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  • Day3

    Mekong Delta

    April 4, 2017 in Vietnam

    After a 6.30am wake up and a bumpy bus drive, we arrived at one of the sections of the Mekong Delta.

    Our first trip out on the boat was to an island were we had a row boat tour through the canopied water. It was so beautiful and was typically Vietnamese, with all of us wearing pointed hats. We then stopped at another part of the island where we tried a home made honey which is known for its many health benefits and was very yummy!

    Lurking around, they also had a python which I got to hold, safe to say it was a little daunting but felt it had to be done. By the end it had wrapped its tail around my leg, some might say it would want me as its prey however I reckon it just wanted a friend and a nice hug.

    Following on we left to go to another island where we ate a typical Vietnamese lunch, consisting of rice, beans, pork and spring rolls. However, the menu of this restaurant was questionable, including meals with crocodile and other appetising animals. We also spectated coconut candy being made which was really delicious. The speed in which the ladies finished the packaging at the end of the process felt like the motion was being fast forward as they went so fast.

    In pools around the complex they had a huge one full of crocodiles. There were so many I couldn't believe my eyes and were so still they didn't even appear alive. However, when it came to their feeding time you gathered they were very much alive.

    We then headed back to the mainland and onto the bus which would take us to Can Tho were we would stay the night. We wondered round the town and grabbed a bite to eat, the town being significantly less busy than Ho Chi Minh. With an early morning in store for the floating markets, it was straight to bed.
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  • Day73

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    February 28, 2015 in Vietnam

    February 28th.
    We had heard Ho Chi Minh City (still called Saigon by most here) has exploded in economic development in the past 15 years, but were stunned by the cityscape on our approach up the river to city center. The photo shows the impressive development that changes the skyline on a yearly basis and demonstrates what can happen with an 8% annual growth in GDP per year.

    A far cry from communist, this city of nine million inhabitants is swarming with street vendors and local businesses that combine with five million motorcycles to create a raucous, exciting, and rather overwhelming environment. All 5 million motorcycles appear to be on the streets at once and crossing the street is an art form involving a steady, slow pace as they swarm past you. Even the sidewalks aren’t safe since the motorcycles tend to intermittently spill onto them. We saw 4 people on a motorcycle several times and the most dramatic load was a big screen TV in a box.

    I fulfilled a long-term dream of eating durian, a fruit that smells like rotting flesh, but tastes heavenly if eaten while holding one’s nose. It smells bad enough that it is banned from many markets and all restaurants and you can smell the vendors that have it while walking by. It is kept in plastic wrap to stifle the stench and the lady who sold me my durian wore plastic gloves to hand it to me. I ate my nice, ripe durian (the taste was not particularly heavenly) and paid the price the rest of the day. Ali was concerned I wouldn’t be let back on the ship.
    The first photo is the approach to Ho Chi Minh City from the ship.
    The second photo is of the ever-present motorcycles.
    The third photo is of the night market in the heart of the city.
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  • Day41

    Mekong reststop

    January 16, 2015 in Vietnam

    Day 16
    Ma a Mekong deltahoz kirandultunk. Nagyon viccesek ezek a buszozasok, ulsz egy eleg kenyelmetlen zotyokolodos buszon 2-3orat, es mindig van egy egeszsegugyi megallo, kb az ut vege elott 20 perccel. Ne ugy kepzeljetek el h egy sima benzinkuton allunk meg, hanem vagy egy marvanyszobor farago, vagy vietnami kezmuves telepen, ahol budos van, nem jar a levego es ahol kotelezo leszallnod a buszrol es lehetoleg atmenni az aruhaz meretu bolton ahol 18-szor felhivjak a figyelmedet hogy tudsz vasarolni a giccsesebbnel giccsesebb formedvenyek kozul es potom osszegekert meg hazhoz is szallitjak. Na de ma nem ez volt! Egy teljesen igenyes helyen alltunk meg szep kerttel, kavezoval.Read more

  • Day41

    Étterem az Isten háta mögött

    January 16, 2015 in Vietnam

    A tura talan legabszurdabb resze meg hatra volt, mikor is "lovas"kocsira pattantunk, amivel elszallitottak minket a helyi etterembe, ahol az ebedet kaptuk. Szegeny lovak vagy inkabb oszverek alig birtak kapkodni a kis patajukat a szar uton. En elegge sajnaltam oket, uh orultem amikor vegre megerkeztunk. Eleg szimpla ebedet szolgaltak fel egy ketes minosegu etteremben. Mondjuk ez engem nem erintett, jol elvoltam a fott rizzsel, amit szojaszosszal bolonditottam meg. Bator utazok rendelhettek olyan kulonlegessegeket, mint sult kigyo, mokus, elefant ful hal, krokodil, iguana, teknos... Hat nem guszta?
    A "kiados" ebed utan leheveredtunk a fuggoagyakba, ami itt Azsiaban eleg elterjedt, gyakorlatilag egesz nap ebben hesszelnek.
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  • Day2

    Day one on the Mekong Delta

    January 14, 2017 in Vietnam

    Rich experience, so glad we are here!

    My heart bleed for the poor people here. But as our tour guide said "People here are poor but happy. People in the city has more strong brain".

    Its just lucky if you were born into a life of privilege, nothing to do with "strong brains" in my opinion.


  • Day2

    Mekong delta

    January 14, 2017 in Vietnam

    We left the city at 8am , a few hours later after a bumpy bus rid we arrived in My Tho town. Roedolf spoiled me with a cool hat so I can look the part of a local. Here we got on a very primitive motorized boat to explore Mekong delta and surrounding islands.

    We first visited a honey bee farm and tasted delicious honey tea with lemon and local made dried banana.

    Then we headed to a nearby spot where we got on a smaller even more primitive boat and drove to Ben Tre province, where we visited a coconut candy workshop and saw how the locals make tasty candies by hand. The boat experience was pretty priceless, you can't think about risks or safety too much otherwise you might miss out on the adventure. You just take a leap of faith and hope that the wooden structure can do the job. Its fun and amazing watching everyone big, small athletic and old making there way on and off the boat.

    My heart feel a bit broken about the pollution everywhere, it is clear that there is no education on looking after your heritage. I understand that poverty brings this kind of dynamic but its like the locals have no respect for their environment.

    My highlight was the hand – rowed sampan (a very basic canoe) ride through the creeks, this was very touristy but one of those must do's in Vietnam that is not to be missed. It is not exactly a gondola ride in Venice but romantic in its own unromantic way. The water is smelly at places, but a unique experience.

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  • Day2

    Heal the world

    January 14, 2017 in Vietnam

    The lyrics of the Michael Jackson song starts with the line: "Heal the world". I feel like no one in Vietnam has ever heard this song or they miss heard it as "Kill the world".

    It's absolutely shocking how little they care about the environment here. The Mekong river is so badly polluted that I think the damage is permanent.

    I saw one of the boat drivers take out his last cigaret from a packet and just nonchalantly tossed the empty pack in the river. Everywhere we went garbage were floating on the river. At some point in the tour we took a small boat up a smaller leg of the river and a couple of the boats around us had to stop to take out plastic bags tangled around the boats engine. You reap what you sow I guess.

    The worst thing is the river is their livelihood and they just don't care. Ironically I actually found a "save the world" sign that have seen better days.

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  • Day145

    Unser Weg nach Nha Trang

    January 24, 2017 in Vietnam

    Am frühen Morgen werden wir wieder mit Ei-Baguette und Bananen verwöhnt, dann bringt uns unsere Herbergsmutti noch bis an die Straße, damit wir den Bus nicht verpassen, den sie zwei Tage zuvor für uns organisiert hat. Danke Ms Ha, für alles!
    Unser Ziel heute ist Nha Trang, ein Ort, der nicht auf unserem "Plan" stand. Denn ein großes Highlight ist er nicht. Wie wir gelesen haben eher ein Strand- und Partyort mit etlichen Hotelburgen. Aber wegen des Tet-Festes und der daraus resultierenden verrückten Verkehrssituation haben wir einfach keinen Transport weiter nach Norden bekommen. Das geht hier vielen Travelern so, alle müssen irgendwie ausweichen. Die Reise- und Hotelkosten bekommen übrigens teilweise auch einen netten Feiertagszuschlag 🙁.
    Na, wir werden die Zeit zur weiteren Planung nutzen, ausschlafen und auch mal ins Meer hüpfen, es gibt Schlimmeres!
    Mit dem Bus gehts erstmal bis Saigon. Dazu probieren wir mal den Sleeper aus. Das ist lustig: Schuhe ausziehen und in die bereitgehaltene Tüte stecken - Bettchen suchen - gemütlich machen - los gehts. Man liegt dann halt so rum und wenn man will, kann man schlafen 😀. Es ist recht bequem, gut zu wissen.
    Wir sind nicht müde, denn es ist heller Tag.
    Beim Rausgucken fällt uns auf, wie besiedelt Vietnam ist, zumindest entlang der Hauptstraße. Ein Ort reiht sich an den anderen. Es sind Reisfelder zu sehen, aber kein Wald. Und immer wieder der allgegenwärtige Müll!
    In HCMC bringt uns ein Taxi zum Flughafen. Allerdings hat unser Flug Verspätung, so haben wir genug Gelegenheit, all die vielen, vielen Menschen zu beobachten, die ebenfalls irgendwo hin wollen!
    Im Dunkeln landen wir etwas entfernt von Nha Trang und ein Shuttle bringt uns in rasender Geschwindigkeit (vermutlich hat der Fahrer noch was vor, denn er telefoniert ständig, hupt ohne Ende und irgendwann hat er alle überholt und wir sind die ersten) in einer knappen Stunde zum Hotel. Entlang der Straße sehen wir immer wieder pompöse Eingänge zu Resorts und große Hotelklötze, dazwischen viele Baustellen und riesige Reklametafeln für noch mehr Resorts. Hier in diesem Teil von Vietnam gibt es kilometerlange Strände, offensichtlich schon ziemlich zugebaut.
    Im Ort angekommen, erschlägt uns fast der Trubel! Zum obligatorischen Mopedchaos kommt ein Touristengewimmel vom Feinsten! Unser Hotel steht in einer kleinen Seitenstraße, ein bisschen abseits vom allergrößten Lärm. Es ist wirklich sehr schön und das Personal ist supernett und hilfsbereit. Gleich gegenüber ist Café Moskau und ein erster Rundgang zeigt uns, dieser Ort ist fest in russischer Hand 😳!
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  • Day15


    February 3, 2017 in Vietnam

    Ich hätte mich schon gleich wundern sollen als ich die Tour gebucht hab .... lediglich zehn US-Dollar hat der ganze Tag gekostet inklusive Essen ... nunja ... es stellte sich dann auch mehr als eine Kaffeefahrt bzw. Verkaufsveranstaltung heraus aber ein paar schöne Eindrücke gab es trotzdem. Und auch der Honigtee und die Kokoskaramellbonbons schmeckten hervorragend 😊

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