer vi i morgen søndag kl.9

  • Day21

    Savona og Genova

    April 22 in Italy

    Så kom vi endelig til Savona, vi havde forskellige farver på vores kufferter så vi kunne først komme i land kl.10.30 og skulle forlade rummet kl.8 vi fik så mulighed for et godt morgenmad og lidt solskin, for det var det masser af. Vi vandrede så i land og gik lidt rundt som en flok høns, uden at vide hvor vi skulle gå hen. Vi slæbte jo på vores kuffert, så vi bestemte at tage en taxa til Genova som lå en 40-50 km. Væk, Savona var i gamle dage omkring 1600 tallet det gamle Genova, men den blev for lille og man flyttede så Genova, den har omkring 1 million indbyggere, en meget hyggelig by, men alle gader er frygtelig smalle og det er et under at der ikke sker flere ulykker. Vi var med en bus og det var godt. Nok tæt på mange gange. Vejret er skønt ingen vild og bare sol.Read more

  • Day23


    April 24 in Italy

    Så er det vores sidste dag her i Genova. Sagde i schooter, med de smalle gader og ingen parkeringsplads kan jeg godt forstå at der bare er flere schootere en biler. I går var vi rundt og se en masse, der var et rigtig gammelt skib, sikkert fra Columbus tid og så var der Europas største akvarium med et utal af fisk og havdyr. Der var også nogle store både som var overmalet med Moby dick, Supermand og super women, og Batmand. Vi havde et skønt vejr og skulle nå en masse nu tiden var så kort. Vi tog også busser. Vi havde købt et 24timers kort så vi kunne køre når vi ville, ellers er deres busbilletter en 100minutters billet.Der var også noget med Euroflower som de reklamerede for og så var der hængt paraplyer op mange steder i stedet for blomster som ikke ville holde så længe. Til sidst orkede Peter ikke mere, så ham sendte jeg hjem og fortsatte selv rundt for at se. Da jeg kom tilbage fik vi noget aftensmad en sidste gang og så var dagen ved at være forbi. Nu her til morgen skal vi ned til dejlig morgenmad. Forøvrigt er vores værelse og bad en hel balsal og pæn i stand. Vi skal checke ud kl.12 og med bussen lige overfor kl. 12.38 til lufthavnen, så vi vil først være hjemme ved 22 tiden. Det har været en rigtig dejlig tur synes vi. Hej Hej.Read more

  • Day333

    Day 334: South to Genoa

    January 14 in Italy

    On the move, again! Packed up in Turin and headed for the station, then hopped on our train to Genoa at 12pm. Should be a fairly easy run this one, just a direct train that takes about 2.5 hours.

    Or at least it was supposed to be! The first 90 minutes passed uneventfully, although the conductor tried to tell us something in Italian. Eventually the train pulled into Alessandria, a backwater city just over halfway between Turin and Genoa, and sat. And sat. And sat.

    Eventually everyone got off the train, and one person who spoke a bit of English told us the train was cancelled because of a strike! And we'd had such a good run up to the this point, only a couple of cancellations and delays.

    So we went inside the station but the two harried-looking people at the counter couldn't speak English, and judging from everyone's tone, there wasn't any info to find anyway. Nothing online about the strike either, naturally - though it was probably just in this area.

    There weren't any other options either, no buses and definitely too far for a taxi. So we just did what everyone else from our train had done - go inside the cafeteria and wait. Mainly because it was heated! So we waited and waited, for almost 2 hours in the end.

    Finally people started moving so we all got up and headed back over to the platform, where a train set off for Genoa again. I'm pretty sure it was actually the same train we had been on before, so who knows.

    Anyway, we finally made it to Genoa. It's an old port city, once the rival of Venice and still one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean. The medieval area is really atmospheric - no cars, packed in tiny, mazy streets and alleyways. There's also just a hint of danger in the air too, as prostitutes are a pretty common sight as well as people just "hanging around" - probably selling drugs. We'd been warned no to go down dark alleyways particularly at night, and though we figured it would mostly be safe I was a little on edge the whole time. It also looked a little grimmer than usual since it was Sunday and all the shops had their shutters closed.

    Found our apartment with no issues, on the eighth floor of an old palazzo but thankfully with a lift! Nice apartment, recently renovated though the bathroom is a bit odd. No shower curtain, it's just sort of in a cupboard and has a sloped ceiling coming towards you.

    We settled in for a bit then went wandering down to the waterfront. Lots of people out enjoying the late afternoon. Not quite as sunny as yesterday but only scattered clouds. Walked past the famous and surprisingly expensive aquarium, walked to the end of a couple of piers and back, then visited a famous deli/supermarket creatively titled Eataly. Stocked up on provisions for the next couple of days before heading home via a few streets we hadn't explored already.

    Lots to do tomorrow!
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  • Day28


    October 6, 2017 in Italy

    This week I have worked with Luigi, the communist employee from southern Italy, with whom I have established a good rapport. I tell him I have to supervise his work as one cannot leave Africans without direction: that is the white man's burden. He tells me I am a useless imperialist and he has to redo my work. We have made a stack of firewood with blunt saws and ancient axes as well as carrying loads around the property at the behest of the ladies of the staff.Read more

  • Day35

    Animal attractions

    October 13, 2017 in Italy

    Another activity of the Centro is personal development and the running of university courses. The guru, Paolo, a florid middle aged man, has arrived from Milan and is surrounded at dinner by six women acolytes who literally dote on his words which pour from him without interruption. The volunteers leave dinner early somewhat embarrassed by the scene.

    Animals are kept but not integrated into the farm. There are 14 chickens kept permanently in one location. They produce about 5 eggs a day. There were six fat pigs, again in an enclosure, but one died of a suspected heart attack being morbidly obese: they were all around the 200 kg mark I'd say. There is no swineherd and a different person refills the feed container whenever required. Consequently the pigs are frightened of people and difficult to manage as I discovered when sent to read the 5 eartags. Getting close was next to impossible but I managed to get a shot of each, which as you can see was entirely useless. This operation was necessary because the person responsible for this side of the business had buried the dead pig with its identity tag, they had no record of the numbers, and the vet wouldnt issue a disease clearance certificate for the Dept of Agriculture without it.

    Later we started training the pigs to enter the wagon which would take them to slaughter by laying feed in the entrance laneway.

    Also in the menagerie is a donkey, two geese and two peacocks.
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