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  • Day49

    Bali - day 4

    April 18, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Today we got up feeling very hungover and headed to the Kynd community for breakfast. This place was the prettiest place I have ever been - everything so stylish and beaut!! Had breakfast then headed down to the beach with the boys to chill. We went back to the hostel later and sat around the pool with some people from our hostel before heading back to La Plancha for sunset, only this time for soft drinks haha! We then chilled here with the boys and all talked about how much we fancied watching a film. Googled it and found a cinema 10 minutes away for £2! Went to the cinema and it was so much fun!Read more

  • Day10

    Kurztrip nach Seminyak

    August 15, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Von Yogyakarta ging es gestern nach Bali. Zwei Tage Entspannung in Seminyak, bevor es für für zwei Tage nach Ubud auf Bali geht.

    Gestern haben wir nicht viel gemacht. Nach dem Einchecken an den Strand, was gegessen und Bintang genossen :)

    Gleich gibt es erstmal eine balinesische Massage.

  • Day2

    Hotel Bali

    January 17 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Unser Hotel ist super schön. Nach 5 Minuten zu Fuß ist man direkt am Strand. Zum Strand haben wir es trotz Müdigkeit noch geschafft. Die Wellen sind sehr beeindruckend! Nachdem wir einmal im Meer und einmal im Hotel-Pool schwimmen waren (Wassertemperaturen um die 29 Grad), haben wir noch eine Pizza gegessen und sind gegen 20 Uhr Ortszeit gefühlt tot ins Bett gefallen! Nun sind wir seit 3 Stunden wieder wach (es ist 5:30 Uhr morgens, in Hamburg ist es gerade 22:30 Uhr) und können nicht mehr schlafen. Echt komisch mit der Zeitverschiebung. Um 7 Uhr gibt es Frühstück, jetzt noch ein bisschen schlafen. Ansonsten können wir spätestens morgen tagsüber am Strand wieder Schlaf aufholen. 😴🌞🌴Read more

  • Day3

    Sonnenuntergang Bali

    January 18 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Heute haben wir einen entspannten Tag am Pool verbracht. Abends haben wir uns den Sonnenuntergang am Strand angeschaut. Morgen geht es dann weiter nach Neuseeland. Wir freuen uns riesig, bald anzukommen und hoffen auf ein wenig angenehmeres Klima. Das Wetter hier auf Bali ist nicht nur sehr heiß, sondern auch sehr schwül. In der Nacht kühlt es gerade Mal um die 3 Grad ab. Wir sind wohl noch zu sehr an das nordische Wetter gewöhnt.Read more

  • Day13

    Bali Beachtime

    June 29, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Da bin ich nun...finally! Final, nahezu am Ende dieser erlebnisreiche Reise...aber ist sie zu Ende? Es scheint als haetten die balinesischen Götter und der Gunung Agung etwas dagegen. Zumindest wehren sie sich...wir werden morgen sehen, was wird. Es war nochmal heiß, der Strand und Sand haben das Gefühl der Leichtigkeit! Terima Kasih!Read more

  • Day49


    November 28, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Exotisches asiatisches Flair?- Fehlanzeige. Die Straßen voller Autos und links und rechts gesäumt von schicken Restaurants, hippen Bars und eine Klamotten Boutique nach der anderen. Wer seine Konsumlust befriedigen möchte, ist hier genau richtig. Es ist ausgelegt auf die Australier, die etwas abseits von der Partymeile, Kuta Beach, auf Bali ihre Ruhe für ein paar Tage suchen. Es soll ihnen hier an nichts fehlen. Auf den Straßen hört man alte Songs aus den 90ern oder elektronische Bässe aus den Bars brummen, abends mutiert die Meile zu einem Lichtermeer und einem Schaulaufen von chinesischen, europäischen und australischen Pärchen bzw. Gruppen, die ihre wagemutigen Outfits präsentieren und die Handys werden zum Selfie Marathon gezückt. Seit wann sind eigentlich Adiletten zum neuen Trend geworden? 😂🙈 Ich fühle mich hier fehl am Platz und bin gestresst, sobald ich mich auf der Hauptstraße befinde. Warum ich hierher gekommen bin? Zum Einen weil der Ort nahe am Flughafen ist und zum anderen weil ich mir ein eigenes Bild davon machen wollte. Fazit: wer eine schöne Hotel Anlage mit allen Annehmlichkeiten drum herum sucht, ist hier richtig. Es ist kein authentischer balinesischer Ort, er könnte ebenso in Europa irgendwo am Strand sein.
    Ich verbringe die Zeit hier mit schreiben und versuche mich gerade an meiner eigenen Webseite... 😄

    Morgen heißt es Abflug nach Kambodscha 😍 mit neuen Eindrücken und einem Wiedersehen mit Lisa 😊
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  • Day53

    Day 53 - Hanging With The Hipsters

    April 1, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    It's Matt back on blog duties today.

    Our second day in Seminyak started with a lie in and then we went round the corner to a place called Sisterfield for breakfast. In keeping with this place it was full of hipsters but the food was amazing. I had a breakfast burrito and Helen had a chilli and bean concoction. We also had sides of smashed avocados and potato and manchego cake. We've both been missing avos so they were a treat, the potato was very good and it's probably the best brekkie we've had on our travels.

    After breakfast it was back to the apartment to do a bit of admin for our final leg of the trip in Australia. Unfortunately looks like cyclone Debbie and the subsequent floods are going to affect our plans a fair bit and particularly around the few days we were planning in the Whitsunday Islands. Shame as this was one of the bits of the Aus trip we were particularly looking forward to but can't be helped and obviously a minor issue compared to the people who's homes have been damaged etc. Given we collect the campervan on when we land in Cairns on Monday it also seemed like a good time to watch the 'how to' video the rental company sent us. Presented by a guy who wasn't overflowing with charisma it was a mixture of 'ah that's useful' and '**** is that the actual bed'. Driving down the east coast of Aus sounded really cool and romantic at the time and hopefully won't end up with the campervan parked in a hotel car park.

    After that it was time to slap on the factor 50 and head to the beach. Ten minute walk took us to the sea and a very small beach but then one wrong turn meant we headed the wrong way up the coast. Wrong in that it was all security protected fancy beach bars and hotels rather than the beach for the great unwashed which was in the opposite direction. All we wanted to do was wander down the beach which we eventually did after a couple of dead ends but an unexpected wave stole my flip flop. Thankfully it washed back up to save me becoming one of the bare footed wannabe hippies we've seen in pretty much every country we've been.

    We decided to try one of the bars and after more confusion and two bag searches (where our bottle of water was refused entry) we ended up in the Potato Head Beach Club. This place had a lot of pouting and posing going on and that was just the blokes. Very pretentious and we didn't stay long before heading back to the pool at our apartment.

    Sure everyone's been on tenter hooks after yesterday's cliff hanger but after a stress free taxi back up to the laundry place I can confirm all our stuff returned the original colour and size plus we gained a random pair of odd socks which were in the pocket of a pair of my shorts. Once the laundry was safely back in the apartment we went back out to the beach and found a non pretentious beach bar to watch the sunset. Good sunset it was too.

    Seminyak really is hipsterville, mainly of the Australian variety. All fancy coffee, pristine beards and vintage clothes and not a Tuk Tuk in sight. It's like Shoreditch with sunshine It's still a cool place and an interesting contrast with some of the less developed places we've been previously. It's a relatively short flight from Aus so there are tons of Aussies here and it reminded us both of Melbourne at times (which is good a thing).

    Evening was spent eating some very good burgers (we've eaten more than our fair share of local food this trip so had a full Western grub day) and then drinks in a couple of sports bars, the first half was crap and Helen wisely called it a night before the second while I stayed out and watched United draw 0-0. Sigh.
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  • Day54

    Day 54 - Goodbye Asia

    April 2, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Our last day in Asia is here (well for a while, we have one more day in Hong Kong on the way back home). We started with another delicious hipster breakfast (Shakshuka for me, breakfast burrito for Matt plus smoothies which had bee pollen in them). We then made it to the beach today after yesterday's overheating, almost losing a flip flop and straying into posh beach club fail. Our top tip - take a taxi - and who'd thought I'd ever say that?! Seminyak make it very difficult to get to the beach considering it's a town on the coast. The beachfront hotel's have just formed a wall which mere mortals may not cross. {Insert Trump joke here} The beach is disappointingly horrible. You think Bali beaches, you think white sand, blue sea. Here in Seminyak there's been a rubbish problem for years apparently. No one clears it up and it just washes in to the water along with sewage from the town. Blurgh. Matt attempted the water for a while but kept getting hit by litter. Even the guys renting sun beds just ignore the litter at their feet despite there being bins.

    We had a nice time anyway on our sun loungers protecting our pasty bodies under a parasol. I think I'll come back whiter than ever at this rate. I befriended the lady who sold us the sunbeds, she told me I was a 'lucky lucky lady' but what I think she meant was 'I'm a lucky lady as you can't haggle and I've got a good price for these sunbeds'. After a couple of hours and via a Indonesian-Tex Mex fusion food truck we headed back for a final nice hotel shower before 3 weeks of campsites. It began to absolutely pour down while we were inside but kindly gave us a break to go for a couple of drinks and dinner. At drinks we befriended a dog (there's a theme here) and we saw a frog loving life in a puddle. Dinner was a mega feast of ribs, sate and sides at Warung Nia. Then the rain came back. We hot footed in to a bar we went to a couple of days ago via a man offering to sell me Valium. (I declined) and sat on the last outside covered table to watch the rain. I've not seen much heavier and it meant we had to get a taxi back to the hotel before going to the airport causing much confusion for the driver.

    Bali airport is queue after queue. A queue to get in the airport and get your bags scanned. A check in queue. A queue to check passports. Then a queue to scan bags again. Then a queue to get to the gate and have bags checked again (and all water taken away) then a queue to get on the plane. We were not in good humour at 1.40am when our plane finally took off...

    So Asia ✅. On to our Australian camper van adventure. What were we thinking...?!?!
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  • Day52

    Day 52 - Pigs and Ducks

    March 31, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Another day, another morning walk in Ubud attempting to beat the heat but realistically never winning that battle. Today was the Campuhan Ridge Walk. It started with some horrible steps and steep hills which I wasn't sure I'd manage powered only by the Banana Jaffle (a banana toastie?!) I had for breakfast. It brought back memories of doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks a couple of years ago with Matt telling me over and over that it'd flatten out once we passed the next bit and that not happening for a very long time. Eventually drenched in sweat we made it to the slightly flatter ridge and a lovey walk through more rice fields and greenery. We had a drink at a cafe before turning back. It was a lot easier on the way back with only one final hill to get over.

    We had lunch at an Ubud institution called Ibu Oka which by all accounts used to be incredible and now is less so. On balance we wanted to try for ourselves. Their speciality is suckling pig and it's very much nose to tail eating with lots of mystery sausage, crispy skin and unrecognisable things. They start the day with a certain number of pigs and close when it's done. I thought the food was really nice, even if we didn't have a clue what it was. We also enjoy the pig taps, pig tiles and pig statues everywhere as a reminder of what you're eating. Sorry vegetarians.

    Then it was time to leave Ubud and we Ubered to Seminyak. (Uber is very much hated here and I get why, the trip was a third of what we were quoted but the taxi drivers price fix over the odds. A fair fee is probably halfway between the two so we tipped the driver accordingly). Seminyak is very different to Ubud. Less about the temples and statues, more about the boutiques and trendy cafés catering for the large number of Australians who come here. They are bloody lovely cafés though. We sampled one on arrival and had an incredible chocolate cake.

    Google maps however is less reliable in Seminyak. We needed to wash all our clothes so wanted to find a laundry which wasn't just a man in a souvenir shop taking the clothes home as everywhere seems to be. We found one which looked ok and set out with the bags only to hit a dead end. Over hot and grumpy we hailed the nearest cab and managed somehow to direct him to it, funnily enough the taxi drivers are less clued up on random laundry locations. Cue grumpy sorting of clothes cause they don't do it by the kilo here and leaving praying they won't shrink or dye everything. (Tune in tomorrow for the results)

    After all that first world probleming (tiny problems are definitely blown out of proportion when you're hot) we headed back and were cheered up immensely by the best shower of the trip so far. It's hot! It's not a wet room! The shower head is a good height and doesn't fly off! The whole hotel we're staying at is very nice. Only 4 rooms, friendly staff, comfy bed, pretty pool, did I mention the shower? Our mood proved further at dinner. We went to a place called Gapet which specialises in chicken and duck. After pages of options we selected almost at random. We were the only people in the restaurant so if we even turned our head someone would run in from where all the staff were hanging out outside to check on us. They also drew smiley faces in the condensation on the beers. The food was delicious and good value. A meat heavy day.

    We finished the evening with drinks. First at a bar which was opposite a bar with a Balinese Beatles tribute group. Not bad, but again not quite sure they got all the words quite right. I sampled some Balinese wine, it was good. Matt stuck to sampling the Balinese beer, also good. On the way home we happened past another place with late night happy hour so stopped for cocktails. Again we were the only people there and the toilets were in a big shopping mall which is an odd place to be alone at night. All good fun.
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