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  • Day48

    Late Night Drinks

    September 19, 2017 in Canada

    At night we did an after dinner drink tasting with one of our favorite bartenders. As we are crossing the Atlantic Ocean it was quite bumpy. This bar is in the front of the ship so it was totally empty except for us. Interestingly our favorite drink was called The Stabilizer🥃.

  • Day50

    St John's, Newfoundland

    September 21, 2017 in Canada

    Today we toured St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland, whose harbor was the center of cod fishing and trading. We drove to Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America, with magnificent views of the city and coastline.
    Along the way we stopped at Petty Harbor, one of the oldest fishing harbors in North America.
    Signal Hill was our next stop and is referred to as “The Lookout”. It was also where Marconi received the first wireless transatlantic signal in 1901.
    Now we have been on the most westerly point in Europe and the most easterly point in North America.
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  • Day25

    Letzter Landgang...

    July 21, 2017 in Canada

    ... bevor es 6 Tage auf See geht! Uff Die älteste Stadt Canadas ist schon sehr schön und gemütlich. Wenn die Sonne scheint leuchten die bunten Häsuer bestimmt wunderschön :)

  • Day3

    being all sophimistimicated

    August 22, 2016 in Canada

    After the huge American breakfast and extra couple hours back in bed failed to cure the hang over I thought I should probably stop laying about doing nothing and go explore the imaginatively named "the rooms", st John's local museum.

    Fascinating exhibit on Newfoundland's contribution to WWI (yes mother I know how into WWI Graham is and yes I took extra photos that I'll email separately), stunning views from the third floor cafe with decent wine and lovely seafood chowder Aaaaaand not much else, oh well nice way to spend an afternoonRead more

  • Day2

    decent walk for an awesome beer

    August 21, 2016 in Canada

    Killing a bit of time before my brewery tour, decent walk down here, the highlights included waking past the basilica (photo attached)....cos I'm all grown up and stuff. And walking past a graveyard that had 2 gravestones that I wished had been the other way around as both contained one word only(presumably the name of the deceased)...the first said dicks and the second long...oh how I wished they had been buried next to each other and the other way around so I could have been super childish about the death of long, dicks...can't have everything I guessRead more

  • Day3

    the first hang over

    August 22, 2016 in Canada

    I write this within minutes of waking up so I can't guarantee no bad language...or that I'm actually alive

    Soooo Canada ey...these Newfoundlanders can drink some some drink and they brew their own so I'm not stuck drinking corrs (see I knew their would be swearing)

    Newfies here have the coolest sing song Irish/Canadian accent I've ever heard, they are massively proud of their Irish/British heritage and I'm told...admittedly when 3 sheets to the wind...that this was part of the British empire until 1949 and as such drove on the left until midnight on a specific night ! love em here but their a bit nuts

    After my adventures in breweries yesterday when I had whatever the tour guide fed me 1 beer before and 1 after I went for the walk back here and met up with Jen (awesome Scottish woman I've known for upwards of 36 hours who lives here too) polished off my sixer and asked her where's good and do you fancy a beer?...God bless this 22 year old, a thousand miles from home for taking sympathy on an old fucker but she responded, the yellow belly brewery is good and yes.

    I realise at this moment I've been awake for upwards of 5 minutes and the hang over isn't curing itself so I will briefly say, st johns is my kinda town, oldest street in North America is also the most bars per km. We visited a decent few decent bars, met a fella from Dudley in the first place that's been here 4 years, listened to country music and sang along, being thoroughly British me and Jen were relentlessly mocking the closing ceremony that everyone had on tv....much the horror/confusion/amusement of the bar staff, met Jen's work buddy's, I got screeched in....I would explain what that means but quite frankly I was half cut when Jen told me it was a traditional newfie thing and all I really remember is some bloke dressed up as a fisherman making me and 20 other gullible tourists kiss a fish and down a soft shot for twenty bucks whilst talking in a hilariously bad Irish accent at a million miles an hour....and had some traditional night out junk food on the way back here.

    I would right more but you're bored and I need breakfast
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  • Day13

    Day 13, St Johns, Canada

    September 13, 2017 in Canada

    An 8am dock this morning in to St Johns. I didn't sleep very well last night due starting with the dreaded man flu. As a result we were up at 6.30am and went for a cuppa. We are currently 3 and a half hours behind UK time. I always thought time zone changes were in complete hours. It was chucking it down with rain and still very foggy from yesterday. The captain was still sounding the horn every few minutes but not the loud foghorn that was using during yesterday but a softer one so as not to disturb the sleeping passengers. As we arrived on the top deck, facing the front of the ship, it looked like we were about to sail straight in to the rock side. It wasn't until we moved to the front of the ship that we saw a very narrow gap in the rocks that we eventually sailed in through. At its narrowest point I'm guessing he only had about 30ft either side to play with, truly magnificent manoeuvring skills. And in the thick fog and rain too !!

    We watched the dock in the rain before going for breakfast. Afterwards we put on our warm clothes and waterproofs as I don't know if I've mentioned it but the weathers been crap and still is!! A certain person not to far from me said and I quote " You'll only need shorts and tee-shirts from Canada in". Yep, wrong!! So we had a walk through the soggy town, lots of war history and many connections back to England. This used to be a stopping place to refuel in WW2 and the locals used to supply cakes and home cooked foods to try and make the soldiers feel at home. Quite fascinating really. Gutted there was no McDonalds for free wifi but Starbucks stepped up to the plate 👍

    After a fair bit of browsing we got back on board and had a spot of lunch and just enjoyed the ship. We went out on deck to watch the sail away and it was fantastic. I think it's got to be one of the best ports for approach and departure we've ever done. The decks were busy and the amount of room down either side of the ship as we sailed towards the mouth of the Atlantic was minimal. As we sailed down there were lots of people at the top of the hill and they fired 3 cannons as we passed. A spectacular departure, really glad we saw it. Still raining ☔️ though !!

    We're just off to the restaurant now, lots of nice choices tonight. Got an early start in the morning even though it's a sea day, more to be revealed tomorrow.

    Adios amigos
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  • Day48

    St. John's

    May 22 in Canada

    Als ich ankam, nutze ich gleich mal wieder die Gelegenheit, mich sportlich zu betätigen und suchte eine der lediglich 3 CrossFit Boxen auf Neufundland auf.
    Im Anschluss fuhr ich zu Jordan, einem ehemaligen Arbeitskollegen aus Tofino, dem Anfang meiner Reise im letzten Sommer.
    Er bot mir ein Schlafplatz an, für die Zeit die ich hier in der Stadt bin. Er hatte damals schon gesagt, ich solle doch nach Neufundland kommen, da es einmalig auf dieser Insel sei. Er hatte Recht. Es gefällt mir hier sehr gut und St. John's ist keine der typischen hässlichen Großstädte. Es gibt keine Wolkenkratzer, keine Straßenbahn oder sonst irgendein nerviges Zeug, was mich so an Großstädten stört.
    Naja mit gerade mal etwas über 100000 Einwohnern ist sie ja auch nicht so riesig, aber es reicht um die Hauptstadt der Insel zu sein. Und es leben hier ein fünftel der gesamten Bevölkerung Neufundland & Labradors zusammen.

    Die Stadt wurde auf einem Hügel erbaut und hat deshalb, ähnlich wie San Francisco in den USA, immer wieder steile Passagen, die es zu erklimmen gilt.
    Weiterhin besitzt sie einen Naturhafen, früher war dies der bedeutendste Hafen in ganz Nordamerika und der größte Umschlagplatz für Kabeljau auf der ganzen Welt. Dann gibt es noch die typischen bunten Häuser und das kleine Dorf Quidi Vidi, was zur Stadt gehört.
    Hier wird Neufundlands bestes Bier gebraut aus Wasser von Eisbergen, die hier im Sommer zahlreich an der Küste vorbei ziehen. Es soll hier sogar schon mal ein Eisbär auf einem Eisberg mit angekommen sein. Der arme Teufel wurde dann von Tierschützern beteubt und wieder in den hohen Norden Labradors geflogen.
    Ja am ersten Abend besuchte ich natürlich ein Irisches Pub, welche es hier sehr viele gibt, da St. John's als Hochburg von irischen Einwanderern gilt.
    Am Ende des Abend wurde ich dann auch noch gescreecht. Das Screeching ist eine lustige Tradition hier in der Stadt. Fremde Menschen werden gefragt ob sie von hier sind und ob sie eine der vielen Dialekte, die es auf der Insel gibt sprechen. Naja und wenn nicht wird man geprüft, indem man verschiedene Redewendungen nachsprechen und am Ende noch einen Kabeljau küssen muss. Man bekommt eine Urkunde und kann sich dann als Neufundländer fühlen.
    Am zweiten Tag war ich dann in Quidi Vidi und besuchte Mallard Cottage, was das älteste Haus Nordamerikas ist. Es wurde im frühen 19. Jahrhundert von einer französischen Auswanderer Familie, den Mallards erbaut und bis heute erhalten. Jedoch dient es heute als Restaurant, welches sehr gute Speißen anbietet.
    Bevor ich dann wieder den Weg Richtung Westen zur Fähre angetreten hatte, bin ich noch schnell am Cape Spear gewesen. Das ist der östlichste Punkt auf Nordamerikanischen Boden und somit auch das symbolische Ende meiner Reise von der Westküste quer durch das zweitgrößte Land der Erde, an dessen Ostküste. Angefangen habe ich vor rund 11 Monaten in Tofino, am fast westlichsten Punkt und kann es gar nicht richtig glauben, dass ich tatsächlich dieses riesige Land durchquert habe. Hinter mir liegen an die 12500km, 9 von 13 Provinzen habe ich gesehen, wobei ich in den nächsten zwei Wochen noch nach Prince Edward Island fahren werde. Dann habe ich 10 Provinzen gesehen. Die anderen 3, welche im Norden liegen hebe ich mir für andere Urlaube auf, denn schließlich will ich eines Tages noch den Yukon River mit dem Kanu befahren.
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St. John's, St. John’s, سانت جونز, Горад Сент-Джонс, Сейнт Джонс, Saint John's, Άγιος Ιωάννης Νέας Γης, San Juan de Terranova, Saint-Jean, Baile Sheáin, Baile Naoimh Eòin, סנט ג'ונס, YYT, セントジョンズ, სენტ-ჯონზი, 세인트존스, Sanctus Ioannes Terrae Novae, Sent Džonsas, Сент Џонс, St. John's på Newfoundland, Сент-Джонс, سینٹ جان, Saint John, செயின்ட் ஜான்ஸ், سینٹ جانز، نیوفنلینڈ اور لیبراڈار, 聖約翰斯

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