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  • Day33

    Aguda back to Porto, Portugal

    May 22, 2018 in Portugal ⋅

    Hey from Porto, Portugal! I am a day behind with the whole blogging thing...I do apologize. There are a a lot of things that come into play...mostly WiFi issues. It does not take a strong WiFi connection to blog but it does effect the uploading of the photos....bad WiFi can take up to an hour or more to upload photos. Anyway, I spent the day yesterday on the beach in Aguda. A great day but exhausting as any day in the sun will make you feel. I awoke yesterday morning in the local firehouse as the the guys put me up being am EMS brother and all. I feel bad for them as they are fighting the same battle as we did in the late 70’s and 80’s. I made my way back to Porto late in the afternoon yesterday...not a lot to show you as I hiked from the train station to my hostel with no fantastic photos or anything. A lot of the walk was through residential and blue collar areas. I spent last nightt at a decent hostel called Rock n hostel...a tribute to musicians. Not a bad place. I was bunked with young girls from France and a girl from the US living in France. It’s okay but I don’t have a lot in common with them being that I could be their dad and all....but all n all, okay. I awoke this morning and made my way to the old city....I could have taken a cab but chose to walk as we backpackers or pilgrims tend to do. I find myself in a hostel tonight with a guy from Belgium, a girl from the Ukraine and a couple from Argentina....A great discussion before bed. Tomorrow, I will make myway to a place near the airport so I have easy access to my flight Friday morning. It will be great to be headed home! That’s it for now....goodnight from Porto, Portugal!Read more

  • Day7

    Sonnenuntergang mit Meerblick

    October 7, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Unser letzter vollständiger Tag in Portugal brach an und wir wollten ihn gebührend nutzen. Also hatten wir uns vorgenommen, den Abend am Strand zu verbringen, um noch einmal so viel Urlaub wie möglich mitzunehmen.
    Heute war Langschläfertag und die ersten verschlafenen Gestalten tappten gegen halb 10 ins Esszimmer. Dementsprechend spät waren wir bereit das Haus zu verlassen und so fiel unser Vormittagsprogramm eher schmal aus. Wir fuhren ins Stadtzentrum, wo wir uns zuerst eine kleine Kirche ansahen und dann zur berühmten Livraria Lello liefen, der "Harry Potter-Bibliothek", vor der schon eine Schlange von Leuten auf den Einlass wartete. Den meisten von uns waren das zu viele Leute, nur Sarah und Samira wurden davon nicht abgeschreckt. Wir anderen wanderten zuerst ein wenig ziellos durch die Stadt, bevor wir uns in ein Café setzten, wo sich dann die ganze Gruppe wenig später wieder zusammenfand. Nach einem kurzen Abstecher ins McDonald's machten wir uns wieder auf den Heimweg.

    In der Wohnung angekommen, bezog Caro wieder ihr Hoheitsgebiet in der Küche und kochte uns ein frühes Abendessen, denn wir wollten pünktlich zum Sonnenuntergang am Strand sein. Das schafften wir dann sogar mit perfektem Timing. Begleitet vom tollen Licht und den sich an den Felsen brechenden Wellen, schossen wir tonnenweise Fotos und dokumentierten die untergehende Sonne.
    Als diese dann komplett untergangen war, saßen wir eingemurmelt in dicke Jacken auf den Felsen, hörten Musik und beobachteten die immer stärker werdenden Wellen. Gegen halb 9 wurde es uns dann aber zu dunkel und auch entschieden zu kalt, weswegen wir den Heimweg antraten. Lange blieben wir heute nicht mehr auf, denn morgen mussten wir noch packen und putzen, bevor wir um 11 Uhr offiziell auf der Straße sitzen würden, bis unser Flug abends in Richtung Heimat abhob.
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  • Day4


    October 4, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Nachdem es gestern spät geworden war, ging unser Vorhaben, früh aufzustehen, nicht wirklich auf. Für heute hatten wir einen Trip nach Gaia in den Stadtteil Lavadores geplant, wo es ein Naturreservat am Meer gibt. Nach langer Suche nach der richtigen Buslinie stiegen wir dann in den Bus ein, der uns hoffentlich auf die andere Seite des Flusses bringen würde. Eine lange Busfahrt später stiegen wir dann auch tatsächlich am Meer aus und die Aussicht war noch schöner als gestern.
    Doch statt nach rechts in Richtung Naturreservat zu gehen, zogen uns die Felsen am Strand links von uns magisch an. Besonders unsere Fotografen waren ganz aus dem Häuschen bei all dem fotogenen Geröll und das ein oder andere Fotoshooting wurde ebenfalls veranstaltet. Wir sonnten uns, kletterten auf Felsen herum und jagten die schönsten Wellen mit den Kameras.
    Nachdem wir länger als geplant am Strand geblieben waren und Sarah und Jessica sogar schwimmen gegangen sind, wurde es Zeit für den Rückweg.

    Die Dusche war quasi dauerbelegt, denn wir alle wollten uns von Sand, Salz und Sonnencreme befreien. Für den Abend stand Essen gehen und Cocktails schlürfen am Ufer des Douro auf dem Plan, wofür wir uns ein wenig herausputzen wollten.
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  • Day158


    September 20, 2017 in Portugal ⋅

    OK so after our first day in Portuguese waters being rough the second was calm but it was also foggy from when we got up until we entered the River Douro estuary nesr Porto , we could see no more than 100m max in any direction, añd it was often less than this. But after 5.5hours of nothing except the occasional lobster pot marker we arrived at Marina Douro on the south bank of the river with Porto on the north. Staff were great very helpful as has been everyone we have met so far and their English is excellent, the fog lifted as we arrived so by the time we were moored we could see the city whichnisca little tired but there is a lot ofvrenovation work being done. Today we have been doing the sights and took a Port tour,as you should in Porto. We have also been trying to pay lighthouse tax, but marinas appear to know nothing about it, we did manage to find a 'harbour office/tax office' in Porto but as we didnt have all the documents we couldnt pay the 2euros!
    photo 1 Town Hall! Not bad eh
    Photo 2 inside train station
    Photo 3 cathedral Se
    Photo 4 looking south accross river to Gaia and port houses
    Photo 5 port house boats that are raced up and down river
    Photo 6 looking north accross river to Porto
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  • Day6

    Day 7. JK !?'l/(#*+ Rowling.

    August 14, 2017 in Portugal ⋅

    First up a visit to a clinic to have Shirl's dressing replaced. The wound is healing up nicely. Not quick enough for Shirl as she knows that it needs to be well and truly healed before we start walking again.
    Today is the day I cursed JK Rowling and Harry Potter.
    She lived and taught English in Porto in the 1990's spending a lot of time in the Majestic Cafe and the Livraria Lello (Bookshop Lello).
    We decided to have coffee at the cafe. Bad idea. Full of Japanese tourists paying €30 ($47) per person for breakfast. Too rich for our tastes. Took a photo and moved on to the Livraria Lello. It cost 8€( $13) to enter after 1 1/2 hours wait in a queue. I was all for moving on but Shirl wanted to see the inside. All Harry Potter fans will recognise the staircase. A replica featured in Hogwarts Library. Very impressive.
    JK Rowling has a lot to answer for.
    Afternoon spent doing the laundry in preparation for our move to Vila Nova do Foz Coa.
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  • Day6

    Day 6. Porto

    August 14, 2017 in Portugal ⋅

    The day started with a tourist sightseeing bus taking in the historical parts of the city. I had an urge to leap off the bus, scrubbing and paint brushes in hand. There are a lot of dirty and derelict buildings throughout the city. Then I remembered that Portugal is broke, deep in debt to the EU banks. There is some redevelopement going on but, at the moment, it is not enough.
    There are many beautiful tile mosaics on churches, in the railway station and on significant government buildings.
    One mosaic on the Santa Caterina chapel has over 14,000 tiles. Quite impressive.
    Only two small trams remain from a once extensive network. The tourists love them.
    We joined the hordes crossing the Douro river high on the Luiz 1 bridge to vista Vila Nova de Gaia on the opposite bank to Porto. An impressive view of the city.
    We did visit some churches and a monastery.
    A busy day and we were quite happy to dine and retire for the night.
    Luckily a cool change is on the way for tomorrow.
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  • Day6

    Day 5 Porto

    August 14, 2017 in Portugal ⋅

    A large group of Dutch cyclists were at breakfast today. Having cycled from Holland to Lourdes and Santiago they were heading off to ride to Fatima in Central Portugal. We chatted to two ladies and they explained their ride.
    The bus took us to Porto and it was hot. Mid 30s, not the temp for touring. We were quite content to have a lazy, shady afternoon.
    We had a quiet dinner and looking forward to touring tomorrow.
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  • Day4

    Day 2-4 Exploring Porto.

    April 14, 2016 in Portugal ⋅

    What a beautiful city. I can see why my fellow 2015 peregrinos visited here last year. Estelle and I have loved visiting the city's fantastic sights and tasting local foods. We did a food tour on Tuesday and since then retrace our steps back to some of the restaurants and markets we visited. Yesterday morning was greeted by heavy thunder storms which thankfully passed. We got a local bus out of the city to Maatosinhos. John Brierley recommends this location as the ideal place to begin the Camino Portuguese. Estelle and I walked 5 miles back along the shoreline towards Porto. Although it was cold, the weather was sunny. We had a short break before a tour of Porto Cathedral. I collected my first Camino stamp there. We crossed the iconic Ponte d D.Luis bridge over the Rio Douro to visit the Port area. One more day before Estelle flies home and I begin my Camino to Santiago de Compostela.Read more

  • Day8

    A Peek at Portugal Past

    April 22, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    The Viking Sea landed in Porto, Portugal at about 8 o'clock in the morning. The first thing I noticed was the elegant, new white passenger cruise ship terminal. It is not quite finished, but when it opens, it will be a lovely first sight in Porto. It resembles a glistening, white, uncoiling ribbon.

    We got on the bus with our guide George and went to Coimbra. Before the ascendance of Lisbon as a seaport, Coimbra was the medieval capital of the country. There we saw the University of Coimbra, the small towns surrounding it, and had time for shopping. Students expecting to graduate next week were there to give us flowers. We were able to snatch a few shots of them as their graduation photos were being made by a professional photographer. Next we traveled to Aveiro and enjoyed the use of the canal and the gondolas. Glenda got for me a soft egg pastry, a local delicacy, that was sweet, creamy and delicious. I had some reservations, however, about eating anything made of a raw egg, unpasteurized at that!

    George our guide put us to sleep with his talking. Unfortunately, he was often unable to finish his sentences, and would end them in a nervous laugh. I felt sorry for him; as a tour guide, he was in way over his head. In Coimbra we had some free time for shopping. I went to photograph a parish church that I found. After I had returned to the guide he mentioned to me that at the end of the street was a church for the first three kings of Portugal are buried. I did not have time to go back and photograph them.

    Our lunch was served at a lovely traditional restaurant. The food was delicious, and a male duet offered an selection of Fado music after we ate. Songs were interspersed with knowledgeable explanations of this local musical tradition.

    Porto, which happens to be the town from which both the nation and the sweet wine take their names, is a charming place. I adore this town. Whole blocks of it look as though they have been lifted from the pages of a renaissance painting. There are many parts of the town that are quiet, lovely, neoclassical, and look as though they have been asleep since the middle ages.

    Back on the ship we had dinner in Manfredi’s with Frank and Libby Justice. I had the Bistecca Florentine, a cut of meat marinated for 72 hours before it was served.
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  • Day11

    Vila Nova de Gaia

    March 11, 2018 in Portugal ⋅

    Dimanche, 11 mars 2018
    La tempête secoue notre cc sérieusement pendant la nuit. Nous sommes étonnés que le Douro ne déborde pas encore avec toute cette pluie. Nous longeons le fleuve sur la N108 jusqu'à Porto. Le trajet est de toute beauté, il y a juste de nombreuses chutes de pierres et des éboulements à cause des précipitations. Nous arrivons vers midi au camping à Canidelo, au sud de Porto. Nous suivons le conseil de la réceptionniste et savourons deux belles Daurades au Restaurant Casarao. Le centre-ville est facilement accessible en transports publics. Nous allons voir la cathédrale et la Casa do Infante, très beau musée sur les douanes et l'histoire des navigateurs natifs de la ville. En longeant les rives du Douro, nous réjoignons le funiculaire pour nous économiser la grimpette jusqu'à la gare. Porto est une ville pour sportifs!Read more

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