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  • Day942

    Pointe de Carro, the Med!

    January 24 in France ⋅ 🌬 6 °C

    We've reached the Mediterranean Sea! Parked to the west of Marseilles, at Carro Harbour, we have 270° views of the deep blue water as the sun shines brightly from the south, turning the surface to a blinding, shimmering silver. However, we aren't donning our flip flops and swimwear just yet; the famed Mistral wind slams into the side of the van at 30mph and we fully agree with the weather forecast; that icy blasts give the air a real feel of 0°C or less. Nonetheless we are stuck out at the front of the motorhome aire, nearest the water, while all 6 of the other motorhomes shelter in the shade of a building near the entrance. We've paid €7 to be here and we are going to revel in the sight of the white horses rolling in as the gusts whip dark shadows out to sea!

    Will braved the winter air for an admirable period, finding a sunny spot on the rocks near the harbour entrance, from which to cast his fishing line. He picked up some of the litter strewn around, probably blown by the wind. Soon he was joined by two old, dark tortoiseshell cats, their fur fluffed up against the cold and no doubt waiting in hopeful anticipation of a few fish flung their way. No such luck this time kitties!

    Carro is one of the best spots for wave kite surfing in the south of France, but the offshore winds and lack of a beach make it dangerous. Nobody surfed while we were there, but there were a couple of swimmers in thick wetsuits towing orange buoys and another in a swimsuit. It was probably warmer in the water than it was on land but neither of us plucked up the courage to test the temperature. The Mistral felt arctic, in fact it felt colder than when we were actually in the arctic in summer 2017! It put us off going into town to explore; we felt a lot happier watching the scene from within the van, whose heater and batteries were working double time to keep us warm! On our drive through we got the feeling the place was doing well catering to tourists with artisan boulangers and tastefully attired restaurants. No sign of tacky souvenir shops, but then it is still January!

    Sunset over the sea burnished a few low whisps of cloud and backlit the spray as it was blown from the top of breakers rolling into the rocky shore. Neither of us got much sleep overnight as the van was in constant motion, being blasted by the wind. Roof vents rattled and the lids of the aire's large wheelie bins banged with every gust. Still, we got to wake up to a gorgeous dawn, the huge, almost cerise sun, speedily emerging from behind a headland over the sea. It was worth one sleepless night!
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  • Day2


    January 7 in France ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    Heute sind wir in der fast Menschenleeren Camargue gelandet. Bei der Besichtigung des Ortes Tiki entdecken wir den „Katzenfelsen“.
    Nachdem wir einen Stellplatz am anderen Ende von Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer gefunden haben. Ein Restaurant das geöffnet hat finden wir allerdings im ganzen Städtchen nicht. Es bleibt deshalb bei einer Pizza à emporter von Flamingo Pizza, denn heute haben wir keine Lust zu kochen.Read more

  • Day10


    May 18, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Nachdem auf der gestrigen Fahrt der Keilriemen sich auf der Autobahn verabschiedet hat und wir ihn auf der Autobahn gewechselt haben. Sind wir im Nationalpark Camargue angekommen.
    Dort haben wir am Campingplatz ein Paar getroffen, das die gleiche Reise vor sich hat wie wir.
    Wir haben viele Flamingos und andere schöne Vögel gesehen. Die Landschaft dort ist sehr sumpfig, und daher gibt es dort leider sehr sehr sehr viele Mücken.
    Die Stadt Saint Marie-de-la-Maire ist ein nettes Örtchen mit weißen Häusern, wie in Griechenland.
    Abends war die Stadt voll mit Gypsis, da eine Hochzeit stattfindet.
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  • Day13


    October 11, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Was versteckt sich in dem Namen 😄😊 eine Stadt mit vielen Gesichtern, viel Armut und auch Kriminalität, aber mit einer wunderschönen Altstadt und tollen Gassen.

    Am Abend gab es noch ein Festival vor unserem Schiff, mega schön. Leider hat der Kapitän aufgrund der älteren Gäste an Bord entschieden früher als geplant anzulegen 🙄 nur leider haben nicht alle Gäste die Durchsage am Mittag gehört und waren nicht pünktlich auf dem Schiff. Zum Glück waren die telefonisch erreichbar. Ansonsten hätten wir abgelegt und die Gäste wären mit dem Tender Boot nach gekommen. Da alle Crew und Hafenabreiter bereit zum ablegen waren.Read more

  • Day3


    October 7, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Marseille is wonderful! We spent most of our time around the Vieux Port. The MuCem, the Chateâu d’If, the Fort de Saint Jean and the Cathedral are all around and it is amazing to feel the perfect combination of modern and old buildings, the cruise boats in the big harbour and all the fancy surroundings with expensive shops and restaurants to receive the hundreds of tourists that leave the cruises everyday.
    As for us, we preferred going to the old harbour where seafood restaurants are lined and we could taste a specialty that seems awkward but it definitely works: fried mussels with french fries... delicious! Also a salad with cheese and meat that seems funny at first but is totally delish! And the rest of the afternoon, supposedly to know a bit more about the city, was to rush into nice places when the thunderstorm decided to play some tricks on us. A nice bar for a coffee, a réplica of the Galleries Lafayette, a nice biscuit shop and, last but not least, a soap shop to buy the famous Soap of Marseille! After all we really ended up soaked by the late afternoon rain before going to the airport... loved it all anyway!
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  • Day2

    Arles - Avignon - Aix-en-Provence

    October 6, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Arles is a World Heritage city with a lot of Roman remains, namely a small colosseum and an amphitheater. The city is on the left bank of the river Rhône and there is a long promenade alongside. It was nice to eat in a small creperie in the city centre, feeling the flavour of ripe tomato, chèvre cheese and Provence olive oil to relax for a while. The day is beautiful and it’s difficult to see the autumn coming...
    Avignon, the city of the Popes, reminds me immensely of Évora. The city wall is huge and the old city spreads inside. From the Palais des Papes and the cathedral to its side to the bridge of Avignon - only half, by the way - all is very beautiful and well preserved. The view from the gardens is amazing.
    We end up the day in Aix-en-Provence. Maybe because my expectations were high the feeling of delusion also strikes me. The whole city is under construction and it is not so nice as I expected. Nevertheless, the city centre is pleasant enough to have dinner and go back to the country house we stayed in to spend the night.
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  • Day2

    Notre Dame

    January 7, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    Kleine Stadtrundfahrt durch Marseille mit der Choo-choo Bahn . :) Höhepunkt unseres ersten Ausflugs war der Notre Dame .

  • Day405

    Day 406: Bonjour Francais!

    March 27, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Alarm at 7:20am - ridiculously early these days! And of course it's still dark as daylight savings time has started. Packed and checked out by 7:45 and at the car rental return desk by 8am. Still dark, of course!

    We'd been a bit nervous about returning this one, since the car hire company has the world's dodgiest setup. They don't record any damages on their cars, they just give them to you as-is, and tell you to take photos and videos of any pre-existing damage. So when you return it, if you don't have photos or videos of the damage already on the car, you're on the hook. And so will be the next person, if they don't notice it, and so on.

    I'd done a super-meticulous walk-around of the car when we picked it up, photographing every single tiny scratch, ding and scuff. Not easy when it's got 45,000 kilometres on the clock! But it paid off - the woman spotted about 7-8 bits of damage that I had photos of, so all was good and we left for the airport.

    We were actually really early - we'd expected the car return process to take longer, so now found ourselves at the airport at 8:30 for a 10:30 flight. Waited around until we could check in, then waited around again on the other side. At least they had spots where I could get coffee and wake myself up!

    The flight to Marseille was about two hours, leaving and arriving on time. Had to go through a passport check into France which we both found odd, though the guy was wearing a t-shirt rather than a uniform so obviously not that serious! Had lunch at the airport since it was 12:30 and our car pick-up was at 2pm.

    Thankfully this one went much smoother, and we had our car for the next 30 days. It's a nice Citroen DS4 - about a Golf size and with quite good equipment fitted out. Only a few thousand kilometres on the clock too, which makes a big change from the last few shitboxes we've driven!

    Picked our way southwards through Marseille to visit a world heritage site - a large apartment building designed by Swiss architect Le Corbusier. We'd visited some of his other buildings in Switzerland and in Belgium, so this takes the cake as my longest-running video project by a country mile! Unfortunately we couldn't visit the rooftop terrace as one of the lifts was broken, and the other was reserved only for residents (obviously).

    So we headed back to the car and drove to our nearby Airbnb. Since it was a one-night stay, we'd opted for a private room in someone's apartment; a young lady who spoke almost no English! Made for an interesting introduction to say the least. But the room is nice enough and we're only here for one night.

    Visited the nearby waterfront for dinner but could only find extremely expensive options for dinner (20-30 euro mains). Ended up having hamburgers at a place in the back-streets for the third day in a row - whoops!
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