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  • Day6

    Jerez by night

    September 20, 2017 in Spain

    Következő városunk Jerez ami a cherryről és a lovakról híres. Most egy nagyobb szállodában alszunk, itt nem találtunk kis helyes apartmant. Sebaj legalább van reggelink.
    Érkezés után bevetettük magunkat a városba hogy egy szimpatikus tapas bárt találjunk. Mivel már elég késő volt, sajnos nem volt minden hely nyitva. Vegül találtunk egyet amit összességében jónak találtunk. Sajnos a nagy kedvenc fogások nem voltak az étlapon, de így sem maradtunk éhen.
    Padron paprika, tükör tojásos ratatouille, saláta, gomba és két féle husi került az asztalra. Utóbbiak nekem nem izlettek annyira, így a hús része inkább Gyatira maradt.
    A vacsora után még felkerestük a főbb nevezetessegeket, megnéztük őket esti kivilágításban. Aztán egy pohár vörös borral és helyi sonka különlegességekkel búcsúztattuk a napot.
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  • Day7

    Jerez napsütésben

    September 21, 2017 in Spain

    Egy bőséges reggeli után megnéztük nappal is a főbb épületeket.
    Bementünk az Alcazarba ( régi vár/ erőd), a katedrálisba. Utóbbi jóval több volt mint egy "nagy templom", ugyanis egy rezidencia- lak- volt hozza építve benne berendezett szobákkal, belső udvarral, kis kerttel. Kintről nem is lehet sejteni hogy ilyen eldugott helységek lesznek.
    Végül felkerestük a híres Lovas iskolát. A parádét lekéstük, így nem láttuk értelmét bemenni, inkább vissza a kocsihoz és irány Arcos de La Frontera.
    Egyetértettünk abban hogy ez a város nem lett a kedvencünk, kicsit jellegtelen.
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  • Day10

    Xerex deportivo f c

    February 12 in Spain

    Back to see my Xerex football team. Once again they are top of the league, having had a disappointing season last year ( they only came sixth!) they won 2-1, so with Barnet also winning with a goal in the 93rd minute, it's been a good football weekend. Let's hope that the bees can make up some ground and scrape out of relegation again, and that the azulblancos (blue and whites) can get promoted again.Read more

  • Day13

    Yesterday we went to see the church of San Miguel. It is the biggest church in Jerez after the cathedral and parts date back to the fifteenth century. The walls and pillars are completely covered by carvings, but despite the size and Spanish love of heavy decoration, it is still very elegant. The churches are starting to prepare for Easter week, which is a huge thing here, and the council is beginning to build the stands and street seating for the many parades that will take place. In the evening we went to one of my favourite restaurants, just very basic but always good. I had a plate of olive oil soaked chips, with caramelised onions, chunks of jamon, with chorizo and fried eggs on top. Totally delicious and only 4 euros!Read more

  • Day17


    February 19 in Spain

    Yesterday I went to revisit the cathedral. Built in the 1760s, it was a time when a lot of wealth flowed into Jerez. It is heavily decorated and quite bulky, and the ceilings are especially carved all over. The bell tower is separate from the main building and at the moment can't be seen at all as it is covered in scaffolding and sheeting for repair and restoration. The organ is new since the last time we were here, and although it looks and sounds like a traditional organ, in fact It is digital. The big pipes are at the back of the building, and the smaller ones at the front, which we found rather confusing as all the sound comes out of two huge speakers at the front. The keyboard has a big touch-screen with the music on it, and all the stops are all digital touch-screens too. It works well though and the sound is really good.

    Like all the other churches here, the cathedral is getting ready for the huge Easter events, getting out and preparing the big heavy platforms that gangs of men will carry through the streets.
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  • Day1


    February 3 in Spain

    The journey yesterday was unenventful, we even arrived a bit early, and didn't even lose any of the bags. The apartment is really nice, well-appointed and comfy. The weather is chilly but the sun is shining and sky clear blue so we are happy. We had lunch sitting in the square in the sun and a light dinner in a little cafe/bar right opposite and the food was really good. We couldn't resist stopping at our favourite sherry bar for an oloroso afterwards. Today we got up late and had churros and chocolate for breakfast next to the market and then stocked up in there; Tuna steaks tonight. It's so nice be back here!Read more

  • Day2


    February 4 in Spain

    Last night we went out to the tapas bar that has real local flamenco that we went to many times before. It is now so well-known that they are putting on a show every night, and also in the afternoons some days. It was packed but still really good. Our apartment is so central that it's just two minutes walk to the bar in one direction and the same to the favourite tapas bar in the other. We woke up this morning to find the street wet where it had rained overnight, and sky dull, cloudy and grey - no lunch out in the sun today! But it's supposed to clear again later, and get a bit warmer.Read more

  • Day4

    Day 4 and 5

    February 6 in Spain

    Yesterday we just wandered around revisiting some places, and discovering new tapas bars. Today we spend most of the time on the roof catching some sun. It was lovely when the sun was out, but decidedly chilly every time a cloud came over.

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Jerez de la Frontera, Xerez de la Frontera, شريش, Горад Херэс-дэ-ла-Франтэра, Херес де ла Фронтера, Ĥerezo, Xérès, חרס דה לה פרונטרה, XRY, ヘレス・デ・ラ・フロンテーラ, 헤레스데라프론테라, Xeresium, Cheres de la Frontera, Xerès, جیراز دی لا فرونتیرا, 11401, Херес-де-ла-Фронтера, Херез де ла Фронтера, 赫雷斯-德拉弗龙特拉

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