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  • Day6

    O Porriño

    December 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Day 6 on the Camino:

    Today we crossed into Spain:) we walked for 20 km and it was the worst day for a pilgrimage because it was raining really hard- so hard in fact that I had to change my clothes half way and all my stuff was soaking wet... at Home that doesn’t seem like the end of the world- for a pilgrim however it is one of the worst experiences. That brings me to pilgrimage itself: when you walk everydayproblems seem irrelevant, and it’s the fundamental things that matter (it’s the weather, it’s your very own body).
    So we ended up taking a bus from Tui all the way to o porriño because we were tired, soaked and didn’t wanna ruin our legs by walking on the asphalt of the streets.
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  • Day8


    December 5, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Day 8 on the Camino:

    Today has been a good day. I walked 24 km and even stoped for food today :) my blisters aren’t hurting as bad but my Achilles is hurting... but no pain no gain right?!
    We’ll try to be in Santiago in 2 days- I’m positive we’ll make it, though it’s gonna be a challenge to walk almost 30km. Today I’ll rest so I’ll be good for tomorrow.
    Because I did catch a cold two days ago I can use all the rest I can get .
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  • Day654

    Península de Santa Marta, Baiona

    April 11, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    After all the chilly weather in the northern hills, it was a relief in terms of the temperature to drop down to the warmer coast, where we enjoyed highs of 16°C. As we progressed down the winding hill roads towards the sea, our surroundings unsurprisingly became more urbanized. The settlements merged into one another but we had programmed in a spot in the Baiona area. After a couple of attempts we found a narrow road leading onto a raised peninsula. The road ended in a small gravel parking area outside an old stone church. There was enough lush grass around to keep Poppy amused and we had views of a pale sandy bay leading out to far off green islands, against which huge white Atlantic surf crashed.

    The islands provided a breakwater, meaning the bay area was calm. From our vantage point we watched a few small boats pottering and some wetsuited swimmers dragging bright orange buoys on a long distance swim. The only through traffic was made up of mountain bikers, dog walkers and runners using the pedestrian track. It rained on and off but in a dry spell Will took his fishing rod to the rocks and enjoyed the fresh air.

    We'd planned to move on the following day but Vicky was unwell and Will felt unusually tired so we stayed. It could have been travel lag, the change in the weather or the knowledge our Spanish adventure would be coming to an end in less than 2 weeks, but a restfull day and a second night undoubtedly did us both good.
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  • Day657

    Praia de Nerga

    April 14, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Thankfully we were both feeling better today. We needed supplies so Will had programmed in a couple of supermarkets. One of the main roads was closed and unfortunately this was one of those areas where there were few alternatives. The sat nav directed us up into the hills, along single track roads and through tightly packed little villages. It was a difficult drive and we sighed with relief when we got back onto a double width carriageway, passing a coach and feeling very grateful we hadn't met it up in the hills. We removed a couple of waypoints hoping this would get us back on track, but with an awful sense of deja vu we were directed up the same road again and yes, we did meet the coach this time!😞

    With all but our overnight spot removed from the sat nav it found a sensible route, then low and behold we came accross the Lidl that we'd initially aimed for! Our stopover at Praia de Nerga on the Costa da Vela wasn't too much further on. A one way road looped down a hill to an idyllic beach nestled into the south side of a small peninsula, protected by a headland and a number of islands. A little way out to sea were a couple of dozen low platforms that were probably some sort of aquaculture installation, growing mussels or goose barnacles.

    Dogs weren't allowed on the beach but after we had taken Poppy out, we went for a barefoot walk along the bleached blonde sand. There were outdoor showers and a tap, but the water was turned off. The area was a nature reserve and to our right the low dunes were mostly fenced off. Signs told us that Plovers, a ground nesting bird, were using them as a breeding ground. To our left the tide was high and the waves seemed to tower out of nowhere, quickly folding and rushing up towards us with incredible speed and range. Vicky enjoyed trying to outrun them, although she was always better at long distance than sprinting, so was frequently caught and her shorts splashed. A small group of sea kayakers were setting off to adventures unknown, these boats were so well suited to the conditions, whereas our wide, open top Canadian Canoe is most definitely not! Rivers had cut deep courses through the sand, exposing its layers of shells. Paddling over these, we reached the rocks and pine woodland that bracketed the far end of the little bay. Climbing up over the grey stone and looking back, we watched the red sail of a kite surfer zipping back and forth. For the rest of the day Vicky knitted and Will practiced his guitar while we watched the now three kite surfers playing on the waves, jumping and turning.

    The following morning we noticed 4 officials taping off a channel on the sand and a photographer waiting. After a while a large group of horse riders bridged the hill to our left and made their way onto the shore. There were some beautiful horses, many of them highly strung arabs. One in particular galloped through the surf in large circles, its neck arched and tail held high. This first group moved on along the road and but more arrived and over the next hour hundreds of horses passed by! We weren't confident at making ourselves understood in the local Galician language, so instead of asking, we tried our hardest to find any information about this event online, but to no avail.

    The day was overcast and rained on and off, but in the afternoon surfers and body boarders began to arrive, until there were a dozen in the water, waiting for an opportunity. Will was tempted, but we'd been watching the waves and they folded very quickly after cresting, meaning it was exceptionally difficult to catch them at the right time and the ride they gave was brief.

    The evening was dry and we took a short walk up the track the horses had emerged from. Dense bushes grew up around the narrow path and we even found some aromatic bay leaves to forage. When a secluded cove revealed itself we dropped down onto the coarse sand and broken shells, watching the waves crash into the rocks.

    Even with the limited time we have left in Spain we were very happy to have given over two days to our stay at this gorgeous seaside spot.
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  • Day656


    April 13, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Sadly neither of us were feeling much better today but we don't like to outstay our welcome so moved on to the aire at Arcade, 50km up the coast. The scenery is so different here in the north of Spain. Gone are the cacti, wild palms and dessicated earth of the south and central lands. Instead the hills in this area are covered in green forest, much of it eucalyptus. On the journey we passed many granite huts on stone stilts, often with crosses on one or both ends. Looking them up on the internet (its so lovely having roam free data!) we found that they were traditional grain stores called Horreos. Most were used for corn in the past but since the modernisation of agriculture, many have been kept simply as curios and symbols of a proud farming community. We'll try and get a better photo of one soon.

    The aire at Arcade overlooked a wide, deep estuary with a low key marina, where small fishing and pleasure boats were moored. The receding tide exposed a mud-sand beach where Sandpipers and Little Egrets could be seen searching for food. A large suspension bridge spanned a pinch point of the estuary several kilometres downriver, its strong stanchions an attractive focal point as the sun lowered behind the clouds. The water was calm, the temperature mild and the rain intermittent. It would have been very peaceful, but having been spoiled by so many countryside spots, we were bothered by the background noises, that during the day are part and parcel of a town. A jet washer removed grafitti from a building, a small steam roller occasionally drove close to work on the site next to us, planes flew low in the sky and the constant drone of traffic were all the more noticeable, given our familiarity with the rural environment. We were still very grateful for the free place to stay with the lovely view, but were relieved when it quietened down at night!
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  • Day659


    April 16, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Pontevedra is a small city on the banks of the wide River Lérez. It is a busy place but has given over land to a free, pristine, 20 pitch 'Área de autocaravanas' close to the city centre with services. Spain really has been amazing for providing these facilities as well as its acceptance of wild camping. There was a list of regulations governing the site that we were happy to abide by.

    Having arrived before midday, we headed into town in search of a café Will had found on Trip Advisor. Water and pollution stained high rises didn't give off the best first impression, but things improved as we approached the old town. Young children and parents enjoyed a great playpark and two multi-use games areas stood ready for when the older kids got out of school. There were a good range of interesting independent shops; fruterias, panaderias, herbalistas, places selling ham and cheese, baby clothing stores and a raft of cafés.

    La Fuga de Blas café was up a side street, its square topped black tables set out on the wide pavement. We asked about something without meat for Vicky, choosing a gulas salad from the two things the waiter told us were available (mainly because we knew what it was!). Will ordered a 'menu of the day' and we waited with our alcohol free beers and bowl of crisps. Unfortunately only Vicky's salad appeared - it seemed Will's lunch had got lost in translation! In the end the waiter understood and brought out the set menu dish of grilled ham on toast with olive oil.

    Returning a different way, we used the Ponte dos Tirantes; an arty suspension bridge near to the van, as a landmark. As you would excpect in a city, there was the usual background noise of traffic, occasional sirens and roadworks, but the place we stayed was modern, well maintained and we really did appreciate their efforts in providing it for us.
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  • Day10

    Caldas de Reis

    July 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Ein letztes Mal über 20 km ..nämlich 22,5 km insgesamt .9uhr ging es los...13.30 Uhr war ich hier...

    Es war ein schweißtreibender Tag... und der Weg war heute wieder anstrengender als gestern ..hoch und runter und wieder hoch....

    Die Aussicht war traumhaft ... schöne Natur.. Blühende Weinplantagen wohin man blickt.. irgendwie hatte jeder 2. eine bei sich im Garten....

    Heute nächtige ich in einem grossem Ferienappartement ..mitten im Zentrum der Kleinstadt...

    Morgen geht's nach Padrón.... die vorvorletzte Etappe meiner Reise..

    Mittwoch ist hier der Nationalfeiertag Galiciens und der Geburtstag von Santiago de Compostela... ..alles putzt sich raus.. wie ich gehört habe..wird gross gefeiert... noch bis zum Sonntag..

    Ich bin gespannt und freu mich schon drauf..
    Bis Morgen!! 😘😘😘
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  • Day8


    July 21, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    ...nach insgesamt 37.5 km bin ich gegen 15Uhr hier gelandet.. halbtot.. da der Weg viel weiter war als gedacht...die letzten 5 km waren äusserst ging nur mit Zähne zusammenbeißen ans Ziel...

    Dann habe ich geduscht.. kurz geschlafen.. was gegessen und gleich schlaf ich weiter.. bin so mega durch...
    Wer kommt auch auf die Idee über Vigo nach Redondela zu laufen?!

    Statt 11...37,5 km... wie blöd muss man sein... 🤣🤣🤣😩

    ..trotzdem stolz es ohne Taxi etc geschafft zu haben... es setzt bei mir gerade ganz viel an Energie und Euphorie frei... es ist schon geil..😁😊😄👍

    Mein Resümee gibt's aber erst am Ende der Reise... vorher liegen noch 5 Tage Wanderung vor mir...

    Bis morgen..und demnächst gute Nacht 😋😘
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  • Day9


    July 22, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    21 km entspannt von Redondela über Arcade nach Pontevedra gewandert.
    Ich war knapp 3 std unterwegs... nach gestern eine Wohltat ..

    Daher schon 12 Uhr in der Pension gewesen...danach ein bisschen Kultur... war in der Basilika St.Maria ...meinen 2.Stempel abholen.. da war gerade eine Taufe ...war echt süss..

    Dann etwas in der Sonne gefaulenzt... ganz entspannt also...
    Morgen der letzte "Ritt" über 20 km.... nach Caldas de Reis ..

    Das Ende rückt näher... 😘
    Endlich wieder bei Schatzi.... heute 10.Jahrestag unseres Kennenlernens.. wie die Zeit doch vergeht... 🤗❤😍😘😘
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  • Day7

    O Porrinho

    July 20, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    TUI - O Porrinho

    (10,5 km)

    Heute bin ich nach dem Frühstück gegen 10 Uhr entspannt gestartet und war bereits nach 1.5 Std am Ziel..irgendwie werde ich immer schneller...😄

    Die Gegend hat wenig romantisches zu bieten... es ist geprägt von Industrie über Industrie...

    Wenig Natur auf dem Weg..kurz vor O Porrinho wurde es wieder grüner.. dann gab's zur Belohnung ein schönes 2. Frühstück..

    Dann zum Hotel und anschließend zum Wäsche waschen...

    Hier gibt's nicht viel zu unternehmen ...
    Morgen starte ich 6Uhr Richtung Rondela über Vigo... ca 26 km..

    Da ich so schnell laufe nehme daher morgen den Umweg über Vigo...sonst wäre ich wieder so schnell da... und als Bonus komme ich nochmal ans Meer.. das motiviert mich eh gleich doppelt.😁☀️👍

    Bis morgen 😘😘
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