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  • Day4

    Bangkok im Ausnahmezustand

    October 26, 2017 in Thailand

    Aufgrund der riesen Zeremonie zur Beisetzung des verstorbenen Königs, herrscht hier totaler Ausnahmezustand. Die Innenstadt ist komplett gesperrt und die meisten Sehenswürdigkeiten geschlossen. Zudem strömen hundert tausende Menschen in die Stadt. Wir mussten daher unseren Plan ändern und haben eine Bootsfahrt über den Chaophraya River genacht, waren beim Wat Arun, Big Buddha (Wat Intharawihan), vielen kleineren Tempelanlagen, Chinatown, Lumpini-Park und noch vieles mehr. Wir haben das Beste daraus gemacht und eine neue Leidenschaft entdeckt: Tuktuk-fahren ist einfach grandios!

    Bangkok war ein super Auftakt. Auf geht's nach Bali!
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  • Day28

    Wat pho temple

    January 3, 2015 in Thailand

    Tomi váltig állitotta hogy ez a kiralyi palota. Kar hogy nem fogadtunk mert a nap vegere persze kiderult hogy nagyon nem :)
    Stilusosan tuktukkal erkeztunk, amit jol lealkudtunk de szinte biztos hogy meg igy is atvertek minket.
    Hogy meglegyen a vilag rendje, a delutani hajouton mar inkabb blicceltunk.
    Amugy a Wat Pho, A Fekvő Buddha templomának is nevezett építmény Bangkok legrégebbi és legnagyobb templomegyüttese.
    A komplexumot csodálatos, vallási célt szolgáló épületek, szokatlan szobrok, sziklakertek, csedik és egy káprázatos központi bot alkotja. Leghíresebb lakója a 46 m hosszú Fekvő Buddha.
    (Nemtom mi az a csedi, a fentit a netrol masoltam)
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  • Day1

    Biggest buddha

    February 5, 2017 in Thailand

    Before we get lunch we do yet another temple. This temple is known as it holds one of the biggest statues of the resting buddha. This thing is huge!

    Again this temple is littered with detail, and so many shrines for the passed Thai King.

    The coolest part of this temple is it's actually a massage school. Theres a building with several carvings of the human bodies with all its pressure points and then there are gardens with figures illustrating thai massage stretching. I have actually experienced the stretch where the therapist stand on your back and pulls you leg into the air, its no fun but it works to loosen your back.

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  • Day1

    Wat Pho temple

    February 5, 2017 in Thailand

    The second major attractions for the the day was Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), this is one of the largest temple complexes in the city and famed for its giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 metres long and is covered in gold leaf, pretty gigantic. We walked around the other temple complexes the detail is phenomenal, from large golden statues to the tiniest wallpaper decorating the inside of the building.

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  • Day39

    Wat Pho and Wat Arun

    March 26 in Thailand

    Bangkok, like Chiang Mai, is filled with temples. So, after lunch with our guide Nok, we headed out to see more temples.

    Our first stop after lunch was Wat Pho, which is the temple that houses the Reclining Buddha. I had read that the Buddha was 46 meters long, and 15 meters high, and that it was so large that the temple had to be built around the Buddha. But hearing the dimensions didn’t prepare me for the actual size — it is immense. Sadly, the way in which the temple was constructed makes it extraordinarily hard to get a view of the entire Buddha. In fact, there are only two spots in the temple where you can see the Buddha in its entirety, and there were incredibly long lines to be able to stand in those two spots. (I actually saw someone inadvertently step towards one of these two spots, unaware that there was a long line. A couple of the women standing on line threw a fit, raising their voices and telling the interloper to get to the back of the line . . .not too Buddhist in their approach.). Since it was sweltering inside the temple, we decided not to stand in line, but to admire the buddha piece by piece. We particularly enjoyed looking at his feet, which have intricate decorations of inlaid mother of pearl.

    We then went on a boat tour on one of the canals that runs through Bangkok. Not too surprisingly, we passed many temples. In front of one of the temples, we stopped to buy bread which we fed to huge catfish that live in the water right outside the temple. We were told that feeding the catfish was good luck. What I found most interesting about the boat ride was the differences in the structures that lined the canal. In addition to the temples, there were many houses, most of which were quite rundown. Yet, here and there were big, beautiful houses. Seeing the variation in the structures made it clear that in Thailand, like in Vietnam, there are vast inequalities in income. Although they overall standard of living in Thailand is obviously higher than in Vietnam, the disparities are still there.

    After crushing the canals, we went to Wat Arun, which is also known as the temple of the dawn. This temple is relatively new, having been built in the mid 1800s. The central portion of the temple is a huge spire, which is decorated with the ceramics from the ship that arrived with damages cargo. At one time you could climb the spire, but access was eliminated following the renovations that were completed a few years ago.

    We ended the day with a cold drink with our guide, Nok. As usual, I found talking to our guide as interesting as seeing the sites. Nok was raised outside of Bangkok, in a small town called Ayutthaya (known for ancient temples similar to those in Seam Reap in Cambodia and My Son in Vietnam). Her parents died when she was relatively young, and she as raised by her two older sisters (who are more than 20 years older than Nok). Her oldest sister is illiterate, but made sure that Nok attended college. After completing college, Nok visited the US and worked in Maryland for 5 months. She said that moving to the US was transformative for her — turning her from a shy, quiet, studious girl, to a young woman who had her own opinions and wanted to live a different life in which she had been raised. She returned to Thailand, and began teaching English. Eventually, she married a fellow teacher, who is from Great Britain. When they married, they traveled to England for the wedding. Her sister who raised her, flew with them for the wedding; everyone thought that it was super brave because her sister had never been on a plane and didn’t speak any English. As we sat and chatted with Nok, she told us about her friends, and their love of going on photo shoots (which is kind of like casual modeling, for fun). She also told us that her group is very diverse in terms of sexuality, and openness to more progressive life choices. Talking to her was just fascinating, and was a great end to another good day.
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  • Day10


    July 17 in Thailand

    Heute waren die großen Sights von Bangkok geplant... Dafür fuhren wir mit dem Boot auf dem Chao Phraya in das historische Viertel der Stadt. Vorbei am Wat Arun. Am Königspalast angekommen sahen wir die Massen von Touris und entschieden, diese Attraktionen wegzulassen... Wer kann es uns verübeln, wenn wir bisher IMMER fast allein waren an den Tempeln? Auch mit dem Geld sind wir sehr knauserig geworden.. Also sparen wir lieber die 13€ Eintritt pro Person 🤷‍♀️ wir haben uns dafür Fotos im Internet angeschaut und haben einen Eindruck bekommen.. Tempel gibt es hier schließlich wie Sand am Meer.Read more

  • Day37

    Wat Arun

    October 3, 2016 in Thailand

    Nach einem kleinen Snack in einer Garküche und einem kleinen kühlen Singha, fuhren wir mit der Fähre auf die andere Seite des Flusses.
    Auf der anderen Seite besuchten wir einen weiteren wunderschönen Tempel. Dieser war nicht so überlaufen und doch eine Besichtigungen wert. Viele kleine weiße Türmchen und einen großen weißen, der zur Zeit leider vom einem Gerüst umgeben ist, da er restauriert wird. Er erinnerte mich an den Kölner Dom 😂Read more

  • Day39

    Tag31: Bangkok (Home away from Home)

    January 31, 2017 in Thailand

    Der erste Monat meiner Weltreise ist durch und ich genieße noch jede Minute.
    Bangkok fühlt sich an wie mein "Home away from Home" : ich liebe es hier einfach nur durch die Straßen zu streifen, mit dem Expressboot an allen Verkehrsststaus vorbei zu fahren und Abends in einer Bar zu sitzen und über die Backpacker und Touristen zu schmunzeln die frisch angekommen sind und sich erst orientieren müssen. Die "Frischlinge" erkennt man auf den ersten Blick.
    Außerdem findet man jeden Abend wie selbstverständlich neue Gesprächspartner aus aller Welt die interessante Geschichten zu erzählen haben. Fühle mich schon fast wie einer der Expats / Auswanderer die ich jeden Abend treffe.
    Rundum ein entspanntes Leben hier, aber es muss auch wieder weiter gehen, der nächste Flug (Malaysia) ist schon gebucht.
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