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  • Day6

    Day 6 - Three Countries in One Day

    August 9, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Woke up in a very positive mood after a good night sleep. A check of the news & travel websites indicated that we shouldn’t have any problems getting to Croatia.

    At 8.00pm Jackie woke up to open her birthday cards then we got showered & packed to leave. Jackie changed her finger dressing & the wound was definitely on the mend. It is now getting boring & I won’t mention it again.

    We dumped our bags in the car, then walked down the road to Bar Central for our complimentary coffee & croissant. It was a proper locals cafe, which was a pleasant friendly experience. We then returned to the car for our 4+ hour journey to Croatia & left the scruffy town of Berra.

    We headed north cross country, until we picked up the non-toll road near Venice (or Venezia as it is known in these parts). We drove past Marco Polo Airport, but sadly didn’t see Venice at any point in the distance.

    En-route Jackie made her calls & messages to thank people for their cards & gifts & she booked our accommodation just over the border in Croatia for the next 3 nights. Afterwards we plan to find a campsite!

    The traffic was remarkably quiet, presumably all at the beach & before we knew it we passing Trieste & heading south towards the border with Slovenia. The border just consisted of two officers watching the traffic as it sped past into Slovenia. This was a doddle!

    Our first sights of Slovenia consisted of their port & lots & lots of rubbish & containers. It didn’t make for a first good impression. We sped through the 1st 14 miles of Slovenia towards Croatia, then came to a grinding halt just 2 miles from the border.

    It took virtually 2 hours to drive the last two miles in 40+ degree heat. In the traffic jam, we were sweating like Fred West’s gardener & our minds kept playing tricks on us. We convinced ourselves that we wouldn’t be allowed entry into Croatia, thus losing our money on our booked accommodation.

    Eventually we arrived at the border control & the immigration officer upon seeing our UK passports waved us through without a thought. We were relieved that we had been granted entry, but irritated that we had had to queue up so long for nothing. Hey ho, our holiday proper could start now.

    We drove down to our nearest beach resort, Umag & parked up near the marina for a stroll. People were sunbathing willy-nilly everywhere. Jackie likened it to the area around Crawley Council Offices, but with water. Not our scene.

    Instead we got some money out of the ATM, Croatian Kuna . We then headed inland 10 miles to Casa Romantica La Parenzana & checked into our very nice B&B & home for the next 3 days. It is a former farmhouse in rural village with thick stone walls & wooden beams & shares the building with a posh restaurant, La Parenzana.

    We lugged pretty much all our luggage in to our 2nd floor room & the owner gave Jackie a bottle of local red wine to celebrate her birthday, which was a nice touch.
    We showered & dressed up a bit for the evening, then down went next door to the La Parenzana Restaurant.

    We were sat in the best table outside the front of the restaurant & ordered two large very cold beers. We delayed ordering too soon, despite being hungry having not eaten since our croissant at breakfast. We ordered and drank a second round of beers & then & only then ordered our food.

    We started off with a sharing platter of Istrian prosciutto & cheese washed down with a glass of the waiters recommended red wine. For main, we both ordered pasta. Jackie had tagliatelle with beef & black truffle, whilst I had Ravioli with truffle which is a speciality of the region. Just because it was Jackie’s birthday, we ordered another couple glasses of wine throughout our meal.

    During the meal the owner came out & chatted to us. He told us that his wife was the head chef and all the food was homemade. There were a large extended family of Croatians dining & he told us the it was a reduced wedding party, whose wedding had been cancelled due to Covid. The owner also gave us his recommendation for a beach for us to visit the following day, which was helpful.

    When the bill came, I gulped. It was expensive, but the food & wine had been delicious - a real gastronomic delight. We will go back, but pair back on the extravagance!

    We returned to our room, cracked open the gifted red wine before calling it a night.

    Song of the Day : Traffic by The Stereophonics.
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  • Day8

    Day 8 - Novi.........What?

    August 11, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Woke up at the ridiculous hour of about 2.30am & read right through to 8.00am when Jackie finally stirred. We had breakfast around 9.00am & ate as much meat & cheese as we reasonably could.

    Prior to going down to breakfast Jackie wondered that her vest top might be a bit too skimpy, but she needn’t have worried because one woman was in what could only best be described as a swimsuit & another in a short nightie.

    Today we were trying out a different beach a bit further down the coast that got a good review on The beach was just north of the Russian poison sounding named town of Novigrad.

    The beach turned out to be a little gem. The parking was free and there were virtually no kids. Bonus. Our booties paid dividends in the rocky sea.

    The only strange thing that occurred during the morning was Mr & Mrs Plastic Surgery unloaded all their gear, including a large rubber dinghy, novelty rubber ring, cooler box, tent & 2 rubber mats on the beach pretty much next to us. Then got back in their car & disappeared for nearly 2 hours. We were close to having a rummage in their cooler box. When they returned they flounced about on the beach flaunting the expensive fake assets.

    Other than that, there was nothing much else to report. We had a liquid only lunch at a very nice little bar & we didn’t leave the beach until 5.30pm.

    We returned to the very quiet B&B to discover that the green ‘please make my room up’ card on our door was turned the other way to red. Jackie swears blind that she had left it the other way. I believe her. The result was that Jackie had to make the bed before getting ready for the evening!

    It was the same routine as the previous night, we took a bottle of wine to the back of the B&B & planned our route to the campsite. We then went to dinner to discover that the restaurant was packed. As ‘regulars’, they managed to find us a nice table off to one side.

    Unfortunately the service was shocking. There was only 1 waitress & and an inexperienced waiter serving way too many diners. The owner/manager was nowhere to be seen. They couldn’t cope. It did us a favour, because we only drank a beer & a small carafe of wine. I had the gnocchi again & Jackie had black tagliatelle with prawns & aubergine. The quality of the food wasn’t compromised by the busyness.

    When we ordered the bill, we informed the nice waitress, who had taken our photo on Jackie’s birthday, that the service had been poor. She was profusely apologetic & said that lots of people had descended on the restaurant without prior booking. They had been expecting a quiet night, particularly as there were only a couple of guests including us in the B&B. As compensation, she gave us an espresso coffee & a glass of grappa each, thus redeeming the restaurant service in our eyes.

    And so it was off to our comfortable bed for the last time for the foreseeable future .

    Song of the Day : Plastic Doll by Lady Gaga.
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  • Day43

    Day 43 - Repositioning to the Border

    September 15, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    After packing up & getting ready, the owner made us a large pot of coffee which we drank in the cool mountain air. We then paid up, said our goodbyes around 9.30am & headed north towards the border.

    Our journey took us through mountains and valleys littered with shepherds, beehives & low clouds. We stopped at a little roadside stall to inspect the wares & discovered that we were allowed to sample the produce. There were 6 different honeys, a plate of 3 different cheeses & she insisted we tried her blackberry wine. After sampling everything at least once, we purchased 2 pots of honey & a bottle of her blackberry wine.

    Once over the mountains we dropped down dramatically to the Adriatic coast at Senj & followed the coast road that we had a month ago travelled in the previous direction. At 11am we stopped at a supermarket for elevenses. I bought a greasy meat pie (my last for this trip) & Jackie had a tuna sandwich.

    Refreshed we continued north & set the SatNav to take us back to the beach in Novigrad that we had previously spent a happy day on. I stupidly let the SatNav take the strain without getting an overview of the route. We followed blindly until Jackie questioned why we were seeing Kuna exchange booths at the side of the road. My SatNav was taking us across the border into Slovenia......argh! We only want to mess about with borders once, so we turned around to find an alternative route.

    Our revised route took us over another mountain range across Istria via Pazin on very slow narrow windy roads. When we eventually descended to the coast at Novigrad it was gone 2.30pm. We located our beach to assess how many days we would stay before heading home.

    The beach had more seaweed on it than we remembered & it made our decision for us - we would have one more final day of sun then hop over the border. After a couple of hours on the blazing hot beach we packed up & headed to Casa Romantica La Parenzana for a return visit.

    The manager welcomed us back like old friends & upgraded us to Room 1, the best room. It was very spacious with a colossal bathroom much to Jackie’s delight. We had a beer, then sat down in our favourite restaurant. Jackie ordered seafood pljukanci (a type of pasta) & I tagliatelle with beefsteak, rucola salad & truffle, all washed down with a litre of the house white.

    After savouring the ambience for an hour or so, we called it a night.

    Song of the Day : Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh.
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  • Day69

    Letsti Abig

    November 8, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Mier gönd am Morge richtig Naturpark Kap Kamenjak. Usversehe chömed mier inen Näbegass, wo chli z Äng für üses Auto isch, knapp chömed mier zumglück wieder use...
    Mier laufed a de Küste entlang a dene Wunderschöne Plätz zmitzt i de Natur entlang.
    Langsam dänked mier immermeh a de Rückwäg und fahred chli wiiter richtig Norde. Da üse Camping sehr nöch am Dörfli Motovun isch, mached mier no en Spaziergang det ane. Im Souveniershop, sowie im Restaurant gniessed mier no de letsti Abig vo dere Reis. Chli müed vo de letste Täg möchted mier hüt sogar chli früener go schlsfe.
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  • Day16

    Hallo Kroatien

    September 27, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Rovinji - Mein erster Stop in Kroatien. Der erste Halt ohne Hostel, sondern mit Airbnb. Das habe ich genutzt, um Stille zu tanken. Keine Gespräche, nur Meeresrauschen.

    Rovinj ist ein kleiner schöner Ort mit vielen Touristen. Doch abseits davon findet man Wald, Stille und Meer. Dieses Mal habe ich wenig erkundet, bin nicht gewandert. Ich habe mir eine stille Bucht gesucht, bin ins Wasser, habe den Wellen zugehört und Tiere beobachtet. Nur am Abend gab es wieder ein Tanzfestival. Das habe ich mir natürlich nicht nehmen lassen. Nun geht es weiter die Küste entlang...

    Nur mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zu fahren und nicht zu fliegen ist so viel wert. Nicht nur wegen des Umweltgedankens. Sondern man sieht, wie sich langsam und teilweise schnell die Umwelt verändert. Wie nah oder weit Länder voneinander entfernt sind. Beim Fliegen habe ich immer das Gefühl, man wird in ein Land hinein und wieder hinaus geworfen. Aber man hat wenig Chance, die kulturellen und landschaftlichen Veränderungen zu beobachten und die Weite zu spüren. Es ist schön, so zu reisen. Und ich merke, wie nach und nach ganz langsam Ruhe und Stille in mir einkehren...
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  • Day68


    November 7, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Bimne Nächtliche Gast freued midr üs drüber, das mier s kaufte Chatzefüeter doch no chönd Bruche. De Igel isch zimmlich Zuetruulich und lad sich sehr guet la beobachte.
    Am Negste morge gniessed mier d Wärmi vo de Sunne bi knappe 20 Grad. Mier sünneled wieder einisch en Morge lang und gönd am Namitag uf Pula ine. Nachmene bsuech im Colosseum laufed mier dur d Altstadt vo pula und finded schnell es süesses Restaurant. Da erst nammitag isch möchted mier eigentlich nur es Apero, irgendwie isch das Apero Grösser als mier dänkt hend und mier verhocked bi es bar Gläsli Wii bis am Abig i dem Restaurant.
    Mier mached ufem Häiwäg no en Abstächer im Scoppingcenter und nämed no en Drink uf de zweit letsti Abig vo üsem Tripp
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  • Day4

    Campingplatz Erkundung

    August 6, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Mit dem Fahrrad erstmal den riesigen Campingplatz erkundet. Es gibt viele tolle Plätze, kleine Buchten, Sandstrand und sogar Wellen 😁. Das Wasser ist sehr klar und warm und man kann überall angenehm ins Meer kommen, trotz Felsen, denn es gibt Treppen und Geländer damit man sich nirgens verletzt. Heute Abend fahren wir nach Porec rein um ein wenig zu flanieren🙃🙂🙃Read more

  • Day4

    Porec mit Sabrina und Kids

    August 6, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Ca 3 Wochen vor Urlaubs Beginn stellten Sabrina und ich fest das wir hier in Kroatien nur 10 Autominuten von einander entfernt wohnen. Deshalb trafen wir uns am Abend und verbrachten einen tollen Abend in der Nachbar Ortschaft Porec.Read more

  • Day5

    Stadtbummel in Rovinj ❤️

    August 7, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Gleich nach dem Frühstück ging es für uns 5 ins ca 20km entfernte Rovinj ❤️. Zum 3. Mal besuche ich nun dieses wunderschöne Hafen Städtchen. Bei ca 33 Grad wanderten wir bis zur Kirche hoch und genossen die Aussicht.Read more

  • Day13

    Tag der Abreise

    August 15, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Unser letzter Tag am Campingplatz war echt entspannt. Vormittag ab zur Rezeption.... Checkout. 10 Tage 440€. Wir dürfen noch bis 20 Uhr hier bleiben da wir auf der freien Wiese stehn und nicht in einer Parzelle. Also nochmal ab an den Strand. Heute war das Wasser noch klarer als die Tage zuvor und was gibt's da besseres als schnorcheln. Um 15 Uhr sind wir dann los. Ziel Udine um dort die Nacht auf einen free Camp ground zu verbringen.Read more

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