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  • Day755

    Hesteparkering, Tversted Plantage

    July 21, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We are by ourselves in a spacious forest car park labelled 'Hesteparkering' (horse parking). There is a crossbar for tethering your steed and even a few bundles of hay on the ground. These Danes really do provide for outdoorsy folk!

    The tall trees sway in the wind but being here is a welcome oasis of calm after a morning that turned out to be a little stressful! After travelling for half an hour or so, we pulled into Hirtshall Transport Centre, a service station type area that provided van facilities. Once we'd located the van service point, we pulled in to the dedicated lane and were shuffling back over the waste water grill when we heard a horn and a crunch. A car had driven into the corner of our rear bumper. We jumped out and inspected the damage; a crack on their bumper and several on ours. We were confused at first but it soon became clear (to us at least) that the car shouldn't have driven over the solid white line into the motorhome lane. However, what is done is done, nobody was hurt, it was just one of those things and not worth getting too upset about. Luckily the other driver spoke perfect English. We swapped details, took photos and gaffa taped up the bumper. This done, we found a parking space and phoned Saga claims department, giving them all the details. We are awaiting a call back from their 'foreign department' on Monday to go over it again and hopefully find out where we stand. The gaffa tape will hold for a while.

    We considered staying at the Transport Centre but it wasn't the most relaxing of environments, so we decided it was best to move on and not be reminded of the accident. After a bite to eat we hopped on the motorway and made some more progress up north, before turning off onto a single track road that led into the large Tversted mixed forest plantation. It was here we found this tranquil 'horsepark' we are in right now. Each evening a couple of Icelandic Horses were ridden through and during the course of the 2nd day a total of three horse boxes pulled in and each unloaded a pair of good looking horses, who were promptly tacked up and ridden off. The final pair were ridden bareback by what looked like two young teenage sisters while their Mum walked the dog beside them. Vicky looked on with a touch of envy in her eyes.

    We had found this quiet car park on route to a larger area at the end of the track. On the last afternoon we cycled the tandem along and upon seeing the large car park, we were immediately glad we'd parked where we had. It was packed with 50 or so cars and around a dozen vans. We checked the map and cut through the buzz of people to follow the cycle track towards the beach. The forest opened up to flat land behind the dunes. A whitewashed building with thatch roof supported a small wooden windmill, so we deviated down a grassy track to have a look. Inside was area for animals, an old wooden cart, horse drawn sleigh and agricultural equipment from times gone by. There were information boards but they were all in Danish and we didn't feel we could spare the data, low as we were, to translate them.

    Checking the map again, we found the only routes leading to the beach were walking trails, so we pushed the bike, then left it chained to a tree while we continued on foot. On the way we passed a pond that had dried up to a mosaic of moss, then a firepit with a temporary sign, warning of drought and fire risk and asking people not to light fires. Cutting through the dunes we eventually reached the long wide sandy beach. There was nothing to stop the wind and it whipped the dry sand up so its fine grains flowed like a shallow river accross the harder surface underneath, whipping our ankles as it went. We paddled in the surf and watched, as the clouds skudding accross the sky created fast moving bands of shadow and light over the sand and water. The strong rays highlighted the dark blues and turquoise and shone radiantly off the substantial whitecaps rolling in. (Apologies for the wind noise on the video).

    As mesmerizing as these scenes were, the wind drove us back to the shelter of the dunes, where we continued barefoot through the forest to the bike. From here we walked round a small lake covered in lillies, many of them in full flower, it was quite a sight!

    We'd done about 7km in total, not much, but enough of an excuse to reward ourselves with icecream back at Martha Motorhome. On these fine summer days we really enjoy the fact we have a small freezer in the van!
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  • Day754

    Overnatningsplads, Kajholm Plantage

    July 20, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    It is early morning. The occasional far away car can be heard, but otherwise the soundscape is made up of the calls of swallows, chirps of woodland birds and rustle of wind in the trees (oh, and our gas fired fridge that has just clicked to life)! The field ahead of us has been harvested for hay, but the sandy wheat still stands in the one beyond that. We are nestled in a clearing on the edge of Kajholm plantage (forest) in what is signed as an 'overnatningsplads' (overnighting place). Nearby, but out of sight, is one of Denmark's free camping grounds, with a wooden hut, cooking and toilet facilities. Many are only accessible on foot or bike but this one has a small area for people to drive and leave their cars. We aren't sure whether we are technically allowed to be here without staying in the hut, but nobody has asked us to move.

    We set off yesterday from our seaside spot and headed for Løkken. According to the Lonely Planet, this town had a great kite surfing beach and a lighthouse that has been overtaken and almost engulfed by the marching sand dunes. It sounded interesting! Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones who thought so and when we arrived the place was heaving. We couldn't see the designated area we had been due to stop and the streets and car parks were jammed up with people who had got there before us. We spent a short while searching for a parking place but quickly decided we didn't want to stay. On the outskirts we found a supermarket and Will popped in for supplies before we left the hustle and bustle behind.

    Standing in contrast to Løkken, the quiet of Kajholm Plantage was doubly appreciated! The mature mixed forest even protected us from the wind that had blown constantly at the coast. Vicky needed to rest and we had accidentally used up nearly all our data downloading updates for the sat nav, so we spent the day reading books, crocheting (Vicky), playing the flute, exploring and picking wild raspberries for tea (Will). A few people came and went; a long distance walker with a huge rucksack, a man and child on bikes, dog walkers and a family of three with cool boxes and mats.

    Before leaving we took a wander down the well signed forest trail to the campground. It looked like a boy scout's dream come true! Solid cuts of wood with a rich reddish brown had been used to build a sheltered eating area, open air picnic tables, two grass rooved, raised sleeping huts, a compost toilet hut and benches alongside a fire trough, over which was suspended a height adjustable cooking grill. A drinking water standpipe stood in the corner next to another crop of wild raspberries. There was even a saw and a log splitter, although the latter was unfortunately out of action. We found it flabbergasting that all this was a free public resource! On a previous summer in Denmark we'd cooked and slept at a similar site with a much younger Poppy, but she is too old and tired for all that now and we wouldn't want to leave her in the van by herself all night while we camped out. Still, the idea is a fun one and parking in the car park provided us with a very peaceful retreat.
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  • Day6

    Sightseeing in Hirtshals

    July 8, 2017 in Denmark ⋅

    Gestern Abend musste ich noch früh vor den Mücken ins Innere des Wohnwagens flüchten. Heute hat der Wind sie vertrieben und die Sonne kam raus.
    Nach dem Frühstück bin ich in den Ort gefahren, um mir ein Bild vom Fähranleger zu machen, zu dem ich am Montag früh muss, und noch etwas einzukaufen. Nicht besonders hübsch dieses Hirtshals. Man merkt, dass die meisten Leute hier nur wegen der Fähre herkommen.
    Nach der Mittagssiesta folgte ein ausgiebiger Strandspaziergang. Obwohl ich auch hier das Auto hätte nehmen können. Schon merkwürdig, dass die Dänen anscheinend überall hin können mit dem Auto: Strand, Fußgängerzonen, etc.
    Später musste ich wegen dem Wind das Vordach abbauen und auch das Hubdach auf der Windseite runterklappen. Die Windböen schütteln Matti ganz ordentlich durch.
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  • Day5


    July 7, 2017 in Denmark ⋅

    In einem großen Bogen bin ich östlich aus der Stadt raus, um über Bad Segeberg irgendwie auf die A7 zu gelangen. Es gab keine andere Möglichkeit, denn die Innenstadt war wegen der Unruhen praktisch komplett abgeriegelt. Der Umweg funktionierte auch tatsächlich ganz gut.
    Kurz vor der Grenze hielt ich beim Scandinavian-Park für eine längere Pause. In Dänemark war dann leider Schluss mit 100 km/h. Als Gespann darf ich hier auf der Autobahn nur 80 km/h fahren. Kein angenehmes Gefühl, wenn die LKWs hinter einem drängeln. Naja, in Norwegen werde ich mich freuen, wenn ich mal 80 fahren kann ;-)
    Nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeit kam ich tatsächlich in Hirtshals an. Der Campingplatz liegt schön vor den Dünen und ist erfreulicherweise ziemlich leer. Eine himmlische Ruhe mit dezentem Meeresrauschen im Hintergrund. Hier bleibe ich bis Montag. Dann gehts mit der Fähre rüber nach Norwegen.

    Tageskilometer: 553 km
    Gesamtkilometer: 858 km
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  • Day2


    July 17, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Nachdem wir in unserem neuen Zuhause kurz aber sehr gut geschlafen hatten, ging es wieder weiter und nach vier Stunden Fahrzeit kamen wir in Hirtshals an. Dort blieben uns noch 2 Stunden Zeit in denen wir mit unseren Rädern die eher ärmlich und verlassen wirkende Hafenstadt und den Strand erkundeten.

    Später checkten wir mit dem WOMO ein und nach einer Stunde Schlagestehen durften wir endlich auf die HSC Fjord Cat - vorwärts mit Wendemanöver - als eines von ca. 200 Fahrzeugen!

    Als endlich alle Autos und auch viel Bier und Süßes an Bord waren, ging´s in einer zweistündigen Fahrt endlich auf übers Meer nach Norwegen!
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  • Day11

    Ein Tag am Strand

    July 16, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Baden in der Nordsee

  • Day3

    Hirtshals Fyr

    August 28, 2016 in Denmark ⋅

    Dank guter Planung ;-) sind wir überpünktlich in Hirtshals angekommen und hatten noch Zeit den Hirtshals Fyr zu besichtigen. Der Leuchtturm ist mit einer Feuerhöhe von 57 m einer der höchsten Leuchttürme Dänemarks.

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