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  • Day4

    Ankunft und erster Tag

    November 2, 2017 in New Zealand

    In Christchurch gelandet war echt wenig Zeit und stressig. Wir konnten den Van nur bis 16:00 abholen und landeten um 14:00. Erstmal durch die Passport-Kontrolle. Natürlich wie soll es anders sein, bei mir funktionierte die elektrische Kontrolle natürlich nicht und ich musste mich wo anders anstellen. Naja.. Amelie ist schonmal bisschen weiter vor zu den Gepäckbändern, hat aber immer mal wieder nach mir geschaut 😊
    Mein Einreiseschein wurde von der Frau abgehakt und vervollständigt. An der Schlange nach dem Gepäckbändern zur Überprüfung der Einreisezettel war eine verdammt lange Schlange :( wir konnten es ja fast nicht schaffen.. naja irgendwann waren wir mit unsere Rucksäcken, die nach der Frischhaltefolie aussahen wie Schwerverbrecher-Rucksäcke an der Schlange für die Einreise. Je näher wir kamen desto höher schlug unser Herz, dass wir ( wie fast jeder vor uns ) gefilzt werden und es nicht rechtzeitig zu unserem Van schaffen.
    Wir kamen dran! Die Frau war super nett und fragte uns nach den Wanderschuhen und dem Profil. Wir redeten alles schön, somit kamen wir tatsächlich direkt durch und rannten los mit unseren Rucksäcken die kaum zu tragen waren wegen dieser doch so praktischen Folie 😂
    Bei der Autovermietung lief alles super, also nichts wie los.
    Das erste mal fahren mit Linksverkehr war super lustig vor allem nach fast 40h ohne Schlaf 😂! Amelie hat das aber super gemeistert, zwar fast öfter links was mitgenommen aber wir kamen ohne Kratzer und Unfall an :)
    Die erste Nacht war kuschelig aber der Campingplatz an sich etwas eklig. Die duschen haben gestunken und wenn man aus der Dusche kam stand man in einem kleinen Schwimmbad.
    Am nächsten morgen haben wir gefrühstückt und sind dann los in die nächste Stadt.

    In der nächsten Stadt war es echt schön, hier haben wir mittags einen Spaziergang ans Meer gemacht, sind durch die Stadt geschlendert und haben und vor dem Mces WLAN geklaut. Anschließend gemütlich das erste mal gegrillt und das berühmte neuseeländische Bier Speights getrunken. Unser Van hatte an diesem Tag Taufe. Dirty Moe.
    Abend haben wir erneut eine Wanderung zum Meer gemacht, da die Frau an der Rezeption meinte man könnte hier, wenn man Glück hat Pinguine sehen.
    Die Stelle war voller anderer Backpacker und alle schauten und warteten auf die Pinguine und tätsächlich kamen 3 kleine Pinguine aus dem Meer gewatschelt. Soooo schön und so süß waren sie. Wir haben ihnen lange zugeschaut wie sie mit der Zeit in die Dünen gelaufen sind um dort zu nisten.
    Anschließend sind wir im vernebelten Strand zurück gelaufen und haben gemütlich im Van die weitere Reise geplant. Uns geht es hier wirklich schön und wir genießen die freie Zeit.
    Bis bald ihr lieben 😘
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  • Day23


    October 4, 2016 in New Zealand

    Als wir uns nach dem Angeln am Caroline Bay (leider ohne Erfolg) auf den Weg zurück zum Campingplatz machen wollten, hatten wir dann doch noch das Glück 2 der kleinsten Pinguine der Welt sehen zu können! Die waren so süß und sind in der Dunkelheit über die Straße gelaufen als wir gerade das Auto wenden wollten 😍
    Wir sind natürlich sofort ausgestiegen und haben versucht Fotos von den kleinen scheuen Pinguinen zu machen. Leider erkennt man sie wegen der Dunkelheit nicht so richtig, aber wir sind froh, dass wir ihnen so nah und unerwartet noch begegnet sind.Read more

  • Day27


    March 5, 2017 in New Zealand

    Lovely weather to wake up to this morning, with the wind dying down over the day. Continued northwards along the scenic route finding the historic and amusingly named 'sod cottage' which looked similar to traditional houses that people currently live around home! Had a great view towards Lake Waihola from a hill near Milburn Limeworks where they had put examples of whale and dolphin bone fossils from 24-34 million years ago when this part of NZ was under water. We walked along the beach from Taieri Mouth to the rocks and caves before heading to Mosgiel along the white sandy coast road.Read more

  • Day8


    December 16, 2017 in New Zealand

    The drive to here was pretty long and tiring so we were glad to get a spot at the freedom Camping zone. This one was situated right next to the Gardens and the beach. We had only planned to make a quick stop there overnight and then move on. By the time we got there the tourist information was already closed. So we decided to just park our van at the zone and then explore the town by foot.
    As we arrived there we encountered a sign with a penguin but didn't mind it all to much. But a little while later we found online that there are penguins supposed to be coming directly to the beach in the evening. And you can watch them for free, so we were pretty excited to do that later on. Until then there was quite a lot to see: The church built in the settlers architectural style, a Christmas fare, the beach...

    But the highlight was of course the blue penguin colony at night. When we got there around 9 there were already people waiting and also two officials who guided the people and told us that they usually come ashore as soon as it gets dark. Just a little while after that, we saw a small penguin jumping around the stone walls where their nest is located. We've been told that they scream for their parents. About 45 minutes later we were startled by a scream just a bit away from us, it were another two baby penguins! We were sitting just about two metres away from them! Overall we spent about 3 hours on the beach and the rocks watching the penguins. It was a really great experience to get so close to them!

    Exhausted and freezing we went back to our camper van and tried to sleep in. Unfortunately we woke up at 6 and couldn't fall asleep again so we decided to go on a tour to the Botanic Gardens. We tried out some playgrounds and visited the bird house with lots of exotic and native birds.
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  • Day428

    I can't actually believe this day has arrived! Almost 9 months we've been in New Zealand and from the get go we've talked of travelling in a campervan and after so many set backs and changes to our plan today is the day this dream finally started. Firstly we had to pack up all our belongings and enjoy one last breakfast delivered by the breakfast fairies. Nick has really loved the breakfasts here and I think he's going to miss it a lot. We waved goodbye to our mini paradise and set off on the road back to Christchurch. We were collecting our van at 12 so that gave us time to go and get a few last minute things we needed. Soon enough the time came to pick up our future travelling companion, Transi, named because she's lost the T at some point! We're so pleased with it. It's got everything we could possibly need or want for the next three months. We spent almost 2 hours going over all the paperwork and doing a damage report. There's a lot of general cosmetic damage that they don't seem to care about and a few dents. The worst is the window screen which has 5 chips including one in the large shape of a C. Apparently you don't have to get them fixed or replace the window unless they are directly in the driver's view or cause a large crack. We took photos of all the damage even the stuff the woman wasn't writing down so hopefully we return it in the same state. We got the van very cheap but this did mean it came with a $1800 excess. They offered insurance which takes the excess down to $0 but for $20 a day over the duration we have the van for this amounts to around $1800 dollars anyway. Instead we've taken out our own travel insurance which covers us for rental vehicles and paid the excess with the hope of getting most if not all of it back. You don't have to have car insurance here so rather annoyingly if we have an accident and it's not our fault but the other driver isn't insured we might not even be able to get the money from them and still have to pay for any damage to the vehicle. Hopefully nothing will happen and we plan to avoid parking near cars to limit the risk of anything going badly. After collecting some snow chains and an atlas we hit the road, Nick in the van and myself in the car. We had a straightforward route out of Christchurch but unfortunately Nick missed me indicating right to turn off at traffic lights so he missed the turning. It took about 15 minutes for us to be reunited and for him to figure out what road he was meant to be on, a little scary for your first time driving the van. The rest of the journey was smooth but long and eventually we made it back to farm. It took us almost 3 hours to sort out our things deciding what to take and what to leave in the car. This was because everyone wanted to check the van out and have a chat. Cassidy and Eliza came to have a nosey as well. I gave Cassidy a hug and told her that I missed her and she responded with the sassiest voice saying "yeah you did", both hilarious and adorable at the same time. She's promised to take good care of the car for us and with our stuff inside it went under a car cover outside Bruce and Candy's house until a garage is freed up in a few days for it. Then we set off on our journey and because it was so late by this point we had subway for tea before finding our first freedom camping ground in Winchester and reminding ourselves how bad long drop toilets can smell!Read more

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