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  • Day49


    November 23, 2017 in Tanzania

    2 days Nungwi at Makofi Guest House.

    Compared to the rest of Sansibar, Nungwi is full of tourists, with solid hotels right at the beach front, but all in all, there still weren‘t too many people around.

    The beach is nice and not tide effected, swimming at low tide is possible 👍.

    We went to a turtle rescue place and had a nice candle light dinner with a table right on the beach!

    Oh, and all our spread out luggage was moved from one room to another after the first night - without our knowing or presence!? 😳Read more

  • Day141

    Matemwe, Zanzibar

    September 24, 2017 in Tanzania

    We came to Zanzibar with mixed feelings after reading a news story while in Nairobi about how the ministry of health is targeting AIDS clinics to arrest gay men. Horrible policy in every way! Some of the people we love and admire most are gay, so this offended us deeply. We thought of how we might protest by donning rainbow bracelets or t-shirts, but couldn’t find anything suitable (no surprise). Unfortunately, many of the countries we’ve visited have similarly dim human rights records (especially related to gender and love equality). Sigh…
    In any case, we left mainland Africa and flew to Zanzibar from Nairobi, arriving late to a small beachfront hotel on the east side of the island near Matemwe beach. We stayed here a few days with our only plans being to laze around before we start a busy month touring Madagascar. It was great having a few days doing nothing except thinking about where we have been and what we have coming up over the next few months. It was surprisingly easy to get in a routine of waking late for breakfast, swimming, reading, napping, swimming, eating dinner and then going back to sleep. It was pretty great.
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  • Day17

    Zanzibar Island

    July 29, 2017 in Tanzania

    Yesterday we took a two hour ferry across to the spice island, known as Zanzibar. The capital, also Zanzibar, is home to the old trading port area of Stone Town where spices and slaves were traded. Originally part of the Silk Road trading route and later the spice trade. The main exports from the island are spices and sugar.
    We drove up to the north of the island to Nungwi, which is a modernish beachfront 'resort'. Several hotels and bars line the white sand beach and is relaxed and fairly low key - certainly not a party resort.
    After an afternoon on the beach and the obligatory sundowner, we had an excursion the day after to Prison Island and snorkelling. Just off the coast of Zanzibar town, the small island was originally built to house prisoners in 1894. Due to an outbreak of disease, it became a quarantine island instead. Now home to hundreds of giant tortoises bought over from the seychelles some are over 190 years old, love cabbage leaves and a tickle behind their ears!
    Snorkelled just off the island where the reef drops away to deep turquoise ocean. Saw some beautiful angel fish before a fantastic fruit and samosa lunch aboard the boat. Finished the day with a meal overlooking the sea with 6 of the guys from the truck, plenty of laughter and a couple of small drinks.....
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  • Day24

    Sunset Bungalows

    July 2, 2017 in Tanzania

    I am so happy right now, I am at the beach, the weather is amazing and I do not have a worry in the world other than 'what cocktail am I going to order next?' this place is absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to relaxing in the sun (with sunscreen - don't worry mother) while drinking cocktails with absolutely no other plans.

  • Day12

    And relax....

    August 8, 2017 in Tanzania

    Yesterdays trip to Zanzibar was definitely an introduction to African travel. Our so called direct flight to Zanzibar with 12 passengers and one pilot stopped twice before we got to Zanzibar. First at tanga and then in a field to drop off some passengers who got in a 4x4. The final passenger had to sit up front next to the pilot and we were directly behind them. The pilots classic words of "don't touch anything" will remain with me for a while. Still it was interesting and when Oliver needed the washroom in tanga we exited through the door of the cockpit.
    When we got to Zanzibar it was much more populated than the rest of the places we have been. We were relieved to see the sign with our name on in the mass of humanity outside the airport and had an hour drive to our resort. The Neptune resort is all inclusive which makes things easy and appears to be full of Russians and germans. It is lovely to rest by the beach for a day without bouncing around in a truck.
    Zanzibar is famous for spices like cardamom and cloves so tomorrow we are doing a spice tour. However today is just ..... relax.
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  • Day13

    What i didn't know about spices

    August 9, 2017 in Tanzania

    Apparently I didn't know very much about many common spices and really enjoyed the tour of the local spice farm this morning. I didn't know both vanilla and pepper plants are vines, that the mace around a nutmeg is a beautiful bright red colour, and that there are two types of cardamom- one that grows along the forest floor and one that grows upwards.
    Whilst we wandered around with our guide his apprentice made us beautiful weaved hats, necklaces and bracelets from coconut leaves.
    We were worried TSA would not be happy about us bringing back spices so we declined however we did buy a couple of bars of turmeric and vanilla soap.
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  • Day13

    More from the spice farm

    August 9, 2017 in Tanzania

    A few photos of our lovely coconut leaved hats etc and a video of one of the guides climbing a huge coconut tree. Very impressive !!
    We left the spice farm around 11am and then went onto a quick tour of stone town. The old part of Zanzibar town which was small streets and lovely old buildings with beautiful carved wooden doors. Decided if we ever came back we would love to stay there instead of our all inclusive resort which is nice but not really Zanzibar.Read more

  • Day187

    One more beach holiday...

    June 3, 2016 in Tanzania

    So, we decided to come back to Zanzibar! Yes, it is that great. We wanted to explore a different part of the island so have a few days booked at a bungalow in Nungwi (Kajibange Bar & Guesthouse) with the intention of spending our last few nights in a different town. However, we arrived last night and we like the location and the vibe so much we are finding out if we can stay here until we leave for Egypt.

    Last night we met some of the host staff (Gibson, Christian, and Suleman) and ended up joining them and a Moroccan couple for dinner. Suleman had fetched a freshly caught King Mackerel (pictured) and cooked it for over an hour on the spit above the beach fire. Even Rachel, who doesn't really like seafood, thought the fish tasted amazing! It had just been caught and was absolutely delicious. For anyone coming to Zanzibar, we highly recommend the seafood.

    As a bonus, most of our friends from the safari are arriving in Nungwi today, so we will get to continue hanging out with them! There are plans in the works to do some diving with at least one of our friends in Mnemba which is supposed to be beautiful. We also found out there are some swimming caves/lagoons a short walk from here so we'll head there one day as well.

    For now, though, we are set up on the beach for a late lunch. The tide is in, the view is great, and Kajibange has a collection of friendly kittens and a puppy, all of whom are adorable.
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  • Day51

    Kiwengwa, Bahati Villa

    November 25, 2017 in Tanzania

    Looking for the last destination of our trip, we went to Kiwengwa, where we found a lovely little place called Bahati Villa.

    However we ended up staying only one night here, partly because this place gives you the feeling of being in Italy. The Masai and coconut boys here all speak close to fluent italian and the general greeting on the beach is “Ciao, come stai” 🤔

    Still it was worth coming here, as there was a wedding happening on the property next to ours. The moment the music (and party) started, all the nicely dressed mamas with headscarfs started twerking, alone, together, on the floor, together on the floor or other very obvious positions 🐩✌️. How fun to watch, too bad we didn‘t have a camera with us!

    Of course we had pizza and pasta for dinner ✌️🇮🇹
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  • Day18

    18. Tag Letzter Tag

    October 5, 2016 in Tanzania

    Heute heißt es Abschied nehmen. Normalerweise hätten wir um 9 Uhr am Morgen auschecken müssen. Da wir aber erst abends um halb 11 vom Taxi abgeholt werden, haben wir uns entschieden gegen eine Zuzahlung noch den ganzen Tag bis zum Schluss unser Zimmer nutzen zu können. So haben wir kurz vor Abflug nochmal duschen und auch in Ruhe packen können.

    Tagsüber haben wir auch nicht mehr so viel unternommen. Wir sind nochmal den Strand in die andere Richtung abgelaufen und haben ein paar Muscheln gesammelt. Sonst waren wir am Pool und am Strand und haben das faul sein noch einmal genossen.

    Wir waren bis heute eigentlich sehr zufrieden mit unserem Hotel, aber irgendwie war heute der Wurm drin, so dass wir am Ende gar nicht so traurig waren abzureisen. Es fing schon beim Frühstück an, weil das Buffet nicht aufgefüllt wurde und fast alles leer war. Abdulla war auch nicht da und die anderen Mitarbeiter konnten kaum englisch. Mittags wollten wir, wie sonst auch, bei der Bar oder am Pool essen, was aber auf einmal nicht mehr erlaubt war. Wir wurden mehr oder weniger gezwungen im Strandhaus zu Essen. Ich weiß, dass klingt furchtbar! Außerdem war eine Familie mit drei Kindern seit gestern im Hotel, die das komplette Hotel mehr oder weniger für sich beanspruchten und es nicht mehr ganz so ruhig zuging.

    Gegen Abend haben wir unser übriges Geld in Cocktails, Amarula und Snacks eingetauscht. Die Snacks, ein bisschen Knoblauchbrot, durften wir auch nicht mehr bei der Bar essen und mussten dafür extra ins Restaurant. Wir haben unsere Sachen alle liegen gelassen und ich sagte, dass wir gleich wieder da sind. Was macht der Bar Typ? Er räumt alles ab! Ich war richtig genervt, aber das Taxi kam erst in 2 Stunden.

    Wir haben das Taxi über die Rezeption gebucht und auch dort gezahlt. Die Fahrt hat uns 45 $ gekostet. Die Fahrt dauert ca. eine Stunde. Auf dem Weg zum Flughafen kam ich mit dem Taxifahrer ins Gespräch. Er fragte mich was wir für die Taxifahrt gezahlt hatten und ich fragte ihn was er bekommen hat. Seine Antwort machte mich wütend. Er hat von den 45 $ nur 20 $ erhalten. Das Hotel hat sich über die Hälfte in die eigene Tasche gesteckt. Ich konnte es kaum glauben. Wir hätten unser Taxi selber organisieren sollen!
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