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  • Day17

    Day 17/72: mopeds and beaches

    November 13 in Thailand

    After breakfast this morning Tom decided to go for a long run down the beach. This proved to be a silly idea when he came back completely exhausted, sweating more than a person should be able to sweat, and barely able to take off his own shoes. A swim to cool down was needed, and after this we headed over the road to a moped rental place, and hired one for the day for just over £5.

    We had picked up a map from the hotel lobby, and set out with a beach in mind, driving on quiet lanes with goats and cows lining the roadsides. After arriving at a sign saying 'beach' we followed it down a track, across rougher terrain than we thought a road could be, and finally reached the point where the road turned into a footpath (of sorts). We scrambled down through the thickets and plants, avoiding the landslides, and finally, sweating and tired, arrived on our own little, deserted, Thai beach. After a cooling swim we climbed back up and made our way back on the moped to where the path met a real road (with tarmac and everything).

    Our next stop was some lunch, we stopped at a little restaurant by the side of the road with kittens and friendly owners who brought us a free side of watermelon with our fried rice and chocolate milkshakes. We then set off on the road again, with the destination set on a spit of sand that stretches half way out to a neighboroughing island. We had an incredibly shallow swim, and wandered along the spit as far as the tide would let us.

    Our final stop of the day was (you guessed it) another beach. This was a long beach with no one sat on it (when we arrived, we obviously stared a trend because 5 minutes into our visit 6 other people decided to sit here too). We had another swim; the water wasn't quite cold enough to be refreshing, felt a bit like when the bath water starts to get cold and you debate whether to add a bit more hot water or not. The sun was beating down on the beach through the pine needles; an absolutely idyllic location with a cafe at the entrance with more kittens, one of whom decided to sit on our moped so we couldn't leave without giving her lots of cuddles.

    When we arrived back at the hotel we went for a lovely swim in the pool, and sat by the edge reading and playing cards. A very successful day all round!
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  • Day16

    Day 16/72: unwinding

    November 12 in Thailand

    Today was a day to chill. After the excitement of being in big party locations and really busy islands, the quietness and remoteness of Koh Yao Yai is exactly what we needed, and exactly what we hoped we might find. The resort is absolutely beautiful, and a welcome break from the hostels we were staying at before. We woke up early and watched the sun rise over the sea from the comfort of our bungalow.

    We had a light breakfast of omelettes, toast, pancakes, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, fresh fruit juices, fried rice with vegetables and potatoes. After this, we sat on the edge of the pool and proceeded to move very little for the rest of the morning, except when a huge beetle made me jump up, or when we overheated, and thus collapsed in the pool to cool off. After a hard morning of sitting we felt a bit peckish, so we got chicken burgers and chips and fruit from the resort restaurant. We then borrowed some paddle boards for the afternoon, and spent a few hours paddling up and down the beach. The sea was a tiny bit rough in places, and watching Tom fall in while trying to get onto the board was very amusing for everyone.

    After paddle boarding we then went back to sit by the pool, and Tom taught me how to play blackjack and poker, and I proceeded to get a bit carried away with gambling apparently fake money.

    The sunset over the hill was incredible, the colours were so vibrant and we enjoyed it while walking along the beach.

    After dinner we are now sat in our hut watching a huge tropical thunderstorm, complete with lightning and thunder over the sea.
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  • Day15

    Day 15/72: Phi Phi to Koh Yao Yoi

    November 11 in Thailand

    Another travel day but no less fun. This morning we went and had the same breakfast as yesterday in the same place (it was just that good) and then realising we checked out at 10 not 11, hurried back to the hostel to pack up. All in all, a great hostel, Frank the owner was brilliant and we wouldn't have got around the island with such ease if we hadn't spoken to him. He told us all the best places to go and it was brilliant. Anyway, we left our bags at the hostel as we had an afternoon boat, and went to the beach to relax. We found a lovely spot and settled down, had a swim and watched 2 climbers high above us on the huge rock faces that tower over the island. Tom dug an ingenious even if I do say so myself sand chair and sat writing yesterday's blog, and Izzi slept and went swimming. In the early afternoon we went and found a place for lunch (burritos mmmm), picked up our bags and headed for the pier. Also while walking down the beach paddling we saw a black tip reef shark which was incredible!

    We checked in our bags and chatted to the guy who was at the desk. He was from Phi Phi and told us about the island, how it used to be in the top 5 best places in the world 20 years ago. You could see why from photos, 20 years ago the island was covered in green palm trees and forest but since then has had a built up tourist town dropped onto the middle of it, with more and more developments still happening. Beautiful island though, we're really glad we went there because there so many options and it would have been very easy to neglect it to something else. We got on the speed boat and made the very bumpy journey across to our next destination, Koh Yao Yai. On Phi Phi, out of the hundreds of destinations we saw advertised on boat tours etc, we only saw one advertised for Koh Yao, so we knew it was going to be quiet. When we pulled up next to the tiny pier, a few taxis were waiting to take the 12 or so people on the boat to their various destinations. We hopped in and drove off, and it was like going back in time. This must have been what the islands were like before tourists came along. There were no markets, no stalls on the side of the roads, a couple of very simple shops we passed could have been in someone's house. It was ridiculously peaceful.

    After 10 minutes or so we pulled up at the gate to our accommodation. We were greeted by a lady who checked us in and took us to our hut. We were astonished by how quiet it was, so few people and it was like we'd stepped out of a huge concert into the street, and your ears are ringing in the night air. It's a lovely little place, with a few huts dropped amongst bushes and trees looking out over the sea to other islands on the horizon. There's a small area of loungers around a small pool, hammocks and beanbag areas, all far enough apart to seem like you're the only ones there. We went into our hut which was fantasticly equipped with bed, nice toilet, bath/jacuzzi thing, and air con. A backpackers dream. We chucked our stuff down and walked the 30 or so meters down to the sea. The view is awesome. The sea isn't one for swimming at this point, too shallow, but we're going to go exploring tomorrow and see what's around.

    After looking around and exploring the site, we had a 2 minute silence of remembrance, then got washed up and went for some dinner. There's a very small open air restaurant which serves most things for about £3-4, not bad at all. Izzi had a very spicy (blow your head off) spaghetti and salt fish dish, and Tom went for a chicken thigh potato peanut red curry. Both meals were excellent which was good news because I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't another place to eat that isn't a locals kitchen for miles. Also a big selection of cocktails! We're staying in Koh Yao for 3 nights, so I think we'll recharge ourselves here after being on the go, busy doing everything every day so far. It'll be an interesting contrast to the hyped up, thriving places we've been to already, and with only a week to go in Thailand we're hoping we'll have got the biggest chunk of what it has to offer by the end!
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  • Day8

    Ton Chong Fa Waterfall, Thailand

    October 11 in Thailand

    Heute waren wir im Khao Lak - Lam Ru Nationalpark auf einer Dschungeltour, mit vielen Wasserfällen unterwegs.🌴 Es gab Trampelpfade mit verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsstufen. Angefangen hat es mit einem kleinen Wasserfall und kostenlosem Fisch Spa🐟 Doch der erste Eindruck täuschte🙈 Um so weiter wir am Wasserfall entlang gewandert sind, um so steiler und anstrengender wurde der "Weg" und wir kamen immer tiefer in den Dschungel hinein🦋 Doch die tollen Eindrücke und das kühle Wasser in dem wir und ausruhen konnten, war die Mühe wert. 💪Read more

  • Day135

    Mit der Fähre nach Koh Phi Phi

    October 17 in Thailand

    We left Phuket by ferry this morning to go to Koh Phi Phi. It was a two hour trip and now it seems that we are in the paradise. From our balcony we can see the ocean on both sides of island. We are happy to spend some time on Koh Phi Phi.

    Heute haben wir Phuket mit der Fähre in Richtung Koh Phi Phi verlassen. Das Boot brauchte circa zwei Stunden für die Überfahrt. Das Meer ist hier richtig türkis, man hat das Gefühl im Paradies zu sein. Kurz nach der Ankunft gab es aber erstmal einen richtigen Regenschauer, sodass wir gezwungenermaßen eine Pause einlegen mussten. Da wir aber eine geniale Aussicht über die Insel von unserem Balkon haben, könnte wir das Unwetter in Ruhe beobachten.Read more

  • Day15

    La Playa, Krabi - Aonang

    October 18 in Thailand

    Im La Playa Resort waren wir vom 18. - 20.10.18.
    Nach einer kleinen Verwechslung, kamen wir in diesem traumhaft schönen Luxusschnäppchen (dank Secret Escapes) schon recht früh morgens an😍
    Wir dachten ursprünglich das Hotel liegt in Krabi Town, letztendlich war es aber auch in Aonang ca. 5 Minuten Autofahrt von unserem alten Hotel entfernt 😄🙈
    Wir gönnten uns einen Pooltag und machten, außer die Wäsche zur Laundry bringen und ein Ausflug für den nächsten Tag buchen, NICHTS ⛱️
    Sogar eine Thaimassage war mit inklusive, die nicht zu viel versprach 😎
    So konnten wir abends entspannt und durchgeknetet in das traumhafte Kingsize Bett fallen.😴
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  • Day7

    Heute sind wir in einem echten Luxusschnäppchen angekommen😍 Die nächsten zwei Nächte werden wir hier verbringen und es uns etwas gut gehen lassen ☀️ Das Meer ist nur 2Min. zu Fuß entfernt und wir sind an einem Privatstrand, echt mega schön⛱️ Außerdem haben wir das erste Mal unsere Kleidung in einer "Laundry" gewaschen 👕👖Read more

  • Day6

    Heute haben wir unseren zweiten Tagesausflug gemacht, wieder nur zu zweit💑
    Erster Stop war am Dragon cave monastery. Ein Tempel mit vielen Darstellungen von Buddha und großen Mönchen. Aber auch die Hölle wurde dargestellt und der große Drachen🐲 als Brücke zwischen den Menschen und der Hölle (echt gruselig)
    Danach sind wir in den Sri Nakatin Park, mit einem genialen Höhlensystem gehalten. Dort haben wir das erste Mal freilaufende Affen gesehen 🐒
    Nächster Stop war Swan kuka cave oder auch Monkey Tempel. Dort haben wir Affen gefüttert🍌🥜
    In den Tempel konnten wir leider nicht, weil falsch gekleidet waren...
    Letzter Stop waren die Wasserfälle im Sah Nang Manora Park🌴 Dort haben wir auf eigene Faust eine Dschungeltour gemacht. Es stand alles unter Wasser, deshalb mussten wir leider die Suche nach einer weiteren Höhle nach 30min aufgeben... Es war trotzdem echt GENIAL, ganz allein im Dschungel🦋
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  • Day5

    Vom 08.10 - 10.10.18 waren wir hier im Khawong Resort Phang Nga. Zwar mussten wir ein paar Abstriche hinsichtlich Sauberkeit und Luxus machen, aber das hat sich gelohnt.🕷️ Ein auf Stelzen stehendes, gläsernes Häuschen direkt im Dschungel von Phang Nga, war in den letzten zwei Tagen unser zu Hause.🏠
    Die Gastfamilie war wirklich super freundlich und die Ausflüge, die wir über den Freund der Familie buchen konnten, waren wirklich genial. Wir waren immer nur zu zweit unterwegs zu wirklich günstigen Preisen🛶
    Außerdem hatten wir drei Geckos als Zimmergenossen: Klaus, Günter und Gandolf🦎
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  • Day5

    Heute war ganz spontan, gleich nach der Ankunft im Guesthouse, unser erster Tagesausflug👫
    Wir wurden mit dem TukTuk zu einem Longtailboot gefahren. Mit diesem waren wir 2h in die Mangrovenwälder des Nationalparks unterwegs🛶
    Von dort aus, sind wir an einem muslimischen Dorf auf Stelzen, mitten im Meer zur James Bond Island gefahren.🔫😎
    Danach ging es zu den Monkey Caves, auf einer Insel. Diese sind wir in einem Kanu, mit einem Guide umrudert.🏝️
    Bei der Heimfahrt mit dem Longtailboot sind wir, auf Grund der Ebbe, zwei Mal stecken geblieben und mussten es zu dritt wieder heraus stemmen💪 (Unser Bootsführer war ein alter und gebrechlicher Mann, es hat eine Weile gedauert😂)
    Und zu alle dem, ist noch ein Monsun aufgezogen, der uns die letzten 15 Min. total durchnässt hat 😀🌧️
    Es war wirklich ein wunderschöner und unvergesslicher Ausflug😍
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