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    • Day 14

      Buongiorno Venezia, Italia

      November 16 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      Buongiorno! Come va? We depart Innsbruck, Austria, approximately 0730 am and are crossing the Italian border by 0800.

      At some point during the evening, my phone had died and my beautiful deep sleep was interrupted at 0600 by the landline ringing in my room. I felt I'd experienced some divine intervention. Some confirmation from the universe that my journey, both through Europe, and indeed, life itself was guided by a higher power. I had not requested a wake-up call, yet I was woken in good time to ensure I wasn't left behind. I then shared my (spiritual!) story at breakfast. And it was explained to me Luigi had told us all that wake-up calls had been arranged for everyone. Bubble burst. I finish breakfast. Pack my play lunch and big lunch, and board the coach. Another country. Another spoon stolen.

      Venice. Unassuming as we approach by ferry. Once we'd arrived though. Wow. I'm not sure I can find words to describe the beauty of this city. The intricate detail and opulence. The soaring monuments, colour, the marble and statues. The art. The history. The turquoise waters of the canals. This city breathes romance and I can't help but wish I had a love to share this moment with.

      We weave our way to Murano glass, an icon of Venice, and I'm captivated by the glass blowing process. I mentally commit to the classes I've been meaning to do forever. I splurge on a set that speaks to my soul. No regrets. Keep an eye out for that delivery Dad 🤑. You may need to pay the sales tax 😉.

      Michelle, my new found best American compadre and I, board a Gondola with 2 lovely ladies in our group, single though travelling together. We are dismissed of the romance. Our gondolier must too be a divorcee, jaded in this city of love. I take control and play "That's amore" through my spotify. It suffices, though it seems more appropriate to blast milkshake. We're all soon singing along to milkshake through the canals of Venice. It does not however, bring any boys to the yard.

      I sit alone in a Cafe and appropriately order an Italian merlot. Tiramisu. And delight in the beauty of Italy 🇮🇹 .

      Salute to new friends, and Graci Venezio, graci.
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    • Day 26

      Day 25 Murano and Burano islands Venice

      September 24 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      We had an interesting morning with the shower today. Trisha was first and there was so much crashing and banging that I wondered if I needed to go in and rescue her. She was wondering the same thing when having difficulty opening the shower door for her to get out. After being forewarned I tried lifting it while opening which worked ok. It is a tiny shower with a shower head that sort of goes sideways. We will be looking forward to something better at our next place.

      We walked for a bit and then got on a water taxi that took us directly to Murano. I think Trish thought she had died and gone to heaven. We did a glass blowing demonstration to start with which was great. Then a visit to that shop, and then to another glass shop, and then to another glass shop, and then to another glass shop, you get the picture? At some stage we stopped for some food at a lovely place beside the water. Trisha bought a wrap which was 7 euros, but because we ate that sitting down there was a cover charge of 2 euros each. The toilet was good though lol. Then we visited around 20 to 30 more glass shops, and each of us bought a few pieces. As I have metal walls in my house I was targeting cute magnetic pieces, while Trish got some jewelry.

      Then we joined a rather long line for the water taxi to Burano. Trish held the place in line while talking to an extremely talkative Belgian guy who was practising his English while I had various seating places while the line moved. It was a pretty long taxi ride there and we were pleased we had seats as a lot of people had to stand.

      Burano is such a pretty little town with the lovely painted houses. We also really enjoyed the shops there. Still more glass, but also lace shops and lots of lovely linen clothing. We were probably there for around 2.5 hours just meandering around and taking pics. We then stopped for a snack and Trish had an Aperol spritz which has become her drink of choice.

      The queue to get back was even more crazy. We were all in an orderly lane before going through a turnstile. And then the corridor widened a bit, and lots of people jumped the queue. So there were about 8 people wide in this enclosed area, and then they opened the gate for people to advance towards the boat coming in. Everyone just pushed at the same time to get through the 2 people wide gate. Trisha was squashed up against the barrier and it was pretty unpleasant. But, we did manage to get a seat in the taxi so we were happy then.

      Earlier in the day there was a squish of people coming through a narrow street which was shaded. There was a shortish woman walking down in with her umbrella up saying come on everyone, just push through. I had to say “ it would be a lot easier if you put your bloody umbrella down!” There were some lovely quiet areas to go on Burano though with grass even.

      So supermarket on the way back after we were on the mainland, and we had a nice salad with cheese for dinner. It was dark by the time we reached our hotel so it was quite a big day.

      And the thing that is annoying me most is the bug bites. I did bring my special creme from Bali that soothes the itching, but I need more. Will be off to the pharmacy in the morning for some antihistamine. The first bites were on my legs and were like midge bites. But yesterday a definite mosquito bite appeared on my tummy and now I have 2 more on my lower back. I react to mozzie bites so they are bit obvious. I had heard of lots of people being bitten here so brought bug spray but obviously need to apply it to more places.

      14,872 steps and 25 degrees. Even had my light scarf over my shoulders briefly tonight!
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    • Day 24

      Susan Weiss in Venice

      June 2, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Susan Weiss was French but moved to Italy and was a photographer while her husband was a painter. She made this big exhibition with all of her and some of his work when she was quite old so has since passed but sara and I loved it a lot. She travelled a lot for her work to do shoots for magazines and brands, but in the documentary of her, she said she had most fun photographing more candid moments🤗
      I’ve put a few in here as well as the street we walked down to get out from our accomodation, another picture of the green croissant, some views of the gallery which was so pretty in itself and a sneaky selfie in the bathroom, just for your enjoyment :))
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    • Day 47

      Wenecja dzien 2☀️

      November 23 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Drugi dzień zaczęłyśmy spaceru i przepłynięcia się gondolą. Przepłynęłyśmy Gran Cannale di Venezia. Zjadłyśmy bardzo popularny tu makaron z ośmiornicą (czarny przez jej atrament), kalmary, lasagne… same włoskie pyszności🍝 po wzdychałyśmy na moście westchnień, który swoją nazwę zawdzięcza temu że widać z niego dawne więzienie i legenda mówi ze kobiety przychodziły tu wzdychać za swoimi uwięzionymi ukochanymi. Reszta dnia upłynęła nam na powolnym spacerowaniu i cieszeniu się uroczą Wenecją. W piątek Emila wróciła już do Polski a ja do Werony❤️Read more

    • Day 46

      Pojechałyśmy do Wenecji!🇮🇹

      November 22 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Wybrałyśmy się na wycieczkę! Wenecja nas zachwyciła od pierwszych momentów. Do centrum dostałyśmy się promem, którym przepłynęliśmy największy kanał Wenecji i miałyśmy okazje od początku eksplorować to miasto od strony wody. Jest piękna i taka ciekawa, widziałyśmy łódkę policji, straży pożarnej, pogrzebową z trumną, śmieciarkę, dostawczą i wiele innych ciekawych rzeczy. Zobaczyłyśmy Plac św Marka i przeszłyśmy się wąskimi uliczkami miasta! Wieczorem wybrałyśmy się na kolejny spacer oraz coś zjeść. Listopad to bardzo dobry termin na zobaczę je Wenecji bo jest mało ludzi a pogoda bardzo przyjemna. My trafiłyśmy na 16 stopni i słoneczko. Śpimy na wyspie, na starym mieście☀️Read more

    • Day 8

      Crappy room. Marvelous views.

      October 30 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      We had a dreadful day traveling to Venice. I got sick and missed the starting time of our tour of the beautiful decorated church just outside my window. Dad went to a pharmacy and found me some Dont-throw-up medicine. We stepped into a different tour and the fabulous church on the outside was really dark and dreary inside. Missed trains, wrestling 50lb luggage over cobblestones all with a stomach bug and pounding headache. And doing all that over an unnecessary mile because we were directed to the wrong platform a quarter mile past the train station! Dad had to purchase different tickets for a later train. All told, 3 1/2 hours in the train station with no seating. But here we are! Dad actually got all excited on the water taxi (more of a bus) because he'd never done that before. We were rescued by a brawny young woman who carried our bags up 3 flights of twisty narrow stairs to a crummy flat, but who cares? We haven't ventured out yet, mostly resting up, but the views just from my apartment made all of yesterday worth it.Read more

    • Day 49

      Soggy books

      October 22 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      This morning began with a cappuccino and some pastries before we got lost in the narrow streets of Venice.

      There was a marathon underway which congested much of the busy areas including St. Mark's Square and most of the main walkways, but we had fun walking beside the barriers for almost an hour watching the world go by.

      We ended up at a very cool bookshop where we had the chance to sit in a Gondala - this was nice because we decided against doing a Gondala tour as it was going to be 150/200aud and we'd have to share with 3 other people.

      After a while we headed back to the accommodation and undertook some more booking for future travels, trying to keep minimum 2 weeks ahead.

      We went for another afternoon walk, this time towards the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and we made our way back following the 'coast'

      Dinner was another serving of pasta, which I'm a fan of, before an early night.

      Step count: 23.2k

      PS. Didn't mention it yesterday but this hostel sucks, and seems to mainly be populated by mosquitoes
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    • Day 19

      Lost and Found

      October 7 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      I love my backpack. The four outfits I brought are working out OK and I totally love how everything fits in my pack. I love the days when we move from city to city. The active traveling, and the unexpected I enjoy. That is of course when it all works out in our favor.

      Getting out of Venice was crazy and we got lost but we did make it to the train station on time without rushing. My morning coffee was beyond words and the photos today will say it all

      I really liked the train travel, especially because Dave booked seats where we weren’t facing two other people. There were children on the train, and we enjoyed their sweet voices What we didn’t like was the coughing people and I’m glad no one was facing me coughing. I would have had to pull out lozenges, emergency C and throat coat tea. I fear what I might have become.
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    • Day 19

      Walk with us video Venice

      October 7 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

      On our way to try and find our #FreetoursbyFoot tour this morning. The maps are horrible and google maps sometimes goes wonky. But we hit the streets and found it. 🌺 The Venice Guide was excellent and told us stories of famous women who lived in Venice including some very badass women who lived life outside societal norms. Of course I ate that up like Venetian honey.Read more

    • Day 18

      Venice feels like Times Square

      October 6 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      It’s crazy here. The city is beautiful and fascinating at every turn of the corner ( and there are many in this maze land). But the tourists navigating the canyon-like city was over the top. Luckily I booked this quiet room at a Sobe with nice women running it and it has been our base camp. Today we walked 9+ miles and saw more statues and churches than one can imagine. The magnitude of the art and beauty is #awe inspiring. And the people! My photos will be a tapestry of scenes a little different than Dave’s. We are such a good travel team!!!!! 🌺look for the winter coat I should buy for my return to Colorado winter 🌺 clothes are hanging out and we did laundry last night too 🌺 I spied 2 couples in our age group traveling with just packs like us… the one gal had a cute skirt. 🌺 I came upon the farmers market arriving by boat and was thrilled I got to see the enthusiastic locals line up to shop! 🌺 note the checkout person at grocery store- she sits down 🌺 an art class by the canal 🌺 the rest are hip people I came across today that could photograph.Read more

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