We do hospitality for the missionary community here. We enjoy Letterboxing. Also, I stamp and make homemade greeting cards, and cross stitch. We love to travel. We've enjoyed Caribbean, Alaska, Australia/New Zealand, Mediterranean cruises. Next?
Living in: Guatemala, Guatemala
  • Day2

    NCL Spirit ship change of route

    February 8 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 50 °F

    Today, we got word from NCL that because of the virus in Hong Kong and China, the ship was being rerouted back to the Mediterranean area. Our cruise is completely changing directions and ports. GOOD NEWS: We will get a 50% refund. Instead of arriving in Singapore and then Tokyo, we will now be arriving in Athens. NCL offered full refund to cancel. We did not think that was an option for us.

    Prior to this, while in the Apple store in Madrid, we got word that there was a French union worker’s strike and a virus at the Marseille ship dock where the boat is getting a 100 million dollar “facelift” delaying the departure and we would not be leaving until Friday. GOOD NEWS: We get a 25% cruise refund and a 25% discount on future cruise.

    One final email noted that on this first cruise, we’ve been updated to a balcony. Finally, something going right. Maybe we can get upgraded for the rest of the the time?

    It’s kinda been a mild nightmare of such, not knowing where and when we would be traveling. We get reports here in Europe of how serious this Coronavirus is. So we were not surprised when NCL decided to redirect its ship back to the Mediterranean area. It is what it is. NCL is making major health care precautions such as no self food service and frequent sanitary wipe downs. So it should be interesting but much welcomed! We’ve done this “kinda thing before” with the “adrift at sea” event back in 2017.

    Today Glenn and I bought some masks to have in case we are quarantined. We tried several pharmacies (which were sold out), until we located them.

    Saturday we had fun as we explored the St Peter’s Basilica. We were not on a tour and we took our time.
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  • Day14

    Schmidt and leaving Madrid

    February 7 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 41 °F

    Lunch with Avant missionaries Schmidt
    Uneventful trip to Rome
    Took shuttle to hotel
    Walked to grocery store to get salad bread and drinks

  • Day12

    Light Madrid

    February 5 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 39 °F

    Light Madrid
    Mesa project
    My generation would call this a coffee house ministry.
    It’s a space. - a great place. Good visibility. Folks stop by, free coffee, WiFi and conversation that could change ones life.

  • Day11

    Train to Madrid

    February 4 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 54 °F

    Prayer meeting
    2,5 hour train ride to Madrid -F.A.S.T. Olive groves
    Aaron and Natalie picked us up

  • Day10

    Day of Rest

    February 3 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    Prayer meeting
    Washed clothes
    Cookies and milk at picnic table
    Meet hanging out to dry
    FaceTime with Ellen - Annie Joy

  • Day9

    Friends & Super Bowl party

    February 2 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    Coffee with Don & Sue Eenigenburg (1978 MBI friends)
    Nap out on the patio
    Walked 1.5 miles to home
    Pizza with Chris & Sonya. Watched pre-game for 15 min.
    Returned to MMC @ 10:15pm
    Will have to wake up tomorrow morning to see who won super bowl game. Not being shown here.

  • Day8

    Ezra and Isis, Neri and Malaga

    February 1 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 48 °F

    Slept in a very cold pastoral house last night. I even wore my gloves to bed.
    We had a delightful bfast with Ezra and Isis. Churros! Nothing more to say.
    It was fun to se all the connections that Jori and John had with them.
    We drove back to Malaga and stopped at Nerja for coffe con lectern. Looked over the harbor. Next stop downtown Malaga. Walked around the church. Jori talked to a man in the plaza. Drinks at the AC Marriott on floor 15. Beautiful views. Dinner at the harbor. Said goodbye to John and Jori-wonderful host/hostessRead more

  • Day7

    Evening in Granada

    January 31 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    We did a tapas run. Buy a drink (coke) and they bring out different tapas. Enjoy the evening snack and then walk down the narrow alley ways to another cafe. Order a drink and the cafe brings another completely different type of tapas. It was fun.
    Here’s more fotos of the Ahambra

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