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  • Day389

    Fjolstadtroa Museum car park

    July 20, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    For the first part of today's journey we travelled alongside the 40km long Snåsavatnet lake as it dissappeared and reappeared from behind thick bands of trees. We began to see more and more signs of agriculture; cows ready to be milked, barley fields and shrink wrapped hay bales.

    The town of Steinkjer provided us with a supermarket, diesel, LPG, toilet emptying and drinking water, so by the time we'd done, we were well set up for at least a couple of days. As well as farming, signs of industry and commercialisation also became more prevalent, as we passed some large beached oil rigs under construction, factories with tall chimneys and several medium sized indoor shopping centres.

    It was a rare blue sky day and we were very grateful of the warmth and light- they made such a difference! We were even able to have lunch at a restplace picnic table with Poppy soaking in the sunshine on the neatly trimmed square of grass beside us. After driving on for a while we hit the coast and were keeping our eyes peeled for an overnight spot. We pulled in at a gravel car park near a small marina but unfortunately there was yet another 'no camping' sign. Will made the most of the hot day and went for a short swim in the rocky shallows then dried off whilst reading Tess of the d'Urbervilles on the grass.

    Back on the road we weren't having much luck with a place to stay so we searched on Park4Night and found a spot that took us away from the busy E6 to a quiet little car park in the forest.

    During the course of the evening a few beekeepers parked up and spent several hours tending to the hives. We could hear the clanking of wooden bells around the necks of a small heard of sheep and birdsong from within the surrounding forest. At one point a black and white heffer wandered over into the car park and took an interest in the van, giving its wing mirror an inquisitive lick. The bee keepers had un-done the chain accross the entrance to the adjacent field so we ushered the escapee back and did a makeshift job of securing the chain.

    The early morning was warm and much to our delight, it brought with it a light dew and Golden Hour, that window just after sunrise and before sunset when the light shines at a certain angle, making all it illuminates glow with a golden hue. The loss of golden hour wasn't something we had anticipated in our weeks of endless daylight, just another of the many new experiences this journey has brought.
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  • Day390

    Trondheim and Flaugelva River restplace

    July 21, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    It wasn't far to drive to Trondheim, Norway's 3rd largest conurbation and the first major city we'd visited in the country. We weren't sure of what to expect but were pleasantly surprised at the calm, ordered feel of the place as we drove in past modern buildings of wood board, red brick or pastel painted plaster facades.

    Trondheim Cathedral School was closed for the summer and charged 100 NOK for all day use of its car park. £10 was more than we'd usually pay for parking (so is everything in Norway!), but it was extremely close to the centre, meaning we could make several trips and it was nice not to have to think about the ticking clock of an timed ticket. The day was hot so we positioned the van under the shade of a large Horse Chestnut tree, made sure Poppy had plenty of water and cracked open all the windows before strolling towards the portside fish market.

    Trondheim has a big student population who we assume are off on their summer vacation. However, given that it is summer holiday season, it was very quiet the wide, clean streets had an unhurried feel about them. It seemed very fitting that we stumbled across the 'Walk of Peace' an art instillation set into the pavement to celebrate those around the world who are working towards peace.

    Our first port of call (pardon the pun) was the harbourside fish market, a well presented indoor shop and café that had one long stainless steel counter stacked with ice, fish and seafood. In other markets we'd been used to several different sellers at competing stalls, but here the atmosphere was ordered and calm, possibly aided by the ubiquitous ticket system. There was plenty of space for people to sit at the white painted wooden benches and tables, mostly inside, but some on a terrace. Once again, we spotted a taxidermied animal, this time a seal, to augment the display. Prices were as usual high but we'd made the decision to splash out a little on food we could cook in the van and bought a large fillet of Rainbow Trout and 4 slices of Salt Cod for around £25.

    After returning to have lunch in the van and check on Pop (she was fine), we wandered over the road to Nidaros Domkirke; Scandinavia's largest medieval building. The grey stone West wall of the Cathedral was bathed in bright sunlight and made for an impressive sight, its rows of carved statues stretching from side to side and top to bottom, seemingly standing guard over the entrance.

    Skirting round the Cathedral grounds we reached the river where families and friends picniced, sunbathed and played on the neatly cut grass bank. Walking under the wooden arches of Gamle Bybro (the Old Town Bridge) we, we could see the attractive looking Bryggen; richly painted 18th and 19th century wooden board warehouses lining the river.

    While driving out of the city, through numerous tunnels we reflected on our experience. A lot of the factors we often dislike about large urban areas- tight streets, the assault of advertisements and the jostle of people, just hadn't been issues in Trondheim and it had led to a very enjoyable time for us!

    Home for the night was a gravel restplace a few hundred meters away from Flaugelva river. It being a warm day, Will took himself off for a cooling swim before cooking up a delicious meal of the Rainbow Trout we'd bought earlier.
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  • Day37

    Ein Urlaubstag am Trondheimfjord

    August 8, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Mit strahlendem Sonnenschein sind wir heute aufgewacht. Das ideale Wetter, um die kurzen Hosen anzuziehen und in der Sonne zu chillen. Das taten wir jedenfalls ausgiebig. Auch ein Bad im kalten Fjord musste sein. Ein paar erfolglose Angelversuche von der Brücke aus folgten. Aber da wir ja unser Abendessen gestern schon gefangen hatten, hielt sich die Enttäuschung in Grenzen. Der Wittling war zwar ein bisschen grätig aber sehr lecker. Zum Sunset flaute der Wind ab und so konnte man sich mal wieder nicht sattsehen am Abendhimmel.Read more

  • Day19

    Trondheim - Teil 2

    August 3, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Nun zu dem worauf wir uns am meisten gefreut hatten - das größte regionale Food-/Brauereifestival (Mat - og Bryggerifestival)!
    Wir waren überwältigt von einer dermaßen großen Vielfalt an lokalen Lebensmitteln und Kleinbetrieben!
    Wir kosteten uns durch Unmengen an Käse, Wurst, Fisch, Brot,... und aßen leckeren Rentierkebab mit Preiselbeersauce, Pizza mit Elchsalami/Muscheln, einen gesunden Burger und Lakrits-/Preiselbeereis!
    Neben Klippfisch kauften wir auch andere kleine Leckereien für zu Hause ein!

    Den Abend ließen wir in einem urigen Pub am Fluss Nidelva bei regionalem IPA und Cider (eher wie Most!) und lustigen Gesprächen über die wichtigen Dinge im Leben, ausklingen. 😅
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  • Day20

    Trondheim - Tag der Wende

    August 4, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Weil uns Trondheim so gut gefällt und weil wir gestern nicht mehr alles geschafft hatten, schlenderten wir heute Vormittag nochmals durch die Straßen mit den netten Läden hinab bis zum Fischmarkt am Hafen. Dort kauften wir uns frischen Lachs fürs Abendessen!🐟

    Und weil wir noch nicht genug hatten vom Matfestival, probieren wir wieder hier und da was Leckeres, kauften Zimt -und Kardamomschnecken und deckten uns mit frischem Gemüse (Zuckererbsen, Zwiebeln, Tomaten) ein. 🥒 Auch einen leckeren grünen Smoothie gabs noch für mich!

    Da Trondheim das nördlichste Ziel unserer Reise war, war es heute an der Zeit umzukehren und Richtung Süden zu fahren. Kurz vor Lillehammer fanden wir einen netten Stellplatz am See wo Flo ein exklusives Camper-Dinner zubereitete: saftiges Lachsfilet und cremige Rucola-Nudeln! 😊
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  • Day19

    Nördlichstes Ziel - Trondheim

    August 3, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Da wir die Nacht an einem kleinen, leeren Schotterparkplatz direkt am Meer verbracht hatten, wurden wir früh von den schrillen Schreien der Austernfischer geweckt. Diese und auch einen Fischreiher konnten wir dann von unserem Bett aus bei der Arbeit beobachten!

    Danach brachen wir auf zum letzten Ziel unserer Reise- Trondheim, wo wir auch gleich unseren Stellplatz fanden und kurz darauf in die Stadt marschierten!

    Endlich eine norwegische Stadt nach meinem Geschmack!
    Wir spazierten durch das kleine, alte Stadtviertel "Bakklandet" in dem sich gemütliche, süße Cafés und kleine Shops aneinanderreihen! In der "Baklandet Skydsstation" tranken wir heiße Schokolade nach altem Rezept und aßen "Cheescake with blueberrysauce". Die Wände in diesem Café sind in hübschen Pastellfarben gestrichen und die Einrichtung wie in Omas Wohnzimmer! Ich bin verzaubert!

    Danach besichtigten wir die Festung Kristiansten, die 1681 gebaut wurde um Angriffe aus dem Osten abzuwehren. 1718 erfüllte sie ihrem Zweck als sie der Belagerung durch die Schweden standhielt. Von außen für uns nicht wirklich spektakulär, jedoch offensichtlich uneinnehmbar!

    Im Anschluss schlenderten wir die steile Straße hinab wo wir amüsiert beobachteten, wie Radfahr-Touristen versuchten einen Radlift zu benützen! Hihi, keiner schaffte es, wer weiß wie es uns ergangen wäre! 😉

    Auf der alten Stadtbrücke (Bybrua) bewunderten wir die alten, teilweise stark renovierungsbedürftigen Speicherhäuser, die auf z.T. brüchigen Stelzen im Wasser stehen, manche davon schon etwas nach vor geneigt!

    Der Nidaros-Dom aus dem 12. Jahrhundert und seine schönen Steinornamente an der Hauptfassade bewunderten wir nur von außen, da aufgrund einer Veranstaltung zu viel Troubel war. Am Pilger-/Mittelaltermarkt daneben gab es viel Handgemachtens zu kaufen und eine Musikgruppe spielte schön, der Gesang war jedoch gewöhnungsbedürftig! 😅
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  • Day36


    August 7, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Wie gut, dass wir das Vordach noch aufgebaut hatten. So konnten wir im Trockenen Kaffee trinken. Das regnerische Wetter blieb uns die ganze Fahrt über erhalten. Unser Ziel heute: Storsand, ein großzügig angelegter Campingplatz östlich von Trondheim. Hier haben wir einen tollen Stellplatz mit Blick auf den Fjord, Ruhe vor dem Verkehrslärm, obwohl die Ausfallstraße sehr nah ist, und herrliches Sommerwetter. Nach dem Abendessen (Steinbeisserfilet aus dem Supermarkt mit Asiagemüse) juckte es uns unter den Fingern und wir bauten die Shane auf, um in Ufernähe die Pilker ins Wasser zu halten. Das war eine sehr wackelige Angelegenheit. Zum Glück fanden wir direkt einen Schwarm Wittlinge, von denen wir schnell ein paar ins Boot bekamen. Der grandiose Sonnenuntergang rundete diesen gelungenen Abend ab.

    Tageskilometer: 225 km
    Gesamtkilometer: 2992 km
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  • Day13

    Ankunft in Trondheim

    July 28, 2018 in Norway ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    Heute haben wir nur Kilometer gemacht. Nix spektakuläres. Ausser dem ''Laksforsen'' und ein bißchen Kultur und Sightseeing in Trondheim gab's heute nicht sooo viel.
    Wir mussten ja auch ein paar Kilometer fahren, knapp 500 waren es wieder.
    Morgen werden es ''nur'' 300... 😂
    Wir werden die Atlantikstrasse fahren 💪ße

    Jetzt waren wir gerade bei Mc Donalds, da gabs nen genialen Bandera - Burger...
    Sowas gibt's in D leider nicht. 😢
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  • Day9

    Trondheim, Norway

    June 23, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 50 °F

    We are on our own today and took the ship’s shuttle into town. We walked in the cold rain to the city center. We viewed the Gothic style Nidaros Cathedral founded in 1152. Next door was the Archbishop’s Palace. Built in the 12th century it is the oldest secular building in Scandinavia.
    The first bicycle lift in the world: A resident of Trondheim invented the bicycle lift because he was getting tired and sweaty riding up a hill to work. You attach your bicycle or baby carriage and a cable pulls you up.Read more

  • Day20

    Second Port : Trondheim

    January 6, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ -4 °C

    This morning we docked in Trondheim it is the 3rd largest city in Norway and founded in 997. We walked for about 15 minutes from the dock to the city in -2 temp. When you are all rugged up you don't feel the cold. First stop was the Gothic Nidaros Cathedral, the sculptures are impressive. While walking through the cemetery we saw a woodpecker, I have never seen one in real life. It was interesting watching it peck away at the tree bark looking for the insects. We continued walking through the village and onto Old Town and by now it was snowing and looked pretty everywhere. Bakklandet (Old Town) was small but the houses along the riverside are painted in lovely bright colours. Back on board we sailed past Munkholmen an islet just out of Trondheim, it has been used a place of execution, a monastery, a fortress and a World War II anti aircraft gun station and now a recreation site and tourist attraction. A few hours later passed we by Kjeungskjaer Lighthouse it is 20 metre high and helps fishermen and sea travellers stay on course as they approach Trondheim Fjord and the North Sea. John then went up to the top deck for the local food tasting, this time mussels. When we reached the open sea it became very rough, even the wardrobe doors kept opening and apparently at the first dinner seating people had their drinks spill. After dinner we went to the bar and some very noisy Norwegians decided to have a trivia game. They are actually the music entertainment group for tonight, which is to start in a few minutes thank goodness.Read more

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