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  • Day757

    Grenen, Skagen

    July 23, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Today we visited Grenen, the famous finger of land at the northernmost tip of Denmark, where the Baltic meets the North Sea.

    We'd been here several years back and knew how busy it could get, so put it off until Monday in the hope there would be fewer people. For all we know there was, but traffic increased noticeably the closer we got to the nearby town of Skagen. We'd entertained the possibility of stopping here to have a mooch around; with its boutiques and eateries it seemed like an enjoyable place to while away a few hours, but its busy streets put us off and we continued along through the dune landscape towards Grenen. We'd been following Denmark's North Sea coast up until this point, but now the road took us alongside the Baltic Sea on our right. As we approached Skagen Grey Lighthouse (now a centre for birdwatching) cars began to line the verges and more and more people were using the pavement and cycle track. Reaching the end of the road, a high vis official directed us round the roundabout to the motorhome parking, but being cheapskates we saw the ticket signs and doubled back to where we had just come, choosing instead to park in a small grassy picnic area a kilometre or so away and make use of the excellent cycle track.

    After grabbing a bite to eat, applying sunscreen and packing water, we set the van up to remain as cool as possible and made our way towards the hub. Parking the tandem in the extensive (and nearly full) bike racks, we climbed over the dunes and read a small information board about friendly seals, before skirting round an old and grafittid WWII bunker to the beach. Off came the sandals! Vicky waded out into the water and hopped up onto a partly submerged bunker to take a few photos of the beach goers making their pilgrimage to the point. We trekked along with them, sticking to the surf line and allowing the Baltic to surge up over our toes and around our calves as we went. Being nosy, we paused to see what someone was pointing at in the shallows, soon realising that the two dark shapes moving quickly under the water were seals! Vicky had her camera to hand and began filming as one of them swam towards the onlookers and deliberately beached itself just a metre away from the growing crowd! Luckily people were sensible, but it wasn't long before the seal became nervous and turned tail, undulating itself back into the waves. Vicky had been standing in the water to film and got an extra special treat when it swam towards her and poked its head out to say hello!
    You can watch the video on the VnW Travels YouTube channel here:

    On a high from this close encounter, we reached the point in record time and wove through the large group clustered where the sand ended and the two seas began. Less than 4 months ago we passed by the Gibraltar Straights, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. Here it is a lot more tangible because the point is so thin. We waded out into the turbulent seas, the Kattegat (an arm of the Baltic) to our right and the Skagerrak (an arm of The North Sea) to our left. Waves crashed together from either side and the current was strong; signs had warned that it could be life threatening and prohibited swimming. We took an obligatory selfie standing knee high in the convergence, then walked round to the North Sea side where, at a suitable distance, Will took a super quick dip. Even here the current was strong!

    Making our way past the Sandormen; a bus pulled by a tractor to ferry tourists to the point, we retuned to the Baltic coast, where Will again took a very quick dip. The sands seemed even busier as we waded back to the bike and as we cycled towards Martha Motorhome, we feared she may have been blocked in by the nose to tail cars that had at least tripled in number. Luckily we had nothing to fear as despite space being tight, people had parked considerately.

    The van was a lot cooler than the air outdoors but we still made sure we got underway quickly to provide a cold stream of air for Poppy. Until this point we have been driving north in the hope of reaching cooler climes, but having reached this point, we can drive no further north!
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  • Day20

    Stavern & Skagen

    August 21, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    If Norway is the end of the world, Skagen must be the beginning! After yeasterdays hike and a nice and calm ferry ride, we are at nothern tip of Denmark now. Crazy, that the waves from two seas meet each other here!

  • Day18


    August 21, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Dänemark komplettiert unseren Skandinavien Trip. Früh morgens auf die Fähre in Larvik, Norwegen, und keine vier Stunden später sind wir auf der anderen Seite des Kattegat.
    Bestes Wetter 😎🏖️🌅, kaltes Bier und gleich ein warmer Grill.
    Haben auch schon unsere Beine in die Nord- und Ostsee gehalten. Jeweils eins. Und das gleichzeitig. Ziemlich spektakulär und irgendwie komisch, dass wir noch nie hier waren. So weit ist es ja nicht...Read more

  • Day7


    July 9, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Heute war ich bereit für einen Ausflug zum nördlichsten Punkt Dänemarks. Hier treffen Nord- und Ostsee eindrucksvoll aufeinander.
    Nach der Strandwanderung habe ich mir den Ort Skagen angeschaut. Typisch sind hier diese ockergelb bemalte Häuser mit roten Backsteinziegeln. Nett anzuschauen. Die Fischsuppe im Lokal mit den meisten Besuchern war dann auch sehr lecker. Danach cruiste ich noch ein bisschen durch die verschiedenen Hafenbereiche. Dann war es auch schon Zeit zurück zu fahren. Ich wollte noch alles soweit einpacken und vorbereiten, damit ich morgen früh ohne großartiges Geräume rechtzeitig zur Fähre komme.
    Inzwischen hat der Wind übrigens wieder eine "normale" Stärke erreicht, sodass auch die Mücken sich vorsichtig wieder heraustrauen. Nun gut, dann bin ich eben drin. Nur zum Sunset werde ich gleich nochmal raus gehen.
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  • Day5

    Day 5, Skagen

    September 5, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    A new port for us today despite doing this cruise a few times before. Skagen pronounced Skane is the northern most tip of Denmark. It’s well used by artists due to being known as the land of light. We docked this morning at 9am and we were up to watch us dock. Weather was mild, sunshine and cloud but no rain and it remained similar all day. We had expected Skagen to be very small with almost nothing there but we were pleasantly surprised. The main industry here is fishing so there was lots of traffic around the port waters. We were welcomed in to port by a group of Danish singers stood at the port as we docked (singing obviously, not just stood there for a laugh watching us in).

    We disembarked the ship around 11.00 after a leisurely breakfast. We walked towards the town (or so we thought) following a few other couples. It did become apparent they had no idea where they were going so just went in the first pub!! To be honest, we weren’t far away, we just took the scenic route. The town itself was extremely pleasant, like most Scandanavian places it was very clean, beautifully presented and well maintained. There were lots of shops and cafe bars and the people were extremely friendly. We decided we would try and get ourselves to Grenen, a small town about 5 miles away where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. We hopped on a local bus and the driver was very friendly and took us. It was a shuttle service and cost 8 Euros. Although the currency here is the Danish Krona, most places actually take Euros, fortunately we had some of them 🙂. Once we got to Grenen, there was a little gift shop and cafe and we were able to walk over the dunes to the sea. There were a few places of interest, ww2 bunkers, Drakmans Grave and a lighthouse which is predicted to have been eaten up by the sea by 2020. We had a wander down the lovely beach and Sharon decided to go for a paddle near a large rock, first time in the Baltic Sea. I didn’t bother, don’t like sand near my feet so I watched. On the rock was a seal pup, sat there posing for anyone who would talk to it. Apparently the mother had gone for food. Sharon waded in for a pic, the paddle was nearly a swim but she got a few nice pictures. Imagine how chuffed she was when she waded back out, soaked to just under her arse and decided my photos of it were clearer than hers, and I was lovely and bone dry 😂😂.

    We were going to return to the ship but then saw a tractor ride through the dunes to the exact point where the two seas meet, so we jumped on and off we went. It was magnificent to see, the waves came from different directions and met in the middle. Truly fascinating. Sharon went back in and had a picture with one foot in each sea and then we got the tractor back and then the bus to the ship. Obviously, a spot of lunch followed and then we went to the back of the ship, got a couple of loungers and had a cup of tea and just watched the world go by before finally leaving a Skagen around 6pm. The people of Skagen were so thankful for the cruise ships they had a band playing to see us off and lots of people gathered at the port to wave us off. Was a great sail away. We were at the back rather than on top deck which was lovely as we watched the sun go down as we left.

    The captain announced over the loudspeaker 📢 that we needed to do some essential maintenance as we left which was to recalibrate the magnetic compass. This involved us pushing back from the dock in to a non traffic part of the Baltic Sea and doing a series of 360 degree turns before zipping off towards Oslo. He was advising us as in his words he didn’t want us thinking he had lost the plot !! We stood at the back of the ship and watched us do one of the complete 360 degree turns before heading back to our cabin to get changed ready for dinner downstairs in the restaurant. As always it was fabulous and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It’s now 10.30pm, we are heading north towards Oslo and we’re laid out on the open deck watching a movie on the big screen. Hot chocolate and popcorn are readily available and we’re gliding along. It’s perfect.

    So that was Skagen, Oslo tomorrow, so until then, goodnight all.
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  • Day3

    Baltic Sea meets North Sea

    March 5, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ 🌬 -1 °C

    Am Ende einer sehr langen Sandbank, an der nördlichen Spitze Dänemarks, treffen sich Ostsee und Nordsee. Theoretisch kann man hier mit einem Bein in der Nordsee und mit dem anderen in der Ostsee stehen.
    Im Naturcenter gibt es wissenswertes über dieses Naturschauspiel und die Nordspitze Dänemarks, die sich ständig verändert. Dort erfährt man auch, dass man eigentlich nicht wirklich in beiden Meeren steht 😉.
    Trotzdem ist es ein beeindruckendes Schauspiel in einem besonderem Licht, man hatte den Eindruck, es prallen auch unterschiedliche Wolkenfarben aufeinander.
    Ich war im Oktober 2017 an diesem Ort.
    Vom Parkplatz sind es ca. zwanzig Minuten Fußmarsch am Strand mit der tosenden Brandung, bis man direkt an der Spitze steht. Wer zu faul ist, kann sich auch von einem Traktorzug kutschieren lassen.
    Auf dem Rückweg hat man immer den "Grå Fyr", den Graue Leuchtturm im Blick.
    Als dieser 1858 erbaut wurde, stand er noch in der Mitte zwischen den beiden Meeren. Heute muss er gegen den Sturz in die Ostsee geschützt werden.
    Sollte es euch in den Norden von Dänemark verschlagen, dann ist dieser Ort ein „must see“.
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  • Day8

    Skagen Grenen

    August 31, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Skagen Grenen ist der nördlichste Punkt Dänemarks und eine einzigartige Naturerscheinung, denn hier treffen zwei Meere aufeinander, nämlich das wilde Skagerrak und das ruhige Kattegat. Dieses Schauspiel müssen wir natürlich anschauen und da ist auch der halbstündige Spaziergang nicht zu weit. Dort wo die beiden Meere zusammenstossen, kann man sehen, dass die Wellen aus verschiedenen Richtungen kommen, was eine starke Strömung verursacht. Hier ist darum Baden lebensgefährlich und deshalb auch Badeverbot.
    Auch an dieser Küste finden wir wieder verschiedene Bunker die zur Atlantikwall gehören und zum Teil schon fast im Meer versunken sind. Vor der Küste wurde während des Krieges und auch noch danach so mancher Fischkutter von in der Nordsee ausgelegten Seemienen zerrissen.
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  • Day8

    Leuchtturm Gray Fyr

    August 31, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Unmittelbar in der Nähe war dann der Gray Fyr Leuchtturm, dieser hat uns dann besser gefallen. Draussen auf dem Meer warteten die Schiffe vor Anker und warten bis die Fracht eingetroffen ist. Man könnte fast schon meinen es gäbe hier Stau auf dem Meer.....
    Im Leuchtturmkaffee welches von netten Damen geführt wurde, haben wir einen leckeren Zvieri bestellt. Richi entschied sich für die süsse Variante, die Damen für eine leckere Suppe und ich wollte unbedingt mal den Käseteller ausprobieren, welcher sehr grosszügig garniert und sehr lecker war.Read more

  • Day11

    Ussichtspunkt im Norde

    September 17, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Da wür mer eigentlich gseh wie sich die zwei Meer träffed. Nur het de Domi bim anelaufe öpper gfröget was da eigentli uf oisem Fähreticket (für nach Norwege Zabig) staht. Er het denn gseit mir müesed spötistens am 7ni det sii.. Und mir hend ois natürli uusgreimt dases heisst abem 7ni.
    Also hemmer wider umtreit und sind schnurstracks richtig Fähre gfahre :)Read more

  • Day7

    Am Zipfelchen bei Skagen

    September 9, 2016 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Warum man unbedingt bis zum äußersten Ende der Landzunge gehen muss, ist wohl ein psychologisches Phänomen. Zumindest lagen dort zwei Seehunde und sonnten sich unbeeindruckt von ständig neuen Zuschauern.

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