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  • Day248

    Marina di Ragusa

    March 1, 2017 in Italy

    We had planned to visit the hill town of Modica, stay in its free stopover, go out for a Sicilian lunch and sample its speciality chocolate. Arriving at the outskirts we picked up a 10 kilo bag of oranges from a street seller for €5. They were very tasty too!

    School was out and dozens of teenage boys zipped along on their scooters, their half face helmets angled back on their heads so their styalised quiffs could bee seen at the front. Two municipal police officers were on school duty, one standing blocking each lane to usher primary school children over the zebra crossing.

    Old Modica was a stunning sight, its worn, light stone brick buildings covering the steep sided summit with no apparent pattern except that houses further up the hill looked out over those below. Unfortunately a main road was closed, making it very difficult to get to the stopover. The van isn't the easiest thing to drive around narrow streets, even outside of rush hour. Vicky wasn't driving but her anxiety was playing up and so after going round in circles several times we decided to abandon the plan, have a van lunch in a layby and move onto the next place.

    Ragusa had a similarly higgledy piggledy arrangement of houses on a hillside that ran along a ravine. It was much eaiser to appreciate their charm from the road that bypassed the town and took us to a service point for emptying and filling in the modern, easy access area. All that remained was to find a place to stay for the night! Marina di Ragusa offered a free stopover, but it was concreted and had no grass for Poppy. It also looked packed and had a chain across the entry so we carried on, keeping our fingers crossed we'd find a wild camping spot soon.

    Closer to the sea there was a main road with many small lanes leading off past the sides of apartments, a short distance to the beach. It was at the end of one of these roads that we parked, with the van facing out on to a golden sand beach with the Mediterranean Sea just 50m in front.

    The three of us tested the water but it was too cold for anything other than paddling without wetsuits. Unfortunately Vicky became quite ill while we were there but Will donned his neoprene and spent a happy few hours taking his belated birthday present of a body board out for the first time.
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  • Day114

    Abschied ist schwer

    January 2 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Auch die schönste Woche muss irgendwann zu Ende gehen. Leider viel zu schnell. Das Weckerklingeln heute morgen bedeutete Abschied. Und so blieb uns nichts anderes übrig als Corinna und David hinterher zu winken als sie sich auf dem Weg zu Flughafen machten :(

    Corinna und David, die Woche mit euch war wirklich sehr sehr schön für uns. Vielen Dank für alles!

    Als die beiden weg waren, räumten wir alle verbliebenen Sachen ins Auto und fuhren wieder los. Freudolin hat uns sicher auch ein wenig vermisst.

    Bevor wir Sizilien verlassen, wollen wir uns noch das Tal der Tempel in Agrigent ansehen. Also legten wir heute noch ein paar Kilometer in diese Richtung zurück und füllten auf der Strecke noch unsere ziemlich leeren Vorräte auf.

    Am Stellplatz angekommen, machten wir einen kleinen Mittagsschlaf und probierten anschließend unsere neue Kaffeemaschine aus. Dazu passte hervorragend die selbst gemachte Linzertorte von Marlenes Mama, welche uns Cori und David mitgebracht hatten und die trotz Handgepäck in einem Stück ankam. Super super mega lecker :))
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  • Day26

    Ok so you haven't seen the old Sicilian police drama Montalbano but I couldn't resist visiting some of the locations as they are near where the ferry from Malta arrives in Sicily. First was Punta Secca the delightful small harbour with lighthouse (Montal fans will recognise it). Then on to old Ragusa town perched high on a hill top with LOTS of steps and 30 degrees in the shade. For those who noticed that in Montalbano there were very few people walking around apart from the main characters the reason was they alI probably had died of heart attacks... And Ragusa was nearly the death of me too as i went intensifying shades of red. While the beardy one (who had very little sleep last night and we got up at 5am) was deffo a bit peaky. Pics uploaded including friendly bloke who showed me a short cut to avoid more steps x xRead more

  • Day15

    Pozzallo ferry

    May 25, 2017 in Italy

    We had time to look around Noto which is lovely. Then drove the last few miles to Pozzallo. The road was really bad for the last ten miles. I was worried when we saw a car stopped changing a wheel.
    As I write we are on the ferry waiting to go. The car is at the front and there are not many passengers. We will arrive in Malta at rush hour so it might take a while to get to the house. I'm posting some pictures from this morning including one from the exhibition of the work of the artist Chagall.Read more

  • Day27

    Villa Zottopera in Rocazzo

    June 6, 2017 in Italy

    We needed a quiet bolt hole after Ragusa so I scraped plans to stay in the "ceramic city" of Caltagirone with 142 ceramic steps - as a hill town probable parking problems and now we are allergic to steps! The fab delightful flatness and rural retreat of Villa Zottopera was just what the doctor ordered .... Olive trees 17century farmhouse/villa complete with old trapetto where the donkey powers a big crushing mill-type wheel to pulverise the olives into mush. Friendly owners....very sorry didn't get your names ... Even the dog adopted us making sure we were ok...good boy Rex I hope you enjoyed my dinner! The dinner was cooked by the owner traditional Italian with antipasto first course of bruschetta and an Italian layered cheese and spinach thingy, next prima piatti pasta this was vegetarian lasagne then secondo piatti veal with coleslaw and fab fried aubergine in the home made olive oil (this is when Rex the alsation got mine as I was way too full) Then amazing icecream triple layer hazelnut sponge soaked in some liqueur then chocolate ice cream ....all swilled down with large jug of Sicilian red wine . We left stuffed after equally amazing breakfast thank you Zottopera we take home with us a sample of your excellent home grown olive oil.Read more

  • Day368

    Day 369: Val di Noto

    February 18, 2018 in Italy

    Next world heritage site time! Hopped in the car and headed out of Syracuse, heading westwards and inland. As I mentioned yesterday, a devastating earthquake struck this area in 1693 and during the rebuilding over the next century, most of it was done in baroque style unique to this area. There are a bunch of towns on the world heritage list for this reason, so we picked out a few interesting ones and headed over.

    The first stop was Noto itself, which turned out to be quite lovely. Nice quiet streets, picturesque buildings and lots to see. It was all very charming - a little touristy but that didn't really bother us. We wandered around for a couple of hours, ducking in and out of churches and other buildings and just enjoying the atmosphere. It was also warm and sunny which helped!

    Drove to the next town of Modica, where it was a little quieter and a bit cloudier. Not as impressive, and nowhere seemed to be open for lunch which was a bit distressing! Eventually we found a place selling fish and chips, which turned out to actually mean fried anchovies and chips which was also a bit distressing! But at least the buildings were nice.

    We headed over to the final town of Ragusa, though by now we were both a bit over it and wishing we'd stayed in Noto. Ragusa was more of the same, though just as quiet as Modica had been - at least we weren't trying to find lunch though! Looked at a handful of buildings since we felt obliged, then drove the couple of hours back home to Syracuse. Felt very lazy and went to the pizza shop nearby for dinner. Not the greatest pizzas we've ever had, but still good enough!
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  • Day4

    Ragusa Ibla

    June 18, 2017 in Italy

    Ragusa ist eine uralte Siedlung... Sikuler, Griechen (ab dem 3.Jahrh.vor Christus), Karthager, Römer, Byzantiner, Araber aus Nordafrika, Normannen usw. Nach dem Erdbeben von 1693 wurden 2 Städte wieder aufgebaut, Ragusa Superiore und Ragusa Ibla, der alte Teil. Wir sind die 264 Stufen zwischen Ober-und Unterstadt rauf und runter gegangen, Gott sei Dank bei nur 26°.
    Der alte Teil Ibla vefällt in Teilen, so richtig zum wohnen finden die Leute die vielen Treppen usw. nicht mehr bequem genug. Die Anzahl der leerstehenden Häuser ist erschreckend, sowohl in Superior als auch in Ibla. Für Touristen hat das alles den besonderen Charme. Die vielen Kirchen sind auch die Besichtigung wert, allerdings spielt sich nachmittags lesen erst ab 16Uhr ab, die Siesta von 12 bis 16:00 Uhr wird strikt eingehalten.
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  • Day5

    Scicli, im Tal der Barockstädte

    June 19, 2017 in Italy

    Weiter entfernt vom Meer wird der Tourismus sanfter, in der alten Stadt Scicli sitzen abends in den Nebenstraßen die alten Leute noch vor dem Haus und unterhalten sich. Es sind viele.... Scicli wurde wie die anderen Städte in der Region beim großen Erdbeben von 1693 zerstört und im Barockstil wieder aufgebaut. Kirchen gibt es an jeder Ecke, Pizza und PaLazzi.Read more

  • Day8

    Punta Braccetto

    April 10, 2017 in Italy

    Lundi, 10 avril 2017 bis

    Le trajet d'aujourd'hui (100km) nous fait traverser une région comme la Costa del Plastico de l'année passée. Des km2 de serres où poussent tomates, aubergines, brocolis etc. pour nous, qui voulons toute l'année des légumes frais. Notre lieu d'étape se trouve à Punta Braccetto, le camping Scarabeo, où nous avons un emplacement de rêve pour au moins de jours. Une bière va accompagner le magnifique coucher du soleil.Read more

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