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  • Day933

    Sancions, Canal du Berry

    January 15 in France ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    We are parked up in Sancions' scenic aire, sandwiched between the Aubois river, which is narrow, grotty and thankfully out of sight, and the Canal du Berry, which is only a couple of metres outside the van door and a lot cleaner and prettier to look at. The sun is setting, casting its golden rays off the water surface and producing colourful reflections of the little grey stone bridge, steely sky and a small collection of buildings, their wooden shutters closed to the sight.

    After filling and emptying tanks and bins this morning we covered about 160 kilometres, taking us to the south eastern edge of the Centre-Val de Loire region. On the way we managed to buy LPG, diesel and even use the petrol station's laverie (launderette) for €4 when we stopped for lunch. We weren't sure whether to be reassured or worried at the availability of anti-mite detergent for 50c a dose, but the place seemed immaculately clean.

    We avoided the motorways and passed through many little French towns, interspersed by large tracts of agricultural land. We felt so welcome due to the number of van parking and service signs we saw along the way. There were yet more groups of gilets jaunes dotted here and there. The day had begun with an insipid light filtering through the usual covering of white cloud, but gradually this intensified until the sun was strong, the green fields vibrant and the sky steely blue. It was in these conditions we spotted a large group of birds in a ploughed field, that turned out to be Common Cranes; huge creatures with long legs and long necks, whose wingspans are 2m on average! Sorry we didn't get a photo, we were a bit too gobsmacked to see them standing there!

    Arriving at Sancions, Will made the most of the late afternoon sun by wrapping up and having a fish in the canal. There was only one other van when we pulled in, but one more drove in after us and started up its generator, keeping it running until nearly 10pm. We hope the noise didn't travel to any of the town's residents.

    Night time temperatures plummeted and we woke to a layer of frost. Thankfully we had plenty of LPG and Martha was nice and toasty inside! Taking the short walk into town at midday, it became apparent that we'd missed the morning market, quite a big one by the looks of it. Never mind, we were on the lookout for somewhere to eat out. We skirted the main square and delved a little way into side streets, reading menus displayed on the walls of cafés, hotels and bistros. Despite the attractive looking exteriors, the soft stone walls often clad in vines with painted shutters covering upper storey windows, nothing quite seemed right until we came to the unassuming Petite Auberge. We wouldn't have recognised it as an eatery if not for the chalkboard outside, advertising set meals.

    Vicky has been thinking a lot about her food consumption in terms of the environment and animal welfare and has decided to adopt a mostly pescitarian diet when buying food herself. She will continue to eat organic meat on special occasions such as birthdays, have 'sustainable' fish occasionally and generally cut down even further on animal products. This makes things more difficult when eating out and she'll not get to sample many of a country's signature dishes, but we'll see how it goes.

    We asked the waitress at La Petite Auberge whether they had a vegetarian meal and accepted the offer of 'une grande salade'. Will had the set menu of terrine, followed by chicken and mash with a flavourfull sauce, accompanied of course by a basket of french bread. We both enjoyed a slice of chocolate cake before Will finished with an espresso and Vicky with a glass of Ricard; a pastis she had read was popular in France. We shared the dining room with 2 other couples and a group of 3 and soaked in the relaxed atmosphere and french conversation.

    Afterwards, we felt the need to walk off our indulgences. The sun was out as we strolled along the grassy canal towpath, the tall Plane trees casting long shadows accross the water. After a while Vicky spotted a strange little bird flitting up and down the length of the canal, dipping occasionally to touch the surface. We soon realised it was a bat, out in bright daylight! Further along we saw a buzzard picking at something up ahead in the long grass. We got to within 50 metres before the wary bird of prey flew off, leaving what turned out to be a long deceased badger. We were on the periphery of town, so it was a real pleasure to see so much wildlife!
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  • Day2


    July 6 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Samedi, 6 juillet 2019
    Malgré les 33° de hier soir, nous avons bien dormi. A peine en route pour Tours, un orage carabiné, mais bien rafraîchissant, nous surprend. Les 17° ne durent pas. Déjà lors de notre pause-dîner au bord du Cher à Thénioux, notre thermomètre affiche de nouveau 34°. Arrivés au camping de Tours, nous trouvons portes closes, overbooked à cause d'un festival. L'aire officielle pour cc n'inspire pas vraiment de la confiance, nous nous rendons à Monbazon, village distant d'environ 10km, où nous trouvons notre bonheur au Camping de la Vallée de l'Indre.Vu qu'aucun taxi veut venir nous chercher, nous nous rendons en cc à l'hôpital et y trouvons Monique, Thomas et Clémence qui entourent le patient. Alain se remet de sa dernière opération et espère que la nouvelle plaie va cicatriser au plus vite. Son moral est bon, malgré que les plateaux-repas ne font pas vraiment envie. Ça sera mieux aux Suries. Un petit sentier bucolique relie le camping et le parc au bourg de Montbazon, où nous savourons deux bonnes salades à la Table de Ysao.Read more

  • Day84

    78. Etappe: Châteaumeillant

    September 24, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Gestern Abend hat es noch ordentlich gestürmt und geregnet, so dass es heute deutlich kühler ist als die anderen Tage. Ich bin froh, dass ich meine Daunenjacke schon dabei habe und wandere heute fast komplett mit ihr.
    Der Weg geht über kleine Städte und zwischendurch begegne ich zwei deutschen Frauen auf ihrem Jakobsweg - sie kennen schon meinen Namen, da zwei andere Pilger, die ich zwei Tage zuvor getroffen habe, von der verrückten Berlinerin berichteten. Lucille haben sie auch bereits vor ein paar Tagen kennengelernt. Irgendwie begegnet man sich immer wieder auf dem Weg. 😅
    Auf der Hälfte der Strecke kommen mir auf einmal 5 Rindern auf der Straße entgegen 😳 Erst weiß ich nicht was ich tuen soll, ich bleibe ruhig am Straßenrand stehen und sie biegen rechts neben mir ab - kein Bauer weit und breit in Sicht! Aber anscheinend wissen sie wo sie hin wollen. 😂
    Heute Abend heißt es wieder Camping! Aber dieses Mal in einem privaten Garten. Der Camper ist auch deutlich größer als beim ersten Mal und hat sogar Dusche, Toilette und Sitzecke.
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  • Day82

    76. Etappe: Charenton-du-Cher

    September 22, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Eine abwechslungsreiche Tour erwartete mich heute, Straßen und Feldwege wechselten sich ab und es geht durch ein paar schöne Städtchen. Deutlich abgekühlt hats durch den Regen gestern und so ist es auch etwas herbstlich geworden. Heute verschont mich der Regen zum Glück und Dank der guten Wandertemperaturen gehen die 30 km heut schnell vorbei.Read more

  • Day83

    77. Etappe: Marcais

    September 23, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    Die heutige Etappe fiel leider etwas kleiner aus als erwartet, denn zum ersten Mal seit Beginn der Reise, habe ich keinen Schlafplatz in meinem "Wunschort" bekommen. 😱 Aber zum Glück habe ich gestern Abend nette Pilger in der Herberge getroffen und so hat Lucille, eine Französin, die sehr gut deutsch und englisch spricht, noch einen zweiten Schlafplatz für mich in Marcais, wo sie bereits vorreserviert hatte, etwas abseits der Route gebucht. 🎉
    Gestartet sind wir heute morgen alle nach und nach über eine Abkürzung entlang eines Kanals (und ich habe sogar einen Eisvogel gesehen 😳🎉), die laut Chantal, der netten Herbergsbesitzerin, viel schöner und kürzer als der offizielle Weg ist. Dank der unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten und vergessener Wanderstöcke 😅, trafen wir (3 Brasilianer, 3 Franzosen und ich) aber alle wieder im Supermarkt in Saint-Amand-Montrond zusammen. Danach trennten sich die Wege, da wir alle in unterschiedlichen Orten übernachten.
    Lucille und ich kommen gerade rechtzeitig in unserer Herberge auf einem Bauernhof an, als es beginnt zu regnen. Der nette Bauer und Hospitaliero hat uns vom Wegesrand mit Auto abgeholt, sonst wären wir wohl in den Regen gekommen.
    Für morgen ist die Unterkunft schon vorgebucht. Es wird wieder ein Caravan in einem privaten Garten, den ich mir mit Lucille teile - ich bin sehr gespannt!
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  • Day17

    Day 17: St-Amand-Montrond - Le Chatelet

    August 29, 2016 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Distance: 27.9 (371.8/1498.5)
    Weather: 23C, cloudy and a tiny bit of rain
    Mood: neutral pilgrim mode
    Blisters: 1

    All is good. Uneventful day with good mileage. Now it's time for dinner in my Chambre d'hote for the night 🙂

  • Day16

    Day 16: Chaumot - st-Amand-Montrond

    August 28, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Distance: 16.6KM + 140.3 by car (343.9/1526.4)
    Weather: 28C warm and humid
    Mood: rested and emotional
    Blisters: 1

    The big decision

    It was a hard one to make, but I think an important one to keep my mind at ease during the next phases of my camino. Today, I realised that I would need to walk an average of 26.3km a day for the next 64 days and that would be without any rest days. To be frank, even though my body is able my feet are just not op to that number and need the rest now and then.
    That's why I made the hard decision to cut out a piece of 140k, tot being the average down to 25.4k with the luxury of 4 rest days, which seems a lot more achievable. I found it a little hard as it feels like cheating and I don't like saying I walled from Reims but not really all the way.... But then, who cares, it's my way and I can always walk the missing miles later, like many people do. There are no hard rules and I should just do what feels right. Well, no longer feeling the pressure of having to do many 30+ days that's are just too hard on my feet feels like a relief. And.. As we drove through the landscape we decided that it was a pretty boring part anyway 🙂
    Marc has left now, which makes me feel a little sad and alone, but it's all part of my way and even that feels good in a twisted "way".
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