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  • Day1

    Die Flucht vor der Hitze in Mitteleuropa trat ich sehr bereitwillig an. Erfrischende 26 Grad lockten mich über den Teich. Und das soll die nächsten Tage auch so bleiben. Wie schön!
    Das obligatorische Hauptstadtgedeck am Flughafen Tegel läutete die Reise standesgemäß ein. In Frankfurt dann die Überraschung: keine erneute Sicherheitskontrolle beim Übergang von A nach B. Welche Freude! Das hat früher immer Nerven gekostet...
    Nach 7 Stunden Flug traf ich in Halifax ein. Dank Businessclass, die ich mir ausnahmsweise gegönnt habe, gehörte ich am Zollerklärungsterminal, beim Gepäckempfang und bei der Autovermietung jeweils zu den Ersten, sodass ich pünktlich zur Ankunft der Compañera alles erledigt hatte. Wir haben uns hier sozusagen fast quasi in der Mitte getroffen, ich aus Deutschland, sie aus Calgary.
    In unserem chicen Jeep Compass ging es dann die knapp 40 km in die Stadt. Schon eine kleine Herausforderung: fremde Stadt, fremdes Auto, dunkel, übermüdet. Immerhin war es für meine innere Uhr schon 3 Uhr morgens. In unserem Domizil, einem Studentenwohnheim, dauerte es dann nochmal bis nach Mitternacht, bis alles mit den Zugangskarten geklärt war und ich endlich ins Bett fallen konnte.
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  • Day2


    August 3 in Canada

    Um 6 Uhr war meine Nacht zuende. Gar nicht so schlecht! Bis die Compañera erwachte, vertrieb ich mir die Zeit mit einem Kaffee vom nahegelegenen "Second Cup". Später gab es einfaches aber reichliches Campusfrühstück und danach schlenderten wir nach Downtown Halifax. Irgendwann schaffte es die Sonne durch den dichten Morgennebel und sofort war es vorbei mit erfrischendem Meeresklima. Zu der sehr feuchten Luft kam nun ein Temperaturanstieg, der die Hitze zuhause vergessen ließ. So war das ja eigentlich nicht geplant :-/
    Da die Füße nun nicht mehr wollten, schmissen wir uns ins klimatisierte Auto und fuhren zu den klimatisierten Großeinkaufsstätten, wo wir uns eine Übersicht verschafften über die Dinge, die wir eventuell noch mit auf unsere Tour nehmen wollten. Ziemlich erschöpft kamen wir spätnachmittags zurück ins Wohnheim. Aber zum Schlafen war es noch zu früh, selbst ein kleines Nickerchen erlaubte ich mir nicht, aus Angst, in Tiefschlaf zu verfallen. Wir zogen uns also am Kragen nochmal hoch und fuhren mit dem Bus nach North End, um dort zu Abend zu essen. Ein interessantes junges und kreatives Viertel. Mehr war aber an diesem ersten Tag nicht drin, so ging es bald nach dem Essen mit dem Bus wieder zurück und in die Falle.
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  • Day20

    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    June 1, 2015 in Canada

    Halifax empfängt uns mit Novemberwetter. Aber die Menschen sind freundlich und hilfsbereit. Und die Wettervorhersage lässt hoffen. Unsere Reise geht ja am Mittwoch erst richtig los: da holen wir unseren Toyota vom Hafen ab ...

  • Day15

    Day 15, Halifax, Canada

    September 15, 2017 in Canada

    The last stop before New York greeted us this morning. I was up early due to not being able to sleep with this full on head cold. I was going to sneak out and have a cuppa on deck but Sharon woke up so we went together. In true arrival style it was very cloudy with no sign of sun at all, however the temperature had crept in to double figures. It was a lovely approach, land on either side with lots to see.

    We went for breakfast in the dining room whilst most people left the ship before leaving it ourselves. The quayside was really nice, very busy as there were 4 ships in but lots of shops, bars and restaurants. We hadn't booked a tour, we were just going to wander around and do our own thing. First on the list was a chemist for for man flu tablets and a few other essentials before Starbucks for some tinterweb.

    As we left the ship there were lots of local guides and maps. We decided to walk up to the public gardens first. They were lovely, very well maintained and vibrant colours. Again lots of reference to the UK, in particular a lot of Scottish references. We saw a few people we knew off the ship up there so had lots of chats on the way around. We then moved on to to "The Citadel", except we had to climb up cardiac hill to get there. Well worth the effort. It was an old fort like place with lots of weapons and Scottish Soldiers still guarding it. It was free to get in as Canada are celebrating 150 years of something, being Canada probably. The views were stunning from up there. There was lots to see and do and you could even fire a real gun, someone did and it was that loud I nearly fired something in to my pants !!

    Things started to change around lunch time, a big hot yellow thing made an appearance in the sky. Woohoo, at last. It was lovely to finally have some heat. We walked back to the ship along the waterfront which again was very pleasant. Once back on board I tried to get some sleep whilst Sharon went to look at the tat for Sale in the quayside. It was useless really, this cold really has taken hold. So when she came back we went out on deck to see the sail away. The open decks were very busy mainly due to the weather but as soon as we got out to sea the fog made a reappearance and visibility was back to only a few meters. Only one thing for it, hot tubs. We sat in the tub as it went dark and we said our goodbyes to Canada 🇨🇦

    It's 9.20pm now, we're at the back of the ship having a drink 🥃and we'll be of to bed very soon to try and get some sleep, I've not slept a wink for the last 2 nights so hopefully the tablets we've bought might knock me out.

    It's been a lovely day, Halifax is a nice place to visit. We're now winging our way towards The Big Apple 🍎 due to dock there at 6am on Sunday morning. So we bid you all a good night although it's the early hours of the morning back in the tropical United Kingdom 🌴
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  • Day40

    Halifax in the rain

    June 5 in Canada

    Rainy day and no tours operating as no cruise ships in. In tomorrow!
    Not even the hop on/hop off bus was working! Went for a rainy walk anyway. Ben was having a layday so he stayed at "home".
    We went back to our lovely apartment and watched movies 🎬

  • Day3

    Halifax Harbor

    September 3 in Canada

    1&2 - The Last Steps Memorial Arch. The Halifax waterfront is where thousands of Canadian men and women took their last steps as they embarked on ships to Europe during the First World War. There were around 350,000 Canadian men and women who boarded ships in Halifax to be taken overseas. About 60,000 never returned. This memorial arch was erected in 2016 to honor them.

    3&4 - Donair flavored and Lobster flavored chips, and a funny T-Shirt I contemplated buying to wear at work! (Just kidding, I love you guys!)

    5&6 - The CSS Acadia. One of the best preserved Ocean Steamships in the world. This ship was a former hydrographic surveying and oceanographic research ship of the Hydrographic Survey of Canada. It's now a National Historic Site.
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  • Day1

    King of Donair

    September 1 in Canada

    Here is a bit of background on our dinner choice tonight:

    In the early 1970s, a man tried to introduce Canada to the Gyro, a popular food from his home country, Greece.
    He soon realized that the taste of the traditional Gyro was not as popular in Canada as it was in Greece so he decided to make some adjustments. He replaced the lamb with beef and the tzatziki with a sweet sauce he created and called it a Donair. In 1973 he opened King of Donair on Quinpool Road in Halifax which still operates today serving the traditional tastes and spices of the original King of Donair recipe.Read more

  • Day3

    "Citadel Hill is a hill that is a National Historic Site in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Four fortifications have been constructed on Citadel Hill since 1749, and were referred to as Fort George—but only the third fort (built between 1794 and 1800) was officially named Fort George, by General Orders of October 20, 1798, after Prince Edward's father, King George III. The first two and the fourth and current fort, were officially called the Halifax Citadel."Read more

  • Day3

    Halifax Town Clock

    September 3 in Canada

    Prince Edward was tired of the local soldiers always being late, so had this clock tower built in the year 1800.

    Unfortunately it is being restored so it doesn't look like much right now. I also added a photo i took of an image of what it normally would look like.

  • Day3

    Bluenose II Restaurant & Grill

    September 3 in Canada

    We were hoping to have a really quick fast food meal at a highly recommended place called Tin Pan Alley. Sadly, we discovered that, unlike back home, malls are closed on holidays, therefore so was the food court.

    We wandered around for a Plan B... and ended up walking into the Bluenose II Restaurant & Grill. It was 11:30 but they were still only serving breakfast.

    Let me start by saying, we would never eat here again. I will say that the portions were very generous, almost excessive, frankly... I mean, look at all that toast for goodness sakes. Did they give us a whole loaf of bread? But the food wasn't great, and it was incredibly salty.

    The service wasn't very good either. With the salty food I finished my drink rather quickly and there was no server in sight to ask for a refill until we had long finished eating. My eggs were not cooked the way I ordered them either, but I ate them anyway so as to not have to wait forever for a new plate.

    The food didn't sit well with either of us. I pretty much felt a little sick the rest of the day. As, a result I have fallen behind with sharing my posts today, and am playing catch up now at almost 10 pm.

    We also didn't go out for our planned dinner tonight either because neither of us felt much like eating.
    We were supposed to have gone out to the Armview Diner. The restaurant was featured on the TV show "You Gotta Eat Here". We even drove all the way there and parked, but we both confessed we weren't feeling it and we ended up driving away.
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