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  • Day14

    Molinaseca to Ponferrada

    October 4 in Spain

    As I write this, I am sitting next to the Knights Templar Castle in Ponferrada which is my end point. This phase of the Camino is over after 150 or so miles. I will spend the night here and travel to Madrid in the morning. So, a small hotel in Madrid tomorrow night and catch a plane home Saturday morning is all that is left. It has been a great trip and I met great people along the way. I managed this trip much better as far as keeping my feet healthy and the whole planning part of things. There are a lot of people from the United States, Western Canada, Australia and Germany out here...I saw more of these nationalities then any other this trip. I really only met two people that I didn’t care for and both were obnoxious entitled women from Cape Cod. The French people that I met this time along the way were great! As always thank you for checking in and I will see you all soon. Thanks!Read more

  • Day4

    Another dry day but cooler because of a decent breeze. I left Calzadilla after a good nights sleep outside. The walk was the usual meseta scenery. I arrived in Sahagún at around 2pm and checked in to a very nice Hostal with a private room. The Hostal itself was great the town was not so great. Sahagún is a mid sized Spanish city that has not a lot of life and no decent restaurants at least that I could find. It reminded me some of Lewiston so I ended up eating at my Hostal....a decent pilgrim meal but nothing amazing. That’s it for my Monday....thank you as always for checking in!Read more

  • Day11

    Hello from another small town in Spain. Thank you for all of your “likes” and comments. Tonight I find myself in Rabanal del Camino. I left Astorga at around 730 this morning in the dark. The walk here was around 17 km’s or 10 miles or so. I arrived around 2pm. I stopped at an albergue and asked if I could sleep in the field outback but the Spanish lady who owns or runs the place led me to my own bungalow. I think that she understood that I didn’t wish to be in a bunkroom but didn’t want me outside in the cold. It is getting down to 35-40 degrees at night here now. It is pretty sweet at only $17....a queen bed and my own bathroom and shower.....rustic but still pretty sweet. I have been spending my evenings and walking some days with two Australian women, Chris and Deb. They are a lot of fun and Deb and I have a bantering relationship as she is a retired nurse. Another Australian guy...Barry...who is a vineyard worker from Southern Australia was also in the mix tonight. I seem to run into and have lunch or dinner with a guy from Bar Harbor, Jay and his Australian friend Theresa from Australia as well. Tonight was dinner and a mass of Gregorian chants at a great church here in town. Rabanal del Camino is one of the nicest towns I have stayed in on the Camino. It is getting late here...lots of hills tomorrow....thank you for checking in!Read more

  • Day5

    Sahagún to Leon

    September 25 in Spain

    Hello from Spain once again. As I write this, it is Friday morning and I am getting ready to leave Leon. This post covers the past 3 days of travel. I left Sahagún Tuesday morning and ended up in a very small town with a great Casa rural...a small hotel run by a great couple. It is undoubtedly the best place I have stayed on the Camino on either trip. I walked the next day to the larger town of Mansilla De Las Mulas or “The City of Mules”....however, I never did see a mule there. I stayed in a small albergue and cooked dinner there with some other travelers. Yesterday morning I walked into Leon. Walking into and out of Leon was a personal goal for me as I bused into the city back in May. It is hard to explain but when you walk many many miles with people and then you hop a bus, it just doesn’t feel right. Which is one reason I came back....I just had to do it “right” this time. This trip has had more meaning for some reason. This past spring, I spent more time seeing sights, taking photos, posting in my blog but this trip has been more about the walk itself and some personal connections. I walked from the last town to here early in the morning with a 75 year old South Korean woman who shared that her brother was taken away to fight the North Koreans and was killed back in 1951. She was crying during the story....people share things like that here for some reason...kind of the magic of the place. As I walked into Leon yesterday, an old woman was sitting on the Camino path. She reached out to me and held my hand for a couple of seconds, smiled, looked into my eyes and nodded as if to say that I was doing the right thing by walking the Camino. It only lasted a few seconds but I doubt that I will ever forget it. I have rambled long enough...time to get on the trail. Thank you as always for checking in.Read more

  • Day10

    Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga.

    September 30 in Spain

    Hello from Astorga. I left Hospital de Orbigo around 8 this morning and arrived in Astorga around 2pm. The going is getting more hilly and I hit the Cantabrian mountains tomorrow. I have covered 120 miles and have only 32 left to go until I reach Ponferrada which is my stopping point...but between Astorga and Ponferrada is one of the highest elevations on the Camino. I will hit it’s peak on Tuesday morning at 1500 meters or 4900 feet which makes it just shy of Mt Kahtadin. And then the steady decline into Ponferrada which I will walk into on Wednesday morning. Everything is going well, knees and feet are feeling fine and am handling the miles much easier than last trip. As I write this, I am at a cafe off the main square in Astorga. I am going to close this out and go find some dinner. As always, thank you for checking in!Read more

  • Day39

    P.S. for Astorga

    September 30 in Spain

    I just have ro add a little about our perfect birthday dinner! Our deal is to have half board at the hotels in these small towns, which means we have dinner is quite a fancy restaurant, but we get the menu del dia, or the peregrino menu,which gives choices of entrée, main and dessert, bread, wine and water, but not the full a la cartel menu. It is usually pretty standard stuff - good hearty food, but not gourmet. Well tonight it was chef quality, and made it special...we started with a soup with chickpeas, cod and spinach, then Amr had an amazing fish dish and I had crepes filled with goat cheese and jamon and salad garnish...all out of the usual range, so delicious and special for a birthday dinner. No photos of it as neither of us had our phones..but may add other Astorga photos, as wifi good!Read more

  • Day8

    Leon to Hospital de Orbigo

    September 28 in Spain

    Hey from Astorga, Spain. I left Leon on Friday morning. I had a 4or 5 mile walk through Leon and the industrial areas just to get out of the city. The days walk was abreast a major highway heading west...pretty much the major truck route from Leon to, not a lot of scenery. I ended the day at the municipal albergue in the town of Villadangos del Páramo. It was the usual bunkroom accommodation and a pilgrim meal. I left around 730 in the morning...a bit more of a pleasant hike as now I am out of the meseta and heading into the hills again. I arrived in the town of Hospital de Orbigo and had to decide to hang there or hike the 16k to Astorga which is a larger city. I decided to stay put as the room situation did not look good for Astorga that night. Another albergue but in a 4 person room which is better than a 20 bed dorm. I pretty much hung out with my roommates for the afternoon...two guys from Australia, and one guy from Germany who pretty much lives out here. Dinner was with two Australian women who I run into each day who wound up in the same albergue. That’s it for now....thank you as always for checking in!Read more

  • Day13

    Rabanal to Molinaseca

    October 3 in Spain

    Hola from Spain. I left Rabanal on Tuesday morning. I walked with my friends, Jay, Theresa, Chris & Deb the whole day. It was a very arduous day as we hit the highest peak and came down the other side into the town of Molinaseca. It was an interesting day not only because of the elevations but the temps started out in the 30’s and ended up in the 80’s by mid afternoon. Molinaseca is a great Camino of the best actually. My friends treated me to dinner as a send off....a great evening. Wednesday morning I traveled with them to their next stop as they are continuing on and I am leaving for home. They are great people I am missing them. I only knew them a week and a half or so but it is much different now that they have gone ahead. That’s it for now...I hope this finds everyone well.Read more

  • Day34

    We are now at Mansilla de las Mulas, a small town ( but big enough to get lost in!) and I am trying to have a fresh start in my thinking, as this is where I had my ghastly encounter with bedbugs 5 years ago, and I am inclined to shudder when I think of this place. Well so far all has been totally is a beautiful day, sunny but cool (finally), we are staying at a different hotel - very welcoming and clean, wifi seem excellent, and all seems perfect. Last time it rained, the woman at reception of the little casa rural was very grouchy and said there was no wifi (wouldn’t give us the code anyway), and our memory is very negative.

    So we left this morning at 7.55 in the COLD. It was 7° and I had a t-shirt under my shirt, but soon put on my jacket, which I kept on till we arrived at 12.30 - 19.5 kms later! So hard to remember that 2 days ago it was unbearably hot in the afternoon at Sagahún! Anyway, autumn seems to have started, and hopefully will stay, as we had a lovely walk, again on a path next to a country road, very peaceful and still in the wide open just can’t capture the scope of the scene. More corn now, and we saw our first cows (or animals of any sort actually).

    When we left it was again just light, and there in front of us was a huge full setting moon....quite spectacular, and a few minutes later it slipped out of sight, and the rising sun appeared behind us. Magical. But today people preferred to walk in the sun rather than the shade. When we arrived here we again got lost trying to find the hotel, partly because there was so much activity and is obviously market day, and instead of arriving to a sleeping town having its siesta, there were people and stalls everywhere, not just in the square, along the streets, women with trolleys, fruit, veg, cheeses, and all the other clothes and bits and bobs of markets. One kind man tried to help us find our way, but sent us in quite the wrong direction because he didn’t know the hotel, but kept following us worrying...very kind..when we did find it having asked the checkout girl at a supermarket we found the hotel closed, (but we could see our bags inside!) so we happily went and had a beer and some tapas, and the kind man saw us there and was relieved that all was well!

    Hotel seems very good - modern and clean, and they let us use the washing machine and our stuff is drying on the line now. Clean and ready for León...we entered the actual province of León just before Sahagún. It will be a reasonable walk there tomorrow, but with the usual stresses of entering a city, but we remember it as fairly straightforward. We have booked a restaurant for tomorrow night to celebrate Amr’s birthday, the same Michelin Star place we went for his 60th!! It will be great, but we have the same problem - we have to wait up till 9.30 pm which is the earliest time....this is definitely our bed time these days, but we will stay up and have a ball. It is a small place, and last time it was full by 10 pm...Now off to explore the town with new eyes...
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  • Day36

    Report from León - Part one

    September 27 in Spain

    Today is our rest day, a non-walking day, in this beautiful city. But first I will mention the fabulous dinner last night. We had booked Cocinandos is the restaurant we went to for Amr’s 60th 5 years ago, and again it didn’t disappoint. We managed to stay up and hungry till 9.30 which was quite a feat, and had worked out how to find it, about a 20 min walk. It is a very small restaurant- probably only seats about 20 people - and there is just a degustation menu (for €45 a person, plus €20 for matching wines, which we did)....amazing value compared to Sydney, or many places, but in France we experienced similar value for Michelin Star restaurant.

    Anyway, we found it quietly perfect. The kitchen is open, so you can see the painstakingly careful preparation of the dishes. They had a menu in English for the day, but some things were lost in the translation ...but we got the gist. There were 6 courses, and as usual at first I wanted more and by the end i was getting too full! Highlights were: tempura zucchini flower stuffed with cod, squid with potato blackened by cooking in the squid ink, a “Caesar salad” with pigeon instead of chicken and mustard ice cream, a small steamed bun with ox and caramelised onion....and fig ice cream with sheep cheese, and something delicious to do with rhubarb, though we couldn’t be sure where the rhubarb was (communication was a bit disjointed but they were emphatic that rhubarb was a rare thing to cook in Spain...we wondered if it was what we know as rhubarb! All delicious, and the wines amazing too. We found we were familiar with the areas mostly, which they liked, and we had a great red from the Bierzo valley where we will be walking through in a few days, and where we saw them grape picking last time.

    Will post this as part one, as we are about to go out again for the afternoon, having spent the morning exploring and a wonderful visit to the amazing cathedral. Report on that to follow.
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