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  • Day11

    Für ein paar tolle Ausblicke und Fotos habe ich Manhattan heute mal verlassen.
    Am Morgen hing der Himmel noch voller Wolken und ich habe mich auf den Weg zur Staten Island Ferry gemacht. Ein Ausflug, der nichts kostet, aber einen großartigen Blick auf die Skyline von Manhattan und auf Lady Liberty bietet.
    Die Fähre pendelt zwischen Manhattan und Staten Island 24 Stunden am Tag an 7 Tagen in der Woche.
    Fotografieren war heute ein sehr harter Job, vor allem auf dem Wasser war es sehr kalt.
    Die Skyline vom Wasser aus ist aber auch spektakulär.
    Von Staten Island zurück, bin ich vom Pier 11 mit der Fähre (diese kostet ein paar Dollar) ein Stück den East River hinauf gefahren. Inzwischen war der Himmel blau. Next Stop Brooklyn Bridge Park. Einmal bummeln durch den Park und unter der Brooklyn Bridge. Für ein Eis ist es nie zu kalt und wenn man einmal vor der Brooklyn Ice Cream Faktory steht und es ist völlig leer dort, muss Frau sich das einfach gönnen.
    Natürlich gab es auch einen Abstecher in die Washington Street in Brooklyn. Wohl der bekannteste Fotospot. Durch die Stahlträger der Manhattan Bridge hat man einen tollen Blick auf das Empire State Building.
    Zurück ging es dann zu Fuß über die Brooklyn Bridge. Das sollte bei keinem NY Besuch fehlen.
    Verlassen haben mich auf diesem Weg nur die Akkus der Kamera. Die Kälte tat denen nicht gut. Ok, ich gebe es zu, ich habe heute auch extrem viele Fotos gemacht und mit der Kamera gespielt. Ich lerne ja noch.
    Nach dem Spaziergang über die Brücke war aber auch ich rum. Es war richtig kalt da oben und für meine Abendveranstaltung musste ich noch auftauen.
    Broadway Show am Abend. Der erste Plan war, sich Radio City Christmas Spectacular anzusehen. Die verfügbaren Tickets waren aber exorbitant teuer.
    Es wurde das Musical „Aladdin“.
    Broadway Shows sind allgemein nicht günstig. Am Times Square gibt es einen Ticketschalter, wo man für den Abend eventuell ein günstiges Rest-Ticket erhaschen kann. Man hat aber keine all zu große Auswahl und es ist dort sehr voll. Und wenn ich schon Geld ausgebe, dann auch für etwas, was ich mag.
    New Amsterdam Theatre - tolle Musik, Kostüme, witzig gemacht. Ein super Abschluss an meinem letzten Abend in New York.
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  • Day14

    Es gibt wirklich nichts einfacheres, als Subway fahren in New York, das liegt aber auch mit an der einfachen Straßenbezeichnung.
    Nicht jeder wird sie mögen, die Subway in NYC, vor allem die Bahnhöfe sind nicht chic, stylisch oder großzügig und hell wie ich es in Washington erlebt habe.
    Die Subway bedient hauptsächlich den Stadtteil Manhattan, sowie Brooklyn, Bronx und einen Teil von Queens. Fast alle Anlagen der Subway sind an die einhundert Jahre alt, also echt historisch. Und sie befördert täglich über 4 Millionen Menschen. Die Subway ist einfach die schnellste Möglichkeit, um in dieser Stadt von A nach B zu kommen.
    Die Fahrgäste sind ein Querschnitt durch alle Gesellschaftsschichten, inclusive der Straßenkünstler oder auch Bettler. Die einem sowohl auf den Bahnhöfen als auch in den Zügen begegnen.
    Ich habe mich dort nie unsicher gefühlt, an fast jeder Stadion gibt es Servicepersonal und in großen Stationen ist auch die New Yorker Polizei präsent.
    „Verfahren“ habe ich mich nur einmal, weil ich nicht darauf geachtet habe, ob es ein Local (hält an jeder Station) oder ein Express (hält nur an bestimmten Stationen) ist. Meine Stationen, war eine Local Station und ich habe im Express Zug gesessen. Das passiert einem aber auch nur einmal...
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  • Day1

    Almost missed breakfast again this morning! Rushed down to the lobby, Charlie was happy to have a doughnut for breakfast, but we all felt pretty crappy tbh. Anyway, we soldiered on despite the jetlag and rainy, cold day ( about 8 degrees). First up we made our way to Madam Tussauds to pick up our NY Passes and ended up visiting the wax museum. I must say, it was better than I expected. I've always avoided them when we have been travelling, but I was impressed with the realism of many of the wax figures.
    Next we had lunch and then walked to the New York Public Library, which was incredible and the location of the Ghost Busters movie from when we were kids. Fun to see the lions and it is such a beautiful building. The Christmas tree and decorations were being set up, when we were there, so it will be lovely to see them finished. All of the department stores along 5th Avenue have their beautiful Christmas Window displays open and the Christmas markets were also in the process of being set up along Broadway, this afternoon. We will definitely have a wander thru and bring home a special ornament for our tree, as is our tradition when we travel. On our way out to Babylon, Long Island now, just over an hour trip, to have dinner with BJ and Anthony again. Early night though, fingers crossed that we can sleep tonight 🤞as we have a busy day planned tomorrow.
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  • Day2

    After 31.5 hours, door to door we are finally in The Big Apple. Flying over the city and driving into Manhattan at night, really were amazing experiences. Despite being exhausted and desperate for a hot shower and comfy bed, we were so excited to finally be here. Today we woke up to a moderately cold day, but blue sky. Most of the day was spent wandering Greenwich Village and checking out The Friends building at Ellie's request and then we covered half of Central park, including the beautiful Lake, with all of the changing leaves and Strawberry Fields, with the Imagine Tribute. Times Square and Broadway just blew us away and being theatre buffs, there is so much to see and do. Amazing to finally see 42nd Street, Chrysler Tower, Maddison Square Garden Empire State Building (which is next to our hotel) and various other landmarks, we've long heard about, but not experienced until now.
    Tonight we had dinner with my Penpal from almost 30 years ago, Bobbie Jo and her husband and daughter. It was the first time we have met, but despite losing contact for 20 years, we felt like we really know each other. Dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner, was such a fun night and worth the wait, outside for an hour in 5 degrees.
    Not such a great night's sleep, due to many sirens and horn blowing, but we are thrilled with the location of our hotel and the close proximity to so many attractions. More tomorrow 😊
    ( It turns out that I am limited to posting 6 photos 😩 so I will be posting more on my instagram account mayzielahicks)
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  • Day25

    ...and it keeps being amazing... This city truly never sleeps and whenever you turn a corner, it surprises you with its views, its food, its controversies between rich and poor - new and old - beauty and ugliness. Time to leave! Hope to be back sometime...

  • Day20

    Stumbled upon Byrant park markets on the way to the subway. What an amazing place.
    If you're ever gong to visit new York come this time of year.
    There are local markets, ice skating, warm apple cider and ginger snap cookies for comfort and old school jazz to fill in the background. I feel like I'm in a movie.
    Made a few purchases, which was very controlled based on the amazing things I saw. Got a beautiful jewellery set made by new York designed. I hadn't purchased a souvenir yet and the I❤NY shirts aren't really my style.

    Decided to walk down to Chelsea market and walk the high line back towards central city. Gosh my feet are sore!

    Ended up heading back to Byrant park winter market for dinner as I loved it so much earlier.

    Went to a comedy show that i got tickets to when I went Chicago Broadway show.
    I think to really understand a culture, go to a comedy show. It sure is an experience!

    Finally make it back to the train station after walking many wrong ways as I wasn't following maps and talking on the phone instead. Made the lethal mistake of thinking I knew where I was going, haha! Anyone that knows me knows that's a tragedy waiting to happen.
    But I did make it onto the train eventually.

    What's that saying? At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and eyes sparkling 😁

    A bit sad to say farewell to this amazing city.
    At first I found it intimidating at night because everything is so alive. That's what makes it so easy to loose track of time. Nothing really closes and there are always people around.
    Only between like 4-7pm crossing the road is like an intense push and shove game of Chinese checkers. All of us on this side and all of you on that side need to cross in a 20second increment. There are no sides of direction or rules and most the time there's a car right in the middle to navigate around. But it all somehow works.
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  • Day3

    We took the line 7 from Grand Central Terminal; that is one big train station!
    As soon as we arrived to the gates of the US Open it was clear the event was of epic proportions (like everything else in NYC).
    The first semi-final was an entertaining match but we were of course impatiently waiting for the main course: Nadal vs. Del Potro. The first set was everything we could hope for... and then Nadal demolished his opponent (4:6 6:0 6:2 6:3)...
    In the end we were slightly dissapointed but still very conscious of the luck we had to even be there.
    Classic evening ending with some custom cocktails (apparently a bit strong in smell and taste for my brother...). Also who the hell orders "Crispy brussels sprouts" as a bar snack!?
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  • Day4

    The ability to display negative advertisements here leads to interesting billboards.
    After some quick tour at Macy's (50$ per pair of trousers?? Thats definitely not the same prices as in Switzerland) we headed to the Empire State building to meet some friends of mine who were also spending the weekend in NYC.
    Typical, didn't see them in Switzerland for a year so it was much more convenient to just meet halfway around the world. :)Read more

  • Day7

    So after 5 busy days with quite a lot of activities and things planned, today was a lot more relaxed. I didn’t have any plans in advance, and the weather wasn’t very good, so a lot of sightseeing wasn’t in the cards.

    After switching to another hotel - the luxurious Conrad in Battery Park (very close to the World Trade Center), I made my way back uptown to visit the large IMAX theatre in Lincoln Square. I wanted to see the new Blade Runner film, and IMAX is the way to go! It was indeed a very stunning experience visually. The effects are amazing. But at almost 3 hours it’s a bit long.

    Following the movie I went for a walk around the area, and had a nice long walk in the gorgeous Central Park. Despite the rain and clouds it was warm and lovely. I also walked for a bit on 5th ave to see the fancy shops and of course Trump tower!

    This evening I had a proper dinner. For most of the previous days it’s mostly been fast food since I was too busy to eat!

    Tomorrow should be sunny and warm :)
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  • Day8

    Lots of walking today! According to my phone I have walked 32,000 steps and almost 20 km! Not a bad workout for one day. Some of the places I visited on my long journey around Manhattan:

    - Battery Park. Amazing views of the skyline and The Statue of Liberty in the distance. I also returned shortly after sunset where it looked even better.

    - Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan. Really nice part of the city and good for just walking around and exploring. I stopped by the famous Katz’s Delicatessen, but a bit too crowded and stressful to stay for lunch! I did end up having a burger at a fancy steak house by Chelsea Market. It was a rather ... minimalist variant: a bun and a beef patty. That’s it. Nice beef though! I also visited john varvatos, a store where rock club CBGB’s used to be.

    - Highline. I finally got to walk the length of the lovely Highline park. Very nice - almost too hot though! It was sunny, no clouds and 27 degrees C today. Pretty amazing for late October in this city. Ironically it might be warmer here than California where I’m going next.

    - Times Square. Total tourist trap and super crowded, but fun to visit. I visited Planet Hollywood to see some movie props and their Halloween display.

    - Midtown. I stopped by a few locations like the Chrysler building, Grand Central station and the New York Public Library. I had to see the Rose reading room where they shot the opening scene of Ghostbusters! Yesterday I also visited some other central locations from what will always be a fav movie of mine: Tavern on the Green and the building where Dana and Luis Tully live!

    - Central Park. I was there yesterday too, but it’s always such a lovely place to visit, and you never run out of corners to go for a walk or admire the beautiful views.

    - Brooklyn. After getting back to the Conrad to pick up my bag (and see the Ghostbusters firehouse in the area!), I got an Uber to drive to Brooklyn for my final NYC hotel. I usually stay in Manhattan so this is a first. I had dinner at a local BBQ place which was cool. They provided two small cupcakes with the check. Cute!
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