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  • Day13


    January 13 in Brazil ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

    Today we visited Belem, Brazil, located near the mouth of the Amazon River
    今日はアマゾン川の河口域に位置している ベレン(ブラジル)を観光しました。

  • Day60

    Alter do Chao, Brazil, The Amazon

    March 4, 2018 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    This is our last stop both in Brazil and the Amazon. This is a very small village is located on a very small river off the Amazon and is unusual because the waters are very clear and it draws many tourists and locals for swimming.
    It is difficult to imagine we could be any hotter than we had been in the past couple of days, but it definitely was possible. It took just a few minutes for our clothes to be completely soaked and the unforgiving sun mercilessly beating down on us did nothing to dry them - hhmmmm... maybe it was the 95% humidity.
    In any case, a quick stop tomorrow to allow the pilot to disembark and we will be on our way to the Barbados. We are looking forward to 3 full days at sea so we can begin to process all we have seen in the various countries in South America and start to ease into life off the ship.
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  • Day55

    Santarem, Brazil on the Amazon River

    February 27, 2018 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 77 °F

    So yesterday we turned from the South Atlantic Ocean into the Amazon River. To aid me in my inability to describe the scale of this river, picture this: the Amazon River basin covers an area the same size as the continental United States. Inconceivable. The flow is more than 12x the Mississippi River and the mouth is over 200 miles wide.
    The four of us had an excursion planned for today that was a hike through the jungle in a 2,000,000 acre National Park. As I looked out our window this morning shortly before we were to leave, I was dismayed to se that a good portion of the window was covered with mosquitoes. Those who know me well recognize that I am bait - the mosquitoes will always bite me first before snacking on anyone I am with. So even though I had on bug-proof pants and long-sleeved shirt, a hat sprayed with bug spray, boots and socks doused in bug spray and I had 100% deet on my face and hands, I went back for a second spray-over.
    So we are sitting on the bus in the pouring rain and I am forced to contemplate the wisdom of this outing. A hike through the Amazon rain forest during the rainy season wearing at least a full pound of mosquito repellent. Why not? I feel good that they have not given the lecture yet about the bugs of the Amazon because that just might keep me locked in the bathroom on the ship. Speaking of bugs, check out the photo of the water bug that was near our dining table last night.
    The hike was incredible. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and managed the 12 of us with the help of a young Brazilian guide who went along ahead of us with a big machete. We saw multiple fruit trees, the Brazil nut tree, rubber trees and a tree that I can’t remember the name of that grows to 300’ tall. There are 238 different types of termites here. If the bullet ant bites you, it causes pain that is much like being shot with a gun - definitely want to avoid that one.
    We have 4 more stops on the Amazon before heading into the Caribbean Sea. Stay tuned.
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  • Day25

    Les pieds dans l'eau à Alter do Chão

    October 5, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Après deux jours de bateau, nous voila à Santarem où nous avons passé la nuit. Le lendemain matin, nous avons pris un bus et après une heure de voyage, nous sommes arrivés à Alter do Chao, une petite ville au bord du Tapajos, un affluent de L'Amazone.

    Cette cité balnéaire a tout d'un petit paradis sur terre : plages de sable blanc à perte de vue, arbres magnifiques, petite promenade en bord de fleuve qui propose de nombreux bars très animés en soirée... en plus, nous avons rencontré une bande de joyeux drilles français dans notre auberge de jeunesse avec qui nous avons tout de suite sympathisé.

    Au final, trois jours de farniente les pieds dans l'eau avec petite rando sur une île, jus de fruits frais au bord de l'eau (il y en a de très nombreux préparés avec des fruits que nous decouvrons, maracuja, cupuaçu, acerola...) et petit concert en terrasse la veille de notre départ : on ne peut pas vraiment se plaindre !
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  • Day30

    Belèm, fin de l'aventure amazonienne

    October 10, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Nous avons pris à Santarem notre quatrième bateau pour aller à Belem, la grande ville de l'embouchure de l'Amazone. Ce dernier voyage a été plus animé que les précédents... Le fleuve a été souvent agité, les hamacs ont beaucoup bougé. Il y a eu de grosses averses et on était très nombreux, ce qui nous a montré une fois de plus l'ingéniosité des Brésiliens quand il s'agit d'entasser un maximum de hamacs dans un minimum de place ! Ce dernier trip a marqué la fin de notre périple sur l'Amazone, après douze jours de bateau et près de 3 500 km parcourus.

    Nous sommes arrivés à Belem juste à temps pour Cirio de Nazaré, une très grande fête religieuse que nous détaillons dans le post suivant. La ville est très grande, comme Manaus elle s'est développée pendant le boom du caoutchouc, à la fin du XIXe siècle. Là encore on retrouve un très beau théâtre (photo 5) et de vieux bâtiments de style colonial plus ou moins délabrés (photo 10). Le plus ancien monument est un fort qui date de 1616, la ville a donc récemment fêté ses 400 ans.

    C'est une cité très festive et pleine de contrastes : des immeubles modernes et luxueux côtoient des maisons en ruines, des centres commerciaux flambant neufs à l'américaine des favelas très pauvres, et partout on croise des musiciens, des danseurs et des vendeurs ambulants.

    Nous y avons aussi connu une galère à laquelle nous ne nous attendions pas... Il nous a fallu faire six banques avant d'en trouver une qui acceptait notre carte bancaire !
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  • Day11

    Belem, Brazil

    January 13 in Brazil ⋅ 🌧 82 °F

    What an adventure today was. Belem is a tender port. Actually, we tender in the city of Icoaraci, which is one hour from Belem by shuttle. We were first to board the tender boat at 9:00 AM. Our tour was suppose to start at 10:AM. Brazilian authority did not allow HAL to run their tender boats. Instead we had to use local very "rustic" boats. When we got to the shore, there we lots of people: locals that came from the ferry or were going on the ferry, tourists, vendors and just people hanging around. Somebody told us to get on the shuttle to go to the main port. That is exactly what we did.
    In about 5 minutes I suspected we made a mistake. We should have looked for our private tour bus. Oh well. It was too late.
    After riding for one hour on that shuttle, we arrived at the center of the city. There was a mall and some restaurants. Since we are not interested in this stuff, we had an option to go back on the ship.
    I decided to call the main office of the tour company. The gentleman answered the phone and after I explained what happened, told me to call him back in 5 min. Thank you T-Mobile!
    After calling back, he told us to get taxi or Uber and go to Emilio Goeldi Museum and the tour bus will be waiting for us. Since we did not have local currency, we took Uber.
    After riding for 15 min we arrived at the museum. Unfortunately, it was closed. What a surprise! Now what should we do? Nobody around spoke English. After few minutes our tour bus arrived. We we so happy to see it.

    We proceeded to a different entrance of the museum. They open it for tour groups. Since it is Monday the museum is closed for everyone else.
    Actually it is very different kind of museum. It is combination of batanical garden and a zoo. It was founded in 1866 and is pretty interesting.

    Our second stop was Republica Square with Opera Theater. We could not go inside, but the building is beautiful. The building and the whole city have seen better days.

    The next stop was Catholic Church, Basilica of Our Lady of Nazareth, a copy of St. Paul’s church in Rome built during the rubber boom era at the
    beginning of the 20th century beautiful inside and outside and in a very good shape.

    The next stop was the same place as the shuttle bus dropped us off. We walked a little, had an 🍨. We decided on two flavors: chocolate and something else. Something else was very delicious but the chocolate was not chocolate. It was Acai ice wecream. It tasted like fish.

    After that we got on our bus and one hour later were back on the tender boat.

    Belem use to be very rich city during rubber boom, but now it is crumbling. Roads are bad, buildings are in horrible shape, unemployment is very high and crime is high too.
    Belem is located in the delta of Amazon river. It is always very hot and raining every day in the afternoon.
    It is a big city of 1.5 mil people. People are very nice.
    After visiting place like this , we appreciate the place we live. You realize how lucky we are.
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  • Day67

    Santarém am Amazonas, Brasilien

    March 20, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Santarém ist eine Stadt im Bundesstaat Pará mit 270000 Einwohnern. Sie liegt am Rio Tapajós und dessen Mündung in den Amazonas. Auch hier zeigt sich wieder das 'Treffen-der-Wasser' Phänomen. Im 17. Jahrhundert siedelten sich hier portugiesische Jesuiten an, die blaue Kirche entstand zu dieser Zeit. Die älteren Stadtteile sind mit ihrer Architektur Zeugen des ehemaligen Kautschuk​ Booms und vergangenen Reichtums der Region.Read more

  • Day62

    Alter do Chão, Rio Tapajós, Brasilien

    March 15, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Alter do Chão liegt an einem Zufluss des Amazonas, dem Rió Tapajós, dessen Wasser glasklar ist. Der Ort hat 6700 Einwohner und gilt als die 'Karibik des Amazonas'. Mit Tenderbooten werden wir dorthin gebracht und erkunden den Ort auf eigene Faust, da hier auch keine Exkursion angeboten wird. Am Strand treffen wir zufällig einen Deutschen, der uns rät, eine Tour mit einem Motorboot in den Regenwald zu machen. Zusammen mit zwei Engländern machen wir diese Regenwald-Dschungel Fahrt. Bäume, Pflanzen, die bis ins Wasser reichen, verschiedenste Grüntöne und das langsame Gleiten durch die Schönheit und Unberührtheit der Natur begeistern uns. Der "love- Beach", ein weißer Strand, der nur über Boote zu erreichen ist, ist jetzt in der Regenzeit 3-4 m überspült, von den Hütten schauen nur die Dächer aus dem Wasser.Read more

  • Day29

    Abreise aus Suriname - Belem

    October 5, 2009 in Brazil ⋅ 31 °C

    Hallo zusammen,

    melde mich gehorsamst aus Brasilien! :-) War ein langer Tag heute, aber irgendwann bin ich dann doch in meinem Best Western Hotel angekommen. Ist das nicht toll? Zwei Betten, mein eigenes Klo, Swimmingpool, FRÜHSTÜCK!! Und trotzdem noch 30°C :-) (Natürlich nicht in meinem Zimmer, da läuft die Klimaanlage...) Nur komisch reden tun die alle hier. Und praktischerweise hab ich aus meinem Reiseführer Brasilien rausgerissen. Schließlich wollte ich ja nicht nach Brasilien... Man sollte eben eine Reise durch Südamerika auch in Südamerika planen, nicht in Deutschland. Aber ich werd das schon irgendwie hinkriegen.

    Nun zu meiner langen Reise heute. Um 4.30 wurde ich aus den Federn geworfen. Um 9 ging dann der erste Flug, nach Belem mit Zwischenstopp in irgendeinem anderen Kaff (also Kaff kann man hier in Brasilien gar nicht sagen. Da ist ein Kaff ja so groß wie bei uns eine Großstadt).

    Belem ist ein Nadelöhr von Brasilien. Von hier gehen Flüge nach überall in Brasilien.
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