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  • Day7

    Today we slept in slightly, our legs feeling not too bad from the previous days snow adventures. James and I set out down he street on a coffee run. Some delicious coffee can be found across the road from Queenstown's Lakeview Holiday Park at a cosy little cafe called Bespoke Kitchen.

    On return it was a quick pack up and we were on the beautiful road to the historical town of Arrowtown, about 30 minutes out of Queenstown. Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town situated on the banks of the Arrow River, surrounded by steep, rocky mountains. Gold was first discovered in the Arrow river back in 1862 and soon a large population of 7,000 miners moved to the area. There are many well preserved buildings built by European and Chinese Immigrants when the Arrowtown gold mining was at it's peak. There was something very 'English' about the town with its stone walls, green grass, and old stone cottages everywhere. We browsed the many different antique and collectable stores before settling in for coffee and scones at a nice cafe.
    Jo and I paid a little visit to the tiny local library, Jo reminiscing to the days when her Mum would take her and her siblings to the local library back home when they were young kids and they'd borrow books and DVDs til their hearts content. Such amazing memories! ☺️

    After much wandering of this amazing little town, we decided to head back toward Queenstown, this time continuing through the town and heading toward a place called Glenorchy. The 50 minute drive to Glenorchy is very renowned for its stunning road alongside Lake Wakatipu (the main Queenstown lake). We were blown away by a constant view of the water, surrounded by green forests. We stopped briefly at the pristine Wilson bay and continued on our way. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before we were greeted with orange flashing lights and signs telling us to turn around. Due to persistent rain these last few days the road to Glenorchy had been damaged in a landslide and was closed. Sadly our little adventure out of town had come to an end.

    So we headed back to our delightful holiday park and settled in for the afternoon. Jo took full advantage of the extra time in the afternoon to catch up on some sleep (still trying to shake this flu) while James, Jess and Hudson set out for the Queenstown Gondola to the top of the Ben Lomond mountain, and I sort out a good coffee and an almond croissant.

    The Gondola riders returned, Jo woke up from her sleep and I dragged her into town for dinner. After much wandering of the streets we found a cosy place and tucked in to some delicious food. The food culture here is really great, you don't have to go far to find good food. We're pretty sure we've put on even more weight, it's just too good!

    We settled in for the night, ready for what ever tomorrow brings.

    Asher ☺️
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  • Day105

    NZ South - Arrowtown

    October 27, 2016 in New Zealand

    Auf unserer Fahrt von Wanaka nach Queenstown machten wir einen Halt in der Vergangenheit 🤔.

    Nein, nicht nur am Zaun der vergangenen/verbrauchten BHs, dieser Zaun mit besonderem Schmuck lag nur auf dem Weg.

    In Arrowtown dagegen spürt man die Zeit der Goldgräber und der ersten Siedler als wäre man in der Zeit zurück gereist. Die Häuserfassaden und die Einkaufsstraße sehen aus, wie auf den alten Fotos (lediglich ein bisschen besser herausgeputzt😊) und am Fluss stehen gruppenweise Menschen in gebückter Haltung, in der Hoffnung doch noch einen kleinen Klumpen Gold zu finden.

    Wir haben hier jedoch eine viel bessere Entdeckung gemacht, das Eis von Patagonia!!! Eine Kugel so groß wie ein Baseball und der hauptsächliche Bestandteil aller Sorten ist Schokolade😋
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  • Day97


    December 7, 2016 in New Zealand

    Dann gehts doch weiter. Wir wollen uns noch die ehemalige Gold Town Arrowtown anschauen, gegründet 1862. Hier sind noch etliche Holzhäuser aus der alten Zeit erhalten geblieben. Schön restauriert sind sie nun zumeist Shops, Souvenirläden und Restaurants. An die chinesischen Goldsucher, die sich hier niedergelassen haben, erinnert eine Art Freilichtmuseum. Wir schauen uns kurz um, gönnen uns einen Kaffee und fahren nun endgültig nach Queenstown, denn jetzt fängt es doch an zu regnen.
    Von der quirligen Stadt, die ganz idyllisch am Lake Wakatipu liegt und umgeben ist von den Bergen des Mount Aspiring NP, kriegen wir nicht mehr viel mit. Wegen ganz schlimmen Regens verlassen wir unsere "heimelige" Schlafbuchte nicht mehr, aber wenigsten sitzen wir trocken!
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  • Day9


    April 1, 2016 in New Zealand

    Very picturesque ......Im afraid there is no good coffee there.

  • Day157

    Trip to Middle Earth

    February 19, 2017 in New Zealand

    We set off on a trip to Glenorchy today. It was a really lovely sunny day and we were hopeful of great views on one of New Zealands most scenic drives.
    At first we were a little unsure. Lots of trees and bushes obscured the view to my left that should have looked onto the lake. Fortunately a little further along the winding roads the bushes began to thin out and the road crept up higher to reveal some gorgeous and stunning scenery. The beautiful lake was so still and had a cloudy but glassy sheen to it that made it look a lovely silvery blue/purple. With the backdrop of the mountains it was very Middle Earth. But we were headed for Isengard!
    On route to Isengard we came across the spot where Sam and Frodo spotted the Oliphants. Looks exactly the same. We could have done a walk too to more locations on our way back but the sandflies were out in force by then (clouds had come in) and we just weren't up for that, they were there everytime time we tried to snap a shot on the way back, especially loving Robs arms, that we kept having to run back to the shelter of the car.

    St this point in time we stopped for photos without the sandflies and moved on to the Misty Mountains. When the snow capped mountains came into view it was stunning. We wanted to keep stopping for photos but with such a narrow and winding road there were fewer opportunities to.

    Eventually we got to glenorchy after passing lots of little bays with turquoise blue water. It honestly looked like a Caribbean shoreline in places but with snowcapped mountains in the background. We hoped to stop for a swim on the way back biy yup...the sandflies ruined that too! (plus it got a bit cold).

    Glenorchy is a tiny, tiny town with a population of around 400. Cute though, lots of little cafes and whatnot. We had a picnic by the Lake and then followed a long dirt Road further along towards the location for Isengard. We actually thought we were going a much farther distance to get to another cool film location for Letherien but it turns out there is no road to get there and that the guidebook wording wasn't quite what it should have been. It should have said it is a five day hike to get there! Still...we parked up with a good view of Isengard and took in the very moody and dramatic scenery. You can see why they chose it, especially with the clouds rolling in.

    As previously mentioned, the way home was a little less sunny and filled with sandflies. Nevertheless we did stop on several occasions to wander to the beautiful bays and take in the surroundings. Oh and I also managed to successfully skim stones too! Yay!

    After Glenorchy we headed to Arrowtown to see yet another location filmed by the river. It was bloomin freezing and we had to wander through the river at some points which actually just made my feet so numb I wasn't sure I could walk. Rob managed to stay in for quite some time somehow but didn't use the opportunity to pan for gold. Maybe we could have made our fortune...who knows!

    Back in Queenstown it was a beautiful evening and so we enjoyed cooking dinner outside and chilling to some music.
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  • Day104


    December 15, 2016 in New Zealand

    Auf dem Weg nach Queenstown machten wir einen kurzen Stopp in Arrowtown, ein ehemaliges Arbeiterdorf. Dort wurden die chinesischen Arbeiter aus den Goldmienen untergebracht, da sie von den Einheimischen eher ausgestoßen wurden. Somit bildete sich ein Dorf nur mit chinesischen Bewohnern. Dementsprechend klein, sind all die Häuser die man dort heute noch betrachten kann. 😊👌

  • Day86

    Motatapu Alpine Track

    January 17, 2016 in New Zealand

    From the town I followed the shore of "Lake Wanaka" around.
    And half way around while I stopped to tie my boots, "Audrey" popped up from behind!
    It was nice to see her again. Together we walked to the "Motatapu Alpine Track".
    A fairly easy walk but the next day was supposed to be quite a hard one.
    I call it the "3x3" (three times up, over and down). The way from the Hut climbed steeply up to the "Jack Halls Saddle" (1275m). Then followed some ridge line down to the next hut. Climbed up to saddle no.2 just to descent most of the way back down into the valley. And climbed steeply out of it again to another saddle. One last steep descent brought us to "Roses Hut". Unfortunately for all that we had very cloudy weather, I still enjoyed the sweeping fog passing over. For breakfast we had to climb up 470m to "Roeses Saddle". Afterwards we descended down to the "Arrow River" and since the water level was low and it is apparently faster to stay down in the river instead of taking the high route, we plunged our way down to "Macetown". The old mining town has now a population of 0! Along an old 4x4 track we walked torrwards "Arrowtown". While it was so easy we missed the turnoff of the TA and stayed on the "bad weather route"(with now a bit sunshine) all the way to town!
    The last 30km to Queenstown were quite a fight along an easy but partly hard to follow bicycle trail. We were more as glad once we reached our hostel! We cooked delicious burritos together, for dinner!
    I guess that it for now with the TA tail but don't worry I will finish it later on!

    Von “Wanaka“ ging es entlang des Ufers, des gleichnamigen Sees in Richtung “Motatapu Alpine Track“. Auf halben weg musste ich meine Schuhe neu binden und siehe da wer da von hintern daher kommt -“Audrey“!
    Zusammen haben wir uns dann auf den weiteren weg gemacht. Ein am Ende recht einfacher Tag. Jedoch sollte sich das am nächsten Tag ähndern, oder wie ich ihn nenne den “3x3“(dreimal hoch, rüber und runter)! Von der Hütte ging es steil Bergauf zu dem “Jack Halls Sattel“(1275m) und entlang eines Grates wieder nach unten zur nächsten Hütte. Zwar recht nett hier jedoch war der Tag noch nicht zu Ende! Von hier aus ging es wieder sehr steil Bergauf zum Saddle Nr.2, nur um steil den meisten weg nach unten ins Tal zu gehen! Ein letzter steiler Anstieg zum dritten Sattel und noch einmal ein ewig länger Abstieg hinunter zur “Roses“ Hütte. Leider hatten wir für dass alles sehr bewölktes Wetter, trotzdem konnte ich die vorbei ziehenden Nebelfelder genießen!
    Zum Frühstück gab es dann noch einmal einen Anstieg von 470m zum “Roses“ Sattel, danach ging es hinunter zum Fluss “Arrow“. Welchen wir entlang plantschen in Richtung “Macetown“. Eine alte Goldminen Stadt mit einer Einwohnerzahl von heute 0!
    Danach ging es auf einer alten Forststraße nach “Arrowtown“. Und weil alles gleich so einfach zu laufen war verpassen wir auch gleich die Wegzweigung des TA und liefen den “schlecht Wetter Weg“(bei mittlerweile ein wenig Sonnenschein) in die Stadt!
    Die letzten 30km nach “Queenstown“ sollten sich als ein harter Kampf herausstellen. Zwar war alles recht einfach zu laufen, jedoch war die Navigation etwas schwierig entlang des Fahrradweges.
    Wir beide waren mehr als glücklich als wir dann endlich unsere Jugendherberge (natürlich am anderen Ende der Stadt) erreichten!
    Zum Abendessen haben wir noch gemeinsam Burritos gekocht - sehr lecker!
    Das war es dann für das erste mit dem TA, aber keine sorge ich werde den wander weg schon noch fertig machen!
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  • Day53

    What you do when it's overcast

    May 20, 2016 in New Zealand

    Woke up today and it was overcast and rainy. As I noted before on a dirt road near Nelson a rock had hit something under the car and it made a noise when hitting about 100km/hr. Well at some point in the Haast pass Tom had hit a pot hole and now the noise was worse at 60km/hr and the steering wheel did funny things at about 10km/hr. So long story short we took it in and exchanged it for a new car before we did anymore damage.

    Then we head to the cute village of Arrowtown for lunch. Had pies and a Guinness in Irish pub and walked around the shops.

    After we got home we went to a place right next to us, the Craft beer house. Tom had a flight of 6 IPAs (including some double one).

    Went home and took a roast chicken out the oven and had a great meal.
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