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  • Day5

    Die bisher schönste aber auch härteste Etappe mit Bravour gemeistert💪 22,5 km.., 29111 Schritte mitten durch die Berge🧗🏻‍♀️Eukalyptuswälder und kleinen Dörfern🙈👣🌿Wunderschöne Aussichten⛪️🦎sehr nette Menschen aus aller Welt kennen gelernt. Die Etappe war selbst für erfahrene Pilgerer eine echte Herausforderung. Wir sind stolz es geschafft zu haben und gönnen uns morgen, in der schönen Großstadt Viana do Castelo, einen Tag Auszeit😜Read more

  • Day6

    Heute einen wunderschönen und entspannten Tag in Viana do Castelo gemacht😊Haben die Stadt mal ohne Gepäck 🎒erkunden können👁👟Die Kathedrale inklusive Gottesdienst besucht und den Abend mit gutem Essen🥗 einem leckeren Bier 🍺 und etwas Wellness 🧘‍♀️ ausklingen lassen😉

  • Day12

    Up early 3 women on a mission!!. photo time outside and we stepped out of the apartment with a bounce in our step and a smile on dial. Little did we know what a long long day it was going to be.

    We took it slowly as Catrin had to walk slowly. According to Google we had 22 kms to do. Catrin and I had both decided that we would like to do the central route as there were some very pretty places that were mentioned in our books. Shyama was happy to along with what ever we decided to do.

    The first 5 kms we did in 1.5 hours, it took us that long because we were stopping for photos, and also walking at a slow pace. We stopped for breakfast around 9.30 and then the skies that had been threatening decided to come down, it was a pre cursor to what was going to be..... To start off it was just a drizzle, but as we walked along we decided to take our ponchos out. It was raining but yet nothing much to it.

    Lots of other walkers, some friendly, some not so. Some whom were happy to talk, some who did not want to talk to. The camino route is very well marked along the central route. Much better than the coastal route. Every 100 mtrs or so there is either a yellow arrows, or a camino emblem or both. Hard to get lost with that kind of markings. The terrain was very pretty, some times through woodlands, some time past farm land, other times through villages, past century old walls, past little chapels, and churches etc. In some places we saw a blue arrow. And that was for those following the route to Fattima.

    10 kms and we were just about to cross the river. It was called a cutting in the camino guide. We had been walking through this forest area and we found a guide book on the path. We thought some one must have dropped It, so picked it up to hand over in case we met the owner. About 300 meters on there was a fork in the road. There was a gent standing there. And the book belonged to him. He was very funny. When asked which country he was from he said he was from the moon. When we asked what way do you think we should be going he says you have to out a stone on the pile and you will be shown the way. Then he saw 3 other women coming behind us, and says 3 women I can handle 6 women no way. I am off, and he took of like a rocket. Prior to that we met this gent who was living close to a church we had stopped, and he spoke good English. He just loved to talk. He had lived in Canda for 13 years and was very proud of it.

    By now the rain was a nuisance, and it was hard walking in the rain, with a pack up hill. At one particular place we had climbed up so far the mist was making it impossible for us to see too far. Catrin foot was aching, and all credit to her. She was carrying all her stuff too. The cemeteries in Portugal our kept tidy and pretty. There seems to be people who come and change the flowers in all the cemeteries we passed.

    We had been getting stamps on our passports along the way. At one church it was a self service situation. You needed to write your name,date, country and age. So onwards and upwards we marched along. By now the conversations had stopped unless it was to point out something, or to discuss how much further, or where on earth is a cafe. We walked along a forest and the scent of the eucalyptus and wild fennal was so nice. Our spirits picked up a bit. But that was short lived, the terrain was rocky, muddy, slippery and not nice. No villages, just the path. We had to keep stopping so that Catrin could have a rest. She felt she was holding us up, but this was a pilgrimage so helping fellow pilgrims was as important as getting to the destination. By now the conversations was more to take her mind off her aching foot. Finally we came to a village which had a cafe, coincidently the village was called chafe. Would have been preety poor if they did not have a cafe or a chef huh.!!!. We had in our keaness to look for a cafe missed the formal route as well. But that did not bother this navigator too much, I knew we could get back on track. After a hot soup in our tummys we were ready to go on. By now we had walked 17 kms.

    Catrin decide that was it for her, for the day. She was going to call a taxi to take her the rest of the way. So for the first time we were on our own. We yet had 9 kms to walk. And after the first 4 kms it was uphill in the rain. We came to a quite a steep hill. By this time rain was just dripping off, and it did not matter any more. 🤔

    Finally we could see the destination city. The first thing you saw was the church on top of the hill in the back ground. But we yet had 4 kms to walk. There was a river and the bridge that spanned it was over a km long. By now it was past 5.00 pm. Cars were going in each direction. And what ever part our body that was dry was wet by the time we crossed that bridge as cars that went bye could not care a hoot about us, the puddles on the surface was our bath water.

    Finally we got to our hotel, by then we had walked 27 kms. A drink of port wine went down a treat. It had been a long long day. Going for dinner was an effort.
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  • Day13

    Viana do Castela to Afife

    May 26 in Portugal

    After our long day yesterday, we were having a somewhat short day today. According to Google 12 kms, but then I have now worked it out following the camino route, be it the coastal way or the central way is very much different to Google. The camino way tries to keep you safe and off the main road. Where people seem to drive very fast.

    Went down for breakfast and the tables our very close to each other, we were seated next to a couple. As per normal pleasantries you make small conversation. They were on the camino too. Then it came out that they were from NZ too, they were from Auckland. As we kept talking the man says was it you who signed the book in the church?. They had met the guy who loved to talk too. So it was very nice to meet a fellow country man.

    We were not going to start walking till 12.00. Before we started we wanted to go and see the church on the hill. I had read the view was magnificent. We just got to our room and the reception rung to say that luggage carrier was here. Holy Molly, I had forgotten to take our luggage down, it should normally be at the reception by 8.30 . Now it was 9.30 and we did not even have the bags ready. Wet cloths that had not dried over night were thrown in with wet shoes, clean clothes worn the night before got chucked in with plugs, cream and what ever. Honestly I need my head examined. Luckily we were in our room. I cringe at what could have happened had we not been in the room.

    You could take a tram (fununcular) up the hill, or else if you were keen you could walk up 6 kms. No guesses for what mode of transport we opted for. Catrin had spoken to me the previous night to say she was in a alburger (hostel) just behind the church. So we called her from the tram, and she was there waiting for us when the tram reached the top. The church was different in its simplicty, and the view well........ wow.

    Back to the hotel, packs on our backs and we were off. Following the receptionist instructions we found led to a de tour, but we saw an old neglected fort at close sight due to his incorrect instructions. Finally we got to the coastal route and after an ice cream we were on our way. Kept to the coastal route for about 7kms and then came on to the main road to get water and lunch. Then we followed Google. But tried as much as possible to keep to a road that was parralel to the main highway.

    In a previous post I mentioned how everyone was into heir veggie gardening, but the dirt here seems to be so fertile. No wonder things grow so well.

    When we got to our destination the owners were not there but the maid was waiting for us. It is a B&B place, very nice. The owners came in later. They had gone to Porto. The wife has stomach cancer for the last 3 years., and she had an appointment at the hospital. Shyama by now is feeling very tired, when they called us I had asked if their was any restaurants close by. So when we were offered a meal by them once they came back we gladly accepted their offer. I did not know then that they were actually going out for dinner. But she made a lovely soup for us quickly, she had offered to make a salad, which I had declined as I did not want to make more work for her, and fruits from the garden for desert.

    Please note I had not written my journal for the 19 and 20th these have now been updated. Make a cuppa, and sit down to read it.
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  • Day156

    Spain to Portugal

    September 18, 2017 in Portugal

    OK so journey was horrible lots of swell and wind on the nose 10-15mph despite forecast of North veering North west less than 10mph until around 5pm, also drizzling on and off. So my first impressions of Portugal as we arrived were not great we had to start slaloming to avoid pots as well. But we reached dry land and the marina guy was great help in us moor showing us where to go in town and the town Viana do Castelo is pretty. We took a funicular (probably spelt wrong) up to the Basilica at Monte de Santa Luzia stunning views. If you look really carefully Take Five's masts are just to starboard of Tower block. We also wandered aimlessly in town so some random photos as well.Read more

  • Day34

    Viana do Castelo

    April 27, 2017 in Portugal

    Heute schauen wir uns das Örtchen Viana do Castelo an, das eine halbe Stunde von Moledo entfernt ist. Wir schlendern durch schmale Gassen, bewundern uralte Gebäude und müssen lachen, als wir einen Tupperwarenladen entdecken.
    Im Hafen liegt die Gil Eannes, ein riesiges Schiff, das in verschiedenen Missionen unter portugiesischer Flagge unterwegs war. In mehr als 40 Jahren begleitete sie die Fischereiflotte als Lazarett- und Versorgungsschiff und war unter anderem als Eisbrecher-, Schlepper-, Handels- und Passagierschiff im Einsatz.
    Heute ist die Gil Eannes ein Museumsschiff, das Mama und Papa gerne besucht hätten. Mir reicht jedoch ein Blick aus der Ferne, denn ich habe Hunger und äußere dies zunehmend lauter. Leider läuft Papa nicht schnell genug. Als wir am Bus sind, bin ich eingeschlafen.
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Viana do Castelo, Viana do Castelo Municipality, فيانا دو كاستيلو, ویانا دو کاستلو, ヴィアナ・ド・カステロ, ვიანა-დუ-კაშტელუ, 비아나두카스텔루, Viana do Kastelas, Biana de l Castielho, ویانا دو کاسلو مونیسیپالیتی, Вианæ-ду-Каштелу, Виана-ду-Каштелу, Вијана до Кастело, Віана-ду-Каштелу, ویانا دو کاشتیلو, 維亞納堡

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