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  • Day40

    T-Hailand calling

    November 20, 2016 in Thailand

    Es geht für uns weiter mit AirAsia von Singapur nach Krabi. Kristina hat leider nicht so viel Urlaub und so fliegt sie wieder zurück nach Deutschland. Sophie und Carlo erliegen dem Jetlag nach 1,5 stündigem Flug und so liegt es am Rest der Bande, Aonang zu erkunden. Rosi holt die Pooltücher und Jakob inspiziert diesen schonmal. Später holen sich allemann blaue Flecken in der Kinderrutsche.

  • Day101

    People are awesome

    May 28, 2017 in Thailand

    Our day of travelling is complete! We were taken to the pier at 8:30am to catch the ferry. We weren't too sure of the journey ahead and only really knew that our last destination was Krabi. We waved goodbye to Koh Tao as we set sail for Koh Phangan. We had to disembark at this island and had an hour wait to transfer to another boat. While waiting we had a man busking for money playing his guitar behind us which wasn't welcomed at first but actually was quite nice in the end. I was having sunburn struggles as my trousers were sticking to it and every time I stood up I had to pull it off my already raw skin. The new boat arrived and we were ushered on board. Trying to go to the loo on a speedboat ferry is the hardest thing in the world I tell you! We had a brief stop at Koh Samui before we ended our water part of our journey on the mainland. This was the part we were unsure of but it couldn't of been more easy. As we exited the boat there were 4 buses lined up in front of us each other labelled with their destination, couldn't go wrong really! We had a comfy bus with loads of leg room which was great. After ten minutes or so the woman next to us but slightly in front was trying to recline her chair and in the end Nick helped her do this which sparked up a conversation with the couple. I think they were nearing 70 with both children and grandchildren but they are so inspirational as people. They're from Norway and have travelled to over 130 different countries around the world. 130! I was in awe of them and their attitude to life and travel. They just pick a country and go there and then build up a connection with the local people to find out where to visit next. They travelled in the 70s when they were the only tourists in certain cities or even countries. They spoke of going to Fiji during a tense time when civil war was on the cards and they were the only people on a flight from Aukland becuase they were the only nationality that would be allowed in the country at that time. They've been to Syria to see the war first hand and talked about cafes and hotels being bombed just hours after they had visited there. They were arrested and had been accused of taking pictures of the president's safe house after the prime minister was murdered which resulted in a 4 hour battle to prove they hadn't taken pictures on this house to then be excused by the president as they had the wrong couple. The husband had worked with the red cross and lived in Zambia for a while where they did a walking safari and had near death experiences with elephants and leopards. He talked so beautifully of building relationships with every local person from the homeless up to the highest class of people around. They visited places and beaches which only they knew about and would be the only tourists for miles around where as now these places are over run with tourists and resorts. They just had such a thirst for life and experiencing everything they possible could in this world with the time they have been given on this planet. I have so much admiration for their attitude and it's made me realise that we have a limited time on this world and we need to make the most of it. I completely know now that I'd rather have a cheaper smaller house than we can afford and use that extra money each year to go somewhere amazing and new and to not be afraid by the reviews and stories you hear of places but to see the world and live it. We spoke with them for the whole 3 hour journey and I couldn't of been more grateful for those precious eye opening 3 hours.Read more

  • Day102

    Rock pool exploring

    May 29, 2017 in Thailand

    We've spent our first night in Krabi and realised that we don't know anything that there is to do here or what our next plan will be. Nick's birthday is on the 1st so we want to do something fun for that therefore that is influencing when and where we go next. We needed to do some planning, our favourite thing! We let ourselves have a lie in after the epic travelling day yesterday and then headed out for some brunch. After food we found a nice place on the beach front that does cheap juices and has wifi so set up base here. Having looked into the islands around Krabi we have decided that we would rather use Krabi as our base and do day excursions than stay on these islands. Most seem to be over populated with tourists and very expensive to stay on. Having made a plan we booked two excursions, one for tomorrow to Koh Phi Phi and the surrounding islands and another one for Nick's birthday exploring other islands. We spent time researching into nice hotels to stay in for a couple of nights for his birthday and booked a place down the road that's reasonable but a much nicer hotel. I did love how our seat height criteria included having a bath! Ever since my mum sent me a photo of her bath that she was about to get in we have both been craving one. We also planned that our next stop will be Malaysia and booked a flight there on the 2nd. Having had a successful planning session we headed out for dinner. We walked towards another beach near our hotel which had limited options and in the end Nick convinced me to eat at a street food area that has been set up with around 20 stalls. We ordered food from one and juices from another. I asked if they do the chicken with cashew nuts that I like and he proceeded to ask the chef about this before saying yes. Having received the food I now knew they'd just cooked their stir fried chicken which they had a picture of on the stall and put cashew nuts on the top, cheeky but clever. After dinner we headed to the beach across the road to watch the sunset. The tide had gone out which left behind many rockpools on the beach. We spent the next hour or so until all the light had gone exploring the many pools on show. The sky was the most beautiful colours as we did this. It was the perfect end to a nice successful day.Read more

  • Day103

    Last night was horrendous. I fell asleep with pains in my stomach and woke up in the early hours of the morning and was unfortunately sick. It was the start of a spout of food poisoning from the street food we ate last night that went on all through the morning. From 1 until 6.30 when Nick woke up I'd had about an hours sleep. It was unbearable and today has been just as bad. I've spent the whole day in bed and we've watched Britain's got Talent to pass the time. While I've been napping Nick has been amazing and planned most of our Kuala Lumpur part of Malaysia as well as gone out and brought me back some snacks in the evening when I was feeling like attempting food. We did have a little hiccup this morning as we'd planned to go on a trip today. Nick headed out half an hour before we were arranged to be picked up to inform the woman that we couldn't go and can we rearrange for tomorrow. 20 minutes after he left I get a phone call and the woman in reception is saying our pick up is downstairs. I tried to explain but she wasn't understanding. As Nick was out getting breakfast I had to get dressed and climb down the 4 flights of stairs to reception with awful stomach pains where I tell her Nick is sorting it but she insists I have to speak to the driver and ushers me outside. I meet the driver and check his sheet and he's collecting one person not two and with a completely different room number to ours. He wasn't even for us, so that was rather frustrating. On a massive plus side though my beautiful nephew has entered the world and our family this morning at 3:45am UK time. Being ill meant I was able to be on constant wifi to see all the amazing photos and updates from back home. Today has been a trying day and of course I had nothing to photograph but our room and tablet so have included some great pictures of baby Zephyr sent from my sister. I'm so in love and craving to be home more than anything. It's going to be very hard the next few weeks!Read more

  • Day104

    Jumping into paradise

    May 31, 2017 in Thailand

    I had a pretty rough night again. No where near like last night but I think being ill made me too dehydrated so I woke in the early hours with a pounding headache that lasted most of the night. When we woke up it had eased but was still not fully gone and while in our sleepy early morning minds we decided not to go on our trip that we had changed to be today. As the morning passed and we considered it more we changed our minds and we were so glad we did! Koh Phi Phi and the surrounding islands are breathtaking. We were picked up from the hotel and headed to a small beach where we boarded a speed boat. We then had the bumpiest ride of our lives and all I kept thinking was how pleased I was that we didn't do this yesterday. We had a baby girl on our boat who was 15 months old and she coped so well with the rough sea. Her grandmothers were very good at making the experience fun and not scary for her even when they had to physically tie her to one of them to stop her flying out their arms. Our first stop was to a place called Bamboo Island which had clear turquoise waters and fine white sand. It was so beautiful it's just a shame you have to share that beauty with hundreds of other tourists. While others swam in the sea we headed down the beach and found secluded rock and beach areas which enabled us to enjoy the island and view so much more. We thought this was a a tour with snorkels available but our tour leader wouldn't let us have the snorkels until the last stop which was a bit frustrating. Next we entered a bay which was surrounded by tall sheer rock faces covered in dense greenery. We were able to jump off the front of the boat and swim in it's beautiful waters for a while. We had two stops where we had to stay on the boat. One was to a cave called Viking cave which you are not allowed to enter as swallows nest in there and they are worried about tourists trying to take the valuable nests which are a delicacy through Asia. Funnily enough we got quite friendly with a Malaysian woman and her 3 children who are our age and her husband owns a bird nest farm in Malaysia so she was able to tell me all about this traditional dish. It was also handy to get some tips from them seeing as their home country is our next stop! The other place we visited where we couldn't depart was a cliff face where monkeys have decided to take up residence. I'm still wondering how these monkeys came to be on these small cliff islands in the first place really. We stopped on Koh Phi Phi Don to have a buffet style lunch. I mainly stuck to plain rice and noodles to be on the safe side. After lunch we had our final stop which was snorkeling in the sea near an island. Unfortunately my gopro has stopped charging so we were unable to take underwater photos which was actually a nice change as it meant I could be completely there in the moment while swimming. We saw angel fish and clown fish that were the colours of Nemo, both we haven't seen before. It's so amazing that even out in the open ocean the water is still warm, definitely don't get that back home! After heading back we were able to Skype home and see my gorgeous nephew for the first time which was priceless but did make us want to climb through the screen and be there too. It's Nick's birthday tomorrow and I've managed to have one opportunity to buy some presents and some candles. It's been impossible when we are together 24/7 and he won't leave my side. Therefore he's got a lot of toiletries which I'll have to wrap in my socks tonight and as I couldn't get a cake he's having candles taped to a Pringles tube! He can't say I don't spoil him! Now I just need to hope I wake up in the night to sort this all out, fingers crossed.Read more

  • Day105

    Birthday celebrations

    June 1, 2017 in Thailand

    It's Nick's birthday! I successfully woke up in the night and managed to get everything prepared by the light of my phone. He was woken up by me walking in from bathroom with my amazing Pringles tube "cake" which consisted of candles stuck to the side with medical tape singing happy birthday as I walked. He then opened his very strange card that was the best of a bad bunch when the opportunity arose to buy one and proceeded to open his presents which had been wrapped inside my socks. All very makeshift but I think he appreciated the effort and was amazed I even had these 2 opportunities to buy things at all when he won't leave my side! Unfortunately Nick started to feel ill and felt that he wouldn't enjoy the trip we had booked to do today so I went and cancelled it but it was too late to get our money back. After a while though he started to feel better so off he ran to see if we could still go and luckily one group was running late so there was still our van in the area to pick us up. The tour operator even gave him a lift back on her moped to the hotel to make the van on time. It was all rather dramatic but we were on our way for our day out. The trip included visiting the mangrove forests by longboat, going to James Bond island where one of the films in the 70s was shot, stopping at a floating village for lunch, an optional canoe ride, visiting a temple inside a cave with monkeys outside and a final stop at a waterfall. Originally we had opted not to do the canoeing but then found out if you don't do it you have to wait around for the others to finish before moving on so as it's his birthday we decided to pay extra and do this. Our canoe rower was trying very hard to be funny and singing throughout which did make it hard to enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. We were able to get up close to the mangrove trees and see the impressive root systems they have. He cut me a heart out of a leaf which I thought was sweet but then wanted to have my camera to take a photo through the heart shaped hole and insisted we kiss for the photo. The result isn't too bad! The monkeys at the cave were friendlier than we have seen before and it was amusing watching them snatch bottles of peanuts tourists had brought to feed them with to then sit and drink the peanuts out of it. Unfortunately at the waterfall stop it was too strong to swim in at this time of year but it was still an impressive sight to see. We had a long drive back to the hotel and as we were last to get on the bus in the morning we were sat apart from each other. We got dressed up and headed to a restuarant that is on the beach front and has a balcony that overlooks the sunset for dinner. It was a beautiful setting for Nick's birthday tea but you really are paying for the view not food quality. I ordered a chicken burger and we weren't even sure what I received was legal meat and it was a horrible brown pink colour. There was no way I was going to risk eating it after being so ill so after Nick had his food we got a ride a Burger King instead! At least I could trust the meat here. Overall I think Nick's had a nice birthday and was pleased we managed to make the trip in the end despite changing our minds so much!Read more

  • Day43

    Koh Phi Phi

    November 19, 2017 in Thailand

    Wir wurden um 07.30 Uhr am Morgen abgeholt mit einem Mini Tuk Tuk wo schon total mit Leuten & Koffer/Rucksäcke überladen war. Wir mussten uns total reinquetschen damit wir Platz hatten 😂. Also ich der Schweiz wäre das Verboten gewesen und wir würden den Füherschein nicht mehr haben. Naja zum Glück waren wir nicht in der Schweiz sondern in Thailand. Kurz eingecheckt und schon waren wir auf dem Boot - überbucht mit Menschen und wir mussten draussen sitzen, zum Glück gong die Fahrt nur 2 Stunden. Auf dem Boot kamen schon eine Frau die Touren verkaufte🙄. Und wie wir sind haben wir natürlich eine Tour gebucht (was im nach hinein zu unseren Gunsten war. Auf dem Festland waren die Preise doppelt soch hoch😋). Wir haben die Tour gebucht für die Maya Beach etc. Den Maya Beach ist Weltweit bekannt, da hatte Leonardo di Caprio den Film Beach in den 2000 gedreht. Das mussten wir uns fast ansehen. Wir mussten um 14.00 Uhr wieder am Pier sein. Und so sind wir zuerst ins Hostel (Freedom Hostel - sah aus wie wie eine Mehrzweckhalle für Autos aus😂. Die Zimmer waren sauber und für 1 Nacht total ok aber nicht länger) unser Gepäck abladen und gingen Mittag essen.

    Um 14.00 Uhr fuhren wir zuerst zum Monkey Beach. War nicht so mein Ding. Ich glaube die haben die Affen 🦍 dort hingebracht für eine Touristen Attraktion. Zum Glück blieben wir nur 10 Minuten da. Wir fuhren weiter zu einem Schnorchelplatz, es war der absolute Wahnsinnnn😍. Das Wasser war so klar, dass wir schon alleine vom Boot aus die schönen und farbenfrohe Fische sehen konnten. Es war toll hier. Und danach fuhren wir endlich zum Maya Beach. Wir fuhren von hinten an zu der Insel. So mussten wir zuerst durch eine kleine Höhle laufen und durch einen kurzen Dschungel und so kamen wir von hinten zu dem Beach. Sagen wir mal so, ich denke der Strand war von über 10 Jahren schöner als jetzt. Er war immer noch schön aber ich war auf meiner Reise an schönere Strände als hier. Es war ok das wir ihn gesehen haben. Durch die Touris wurde er auch sehr „platt“ gemacht. Überall Müll trotz 400 Baht Extra Eintritt..
    Um 17.30 Uhr fuhren wir wieder zurück nach Koh Phi Phi (natürlich waren wir zuspät dran, da wir auf ein Pärchen warten mussten - die hatten einen Scooter Unfall und er hatte Stöcke da sein ganzer Fuss zerquetscht und blau war. Und sie hatte ein ganzes Bein total aufgeschürft. Wir haben nur mitbekommen das er anscheined mit dem Scooter gefahren ist und mit dem Handy gespielt hatte und sie hinten drauf war.. Naja die waren echt dumm). Endlich kamen die auch zurück zum Boot.
    Auf dem Meer sah man schon von weitem das es bald stürmen und regnen kommt. Kaum gesagt hatte es kurz vor dem verlassen des Boots so richtig hinuter geschüttet. Wir rannten zum nächsten Restaurant und assen dort was bis es fertig geregnet hatte. Nach dem Essen war dies auch so, aber die ganze Strasse war voll mit Hochwasser😵😵.

    Im Hostel angekommen, gingen wir kurz duschen und legten uns schlafen (was wir nicht konnten, da wir dumme Weiber im Zimmer hatten, die meinten sie müssten um Mitternacht das Licht ein und aus schalten und mega laut reden).
    Naja, trotzallem war es mega toll hier. Aber zum Glück blieben wir nur eine Nacht. Es reicht eigentlich auch nur einen Tagesausflug von einer anderen Insel zu machen. Es war einfach total überlaufen mit Menschen und man wird hier nur abgezockt.

    So und nun Gute Nacht Koh Phi Phi😴.
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  • Day44


    November 20, 2017 in Thailand

    Tag 1 / Montag, 20. November 2017
    Heute waren wir nach langem wieder einmal am Strand 😉. Wir besuchten die andere Beachseite von Koh Tao. Wir hatten noch ein wenig Zeit bevor wir dann zu Pier gehen mussten. Wir genossen noch die letzen Stunden auf Koh Tao. Wir gingen noch kurz Mittagsessen, bevor es dann weiter nach Krabi ging. Puhhhh, zum Glück waren wir die ersten Personen betraten. Nach gefühlten Minuten später, was das Schiff überfüllt mit Menschen. Ich glaube sogar das die Betreiber extra das Schiff überbuchen.. In einer Ecke waren die Rucksäcke und Taschen.. Madonna Mia das war ein riesen Berg und natürlich unsere zu unterst😅. Nach gut einer Stunde stiegen wir in einen Shuttlebus um und wurden zum Hotel gebracht. Im Hotel eingecheckt, habe ich später noch mit Nonna telefoniert. Das Hotel war echt schön, wurde auch erst neu gebaut. Naja viel gibt es zum heutigen Tag nicht zu schreiben. Einen Transfertag 🙈. Wird wohl auch nicht spezielles in den nächsten Tagen passieren, da wir uns endlich freuen mal nichts zu tun für ein paar Tage😁.

    Tag 2 / Dienstag, 21.November 2017
    Heute war eigentlich nur Strand & Pool angesagt. Wir waren den ganzen Tag Sonnen und machten rein gar nichts🙈. Tut auch mal gut. Einfach die Seele baumeln lassen☀️.
    Am abend gingen wir thailändisch Essen, waa sehr sehr lecker war. Unsere Tripadvisor Königin Mary suchte immer das beste raus😁. Danke Mary, aber ich freue mich schon wieder zuhause zu sein und nicht mehr Restaurant zu suchen müssen. Es ist nämlich recht mühsam nach 7 Wochen😅. Aber du machst den Job super😉✌🏻.
    Nach dem Essen gingen wir zurück ins Hotel und machten uns bald Bettfertig - soweit wie es möglich war...😠. Neben dem Hotel bauten die um 22.00 Uhr irgendwas noch.. Man hörte wirklich alles und so bin ich zur Rezeption mich beschweren. Was natürlich nichts gebracht hatte (zum Glück haben wir von den 7 Nächten nur 3 Nächte im Hotel 8Icon gebucht😅). Und so schlief ich mit meinen Kopfhörer ein. Gute Nacht Krabi😴.

    Tag 3 / Mittwoch, 22. November 2017
    Nach einer kurzer Nacht, beschlossen wir ab Morgen das Hotel zuwechseln. Wie sahen in den letzten Tagen ein schönes Hotel, gleich gegebüber von unserem. Wie konnten echt diesen Lärm nicht mehr ertragen uns so sind wir ins Devanna Krabi Resort gegangen. Es war sehr profesionell, sie zeigten uns sogar das Zimmer. Es hat uns so gefallen, das wir es gleich gebucht haben. Es ist wirklich ein schönes **** Resort👍🏼.
    Nachdem buchten wir uns einen Scooter für umgerechnet CHF 6.- am Tag. Super günstig✌🏻. Wir fuhren an einen anderen Strand und relaxten dort noch ein wenig.. Und plötzlich kam eine riesige Wolke ☁️ und wir sahen nur die Menschen davon laufen. Wir dachten, was machen den die alle?😂 Naja wir wussten es ein paar Minuten später dan auch😂. Wir waren schon pitschnass als wir beim Scooter angekommen sind😅. Egal wir waren ja schon Nass und so probierten wir zurück ins Hotel zufahren. Wir hatten echt Glück das wir keinen Unfall gebaut haben😅🙈✊🏻. Und so verlief unser Abend auch wieder mit einem Restaurantbesuch. Wir hoffen wir haben morgen besseres Glück mit dem Wetter. Gute Nacht verregnetes Krabi😴.

    Tag 4 / Donnerstag, 23. November 2017
    Nach dem Frühstück haben wir das Hotel endlich verlassen können. Den Baulärm war unerträglich😤. So bezogen wir das neue Hotel und chillten nur noch am Pool, da das Wetter ein wenig besser mitgemacht hatte. Für heute gab es nicht wirklich viel spannedes zu erzählen. Wir waren richtige 2 Couchpotatos besser gesagt Poolpotatos😂😂.
    Nach dem Abendessen, haben wir unseren Serienmarathon weitergemacht😅.

    Tag 5 / Freitag 24. November 2017
    Da wir im Resort kein Frühstück hatten bzw. keinen haben wollten, sind wir zu 7/11 Store unser Frühstück holen. War nichts spezielles, die Gipfeli waren sehr scheusslich😂. Und so haben wir für die nächsten Tagen schon Toast und Nutella gekauft😊.
    Zurück im Hotel, schrieb ich Janette (Janette lebt in Bali und ich habe die Telefonnummer von Thierry bekommen. Er kennt Janette auch da seine Tante die beste Freundin von Janette ist). Und so haben wir jemanden vor Ort der und Bali besser zeigen kann. Wir waren froh um sie. Wir haben die Sachen geregelt und so konnten wir beruhigt nach Bali fliegen. Währenddessen suchte Mary ein gutes Tattoostudio und schrieb dem Tattoowierer (er ist in Ubud und braucht veganische Farbe zum stechen) Und so haben wir den Termin auch schon abgemacht.
    Nach dem organisieren chillten wir am Pool noch ein wenig bevor wir wieder einen Scooter gemietet haben damit wir zum Nightmarket gehen konnten.
    Zum Market brauchten wir 30 Minuten. Wir kamen an und schlenderten ein wenig rum. Wir kauften noch ein paar Souvenirs für unsere Familien & Freunden. Am Schluss kauften wir noch frisches Obst für unser Frühstück am nächsten Morgen. Ah ja total vergessen, um Punkt 18.00 Uhr stand alles auf dem Markt alles still. Man hörte wenige Sekunden die Nationalhymne von Thailand. Die Thailänder lassen alles stehen und standen da wie eine Statue. Echt spannend dies mal zuerleben👍🏼.

    Tag 6 / Samstag, 25. November 2017
    Da wir wussten das es heute den ganzen Tag regnen würde, haben wir beschlossen uns massieren zulassen. Und so fanden wir auf anhieb eine tolle Location. Sagen wir mal so - wir 2 hatten nach der Massage nur noch schmerzen am Rücken 😂😂. Naja es war nicht wirklich entspanned gewesen😅.
    Da es wie erwähnt nur regnete, gönnten wir uns eine geile Pizza beim Italiener😍😂😅🙈.
    Nach dem Essen besorgten wir noch ein paar Geschenke und gingen zurück ins Hotel. Am Abend haben wir nur gefaulentz und hatten mit den Freunden und Familien telefoniert. Daddy hatte ich kurz am telefon. Es sah richtig jung und knackig aus - er war auch in den Ferien😉. Danach habe ich noch über eine Stunde mit Nadine & Thierry telefoniert. War ein echt lustiges und amüsantes Gespräch😂. Und natürlich noch mit Nonna und Gotti. Danke ihr lieben❤️.

    Tag 7 / Sonntag, 26.November 2017
    Nach den Ausschlafen und einem Frühstück, sind wir 2 Stunden spazieren gegangen. Wir brauchten frische Luft und es tat so gut.
    Nach einem ausgiebigen Lauf, chillten wir wieder im Hotelzimmer, da es wieder stark geregnet hatte 😠.
    Und plötzlich wo ich die Nachrichten gelesen habe, verschlag fast meine Sprache. Der Vulkan Angung auf Bali ist evtl. am ausbrechen. Und es wurden diverse Flüge schon gestrichen. Und wir fliegen ja morgen auch nach Bali😱. Wir hoffen doch das wir fliegen können, da wir schon einiges organisiert hatten (zum Glück noch keine Hotels). Und so haben wir einen Plan B geschmiedet fall unser Flug doch gecanclet würde. Und so haben wir unser Abend verbracht und geschaut. Dazwischen gingen wir noch Abendessen zum Mexikaner und suchten danach nochmals weiter, wo es überhaupt das beste Wetter gibt etc.☀️ Na diese Nacht bzw. der morgige Tag wird ja mal spannend werden.
    Gute Nacht Krabi. Es war toll hier trotz deinem Regen☔️.
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  • Day19

    Plaže okrog Ao Nanga

    March 7, 2016 in Thailand

    Plaže... Ja plaže so fine, ni kej... :) Kamorkoli prideš se odpre nor pogled in ne moreš se odločit, kje je bilo lepše. Se pa začnejo malo ponavljati. To ne pomeni, da mi niso več všeč ampak da ko jih vidiš par, nimaš več potrebe, da bi hodil gledat še druge. Po moje, če bi lahko cel dan ležal na plaži, da bi mi čisto dogajalo, ker bi se počasi premikal iz ene na drugo in samo polezaval, sem kopal in karkoli se že počne na plaži. Ampak, ker ja z ne zdržim cel dan na plaži kaj šele več njih, me trenutno ne vleče več toliko po plažah... Je pa res, da se to lahko kmalu spet spremeni...

    So pa na slikah plaže, do katerih se v 10 minutah pride iz Ao Nanga s taxi boatom (Railay beach, Phra nang beach...) potem se da pa med njimi premikat peške. Aja, sončni zahod je pa iz mestne plaže Ao Nanga. Kr luštno... :)

    Ko sem gledal slike Tajske sem mislil da so te ogromne skale, ki štrlijo iz vode turistična atrakcija v samo nekaj zalivih, zdej pa vem da so povsod. Na celini, v vodi, v bistvu kamorkoli prideš...
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  • Day19

    Spalna ladja

    March 7, 2016 in Thailand

    In grem naprej proti celini. V turistični agenciji sem se dvakrat premislil in na koncu odločil za Krabi oz. bližnje mesto Ao nang. Najboljša opcija je bila spalna ladja, ki gre ob 21:00 iz pristanišča, pristane ob 5:30 in ob 6:30 naprej z busom.

    No kot vedno, sem si ladjo predstavljal precej bolj fensi kokr je pol bla... Nisem se še navadu, vsakič presenečen... :) Ko sem pršu gor sem se kr mal zgrozil, ker je zgledal kot da nalagajo živino... Plus moj ventilator ni delal in samo dveh oken se ni dalo odpret in eden je bil moj... Na koncu se je izkazalo, da se je vse lepo zracilo, ni bilo vonjav in zelo dobro sem spal tako da mi je blo kar žal, ko smo že eno uro prej prišli v pristanišče ob 4:30. V pristanišču pa prva natega... Ko smo se vkrcavali na ladjo so nama vzeli obe karti, za ladjo in bus in čeprav sem nekaj protestiral me je bejba kr ignorirala jst pa nisem bil dovolj tečen, čeprav se mi je zdel sumljiv. Pa kolega s katerim trenutno potujem je tud reku, sej je ok, na bus itak vse spustijo... Ja niso naju... :) Po prerekanju in totalnem mutenju bejbe, ki nas je sprejela, kjer je blo totalno jasno, da točno ve kaj se dogaja oz. je bla verjetno tudi notri v nategi, sva kupila še eno karto za bus kar je men totalno dol visel, ker je blo to manj kot sem prejšnji dan dal za zajtrk in kavo, kolegu je šlo pa čist na živce in skor ni hotu kupit še ene karte... No, za dodatnih 6 eur sva prišla tja kamor sva bila namenjena...Read more

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