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  • Day15

    Bisher immer noch ohne Campervan, aber mit dem Auto sind wir zum Mount Cook aufgebrochen, um dort eine Etappe bis zur Mueller Hut zu wandern.
    Allerdings ist doch etwas viel Schnee auf dem Weg dorthin, so dass wir nur ein Stück über die Schneegrenze gestiegen sind..... ohne passende Ausrüstung wären wir wohl in dem meterhohen Schnee versunken 😜
    Allerdings war die Aussicht ins Tal und auf den Mount Cook fantastisch 😊
    Der Aufstieg war bis zur Schneegrenze fast nur über eine Treppe (danach war klettern angesagt 😥😊)..... Das hat mich ein bisschen an die endlose Treppe aus der Herr der Ringe erinnert 😁
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  • Day7

    We drove from Lake pukaki up to mount cook. Parked there on the campsite. Then did the walk to the bottem of the glacier of Mount cook. The view was really good all the way. You can look around all the time in new Zealand there are only a few trees where in Australia there are only trees and barely have a view from the surroundings. It's so different.

    At the bottem of the glacier was a lake with ice cold water and also ice in the water. It was such a nice spot and in the sun out of the wind you could sit there with only a t-shirt. Also on the way we had to cross some cool swing bridges!

    In the evening we had to cook inside the hut on the camping. It was so freezing outside. Probably almost 0 degrees. After a bit of wine it wasn't that cold anymore :-P.
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  • Day13

    Mit etwas trouble sind wir beim Lake Tekapo angekommen. Ein kleiner Ort, der direkt an einem türkisblauen großen See liegt und mit unglaublich schönem Blick auf das dahinter liegende Gebirge.
    Bei klarer Nacht kann man vom Mount John aus einen wunderschönen Sternenhimmel sehen. Das haben wir uns natürlich nicht nehmen lassen und eine Nachtwanderung von ca. 1 1/2 Stunden unternommen, um schließlich mit einem atemberaubenden Sternenhimmel, der Milchstraße und einigen Sternschnuppen belohnt zu werden. 😊🌠✨Read more

  • Day13

    Der zuvor erwähnte Trouble..... Unser Campervan hat einen Getriebeschaden.... dass heißt das Getriebe ist komplett im A**** 😯
    Glück im Unglück war, dass wir direkt vor einer Werkstatt in Tekapo liegen geblieben sind. 😥
    Haben einen Kombi als Ersatz bekommen, können aufgrund unseres vielen Gepäcks darin aber nicht schlafen.
    Angeblich bekommen wir den Campervan morgen repariert zurück (was wir nicht so recht glauben können).
    Solange sitzen wir leider hier in Twizel fest, müssen auf den Campervan warten und können nur in der Umgebung kleine Touren machen 😧
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  • Day135

    After a relaxing morning having well crafted pancakes from chef James we headed towards Tekapo. In no hurry we stopped for photos at the end of lake Pukakai which has Mt Cook visible at the other end.

    Arriving in Tekapo we dumped our bags in our room and said hello to the hostels gorgeous giant bunnies. They all slept on a wheelbarrow snuggling each other to keep warm!

    A drive down to the lake shore and we came upon the famous chapel. Very picturesque but very hard to get a shot without a tourist in it! We decided to go back to Lake Pukaki to try and get nice sunset photos of Mt Cook. It was a bit far away and mist rolled in but the colours behind the other mountains was fiery orange!

    Feeling the cold I'd run back to the car and knew there had been an accident when I saw an ambulance followed by a police car whizzing by. As we drove towards it a full blown emergency response was ongoing. Walking to the front to see if help was needed it was obvious they had it all under control as the firecrew broke the roof off one of the cars. A civilian walked towards me, a nurse she was one of the first cars on the scene and sadly confirmed that two had died.

    Walking back to the car with the somber news, the fire coordinator followed and explained that the road would be closed for at least 6 hours. No diversions were possible for us without 4WD and snow chains so we turned back round and headed for Twizel. We found the local sportsbar which made a good roast dinner and wittled the hours away playing pool against anither stranded couple Emma and Fergus. The owner was very kind and kept the bar open and gave us the money to play pool.

    At 23:30 we headed back to a still closed road, pulling in to the layby at the head of Lake Pukaki I pulled the sleeping bag out and snuggled in for a few hours wait. At 2 the road cleared and we were back in our beds and very thankful to be there
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  • Day133

    Well I am in the last month of my contract. The rink will close in two short weeks and the tube park will close shortly after (basically when the snow melts, in this weather it seems like it will be sooner rather than later). This means it's time to start looking ahead to what I will do next.

    This past weekend I took advantage of having a friend down from Wellington so I went a nice little road trip to mount Cook which was outstanding and finally went into the hot pools at my work. It is better late than never.

    I spent the past two days being really proactive. I put my car here for sale, updated my cv, started to run once again and sent a few dozen applications to various positions inside Wellington. I don't know what it is with that city but I am really keen to return. Not sure if it is because of the people I met over there or if it is just that there are people there. I have been finding myself going to work on my days off because I need to see and talk to people. I guess that makes me more of an extrovert than I ever thought I was.

    Anyways, I will try to post semi more regularly for a bit at least to show that I am still alive.

    I miss you guys.
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  • Day143

    75 days. It's been 75 days since I stated my contract here in Tekapo. It took me over two months doors learning that I have 20% off nearly any tourist attraction in the area, it could be anything from a helicopter tour, the earth and sky tour or even sky diving. I will try to do some of these things on my days off but that won't be easy. I spent 75 days mostly enjoying the nearby area and only went skiing once. That leaves me with only 18 days until my contract expires and between now and then I have to sell the car that I have here (i have been working on selling it to some coworkers but I don't know how that will go), trying to renew the registration of said car to make the sale go easier, find out a way out of this town, deciding whether or not I need to go to the dentist,and trying to find a job in Wellington as well as a place to live while I am there. All this in just over two weeks while trying to take advantage of this newly found discount. Busy schedule that will keep me busy when I am not working but doable.

    Side note, I still have yet to receive the package that my amazing friends from home sent me but I talked to the marketing person (which is when I learned about the discount...) and she told me that she would forward it to me in Wellington if they receive it after I leave. Whoo thank god that is one less thing to worry about.


    Late edit. I am hoping for some advice. Today I got two more calls for interviews both seem really promising but they were not willing to interview me through Skype. After a week and a half I have had 6 calls for interviews while my entire month in Wellington last time I had a grand total of 0. I am starting to wonder if I should just cut my loses here and head up to Wellington early. I spoke to my manager and she told me that she would be fine with it (but I would lose my bonus) and she is willing to give me a good reference. What do you guys (the three of you that actually read this) think? I keep flip flopping on what to do. I need to make a decision by tomorrow night.
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  • Day149

    So these past few days have been interesting and quite a bit has happened. After talking on the phone with a few companies who wanted to have interviews with me on friday I seriously considered flying to Wellington to try a get one of the jobs. After much debate, I decided to stay here in the South Island to save some money and enjoy the sights that I will be missing out of in about two weeks. So on Thursday I decided to drive down to Wanaka with one of my awesome coworkers. On my way there I started to feel something funky with the car so I pull over and realise that my tire blew. Luckily we had left quite early in the morning and between the two of us we got back on the road and got a new tired withing an hour before continuing our road trip. We really lucked out that the closest town was two minute drive away and they had a garage that was able to help us right away. In Wanaka we took some amazing pictures, enjoyed seeing people and SIDEWALKS! Basically things that we don't have here in Tekapo. We did some Kayaking and also some rock climbing.

    Friday, I wanted to stay in and get my stuff together but I got a call from my old roommate Jesse and he wanted to do a little road trip out of Tekapo so I decided to go back to Wanaka yet again! On our way over we noticed a hitchhiker so we did what anyone would do and picked them up. They were heading to Queenstown (which is about an hour from Wanaka) so we told them that we would drop them off in Wanaka. By the time we got there, they decided to stay in Wanaka for a couple nights instead of going to Queenstown because it is so beautiful there. With Jesse we had a couple drinks then enjoyed the beach and went rock climbing. I am absolutely shit at it but it is something new that I would never try at home because of the whole terrified of heights thing. I'm slowly learning to face that fear and I think I may have gained a new hobby, I just need to learn how to trust my buddy which has been the hardest part so far.

    Yesterday morning I finally a lot of the things that I wanted to do done. I booked my flight out of this town, tried to push my car onto some of my coworkers who had told me they were interested, attempted to convince a few people to drive me to the airport on my flight date and booked a room in the hostel for the weekend that I arrive from Tekapo. Unfortunately I didn't quite have the will power to get to applying to jobs or cooking my meals for the week so that will have to wait until today after work.

    Quick side note, its now been three straight days that I have slept less than three hours and other than climbing and throwing people off the tube park that I haven't worked out. I am not sure if it has anything to do with it but I will see how it goes. Last day of the ice rink today, I am off to open it for the last time this season. I'll try to get some pictures of me on the rink before it closes down.
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  • Day3

    we're staying at the White Horse Hill camp ground mount cook looking up at dirty snow. I think it was about 300km today in the ford transit .. 10-12 L/100lm quite uninspiring and flat from chch to Geraldine then to Lake Tekapo, as you approach Tekapo you see lots of inspiring flat desolate land....didn't stop to take pics. The lake is quite large and you can see Mt Cook in the distance. still another 100km to the camp ground. as you round lake Pukaki and head to Mt Cook as the sun is going down you get regular glimpses of Mt cook and the view get more amazing around every corner....quite astonishing.Read more

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