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  • Day565

    Cerbère layby

    January 12 in France

    With a croissant from the local boulangerie settling nicely in our stomachs we began the 80km drive towards the Spanish border. Although we haven't been going flat out it has taken us a week since leaving Will's sister's in Orpington to reach this point. We could have sailed directly from the UK to Spain but it would have meant putting Poppy in the ship kennels for a considerable length of time and we weren't prepered to do that to our highly anxious rescue dog.

    On today's drive we followed the path of an estuary for a while before the road ran parallel to train tracks. All of a sudden the distant band of mountains we'd watched the sun rise over appeared much larger. Many were in silhouette but some were snowcapped and dramatic. The physical barrier of the Pyrenees led inland from the Mediterranean Sea, stretching right the way to the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the French/Spanish land mass.

    After a detour to pick up supplies from Lidl (the French E.Leclerc supermarché had height barriers 😤) the van was climbing through mountain valleys. We had chosen to take the coast road and were so glad we did! The weather still being bright and windy, we were afforded stunning views of the sparkling azure sea flecked white with breaking waves. The route was steep and winding as it took us round headlands and into deeply indented coves where pale villages with terracotta rooftops clung to the valley sides.

    Even at this time of year the earth and grasses appeared scorched. Prickly Pear cacti grew wild outside the stoney terraced vineyards. We really did feel like we'd entered a different world. The stopover Will had found on Park4Night was amazing. A large fenced off layby above the picturesque village of Cerbère, it was inside a cove with a view down the precipitous rocky slope to the wild sea. The sun was shining brightly when we arrived and the view was so beautiful it was difficult not to pop with happiness!

    After lunch we scrambled down the zig zag shingle path to the pebble beach. Most of it was now in the shadow of the mountainside but Vicky climbed up some rocks and found a spot of sun to lie in (albeit in her thick padded coat) while Will attempted to fish. Unfortunately the wind was again far too strong and he had brought the wrong equipment. He ended up slipping over on wet rocks while trying to retrieve the top half of his rod and ripping part if his fingernail away from his finger. Ouch! Never mind, the shock only dampened his spirits for a little while and after a sweet cup of tea and some chocolate cookies his cleaned and bandaged finger wasn't going to stop him appreciating the gorgeous view and being excited about going to Spain the next day!
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  • Day21

    Prats Mollo to Amelie les bains

    May 15, 2016 in France

    Had no internet last night so I'll talk about the day(sat) now and then Ceret which is what this map shows we're at now . We were in a small hotel at the end of a good day's walking. The hotel Ausseil was ancient sleep was difficult because of the streetlights and the flimsy cream curtains! After a small breakfast we were driven to the top of Le noell to start the day- beautiful mountain peak views with snow .Read more

  • Day21

    Amélie-les-Bains to Ceret

    May 15, 2016 in France

    After a buffet breakfast we set off over the bridge towards Reynès and then Ceret . Dad saw a small brown snake on our ascent . It was a lovely day quite hot , but cool in the shade. Very pleasant really .There were still views of snow on highpeaks even being at a lower altitude.Reynes was a mall rural town with just a church. We ate cherries from an overhanging branch on our pathway.Arrived at hotel d'Arcades earlier than any other day and showered, washed socks etc and Ste a picnic in our room. Then we went to Ceret museum of modern art. Saw nice works and some pottery and paintings by Picasso . Dinner is at a Pizza style restaurant nominated by this hotel and breakfast will be here.Read more

  • Day22

    Ceret to Banyuls-sur-Mer

    May 16, 2016 in France

    Ok so after a good night's sleep and a French breakfast of croissant, bread and jams & mandarin with apple juice and coffee we set off in a VW van for the top point to start the walk : about45 mins drive back into Spain. Lovely forest a bit cool so put on our beanies . we took a wrong turn at the beginning of the GR10 so we followed the marks the wrong way. At lunch S got out our GPS . We couldn't place ourselves on the map and about 205 mins later we were having trouble deciding which was the route when 2 French women - a mother and adult daughter were walking towards us. We learnt from them that we were near Le Perthus, back past our starting point . We'd travelled 360deg now going west into more of the Pyrenees . Oh dear it wasn't possible at 230 to retrace our steps to start again. S phoned the help person. She called back after making a call to say we couldn't go back but must walk to nearest town which was lePerthus. She would try to arrange transport from there to Banyuls-Sur-Mer. How disappointing and yet she got us transport ( the young guy who had driven us) to BSM. S gave him 50 euros, even though the agency were not charging us , so a tip for him!! The hotel here has a gorgeous view of the sea but is high up on the hill and tomorrow we must get to the train station to go to Carcassone.Read more

  • Day41


    April 10 in France

    Mardi, 10 avril 2018
    Youpiiii! Nous pouvons déjeuner dehors, ce matin. Collioure est au programme aujourd'hui. Il nous faut une petite heure de grimpette sur le chemin du littoral pour rejoindre ce joli village, déjà pas mal envahi par les touristes. Nous prenons l'apéritif sur les quais et un bon dîner "poissons" au restaurant Le Trémail. Il ne nous reste plus que le retour sur le même chemin escarpé. Nous profitons des derniers rayons de soleil pour notre sieste et il se pointe déjà la prochaine perturbation météorologique.Read more

  • Day40


    April 9 in France

    Lundi, 9 avril 2018
    Une grande étape nous attend aujourd'hui, 450km jusqu'à Argelès-sur-Mer. Eric les fait d'un trait, avec un stop pour le plein en diesel à Barcelone. Nous retrouvons le camping "les Criques de Porteils", que nous avons découvert il y a deux ans. Nous sommes installés sur un balcon, en dessus de la mer. C'est trop bien!

  • Day14

    Am Fuß der Pyrenäen

    July 6 in France

    Bei heißen 32 Grad beziehen wir unser kleines Häuschen am Rand der Pyrenäen. Und dieses mal wirklich etwas kleiner. Die Teenager sind glücklich über ein eigenes Zimmer. Die 3 Kleineren beziehen das Wohnzimmer. Carlotta darf nun endlich auf der neuen großen Matratze schlafen. Der Nachteil an dieser Schlafkonstellation liegt deutlich bei mir. Die einzig ruhigen Stunden am Tag sind die Morgenstunden. Ich stehe meist gehen 7 Uhr auf, schreibe und lese in aller Ruhe, bevor die große chaotische Wortflut aller Kinder auf mich einbricht. Als hätten sie Nachts ein Wörterbuch verschlungen, ohne Pause und am liebsten mit dem Finger in der Wunde des Geschwisterteils. Den Gedanken an diese Ruhe muss ich wohl in den nächsten 4 Tagen begraben ;-( Auch wenn die Milch für den Kaffee noch so leise kocht und ich auf Samtpfoten durch den Raum schleiche, bei irgend einem Kind blinzeln augenblicklich die Augen. Und alleine wach sein in den Morgenstunden ist ja unendlich langweilig. Also wird so lange, natürlich völlig unauffällig, an das Bett der anderen geklopft oder getreten. Das führt meist zu schnellem Erfolg. Meine einzige Chance ist Ignoranz. Da Ignoranz aber auch eher Aktivität als Passivität bedeutet, verabschiede ich mich von meinen 2 ruhigen Stunden in den nächsten 4 Tagen, tief durchatmen ;-)Read more

  • Day5

    J+3 Sur les versants du Canigou

    August 21, 2016 in France

    Les Pyrénées Orientales! j'adore ce département :D

    Super temps, super parcours, et inauguration de la douche solaire !

    Descente géniale mais difficile... j'aime pas descendre du vélo mais à des moments j'étais bien obligé...

    Distance: 17km
    Durée: 2hish
    Dénivelé tot +: 410m

  • Day20

    Endlich duschen!

    October 8, 2016 in France

    Wir verabschieden uns von Leander und Eva und wünschen den beiden eine gute Weiterreise mit noch weiteren spannenden Erlebnissen. Für uns geht's also auch weiter.

    Vorbei an Gebäuden mit riesigen Parabolspiegeln (Forschungsgebäude) und durch unzählige Serpentinen geht es wieder runter ins Tal auf Höhe Normalnull, in der Hoffnung auf Sommer, Sonne und Strand.

    Hier angekommen werden wir von unseren Vorstellungen keines Weges enttäuscht. Nach kurzer Erkundungstour mit dem Bike und anschließendes Duschen auf dem Campingplatz finden wir unser Nachtlager auf einem Platz direkt am Meer. Wir wechseln unsere Klamotten wieder zurück auf Sommerbekleidung und verstauen unsere Wintersachen wieder in die Dachbox.

    Bei uns am Auto raschelt es im Laub und wir entdecken 2 Igel auf Nahrungssuche. Wir machen uns ebenso ans kochen und legen uns anschließend auch hin.

    Als wir wach werden scheint bereits die Sonne. Wir packen unser ganzes Frühstücksequipment ein und verlegen unser morgendliches Ritual an den Strand.

    Hier verbringen wir unseren heutigen Tag. Sonnen, bloggen, entspannen steht heute auf dem Plan.
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  • Day20


    April 9, 2016 in France

    Samedi, 9 avril 2016
    C'est jour de départ ce matin. 430km sont prévus pour arriver au sud de la France. Nous trouvons une place au camping "Les Criques de Porteils", tout près de Collioure. C'est un endroit magnifique et nous avons un emplacement de rêve avec vue sur la mer et le vignoble en arrière-plan, le paradis doit ressemblé à ça. Un bon repas au resto du camping clôt notre journée.

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