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  • Day5

    God jul!

    December 24, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Nya äventyr! Vad kan vara bättre på en julafton än att ta en strapatsrik promenad utmed Stilla Havet från Coogee till Bondi beach. Sex kilometer upp och ner bland klipporna och sandstränderna. Småjobbigt men samtidigt bedövande vackert. Lite läskigt med höga klippor som stupar rakt ner i havet så det går inte så fort men ändå härligt. En stärkande lunch på vägen och så småningom buss tillbaks till stan. Snabb uppfräschning på hotellet och sedan taxi till Darling Harbour och julaftonsmiddag med barn och barnbarn. Grillad barramundi (fisk) slår faktiskt julskinka. Kul med familjefest i Sydney!
    Efter middagen en skön kvällspromenad till hotellet för att förbereda tidig avfärd i morgon.
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  • Day101

    Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk

    January 2, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    Heute haben wir den 6km langen Walk von Coogee Beach zu Bondi Beach bewältigt🏋🏼‍♀️ Der Weg führt genau an der Küste entlang und an vielen kleinen Stränden und Buchten🏖 Das Wetter hat mit 23 Grad auch perfekt mitgespielt zum wandern☀️Bei dem Weg sind wir auch durch den verlassensten Friedhof gegangen, den ich je gesehen hab! Manche Gräber waren hunderte von Jahren alt👼🏼Read more

  • Day23

    Angekommen in Sydney

    October 14, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute sind wir (natürlich) bei Regen, Nebel und frischen 9 grad in den Blue Mountains losgefahren und bei sonnigen 22 grad in Tamarama (einem Vorort von Sydney) am Bondi Beach angekommen. Wir waren noch auf dem Coastal Walk spazieren und freuen uns, ab morgen dann Sydney zu erkunden.
    Morgen früh holen wir Ele und Uwe vom Flughafen ab und werden dann in ein zentrales Hostel gehen und hoffen, dass wir einen Parkplatz für unser Auto finden, der nicht 25$ die Nacht kostet (wie der von dem Hostel).Read more

  • Day10

    Tamarama Beach.

    November 23, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    Strahlend blauer Himmel und Sonnenschein.
    Tatsächlich das erste mal den ganzen Tag gutes Wetter seitdem ich hier in Sydney bin!

    Wir sind heute vom Bondi Beach aus an der Küste entlang gelaufen zu einem deutlich kleineren Strand names „Tamarama Beach“. Wahnsinns Aussicht!
    Wir sind dort auch das erste mal wirklich im Meer gewesen 🌊😁!

    Heut Abend sind wir dann durch den botanischen Garten zu einem Aussichtspunkt und haben die Oper & und die Skyline Sydneys bei Nacht betrachtet! Da hab ich dann drei Bekannte aus der Schule getroffen, die momentan eine Art Weltreise machen und auch zur selben Zeit in Sydney waren wie ich.

    Außerdem haben wir riesen Fledermäuse gesehen auf dem Rückweg!🦇

    So thankful to be here! 🇦🇺
    Good night world! 🌙
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  • Day269

    Day 11 - #Thatchersontour - Sydney

    December 27, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    It's now time to head to our final destination of the Thatcher's Christmas holiday down under and our 9 month adventure. It's crazy to think that 2 weeks today we will be touching down in London although I don't want to dwell on that depressing concept too much!

    With our bags all packed, we checked out and headed to the airport, destination Sydney! Sydney is an hour ahead of the Gold Coast so despite the flight only being an hour and a half, we didn't land in Sydney until 3:30pm. After collecting our luggage we all bundled into the shuttle to pick up our hire car. As you can imagine between the 6 of us, we have rather a lot of luggage. We have ordered a 7 seater car but when the lady driving the shuttle bus saw how much luggage we had she was like, I don't think you are going to fit that in the car! We have hired 7 seater cars in both Melbourne and the Gold Coast and had no problem getting the luggage in those so thought nothing of her comment. That was until she brought around the hire car. To start with it didn't look like it was even going to fit the 6 of us in the car, let alone the luggage as there were only 5 seats. Turns out that there are 2 very tiny seats that pop up in the boot! She was right though, there is no way that we are going to get us and the luggage in the car so Tom and Kevin went in the car with the luggage taking up the entire back 5 seats and the rest of us jumped in a taxi.

    The view from our Sydney apartment is absolutely incredible, with panoramic views out over the ocean. It's also only a 10 minute walk to Bondi Beach so an awesome location as well. We didn't have any time for the beach this afternoon though as we were off to the Sydney Opera House to see The Unbelievables. The Unbelievables is a variety show full of comedy, dancing, magic, circus acts and live music. It really was an amazing show and was everything you could expect from a variety show, funny, mesmerising and jaw dropping. One of my particular favourites was the ventriloquist Jay Johnson and his little friend Bob. The sword swallower was also very funny however his act did make me feel a bit queasy, especially when he swallowed 3 swords at the same time. The comedian was hilarious and the all of the circus acts were really impressive, including the quick change act and the sand artist that rearranged sand on a lightbox into lots of iconic sights around the world, to Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. It was also amazing to not only see the Opera House from the outside but watch a show there too. Thank you Kevin and Mandy for getting us tickets!
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  • Day274

    Day 16 - #Thatchersontour - Sydney

    January 1, 2018 in Australia ⋅

    We didn't get back from the fireworks until gone 2am so we had a super lazy morning and didn’t get down to the beach until gone midday. Tom, Lucy and I decided to hire a surfboard between us to improve on our pro surfer status whilst Mum, Dad and Blake opted for tanning on the sun loungers.

    Unfortunately the sea was a lot rougher today than it has been so we really struggled on the board. After an hour of not really getting anywhere we dropped the board back to camp and opted for a paddle instead. Even that for the most part was hard work so Lucy and I retreated to sunbathe too.

    Once back and all showered off we decided to order in a Thai however UBEReats was SOOOO busy by the time we figured out what we all wanted, the restaurant had stopped taking orders. We instead ended up with an Indian which was super delicious and as it didn't arrive until nearly 10pm, was demolished in around 5 minutes.
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  • Day275

    Day 17 - #Thatchersontour - Sydney

    January 2, 2018 in Australia ⋅

    Today I'm being introduced to my first city open top bus tour (at least I can't remember having done one before). There are 2 routes you can take, the Bondi Tour and the City Tour. With Bondi on our doorstep, we all boarded the bus by the beach. As you get on you get given some headphones and after finding your seat you sit back, plug in and enjoy the ride.

    The bus took us North of Bondi and around the coast, past Rose Bay and into the CBD. From here we got some great views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. In the city we swapped over to the City Tour which took us round to Darling Harbour where we hopped off for some lunch.

    Back on the bus after lunch we carried on around the Harbour, past the bridge and through The Rocks, the historic quarter of Sydney. Just past the Opera House, near the botanical gardens we all hopped off again as Tom and Lucy wanted to do a spot of shopping at the Westfield Mall. Our travellers budget doesn't quite stretch to clothes shopping so Simon and I decided to walk through the botanical gardens to Mrs Macquarie's Chair. From here you get incredible views of the both the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It was a little bit of a walk so by the time we made it back to the mall, they had finished their shopping and we hopped back on the bus to Bondi.

    It's our last night with the Thatcher's, so we thought it rude not to have a nice meal out together before they head back to sunny England. The original steak restaurant we tried to get a table at had a 90 minute wait, so not wanting to wait that long we did a quick Trip Advisor search and settled on another steak restaurant further down the road, called Macelleria. It's a butcher / very high end fast food style restaurant where you picked your steak from the counter and then they found you a table and you waited for them to cook it for you. They also do burgers and sausages but we all opted for steak. Whilst we were all waiting patiently in the queue, Tom turned round to me and said 'Hugh Jackman is over there' and OMG there was Hugh and his wife ordering some takeaway steak. Now if Hugh Jackman is eating there you know it's going to be a pretty good god dam steak! Trying to keep our cool and not stare, we sat at our table (fortunately right next to Mr Jackman) and sneakily took a picture. He was a lot more laid back than I imagine LA celebs to be, stood there in his boardies with no shoes on. Whilst there were definitely a few people that twigged who he was, nobody bothered him and just let him do his thing. As you can imagine I was very excited! Anyway, back to the steak. It was quite possibly the most amazing steak I have ever eaten. It was absolutely delicious, especially accompanied by a very nice glass of Pinot Noir. Feeling very satisfied, we headed home with a quick pit stop in Ben and Jerry's for some ice cream.
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  • Day10

    Beach strutting with Hannah

    February 6, 2016 in Australia ⋅

    A co-worker and friend Hannah and I met up at noon near the Opera house. Her flatmate then kindly drove us through some rough traffic to our destination of Bondi beach. It's like a clean, slightly less weird version of Venice beach. After a delicious lunch of fish and chips she and I set out along the coast. There is a very nice path that connects all of the beaches. We stopped at Tamarama beach for some fresh juice and some ice cream which was a welcome reprieve from the heat. Along the beach we found dozens of bluebottles which looked like miniature Portuguese man o' wars. We continued along the path past Bronte Beach to the Waverly Cemetery. I've been to a few cemeteries before, but none as huge or grand as this one. It sits atop tall cliffs with the blue ocean crashing against them and contains countless statues and tombs. We didn't see any zombies or ghosts, unfortunately.

    After looping through the cemetery we walked back to Bronte Beach and sat in the shade for a bit. An uber then picked us up and we went downtown to another park. By now we were getting thirsty for something stronger than water and walked to a pub, Three Wise Monkeys, for some beer. Shortly after arriving another Bazaarvoice CSD contacted us saying she was in town and met up with us.

    Shortly after 8 we left the pub and went to Katsu Yachiyo, for dinner. This place served insanely good Japanese food and we shared a couple bottles of sake and several dishes. The funniest thing was that the bathroom was situated in a small building out back in a tiny alley. The funny part was that you walked past someone's laundry drying on a rack and some little tomato plants to get back there.

    By now I was getting tired and got a ride back to zachs where we chatted, laughed and put down a few more beers. I'm not sure I could have scripted a nicer day.
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  • Day14

    Coastal Walk

    October 18, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    A really nice scenic walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach. For the most part it's rather easy going. A few steep areas, and one extreme area that Brenda was brave enough to take the dangerous route and put those rock climbing skills to use, dangling off the cliff over the churning ocean.

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  • Day14

    Bronte Cafe

    October 18, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    Lunch time!

    After a long walk it's nice to sit down and get some lunch.

    The cookie (smarties - an M&M like candy) was our appetizer and not too bad, perhaps a bit dry.

    Chicken Sandwich for Brenda, Steak sandwich for me, and these were the best fries we have had on the trip thus far, that includes McD's (Which comes in second).

    Beber also took the opportunity to check out some of the ladies walking the beach. He's so cheeky!
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