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  • Day54


    January 11 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Von Palmerston North ging’s heute zum Castlepoint was ca. 140km Autofahrt waren, denn so langsam wollen wir uns in Richtung Südinseln vortasten. Castlepoint ist eine kleine Stadt am Strand entlang der Küste in der Region von Wellington. Es ist die Heimat eines bekannten Leuchtturms welcher an einem Riff steht. Hier sind wir in einem Hotel mit Campingplatz auf der Campside untergebracht, da es tatsächlich die einzige Schlafmöglichkeit im Umkreis von 50 km ist angeschnitten von jeglicher Zivilisation.
    Es ist auch das einzige Gebäude direkt an der Straße zwischen Masterton und Castlepoint.
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  • Day52


    January 9 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Heute morgen waren wir erstmal ein bisschen in der Stadt, da Lars und Leon welche ich schon in Taupo im Hostel kennengelernt habe sich einen Pulli im Op-Shop in Napier kaufen wollten. Den restlichen Tag haben wir am Strand verbracht, bis wir mittags wieder ins Hostel sind. Dort haben wir noch BILLARD gespielt und mit anderen aus dem Hostel gekocht.Read more

  • Day53

    Napier -> Palmerston North

    January 10 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Nach dem Frühstück, welches im Citerion Art Deco Backpackers included war haben mich die anderen 3 auf ihrem Weg von Gisborne nach Napier wieder eingesammelt. Diesmal ging’s dann für uns zu 6. im Auto weiter. Von Napier nach Palmerston North, 160km Fahrt wobei jeder gefühlt auf jedem saß und mindestens ein Rucksack oder ein anderes Gepäckstück auf dem Schoß hatte, da wir noch Leon und Lars mitgenommen haben welche auch aus Heidelberg kommen.
    Unser erster Stop waren der "Maraetotara Fall" und war ein Geheimtipp von ein paar Neuseeländern. Ist etwas versteckt gelegen eine halbe Stunde südlich von Napier. Man kann auch cliffhanger mäßig den Wasserfall runterspringen. ACHTUNG! Überall im Wasser sind Felsen.
    Von den Falls aus sind wir die restliche Strecke nach Palmerston North gefahren, dort haben wir über Booking ein super Motel gefunden was meiner Meinung nach bisher unsere beste Unterkunft war mit allem drum und dran für nur 16€ pro Nase.
    Nachdem wir dann etwas die Stadt erkundet haben konnten wir alle zusammen im Zimmer einen Film über Netflix schauen, da es die erste Unterkunft war mit Fernseher im Zimmer!
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  • Day70

    Cape Kidnappers

    November 9, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅

    Wir arbeiten wieder auf einer Farm. 💪🏼
    Dieses Mal ist sie nur 15 Minuten entfernt von der Stadt Masterton und auch nur eine Freizeit Farm. ☺️
    Das Ehepaar Michael und Margarete haben uns freundlich empfangen und uns das recht grosse Haus gezeigt, in dem wir ein eigenes Zimmer bekommen haben. Somit haben wir mal wieder in richtigen Betten geschlafen. 😄🙈
    Am nächsten Tag (Montag) ging für uns dann das arbeiten richtig los. Wir einigten uns darauf, dass wir einen ganzen Tag arbeiten und dafür nächsten Tag frei bekommen.
    Somit standen 10 Stunden Arbeit auf dem Tagesplan. Laura putze alle Fenster und Holzbalken des Hauses und Lucas reinigte das halbe Dach inklusive der Dachrinnen.
    Abends gab es noch lecker Lamm und wir vielen völlig kaputt ins Bett. ☺️😴
    Heute (Dienstag) hatten wir also den besagten freien Tag und wir fuhren gut eine Stunde weiter nördlich zum "Cape Kidnapper" und dem dazugehörigen "Castle Point". Uns erwartete türkisblaues Wasser, ein Leuchtturm und ein unendlich weiter Blick über das Meer. 😍🌊
    Es war teilweise so windig, das wir uns gegen den Wind stellen konnten und nicht umfielen. 😄
    Gegen Nachmittag ging es wieder zurück und wir sind gespannt, was uns morgen am Arbeitstag erwartet. ☺️
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  • Day8

    Castle Rock

    December 9, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅

    Big goal for today was to mount Castle Rock.
    Well I wasn't so sure about it anymore when I saw Castle Rock for the first time 🙈
    Had some interesting talks with myself about doing it or not 😂

    In the end I was going all the way up on Castle Rock and it's was amazing!
    The way or better path was a challenge, partly a disaster 🙈 The last 1/3 of the way up was just a 30cm wide path straight on the hill. You really have to watch every single step you are doing very carefully.
    But I made it up and down again, actually it was worst to go down than up 😉
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  • Day150

    Castlepoint Headland

    November 26, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅

    Castlepoint is an often skipped destination. It's a long winding road from the highway as most people head for Wellington and the South Island. Mostly locals visit this area. For them it's the closest beach. But are we ever glad that several kiwi's had highly recommended making the side trip here. The scenery created by ocean waves carving out the limestone rocks is magnificent. A small parking lot allowed 12 vehicles to freedom camp in the dunes. Luckily we could nestle our minivan between several large RV's. We took a quick look around the lighthouse, overlooking the surrounding, before starting our evening routine. We'd save our main exploration until the following day. It was fun to watch locals take their cars, trucks and dirtbikes onto the hard sand of the beach and do donuts. Although we were happy when they stopped making such a ruckus!

    In the morning we did a short hike around the bay, making a steep climb onto a large headland. From here the view overlooked many bays in the distance. A local we met at the top had come back many times after her son had gotten married up there. The rocks are carved out from underneath, making the headland look like a large cresting wave! Many small but colourful flowers have made the salt sprayed rocks their habitat.

    On our way down from the headland, several people had told us that a seal was hanging out on the stairs. It was injured. It had one eye closed with scars and wasn't moving. We sat down a few steps higher up and wondered if we should get some help. It growled at us when we tried to get closer. As we saw more seals later during the trip, we learned that seals are just generally lazy. It was probably more disturbed by us interrupting her sunbathing than she was suffering from her injuries. In fact, she had climbed a long way up the stairs to find this sunny spot. We scrambled down in a big loop around where she lay and continued our stroll on the beach.

    There was a nice stroll around the lighthouse. It had some interpretive signs about the native flower species. And all over the headland, fossilized sea shells were sticking out of the exposed rocks.

    At low tide, a cave underneath the lighthouse was accessible. According to myths, a giant octopus lurked here! Not knowing what the tide was, Mats wanted to go look for the entrance. A few people were fishing along the rocks in the direction of the cave. Scrambling over the rocks, Mats slowly made his way along the shore. At one point, another seal was "guarding" the path. Mats tip-toed around her, trying not to disturb her sunbathing. Abruptly, the rocks ended in a channel that flowed back and forth with the waves. The channel led into the cave! Apparently the tide was not low. On the opposite side of the channel, a large male seal was "barking" loudly. Mats jumped into the channel, up to his waist and waded into the cave. Scrambling back onto the rocks, a female seal inside was startled and ran out to the sea. Mats quickly got out of her way. Looking deeper into the cave, an exit was visible on the other side. It was a tunnel carved underneath the lighthouse! With every wave hitting the ocean side, a large rumble echoed through the tunnel. Exciting! Unfortunately the water was too deep and rough to explore any further.
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  • Day42


    May 1, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅

    Oh that was a shaky night. I imagined Romeo and me sliding in the sea or a wave would drag us in the water, just two of those nice little scenarios that pop in your head when you're alone in a storm. Luckily I slept very well and woke up only once. So I think we're good now. Ready for our journey together. I headed to the lighthouse Nr. 1 after breakfast with the first of many rainbows. The gravel road from last night was not less scary to drive in daylight... There I met Tom, a English guy on holiday, he worked in summer up at Coromandel and is driving down to Wanaka for the winter ski season. We had a very interesting conversation about Brexit and co. so it was quite late when I left Cape Palliser. After a beautiful drive through green hills with those warm autumn colors I arrived in Castlepoint where the second lighthouse was. I checked in and went for a walk, again, incredible lighting and rainbows. And a 15min intense shower where I met a Katie and Mark with their four year old son Jago and their friend Dan. We had a nice chat and they invited me to their cottage for warming up since the temperature would drop to zero tonight. So after diner I took one of my last Swiss chocolate and got there. It was a night to remember with lot's of laughter, good conversation and me trying to teach them how to play Jass, a Swiss card game.Read more

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