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  • Day386

    Surprisingly, the Canary Islands are home to three of Spain's world heritage sites, with two of them on Tenerife (the island we we're now on). First up for us was the city of San Cristobal de la Laguna, a hill city about 30 minutes from the capital of Santa Cruz. It was the first Spanish colonial city founded in the Canaries (back in 1496), and was unusual since it was non-fortified. Its layout and design were based on Renaissance principles of town planning, and were used across the Americas for later Spanish colonial cities including Havana, Lima in Peru, Cartagena in Colombia, and San Juan de Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico.

    So it was time to start exploring!

    Our poor host's children were very disappointed, as we slept in thanks to our late night and long day of travel. By the time we got up, they were all gone to school! Jumped on a tram and headed up the hill to La Laguna and started filming.

    It's a nice old town, lots of colourful buiidings and with a real Spanish colonial feel to it. A few fantastic religious buildings like a cathedral and a tower, and some nice large houses too. Other world heritage reviewers haven't been too enamoured with it, but we quite enjoyed our stop.

    Had a late-ish lunch at a Spanish restaurant, then continued wandering. By mid-afternoon we were pretty done with both the video and the site, so we caught a tram back down the hill into the centre of Santa Cruz.

    We'd hoped to see some of the waterfront, but it seems to mainly be a port city! Large container ships unloading, and oil rigs too which towered over the town! Though we did manage to find a unique building - the auditorium, which was a really uniquely shaped modern concert hall building, vaguely reminiscent of the Opera House. There was a bar here, so we had a drink, but since we had Schnitzel with us we had to sit in the blazing sunshine rather than one row back in the shade. Annoying!

    Back home, where our host and the kids arrived just a few minutes after us. The kids aren't young - 13 and 9 - but it was still a bit awkward because they only spoke French and Spanish (the whole family is actually French). But they had a good play with Schnitzel and I had a chat with our host while Shandos napped.

    Headed out around 8pm for dinner but surprisingly not much was around. Eventually we found a bar that was open and would tolerate Schnitzel outside (we'd forgotten how dog-unfriendly Spanish restaurants can be), so we grabbed some food and drinks there. Moving on again tomorrow!
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  • Day391

    Last day on the boat. We just hung around relaxing, though Shandos went out for some shopping later. Managed to get through quite a few videos, only a couple remaining from Sicily and then Malta (plus the new ones from Canaries I guess!).

    Went out in the evening for Mexican which was quite nice, and had a couple of drinks to celebrate our original anniversary (the date we met). The romance was short-lived, since I then went to find a bar where I could watch Manchester United playing against Sevilla in the champions league. That romance was also short-lived, since we lost 2-1 and made an inglorious exit from the competition. Always next year I guess. Moving on tomorrow!Read more

  • Day385

    Day 386: Back to Spain!

    March 7 in Spain

    Time to leave Malta and head back to Spain, though to an entirely new spot - the Canary Islands! No real rush leaving today, as our pickup wasn't until 12pm, so we took our time packing up and organising things.

    Our ride to the airport turned up about 20 minutes late but still in plenty of time, so we piled in and set off for the airport. Traffic was much better this time and the driver much saner, so no real issues on the way.

    Check in was fine, though for some reason they were expecting us to have a cat, not a dog! Go figure. Checked my bag through to Tenerife and crossed my fingers that it'll turn up! Had a quick snack before security, then headed through and straight to the gate.

    Not much to report from the actual flight! Schnitzel sat in his bag under the seat in front of Shandos for the full two hours and only made a noise once - when a nearby person had a loud conversation with the steward over whether he could have whiskey and water instead of whiskey and dry. But otherwise he was completely silent.

    Landed in Barcelona around 5pm with plenty of time to kill. Schnitzel went for a pee in the smoker's area, Shandos grabbed some food at McDonalds though I passed as I'd had a larger snack back in Malta. Otherwise we just settled in to some random seats and vegged out. After a while I got bored and found a charging station, stood there and edited a video!

    Finally around 7:30 it was time for our flight. I grabbed a quick dinner from McDonalds, Schnitzel had another pee and then we boarded. The boarding took absolutely f o r e v e r for some reason, absolutely no idea why! Our seats were in the second-last row of the plane and it looked like the plane had come from elsewhere - we were nowhere near the back of the boarding queue but all of the luggage bins were full. I opened nearby ones that were "full" in a fit of pique, and surprise surprise they weren't even close. I shoved our bags in, glared at the stewardess and then sat down.

    Flight out from Barcelona was almost 4 hours and quite bumpy in a couple of places. The seats on Vueling planes are quite thin and not padded - it's good because you get more leg room, but it's not quite as comfortable. And they don't recline either, naturally! I got the middle seat too, so it was't super comfortable for me anyway, especially with a rather portly gent on the aisle seat and Shandos's handbag under my feet, but oh well. It was only a few hours.

    Took a while to get off the plane again since we were so far back, but at least we didn't stand around at the luggage carousel - my bag turned up (thankfully!) within a few minutes of us arriving. Caught a taxi for the 10 minutes ride to our apartment, staying in the spare room of a young-ish French guy's apartment. His two children were apparently very disappointed they didn't get to meet Schnitzel since they were in bed when we arrived!

    A brief chat and then a wind-down before bed around 12:30am; it had been a long day and a change of time zone as well!
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  • Day387

    Time to leave the city and head south! We took our leave of our host and his kids after giving them one last pat of Schnitzel. Caught a bus back to the airport where we picked up our hire car for the day - an unexciting but workable Ford Fiesta.

    Drove southwest across to the larger part of the island heading for Teide - the volcano and national park that covers much of the centre of Tenerife. And yes, it's the volcano that has basically formed the island over the last few million years.

    You can't drive to the top but we drove up to the crater rim in various spots, taking in viewpoints and enjoying the scenery - and filming of course, since this is the second WHS here.

    There's a cable car that runs up to near the summit but sadly for us it was closed today due to high winds (I think it's a common occurrence), though we hadn't really planned on doing it anyway. Though that had the unfortunate down-side that basically every tourist was now doing the hike we wanted to do. It covered about 3km near some interesting rock formations, but given the high winds we turned back fairly soon anyway.

    Very interesting landscapes though - lots of rocks and moonscapes, very alien. Apparently NASA, the ESA and Hollywood have all trained and worked out here since it's so similar to Mars and the Moon.

    We kept heading westwards and stopped at a place known as the Black Lava flow, from the most recent eruption (1896). Quite cool to see how the road has just been cut directly through it!

    Eventually we drove down out of the national park and eventually reached the western coast of Tenerife. Main spot of interest here is a cliff formation known as Los Gigantes - for reasons that should be obvious! They were indeed gigantic, though the best views are from boats and we didn't have time for that.

    Instead we drove down to a little town on the southern coast called Las Galletas, where we'll be staying for the next five nights on a little sailing boat! Something a bit different.

    We met our host and settled in - it's a bit cramped but comfortable enough. Small kitchen, though the toilets are in the marina building a couple of minutes walk away. Sort of like camping I guess.

    Shandos set to organising things while I drove to the southern airport and dropped off the car since we didn't need it! Splurged and got a taxi back to the boat. I was expecting a tiny little town but it was busier than I thought with quite a few restaurants around. We ended up having a light dinner at a pizzeria with some bruschetta and a seafood pizza - very tasty.
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  • Day390

    Day 391: La Gomera

    March 12 in Spain

    Day trip time! Our last WHS for the Canaries was the nearby island of La Gomera, specifically the Garajonay National Park, where one of the last laurel forests in Europe still grows. We'd booked an organised boat trip there, so off we went.

    Very early start, getting on the local bus at around 7:15am since we had to make it to nearby Los Cristianos at 8am. Slight mixup with the buses as neither of us realised you had to flag the bus, so it drove straight past! Thankfully we only had to wait about 15 minutes for the next one, and Shandos spent most of that time berating me which was nice.

    Regardless - we made it, and met the rest of our group at the wharf. Almost entirely Germans, who absolutely love La Gomera for some reason. Tour leader was German as well, but promised he'd provide info in both languages for us.

    The ferry between islands took a bit over an hour, and then we were herded onto a small bus. Our tour was about 16 people so larger than I'd like, but thankfully not a huge coach. We set off around the island, heading for the top of the volcano.

    It's very rugged here, reminding me a lot of Kauai though with more obvious farming and occupation. Deep jagged valleys, misty peaks, green cliffs and so on - quite nice and appealing!

    Around 11:30 we arrived at the national park entrance, and went on a 2 hour-ish hike. First part went through the national park so we tagged along near the back, filming and talking to camera as we went. Managed to get some decent footage I think!

    The second part was more dramatic and interesting, though it was outside the world heritage area so I didn't film it as much! Lots of little terraced farms clinging to the slopes, streams cascading down, clouds billowing past and so on - very appealing environment.

    Stopped for lunch around 2pm at a restaurant where we had local foods - a vegetable soup with "add your own corn-starch" as a side to make it more filling. Apparently that's what locals would eat! It was nice enough. But then it was back on the bus and hurrying for the ferry wharf since we'd been running slightly behind schedule all day.

    We made it just in time around 4pm, so with the ferry ride, the walk through town, and then the bus back to Las Galletas it was nearly 6pm when we got back to the boat. Poor little Schnitzel had been on his own for 11 hours in a fairly confined space, though thankfully he hadn't climbed up the steps and gotten stuck like yesterday when we went out briefly for lunch! Very happy to see us, and seemingly none the worse for wear.

    Naturally, we ended up staying in for dinner - I went out and grabbed some kebabs.
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  • Day388

    Spent today unwinding and getting used to life on a boat. It's actually difficult to get much work done here, since the wifi is a bit slow and there isn't really a proper table. The indoor one feels quite unstable, while the outside one is on the deck in bright sunshine so I can't see my screen! Guess I'll just have to relax instead!

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