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  • Day67

    Broome (birthday celebrations!)

    August 22, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    Marley had been counting down to his birthday since before we left home (!!) and another bonus of not being on the Gibb was that his request for birthday dinner of fish and chips was a bit easier to arrange!
    The much anticipated day finally arrived - there were presents, birthday wishes sent via phone and video from friends and family, pin the tail on the donkey, birthday cake (the order was "chocolate, inside and out"), an afternoon on glorious Cable Beach and we finished with fish and chips at sunset on the sand. One very happy 5 year old declared the day "awesome" and we all agreed!Read more

  • Day254

    Broome, Cape Leveque und weiter zur GRR

    May 9, 2018 in Australia ⋅

    In Broome waren wir glücklicherweise zum richtigen Zeitpunkt am richtigen Ort und durften den 'Stairway to the moon' miterleben. Ein echt tolles Erlebnis, denn wenn der Vollmond über dem Meer aufgeht, sieht es durch die Spiegelung aus, wie eine Treppe zum Mond.
    Das Cape Leveque war relativ schwer über Holperpisten zu erreichen und somit auch nicht groß besucht. Es ist aber so schön den Kontrast von rotem Sandstein, weißem Sand und babyblauem Wasser während einem kurzen Dipp im Meer zu betrachten.
    Weiter ging unsere Reise durch Derby zur Gibb River Road. Unser erster Stop war der Bells Gorge. Auf dem Weg dorthin haben wir noch einmal an einem Lookout übernachtet und wurden nachts von einem jaulenden Dingo (das ist wie ein wilder Hund, der allerdings hungrig und im Rudel sehr aggressiv werden kann) besucht. Dieser Schreck war nach dem atemberaubenden Sonnenaufgang aus unseren Zelten wieder ganz schnell vergessen. Am Bell Gorge waren wir dann anfangs die Ersten und wurden nach dem anstrengendem Walk durch den Busch mit einem 5 oder mehr stufigen Wasserfall und schön kaltem Wasser zum Baden belohnt.
    Sonntag ging es dann wieder Richtung Highway. Auf dem Weg dorthin wurde der Windjana Gorge zum Krokodil beobachten, der Tunnel Creek, den man sich wie eine Höhlenwanderung vorstellen kann und die Geike Gorge besichtigt. Was für eine erlebnisreiche Woche das wieder war!
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  • Day69

    Broome (special visitors!)

    August 24, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    Besides Marley's birthday, we'd all been counting down to Broome because we'd arranged to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa. We had a wonderful few days with them, spent plenty of time at the beach, at their luxury villa, and checked out a few of the sights of Broome.
    We headed to the Courthouse Markets on Saturday morning and enjoyed the Broome Ice Creamery's offerings for morning tea, checked out Chinatown and had a delicious lunch at the Dragonfly Cafe (luckily it was worth the 50 minute wait!). It was a real treat for us all to catch up and the added bonus was the fabulous villa Grandma & Grandpa were staying at - pavilion style and big enough for us to all comfortably fit and it also had its own small pool which the kids made good use of! We enjoyed a few nights of being hosted in a spacious kitchen and eating out on the deck - very nice change from the caravan park!Read more

  • Day336


    March 3, 2018 in Australia ⋅

    Der letzte Stop bevor es nach Bali geht. 2 Seetage stehen bevor.

    Wir haben einen Charterflug über Australien gebucht. Es war unfassbar schön. Facettenreich und einfach spektakulär. 💕 Es kostete Anfangs etwas Überwindung in diese kleine klapprige Flugzeug zu steigen - es hat sich aber gelohnt und ich habe es überlebt. 😎

    Nun gibt es eine Stärkung bevor es zum Schiff zurück geht.
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  • Day66

    Broome (more beach and sunsets!)

    August 21, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    There's a positive to every negative and the disappointment of not being able to do the Gibb was soon outweighed by the fact we gained extra days in Broome! We all relished the opportunity to have a swim at the beach - and what a beautiful beach it was! Many hours were spent enjoying the water, relaxing or scratching around in the sand (for the kids!).
    The only thing that can come close to a day at the beach in Broome must be watching a sunset from the same spot! Different every night and always amazing. It was great to sit on the white sand at Cable Beach and watch the sun dip lower but equally spectacular were the colours of the rocky cliffs at Gantheaume Point at the end of the day.
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  • Day76

    Broome (again!)

    August 31, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    As we left Cape Leveque we decided to visit the Aboriginal community at Lombadina which is only 3km off the main road. We drove down the sandy red road to find a green oasis - lots of shady trees and lush green grass. We dropped in to the office to pay the $10/car entry fee and buy a loaf of the locally baked bread (delicious!) before checking out the historic church with its paperbark ceiling. We'd heard the beach was good so we changed into bathers and started the walk down to the sand - we'd decided it wasn't worth letting the tyres down to drive onto the beach, however we soon realised it was a bit further than we thought! A lovely guy called Bruce who was staying in the cabins saw us heading off and followed us down to offer us a lift which Grandma and Grandpa and Meg gladly accepted. The rest of us continued on foot with a little local dog who joined us for the walk. The walk was definitely worthwhile - the pristine, white sandy beach and crystal clear water was even better than Cape Leveque. We cooled off in the water, beachcombed for some gorgeous shells and the kids had fun playing with their new furry friend! In the meantime, Grandpa got a lift back with Bruce and brought their car back to ferry us all (dog included!) back to the town. Reluctantly we headed off just after noon to make sure we got back to Broome in time to pick up the caravan.
    Our "double-up" habit continued as we returned to Broome and there wasn't much protest when we decided to extend our 2 day stay by another night! We ended up back at Cable Beach Caravan Park but because it was starting to empty out as the grey nomads all began their migration south, we scored the "best site in the park", a huge space on the fence line and right near the pool - perfect!
    We farewelled Grandma & Grandpa with fish and chips on the beach (kids had well and truly had their fix of fish and chips by the time we left Broome!) at sunset and did some not-so-exciting jobs like grocery shopping and car washing in between plenty of swims at the beach and pool. Two of the families that had been on our tag along tour at Kooljaman were staying at the same time so the kids had lots of fun catching up with some new friends.
    We visited the Town Beach Market on Thursday night for dinner (delicious Japanese for Jen, Balinese noodles for Roy and dumplings and pizza for the kids - nice change from fish and chips!!) and Marley bounced around on the jumping castle while Meg and Finn did battle inside the inflatable bouncing balls - almost more fun for the spectators!
    Friday afternoon was spent soaking up the sun for our last few hours on Cable Beach and then we all agreed dinner on the beach one last time was a fitting way to end our Broome experience. We headed to Zander's to get (more!) take away dinner and check out the art installation set up on the grass. Luckily we'd had some amazing low tide sunsets previously because although the sunset itself was spectacular it was quite high tide and really windy! It didn't stop us from enjoying our last Cable Beach outing - and we'll be back...someday!
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  • Day111


    March 4, 2018 in Australia ⋅

    Unsere Zeit in Broome hat sich um einiges verlängert als geplant war, da unsere Pläne sich ja geändert hatten.🤷🏽‍♀️
    An sich kann man hier nicht viel machen, außer den Gantheaume Point anschauen (Hier trifft Outback auf Meer) und zum Cable Beach gehen. (Der Sonnenuntergang war unglaublich dort! Und wir haben sogar Kamele gesehen!)

    Wir haben aber richtig coole Leute im Hostel gehabt und auch das Hostel war an sich eine chillige Anlage!
    Man hat sich hier richtig eingelebt und es fühlt sich sehr familiär an mittlerweile, da man mit allen und allem so vertraut ist.🙈

    Lustige Abende und entspannte Tage lassen mich Broome in toller Erinnerung behalten!

    Cheers 🥂 Auf Australien, dass hier nie etwas so läuft wie man es plant und es sich dennoch zum besten wendet!💖
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  • Day181


    August 8, 2016 in Australia ⋅

    Am Bruce sis Timing isch excellänt, pübnklich uf d Aakunft in Broome isch de Underbodeschutz vorne abgheit, sprich er isch na a zwei schrübeli ghanget und mitgschleift.

    Chum simmer uusgstiege, sind ois scho liebi Bouarbeiter cho helfe, hends mit kabelbinder provisorisch ue bunde und ois gseit wo de nechst Baumärt isch zum Schruube chaufe.

    Nachdemm mer öppe 6x in Lade und wider use go Schrube probiere sind hets denn entli passt, und wil de Jan gad so im Elemänt gsii isch, het er grad na s Auto putzt :)

    Pointly to the arrival in Broome, bruce lost his underground protector on the bullbar - it only was held up by two screws, the rest fell down ^^

    So we got out of the car and some friendly people came straight to us and helped fix it with some cable ties and told us where the next hardware store is to buy some screws.

    After we went about 6 times into the shop to buy different screws, we finally got the right ones and Jan had fixed that thing :)

    We all needed a shower afther that (and 33 degrees outside) - inclusive Bruce :)
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  • Day65


    June 7, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    The navigation was not too difficult when heading towards Broome, as the photo shows, 493km with no option for turning off! Freshly brewed coffee and biscuits helped the journey pass (as you can see in the 3rd picture!). We just caught sunset at Cable Beach, as we now kmow the sun sets even earlier now we are further north. At least it gets light much earlier though. Had a look around Broome, which has a feel of Asia about it because of the heat, tropical plants and some of the buildings. The Japanese bombed the town and harbour, with a total of 65 attacks just on Broome alone. In one attack 100 people were killed while sitting in flying boats at the harbour, the remains of which can be seen today at low tide. We drove east out of the town today and have started to see the unusual Boab trees, one huge one was where we stayed at a roadside camp.Read more

  • Day184

    im Flughundland

    August 11, 2016 in Australia ⋅

    Mir hend en Camping wo dicht Bewachse isch mit Palme und Boim usw. Drumm hets ganz vill Flughünd und Vögel. En tollpatschige Ibis (en grosse Vogel mit langem Schnabel) wo ois jede Morge chunt cho sali säge :)

    Gester hemmer nach diverse Bruce-repair-organisatione de Tag und Sunneuntergang a de Cable Beach gnosse - wunderbar isches gsii!

    Uund mir hend ez noii Pneu am Autoo und e wieder ganzi Frontschiebe :) mir froied ois uf de nechsti allrad Track (warschindli d Gibb River Road i de Kimberleys) juhuuu!!!


    We have a campground with alot of plants and trees - and so there are lots of birds and flying foxes. One clumsy ibis visits us every morning :)

    Yesterday after lots of (repair) organisations for Bruce, we enjoyed the rest of the day and the sunset at cable beach - it was wonderful.

    Now we have a repaired front window and new (and a bit bigger) tyres :) jejii!!
    We're looking forward to the next 4wd track! (probbably the gibb river road)
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