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  • Day14

    Picton to Kaiteriteri

    April 19, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    After a quite short night we left Picton for a three hour drive to Kaiteriteri which is just at the beginning of the famous National park Abel Tasman. A beautiful ride which at some points reminded me to the Jura and the Engadin. On the road we also passed by many vineries 🍷 . Kaiteriteri is a little village with a nice camping ground right off the beach. As holiday started in New Zealand it is now packed with Kiwis 🥝. The good side: Children are for free at camping ⛺️ and adventures during holiday 👍. Happy I still had some beers left as you cannot buy any alcohol on good Friday in 🇳🇿.Read more

  • Day18

    Westport - Abel Tasman

    February 25, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Die ersten beiden Fotos sind noch vom gestrigen Sonnenuntergang in Westport. Unterwegs kurz bei einer Hängebrücke angehalten und dann weiter zum Abel Tasman Park. Die Unterkunft ist zwar schon etwas älter, besticht aber durch einen netten Ausblick auf eine Lagune und das Meer. Morgen haben wir eine Kajak-Tour geplant.Read more

    Jutta Gottschling

    Ein paradies

    Jutta Gottschling

    Kaktus mitbringen

    Jutta Gottschling


    Jutta Gottschling

    Sehr interessant, wo sind die krokodile?

  • Day70

    Let's Kayak the Abel Tasman National Par

    November 28, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Pix to follow....

    Was ein toller Start in den Tag, wir haben noch 15 Minuten um zum Kayak Treffpunkt zu kommen und was passiert... das verdammte Auto springt wieder nicht an 😤😤😤
    Dieses mal hilft uns der Camp Owner, der sich über diese 'piece of shit batterys and stupid idiots of rental Car Companies' aufregt 😅

    Najaaaa alles easy am Ende, Sachen gepackt und los in den Kayaks! Richard von den Philipinnen ist unser Guide für heute. Außerdem sind noch Chris und Ashley sowie die 'Alten' Penny und Steve, alle aus England, am Start.

    Los sind wir in Kaiteriteri, vorbei am Split Apple Rock rein in den Abel Tasman National Park. An den Adele Island haben wir einige Seelöwen gesehen und konnten mit dem Kayak in einen Cave. Mittlerweile sie wir dann schon 3 Stunden unterwegs, die Schultern haben Hallo gesagt, genau wie der Magen 😁

    Lunch gab es dann am Te Pukatea Beach - leckere Sandwichs, Kaffee, Dessert und einen Apfel. Richard macht das alles echt gut, auch bei dem kleinen Aufstieg auf den Pitt Head gibt's Infos ohne Ende.

    Nach 1 1/2 h Pause geht es gestärkt weiter zum letzten Teil der Tour. An dem Cliffs chillen die Seelöwen, die Sonne scheint und wir paddeln 😀 Am Beach angelangt werden wir per Boot zurück zum Ausgangspunkt gebracht und die letzten Storys mit Chris und Ashley ausgetauscht. Wir lieben es uns mit dem anderen Travelern über deren und unsere Reise zu unterhalten, man bekommt Tipps und echt witzige Storys zu hören😂

    Tanken, kurz im Cafe die nächsten Folgen Suits runtergeladen und ab zur Campsite 'Vinyard Tourist Unit'- für 25$ mit Dusche, Küche und Top Stellplatz. Der Abend wird mit nem Weinchen beendet und unser Nest gemacht --> morgen endlich wieder Sonne Pur!
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  • Day56

    Abel Tasman

    December 2, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    La région nord ouest de l'île du sud vaut le détour pour ses belles plages et ses activités nautiques.🚣🏄 Effectivement les plages sont magnifiques, avec un sable plutôt orange (étonnant !) et de l'eau turquoise. Quelques rochers marrant sont aussi dans l'eau, dont le "Apple split" qui est un rocher sphérique coupé en deux qui sort de l'eau !🍏
    On a même vu des wekas, des petits oiseaux qui ne semblent pas avoir d'ailes comme les kiwis !!🥝🥝

    Malheureusement pour nous, le temps n'était pas vraiment de la partie. ⛈️🌧️ On a échappé aux averses le matin le temps de se balader sur les plages, mais la tempête nous a bien rattrapé dans l'après midi !
    Grosse rafales de vent (jusqu'à bien en faire bouger le van) et grosse grosse pluie de 13h à 13h le lendemain ! Repos imposé, jeux de carte et lecture en attendant le calme !
    Résultats : on a failli avoir notre freecamp inondé, tellement la montée des eaux a été importante. Les camping à côté ont tous été évacués à coup de sirène 🌊🌊
    Les points de vues autour étant tous inondés, on a taillé la route vers Christchurch tranquillement.

    Et on est parti au bon moment, toute cette partie de NZ ainsi que d'autres points où nous sommes passés après sont complètement inondés, routes bloquées et tout ce qui va avec... 😣😣
    Après les feux en Australie, les inondations en Nouvelle Zélande 😥
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    Olivier Maryse Levillain

    On va finir par vous appeler les Attila de l'hémisphère sud : là où vous passez, rien ne repousse ! 🔥💥💦💨💦🌊🌬️⛈️🚒 Attention, la prochaine étape pourrait être🌋

    Lucie Levillain

    Justement, y a un volcan dans l'île du nord je crois 😟😟

    Olivier Maryse Levillain

    Méfiance, méfiance, préviens les autorités sanitaires que vous allez bientôt débarquer ! 😘😘😘

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  • Day264


    February 12, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    After a short scenic drive from Murchison we arrived at Kaiteriteri, a most beautiful resort on the coast. We had decided to stay here for 3 nights, as we really want to explore the Abel Tasman National Parks, one of the many highlights of NZ South Island. The campsite we had booked into is directly next to the beach, and was very busy. Although most pitches were taken it does not appear too busy, and we were given a pitch with plenty of space. The facilities are good and plentiful, with a kitchen and BBQ area close to our van. We spent our first afternoon on the beach in front of the site - a beautiful golden beach with a turquoise crystal clear sea. Both of us were soon swimming and cooling off from the very hot sun. The next day we drove to nearby Marahau where the Abel Tasman track begins. We walked (or tramped as they say in NZ) the first part of the track until we reached Stilwell cove, where we bathed in the sun, read our books and swam repeatedly in the clear waters. As we walked we passed cove after cove, all stunning. The track was undulating and very dusty, and we passed many people walking in both directions. On our final day in this location we booked onto the water taxi service, which travels alongside the Abel Tasman track in both directions. The boat was full as we left Kaiteriteri, and our first port of call was to see the Split Apple Rock, a large rock out at sea that looks just like an apple split in half. Seals were spotted basking on rocks on Adele Island as we continued along the coast. The captain pointed out a large,rather grand vessel called The Spirit of NZ. On it were 35 disabled youngsters making a 5 day voyage- this trip takes place twice a year apparently. We left the boat at Medlands Beach, and were to be picked up later at a different location after our tramp along another part of the track. We walked for about 4 hours stopping for a picnic lunch on one of the many beautiful beaches. There are no roads at all in the national park, and the only way of travel is walking or kayaking. Every now and again we came across a campsite with toilets and running water. Again we met many people walking in both directions. We stopped at Cleopatras Pool, a crystal clear water pool set amongst rocks. The water was cold, but there were many people bathing there and sliding down the rocks into the water - mainly youngsters it has to be said!!!!! We ended up on another beach at Anchorage Bay, after walking about 15kms- ready for a flop in the sea before our boat picked us up to return to the campsite. So pleased we managed to walk such a chunk of this great tramping trail, as the scenery we saw was amazing. One of the highlights of our trip around NZ so far!!!Read more

    Hannah Melrose

    This looks absolutely idyllic!! Xx

    Gina Clifford

    You make New Zealand look superb, you should work for the tourist board. Lol we’ve had a fabulous weekend with you both, celebrating your big birthday. Xxxx

  • Day80

    Abel Tasman National Park - Part 1

    February 28, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    The most popular activities to do in Abel Tasman are hikes, trekking on the multi-day Coast Track, and kayaking along the beautiful coastline. Since we are so close to the park, it would be a shame if we didn’t do one of those activities.

    We opted to do a combination boat trip along the coast with a hike on some of the more scenic hiking trails. Wilsons Abel Tasman is the main tour company operating in the park and we chose their Boat/Hike Trip #6, one that had been recommended by a few people and not too expensive. It did include a 12 km hike and a swinging bridge over the Falls River, but we were up for it. We booked it online - 9:20 a.m. start and back at 4:30 p.m.

    Our cruise started in the touristy town of Kaiteriteri, located at the south end of the park about a 40 minute drive away from where we are staying. For one hour, we cruised north along the coastline, enjoying the calm waters, the scenery and the bright, sunny day.

    After the cruise, we were dropped off at Medland’s Beach. From the beach, we walked on our own, south along the coast, back towards Kaiteriteri. A boat from Wilsons would be ready to pick us up in the afternoon at Anchorage.

    According to Wilsons, the trail between Medland’s Beach and Anchorage is the most varied of the Coast Track with Torrent Bay being the highlight.

    For most of the time we hiked through a temperate rainforest. The ferns and the sounds of the birds and the bugs made us feel like we were on the set for Jurassic Park. We rarely met anyone on our walk. There was one other couple though hat we kept meeting and they did the whole trail In flip flops. Crazy kiwis.

    There were several opportunities to take short detours to small beaches. It was a pretty hot day so we opted to stay on the shady trails and leisurely enjoy what we were seeing.

    About two hours into our walk we arrived in Torrent Bay. A part of Torrent Bay is an estuary that is covered with water during high tide and almost completely dry during low tide. We arrived during high tide so were not able to take the short cut directly across the estuary. The longer walk around the bay added about 3 m, but it was a pleasant walk.

    Our 12 km hike concluded at Anchorage where there is a wide, quiet beach. The minute that we arrived, we changed from our sweaty clothes into our bathing suits and immediately jumped into the refreshing ocean water. Ahhhh. The beach is similar to and about the same size as Chacala’s beach in Mexico without the restaurants or houses. What a great way to end a long hike!

    From Anchorage, we were transported by boat back to Kaiteriteri. A good day with a little Vitamin I help. Haha.
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  • Day36


    February 14, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Wir haben waren inzwischen im Abel Tasman National Park und haben die Sonne in der sonnenreichsten Region Neuseelands genossen. Vorbei an Apfelfarmen ging es nach Kaiteriteri, einem der „Eingangsorte“ in den Nationalpark. Bilderbuchbuchten, schöne Ferienhäuser, tolle Sandstrände (ja, Sand für Papi ist eingepackt). Und eine Maorihochzeit am Strand, wo die Braut mit dem Kanu angerudert kam...Read more

    Christian Lang

    Danke für den Sand - 3 Kubikcm reichen!


    Und Gibt es auch ein Brautfoto? 😇


    Die war nicht soooo fotogen und ganz weit weg...

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  • Day70

    Split Apple Rock

    January 12, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Der dritte und letzte Stop bevor wir einen Campingplatz anfahren, ist der berühmte “Split Apple”. Ein grosser Stein der in der Mitte auseinander gebrochen ist und nun aussieht wie ein halbierter Apfel. Der Strand war auch sehr schön, wären da nicht all die Touris gewesen😬😋.Read more

  • Day16

    Abel Tasman NP - Open Sea Kayaking

    November 15, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Sonne, leichter Wellengang und eine tolle Landschaft. Heute Vormittag sind wir mit dem Kajak die Küste entlang gepaddelt. Wir umkurvten den Split Apple Rock - eine natürliche Felsformation, die wie ein halbierter Apfel aussieht. Danach haben wir uns mit Kaffee, Tee und Keksen am Strand entspannt 😊. Gegen Mittag fuhren wir bei strahlendem Sonnenschein mit den Kajaks zurück nach Kaiteriteri. Jetzt sitzen wir im Auto und sind auf dem Weg in den Süden.Read more

    Markus Beckstedde

    Ahoi :-)

    C'n'A Travelling News


    Nicole Jasper

    Dezente Schleichwerbung 👌🏻

    C'n'A Travelling News

    Naja, so dezent ist die ja gar nicht 😋


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