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  • Day17

    Beautiful Venice

    August 22 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    It’s raining in Venice! After a slow start to the morning we headed off to use our hop on hop off water bus pass. It was much cooler today which was great for walking around. Our first stop is St Marks! So many people. We ended up getting tickets to explore the Doges Palace and only had a short wait to get in. Absolutely fantastic and the history was amazing. We spent about two hours wandering through the palace and then the Bridge of Sighs which led to the prison area.

    When we finished we were going to wander around but there were way too many people so we jumped back on the bus and went to Murano. It is a beautiful place and much quieter and less tourists. Interesting that some shops had signs saying not Chinese glass, which it wasn’t and it would have been a shame to destroy the local industry with Chinese imports.

    Had a yummy pizza on a canal and then looked at the many shops with amazing glass sculptures and jewellery. I was lucky and got a pair of Murano glass earrings. The ride back passed some beautiful buildings and sights!

    We got back to the start and then found a little bar for the expected refreshments and then we found a wonderful little restaurant where Pete says he had the best Seafood pasta ever! We shared some yum mussels and made short work of the bowl!

    Walked home after Pete had the best Tiramisu ever! We are off to Rome tomorrow.
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  • Day2

    Arriviamo a venezia

    August 26 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    After another technical issue (computers this time) we finally leave Chicago - 4+ hours late. Stretch out on seats and fitfully sleep for most of 8 hours. Easily slide through security and hop on the slow bus to Venice. Find our hotel, shower and out to explore the city. Give up any hope of knowing where we are going but manage to get to San Marco, drink Aperol spritzes, have a nice dinner and eat gelato. Pretty successful 7 hours of touring.Read more

  • Day16

    Trattoria Alla Palazzina, Venice

    September 14, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    We ended our day at a lovely restaurant just around the corner from where we are staying. We needed somewhere close to home so we wouldn’t have to walk far. And I had been hanging out for authentic Italian gnocchi since our last visit to Italy.

    Unfortunately I was very disappointed with my meal, it tasted like little potato pellets with tin tomato sauce. Brad on the other hand was exceptionally pleased with his seafood pasta, piled high with fresh seafood. He was not disappointed at all. The biggest thing for the night was Brad actually ordered a glass of wine with his meal - first time ever!!

    We sat out in the lovely garden bar, Brad enjoyed his meal, we both enjoyed the Italian wine, and we really enjoyed the slightly cooler temperatures.
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  • Day15

    Revisiting Venice

    September 13, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    After yet another delicious breakfast (this is going to be a hard habit to break), we made the train to Venice - just. One thing about Italians, they are never in a hurry but at least we made it.

    It was yet another extremely hot day and thankfully we were able to check into our accommodation early. Because of a change of plans we were spending one extra night in Venice but could not extend our already booked accommodation so had to book somewhere else. And I have to say thank goodness we only had to spend one night here. While it was clean and the air con was amazing, it was the smallest room we have ever been in. And the room rules state you cannot eat or drink in your room. This is a hotel for goodness sake. Very odd. We also had to leave the keys with reception when we went out. I will say again - air con was amazing.

    We cooled down in our room for the afternoon then headed out to reacquaint ourselves with Venice. I fell in love with Venice on our trip last year and was looking forward to revisiting. Unfortunately it wasn't as "sparkly" as last time. Some places were a lot more touristy and the authentic feel was missing. There was also a lot more graffiti in places and some areas just felt run down. It is still a very unique city and I am glad we get to visit again.

    The great thing about visiting a second time though is that we were able to find our way around a lot easier with less wrong turns. Although you can never take a wrong turn in Venice. Everywhere you look there is something to see and admire. Due to the heat it was still extremely hazy, even late afternoon, but we still got to admire the Venice charm. We are looking forward to our next few days in Venice.
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  • Day209

    Day 210: To Venice, via Milan

    September 12, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    Off to Venice we go! Excited to finally be heading here, as it's just one of those places everyone needs to visit. But first, the travel. We packed up and left quite early, around 8am, as we needed to return the car in Milan by 10:30am and it was a 2 hour drive.

    The reason we'd done a return rental was because (from memory) the hire to do a return journey was about 80 euros, while the one way journey was 250-ish. A bit of a difference! Even once you factor in 40 euros for train tickets Milan->Venice, an extra tank of petrol, 12 euros in tolls. But the other consideration was that our Airbnb wouldn't be ready until mid-afternoon, so driving from Vicenza to Venice and arriving with all our luggage at 11am wouldn't be great.

    So we drove back to Milan. Drove through a couple of super heavy rainstorms where I had to go quite slowly, though the local idiots were just plowing along at 150km/h like usual. The drive was about 2 hours 20 minutes, back along essentially the same route we'd taken over the past few days. Not much of note. A bit stressful getting through Milan with the traffic and the drivers, but we made it in one piece and with no incidents.

    Once again the car hire company was super slow, and it was nearly 45 minutes before I finished dropping off the car (literally all they needed to do was check it over and trade a couple of signatures, but whatever). Shandos used the time to buy food and tickets, then we hopped on the 11:25 train with about 15 minutes to spare.

    Train ran to schedule which was nice and a little unexpected for Italy! Very crowded though, and we ended up sitting in separate seats (normally we'd occupy an inward-facing four-seater). Had to change trains at Verona, where quite a few people got off so we had much more space for the final leg into Venice.

    Arrived into the bustling main station at Venice, got our bearings and started on the short walk to our apartment. We're staying in Cannaregio which is slightly less touristed than other parts of Venice. Apparently. We'll see. About a 10 minute walk to our building, a palazzo fronting onto the grand canal just near the casino. Though of course we're staying essentially in the attic, at the rear with only views of rooftops. Comfortable room, though a lot of it has a sloping ceiling which limits its utility.

    Rested up then headed out for a walk around! Very busy and lots of people around but that seems quite normal. The street just near us is a pretty main street, so we just followed it around slowly as it ran parallel to the grand canal. Eventually we arrived at the Rialto Bridge and took a few photos.

    Decided to find somewhere for dinner and eventually decided on a place down a backstreet that we'd noticed, a small wine bar selling chiccetti, essentially Venetian tapas or pintxos like we'd had in San Sebastian. After a few of those and a couple of drinks we wandered back home via a pizza stand where we filled up the corners of our stomachs.

    Off to bed early, busy day tomorrow!
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  • Day17

    Venice = very nice

    April 30, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We spent a day and a half in Venice as it was a change over day with half the ship disembarking and a new lot of passengers joining the cruise. There are three other cruise ships in port already so Venice is bound to be crowded. The port is a little way away from the main square and the only way is by water...there are no roads where we are going (to quote the Doc in Back to the Future - am I showing my age here? )

    So we arrive in Venice and the place is a sea of people ( This is also a public holiday weekend). When you think of Venice you really only think of the canals, gondolas/ gondaliers, a couple of famous bridges (Rialto bridge and Bridge if Sighs), St Marks Basilica & Square and the Grand Canal. Apart from the Doge's Palace there is not to much more to see. I guess it is the uniqueness of this place that is the main attraction.

    We had a tour of the Doge's Palace - very ornate with gold and painted ceilings and apparently one of the largest canvas paintings in the world. We crossed the Bridge of Sighs which does not have any romantic connotation associated with it as the gondoliers would have you believe as they punt you underneath. Instead it was actually the direct path to the prison. The sighs would be the sound the prisoners would make as they crossed the bridge, possibly only a one way trip.... Or so the story goes.

    It is known as St Mark's Basilica (and square) because that is where the apostle St Mark is buried. Trouble is, St Mark died in Egypt , not Venice, but as the Venetians were always competing against Rome (who had St Peter), they decided to steal the body from Egypt and bring it back to Venice. To do this they hid his body in a large basket and covered it with pork so when they passed through customs the Muslims would not touch pork and thus not find the body. True story - fascinating stuff. There is a depictation of this event on the front of St Mark's Basilica. Unfortunately we were not able to go into St Mark's as the queues were just too long.

    We didn't go on a gondola as it is quite expensive and when we looked at the faces of those travelling, nobody seemed very happy, including the gondalier. We got plenty of photos though and we also made our way to the Rialto bridge, did some shopping and bought a piece of Murano glass (another Venetian specialty) and a couple of other souvenirs. Back onboard on off to Split in Croatia.
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  • Day17


    June 3, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Wow! I think this city was my favourite so far!

    Our campground wasn't actually in Venice, but a short ride over by water taxi. The mosquitos (mozzies, in Aussie-speak) were noteworthy, but the bug repellant helped.

    Venice is actually made up of 118 islands that are connected by hundreds of bridges of various types and sizes; everything from the opulent Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs to a regular footbridge. St. Mark is the patron saint of Venice and the Basilica named in his honour is quite spectacular and the only works of art inside are mosaics. The basilica opens up onto St Mark's Square, which is quite large and home to thousands of pigeons.

    We started off our full day in Venice bright and early with a walking tour led by a really terrific tour guide that lives in Venice - she even pointed out her house. There are over 120 churches because, historically, each island had at least one church. There are no cars or bicycles permitted in Venice, which is great for walking around, buy it's an extra challenge to move goods (and even garbage) around the city, so everything is moved using hand carts (definitely contribute to the high cost of Venice).

    We had free time after our walking tour ended in St Mark's Square, so a group of us hit some of the high points (Rialto and Sighs) and went exploring. In case of emergency, we had a Mario, but it was fun just walking around the tiny streets, looking in shops, gelato and food multiple times. A few of us found a little restaurant and spent a couple of hours with pasta and vino, then we meet up with the whole group for gondola rides.

    Gondolas are pretty much exclusively for tourists at this point and I'm glad to have experienced it. There were six of us per gondola and our gondolier was one his cell phone almost the entire time, which kind of stunted what I'd pictured, but it was near anyway.

    I'd mentioned to Cobey and Amelio how much I enjoy bringing back art from trips because it's something that I can display at home and bring back memories from travels. As we were walking back from the gondolas, they came across a man drawing with charcoal and they brought me over... His pieces were amazing! It was a tough decision, but I decided on a charcoal sketch of the Bridge of Sighs. Perfect, since I was definitely hoping to find something in black and white for home. It won't smudge and is sandwiched in cardboard to keep it safe until I get home! I took a photo with the artist and Cobey took a time-lapse of his sketching while I was deciding... Amazing!

    It's hard to explain, but I really enjoyed the vibe of the city as a whole. I'm glad I found a terrific souvenir from this terrific city!
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  • Day1


    December 15, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 5 °C

    After leaving home a little after midnight, we set foot in Venice a little after midday. Expecting freezing weather (1°C according to the aeroplane captain) we were pleasantly greeted by a brisk but beautiful Venetian winter day - glorious blue sky and completely still air meant the temperature was really not that cold.

    We walked through the northern alleys and shops of Venice, heading for the Rialto and Piazza San Marco. The small tourist shops stock masses of masks and Murano glass. I adore the masks...having visited Venice a few times now (and loving it), I think a visit during the carnival is in order...
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  • Day5


    May 22, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Die letzte Nacht gab es Dauerregen, der bis heute Mittag anhielt. Also war Aufstehen heute nicht wie geplant um 6.30Uhr, sondern erst 3Stunden später. Auch mal ganz angenehm! Frühstück im WoMo und gegen 13.00Uhr hörte der Regen abrupt auf. Spontan ging es wieder zu Fuß los zur Fährstation und 45min später waren wir wieder in den Menschenmengen. Bei "Rosa Salva" essen wir leckere Tramezzini, dazu trinken wir Aperol Spritz. Lecker! Ein Besuch im Hard Rock Café gehört natürlich auch zu unseren Zielen. Im Buchladen "Libraria Acqua Alta" gibt es unzählige tolle Bücher, die Geschichten erzählen könnten. Das Teatro Fenice, der Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, der Campanile, die Basilika San Marco, der Dogenpalast und viele der 398 Brücken gehören zu unseren Zielen. Hatte ich schon erwähnt, das es hier ständig Trepp auf und Trepp ab, durch unzählige kleine und große Gassen geht? Schließlich besteht die Altstadt von Venedig aus 118 Inseln, zwischen denen sich unterschiedlich breite Kanäle hindurch ziehen. Die Orte der Lagune wurden auf Millionen von Holzpfählen errichtet. Wir finden hier immerhin 175 Kanäle mit etwa 38km Gesamtlänge! Imponierend! Ein spannender zweiter Venedig-Tag geht nach 18Uhr mit der Vaporetto-Rückfahrt zu Ende!Read more

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